One of my first civilian engineering assignments was as project coordinator for construction of an Air Force utility building for which our firm had won the bid. The airbase was huge but we kept to ourselves near the flight line as construction proceeded. Our temporary offices were off to one side of an existing building, and the construction site was on the other side of that building. So, I had to walk past that large building many times during the day. The very first time I passed it by myself my eye was caught by an Airman in fatigues precisely as he was entering a men's room, which faced the street just opposite the open double-door entryway. I clearly saw right into a toilet booth whose door was ajar. I immediately recognized some first class graffiti, even from that distance.

Just a glimpse of the scrawled graffiti was enough to whet my appetite and hook my curiosity. About an hour later, when I had the chance, I decided to check it out. No one seemed to take any notice of a hard-hatted construction worker entering that latrine.

Several things hit my consciousness all at once as I entered. It was comfortably warm but not excessively hot in the room. It was dimly lit. The outer door sounded an enormous squeak as I pushed it open, clearly alerting any active participants to intrusion both by noise and by light. The smell of the place was a special aphrodisiac! It blended the smells of faint pine cleaner, sweaty male bodies, and freshly pumped jism into that heady odor of recent man-sex that revs up engines on the first inhalation, announcing clearly that this place is ACTIVE! I've never been in a genuinely active head that was able to disguise this powerful odor. I was confident I was in the right place. My mouth started watering.

The middle booth in a row of five booths was empty, and I went in boldly. I hung my hard-hat on the hook, and, as I looked around, I opened my shirt all the way and slid my jeans and briefs down to my ankles. Reading the walls was delightful. All the essential elements of prime male sex were there: crude drawings of cocks; talented masterpieces of lewd drawings of cocks being sucked, jacked-off and spurting; dates and names; times for meetings; and amusing notes and poems. A classic toilet booth with every available wall space covered. I loved it! And, there, sure enough, was an exceptionally fine, large glory hole. And another in the opposing panel!

I was growing hard as I stood there reading the walls. Glimpses of moving shadows and leaning figures from both side booths tantalized me; they were checking me out. For their entertainment, I let out a low "Wow!" of approval for the place, and heard a quiet snicker. By the time I slid a hand down into my groin, I was up, hard as steel, and I knew they were looking. I've said it before and I'll say it again, guys like to see cocksuckers display positive signs of sexual enjoyment, and nothing beats a nice big erection for clarity.

So, I sat down and glanced through the large glory hole to my right. The guy saw me looking, leaned back, spread his thick thighs, and hoisted a growing erection into view. It was a good one! He started pumping it, but when I ran a hooked finger down the bottom edge of the glory hole he stood, immediately, a little yelp of excitement escaping from his lips, and shoved a man-sized dick through the hole even before I was able to draw back my finger. I love enthusiasm!

Before I went down on that throbbing rod, I took a quick glance to my left and saw the bulging eyes of an amazed observer through the large glory hole on that wall. He stared at the big erection like he'd never seen one before. I grinned at him, licked my lips, and lasciviously lapped at the oozing cockhead like it was an ice cream cone. The eyes grew even bigger. But then my attention was fully diverted to the stalwart organ I was servicing and I sucked it in and proved to the guy that I was the best cocksucker he had ever come across.

Because it was a military base, I knew they would try to be cool about it, but midway through the blowjob this guy suddenly blurts out, "Oh! Shit, man! It's never felt this good, before! What a cocksucker! This is terrific! Oh! I'm gonna come in a flash!"

The reaction I heard from a couple of other guys in the room was not snickering. It sounded to me like gasps of deep interest. And when the guy started blasting off in my mouth noisily, really filling me with his hot, thick, tasty semen, I sensed they were all intently listening. He thumped his whole body forcefully against the wooden partition and spasmed to complete orgasm as I noisily slurped up his rapid spurts of jism, making no effort to be quiet about it. It was great advertising for my skills.

After he pulled his spent dick back through the hole, he leaned down, looking me in the eye, and said, sincerely, "Wow! That was great! Thanks, man." I smiled at him, and he left the booth.

I turned to see the other guy still staring wide-eyed at me. "Will ya do me, too?" he asked in a soft whisper of eager anticipation. I waggled my erection at him as I turned my body towards the hole and I grinned. His face brightened and he stood up. The penis he poised to push through to me was still being pumped. He'd been jacking off and my experienced eye told me he was ready to pop. My lips were at the hole as the cock came through, and his entire cockhead slid smoothly through my tightened lips into my suctioning mouth as he humped the big thing through the hole. He pulled back, once, humped forward energetically, and shot his wad. The first three spurts were so strong I thought they'd backfire up my nose. But his cum was hot and delicious, and he pumped an exceptionally large load into me. I loved it!

As I straightened up, I felt a hot cock touch my arm. The new guy in the other booth had shoved his erection through and was waiting for me. It's at times like these that I appreciated being in a room with the right temperature - not too hot, but not too cool either. We were all, basically, naked, and the right temperature goes a long way to increase the enjoyment of the hot sex. Whoever ran the place knew exactly what to do.

The next hour was almost a blur of activity. One guy whispered his thanks, then said, "Hope you'll be here every day, man. We don't get many good cocksuckers in here," and he hefted his long tube proudly in display and promised, "I'll give it to ya, regular." And he did! And another young guy admitted, "Sometimes no one's here, so we just jack off. Getting someone in here with talent, like you, is terrific! Be back here tomorrow." I told him he could depend on it. And he could, because I began a regular routine of spending great amounts of time in that wonderful place. I came to recognize many of the men there by the look, size, feel and taste of their cocks.

No one in the office raised an eyebrow when I finally showed up, and I quickly came to realize that they had no way of knowing I wasn't at the construction site, and conversely, no one at the construction site could know that I wasn't in the office. They simply didn't talk to one another because that was my job, and so I found myself spending about three hours per day in that magnificent, and increasingly extremely busy, latrine. Word got around. Most of the patrons were sexy airmen, but once in a while a knowledgeable sergeant would drop in for a quickie, and sometimes a civilian deliveryman or salesman would stop by. And, oh yes, sometimes a horny construction worker in tight jeans would haul out a big one and shove it through to me, and I'd wonder if he was on our payroll as I blew him. I only encountered an actual cocksucker like myself once, but he was talent-less. I thought it was a real shame, a real wasted opportunity.

It turned out that our construction crew worked much better under my lax supervision, and so my bosses were exceptionally pleased with my performance because the job was done under-budget and well ahead of schedule. Naturally, they gave me a lot of the credit for the improvement. When the project was completed, they gave me a promotion. My first promotion in business, therefore, came as the result of effective cocksucking. I doubt many others can make that claim.

My next assignment was overseeing three small construction sites scattered around the city. Using my unhurried style, I discovered a series of glory holes, some better than others, none as good as on the airbase. But they offered excitement and hard cock, so I'm not complaining.

Only once did I have a close call. Harry, a gruff, boisterous, open-shirted bull of a man, was foreman on one of the three projects. He was a few years my senior, maybe thirty years old, and exuded confidence. I caught him giving me an odd look, now and then, mainly right after I'd arrive directly from giving someone a blowjob, and I wondered, idly, if he was able to detect the smell of another man's cock about me. Semen can stay on the breath a very long time. (I'm told it gets on the breath whether from sucking cock or getting fucked in the ass.)

"You know, you spend less time with us than any other boss I've had," he said one day when we were alone.

"You do great work," I responded without hesitation. "You don't require close supervision, and you know it," I added.

"Yeah, sure," he said without enthusiasm, "but what do you do when you're not here?"

The question made me feel uneasy. I wondered if I had become too reckless in my adventure seeking, which had seemed to be going so well. I wondered if he knew something. It made me nervous.

"You know me," I said casually, "I'm just going around to the sites, one after another."

"Bullshit!" he exclaimed.

My mouth dropped open and I said, "Huh?"

He laughed at my reaction. "There's somethin' about you, somethin' I can't quite get a handle on, that's got me thinkin'. A couple of times on the phone, recently, I've been told you just left a site, headin' over here. But you showed up almost an hour later than it usually takes to get here and never offered a word of explanation. And don't tell me it was lunchtime."

I just listened. Panic never helps.

"I think you're stoppin' off someplace for a little nookie." He flashed a sexy grin.

"No nookie," I said simply, shaking my head.

"Some head, then," he whispered sexily, not relenting, surprising me, and nudging me in the ribs with an air of friendly familiarity. There was no real need to whisper. We were alone in his trailer/office and his workers never left their jobs to come in. They weren't allowed to. "I love head," he added breathlessly.

His fist slid down into his crotch and he groped himself, blatantly, getting aroused. I couldn't help myself, I stared down at his moving hand, hypnotized by his compelling actions. A very obvious bulge was quickly developing in response to his provocative touch.

"Yeah," he sighed, softly, enticingly, stretching out the word. "I LOVE head!" he repeated even more sincerely. "You do, too. Don't you." It wasn't a question.

I looked up into his eyes. They were bright with excitement and interest. He was getting turned on and was coming on to me, and it was obvious. I didn't know if he knew something, or if he was just testing the waters, but it was as blatant a come-on as I had ever received. To end the situation I only had to laugh it off, but the bulge in his pants was growing too large to slough off as uninteresting, and it was anything but amusing.

I simply smiled, as I looked him in the eye.

"I thought so!" he announced triumphantly. "I knew you were too sexy to be a prude. I'll bet you stop off a couple of times a day to get your rocks off, dude." His eyes seemed shiny with lust.

"Is that what you did when you had the chance?" I asked quietly.

"When I was your age, damn right!"

"Where'd you go?" I wanted to know.

A smirk flittered over his handsome features as if he wanted to trick me. He said, "Sometimes I'd just search out the nearest glory hole and simply get me a good blow job, ya know what I mean?" He looked eager for my response.

I simply nodded.

He grinned. "I used to know where all of 'em were, man, but nowadays I can't get away like I used to." A faraway look came into his eyes as he remembered past pleasures, but his fist kept playing in his crotch. Then focusing on me he added, boldly, softly, invitingly, "I sure could use a good blowjob about now!"

"Hmmm." He knew my hum was not a negative.

"D'ya think you could help a fellow out?" His voice was low and sexy. "I sure need it, man" he added, breathlessly. He looked down at the full erection straining behind his fly and then back up at me with a doleful, pleading expression.

"I guess I could try," I told him quietly.

"Oh! Man!" he sighed excitedly, opening his fly, unbuckling his pants and sliding them down. As he lifted his shirt a really remarkable erection came into view. It was one of those beer-can-thick cocks that you hear about but seldom, if ever, see. I recognized it as at least nine, maybe ten inches long. A real cannon of a cock! It throbbed with pride and passion as I stared. Big balls in a tight, crinkly sac underscored his readiness.

"Gee-eez!" I hissed.

"Big one, ain't it?" he boasted, glowing with pride.

"Yes! It's among the biggest I've ever seen," I admitted without thinking.

"Seen a lot of 'em, have you?" he asked softly. It wasn't impertinence as much as carnal curiosity.

"Did you know, or are you just guessing?" I asked right back.

"Neither," he answered honestly, "I was just hoping! I'm real horny and I love getting sucked off by a man who knows what he's doing and does it right. I've always said it takes a real man to know how to please another man, and you look like a real man."

The thick cock was acting like a magnet for my mouth and I leaned down, swiping at the enormous crown with my tongue, and then slurped part of the giant cockhead into my hot mouth. Conversation stopped. He humped his hips up at me and the entire cockhead entered, completely filling my mouth. It was huge, fiery hot and fully engorged, hard as stone. I sucked with great strength and worked it with my tongue as best I could. I recognized it as the largest cockhead I had ever held in my mouth. It gave me an incredible feeling of immense pleasure!

"Oh, yeah! Suck it, man," he sighed, reacting to the suction.

I forced my mouth down over the giant weapon and shoved the meaty crown down into my throat. My years of cocksucking training were now paying off as I worked hard, bobbing up and down, to get that fucker down my throat, giving him the thrill of a lifetime. And, Hell, giving ME the thrill of a lifetime, too!

He started giving out little grunts of surprise as he watched the disappearance of his roller-pin-sized cock. "Uh! Oh! Man!" he sighed, excitedly, "you're not using your fist to pump it, you're using your lips! Uh! This is amazing! I've never felt this kind of pleasure before. Uh! This kind of strong suction! It's thrilling!"

It was thrilling for me, too. His sexy, surprised whisper told me that he sincerely loved the blowjob. The evident pleasure was clear from the intimate tone of voice and the tender way he was fondling my head and ears. Although I'd popped a load about half an hour earlier, my own erection became so demanding that I took it out and started beating it in rhythm to my sucking. I was in ecstasy.

We worked together well, paying no attention to time, simply enjoying every aspect of this connection. When, finally, I slid my free hand up his thickly muscled thigh and cupped his balls as they pressed against my chin, tugging gently, he sighed, "That got it, kid! I'm gonna fill ya up with my jizz." His whole body stiffened.

He stood there posed like a massive immovable statue, every muscle rock hard; his cock so stiff it felt like skin covered steel in my throat. My nose was pushed amid cockhair against bone and my forehead was pressed against solid plates of hot abdominal muscle. I felt the first spasm of his ejaculation widen the thick tube at my lips and knew the initial spurt of his semen was entering me. Quickly, I slid upwards till the cockhead, alone, was in my mouth and I was immediately rewarded with a gusher of sizzling jizz.

I swallowed and he spasmed involuntarily from the overwhelming sensation and pumped more cum into me. I swallowed and received more. Over and over again! I was able to count nine full spurts of heavy juice before his flow was reduced to spasms of oozing trailings. He was drained completely. It had been a mammoth load. During its eruption into me, I did what any good cocksucker would do, I pumped out a hot load onto his leg. I couldn't help it; it had simply been so terrific, that I had come, too.

I deep-throated the giant organ one last time, holding it down until he slowly backed off and tugged it free, completely spent. I marveled, again, at the size of the tube as I watched it withdraw. I stared at it in wonder and immense pleasure, settling back on my haunches in the complete relaxation of post-orgasmic bliss.

The foreman said nothing as he stared down at me, watching me look at his long, thick meat. I looked up and our eyes met and held.

"I... I..." he sputtered, pausing. "...At first, I was just teasing you. I never thought you'd turn out to be the finest cocksucker I've ever known." It was sincere flattery.

"Thanks," I said, "Yours is the finest cock I've ever come across. I'm glad I've had enough experience to be able to service it with the skill such a magnificent cock deserves."

"Wow! I'm glad of that, too! But I never expected it. You liked it, too, didn't you?"

"I shot a load the same time you did."

"Yeah, I felt it hit my leg. I liked that. Guess my pants will be stained." He did not sound upset.

"Will anyone notice?"

"I wouldn't be the first time," he admitted with a grin.

"Do you mean you've looked down, like this, at some of your men?"

"One or two, but no one near as good as you, believe me!" The amazingly fat, thick cock was not deflating. It just thrust from his crotch pointing out at me, looking fantastic.

"Do we have time to do it again?" I asked quietly.

He put his hands on his hips and said nothing. His cock spoke for him, going back on the rise, filling out even further, and then starting to stand. It was an eloquent way of saying yes.

That period of my work went exceptionally well. Harry took me under his tutelage and showed me every rope he knew, in both business and pleasure, including mapped out details of every glory hole he'd ever visited - a surprisingly large number in his state and six other nearby states. We took our vacations together the following summer and set out to work as many of them as we could. He had amazing staying-power and a wonderful rapport with the cocksuckers we met, and was not above giving some head, once in a while, himself, under the right circumstances.

For us two, the right circumstances occurred on the first night of our vacation, in the first motel we stayed in. The car had the right decals for getting onto military bases, and he wanted to show me a famous head in a Naval Shipyard. So we traveled most of the day without stopping. He insisted we stay the night at a particular motel with a good restaurant, even though it seemed out of our way.

We ate dinner in the busy restaurant and, as I poked at a piece of pie for dessert, he leaned over to me and whispered, "Why don't you go check out the head?"

He grinned as my eyes opened wide in surprise. But I didn't have to be asked twice. As I left, Harry said he'd get the check and meet me in our room.

The men's room had the same phony rustic look as the restaurant, with cheap knotty-pine paneling and old-fashioned appointments, but the recent-man-sex smell of the place gave its real character away. It was an active toilet! It was reachable only from outside the building, so the comings and goings of its users were not particularly noticeable. And as I looked around, getting my bearings, it dawned on me that most, if not all, of the patrons of the restaurant had been men. Truckers, with big rigs. Salesmen. Business men. Even some soldiers. I was aroused by the thought of what I might find here.

Four sinks were in a row to my left as I stood inside the doorway, with six urinals on the opposing wall, and fairly little space to walk between them, like a long hallway, which I followed back to a room off to the right. Two open, curtain-less showers were against one wall, and a naked trucker was showering. He grinned and waved in an open, friendly manner as he saw me come into the room. I felt a little embarrassed for coming in on him while he was showering but I couldn't help giving him the once over. He was well put together and hung! He might even have been playing with himself before I got there, his cock looked so aroused.

I glanced around and was surprised to see, off to the side, a row of five toilet booths. "My lucky number," I thought, and went into the only vacant one, the middle one. As I entered, pushing in the door, I saw a huge, even gigantic, hole in the wall to the next booth. I could see the naked hips, thighs, and abdomen of the guy in the next booth, who was sitting there with a hand thrust down between his legs like he was toying with something. The hole was large enough to put my entire head through! I'd never seen such a large glory hole before. I even hesitated thinking about it as a glory hole, it was so large. I wondered if it wasn't just a broken wall. But, as I closed the door, there was another one, just as large, on the opposite wall. Through it, I not only saw the lower portion of a naked man, but I saw he was slowly beating his meat! His big meat!

With gut-wrenching excitement, I went quickly through my normal routine. I unbuttoned and opened my shirt, unzipped my jeans and slid them to the floor. Then I thought, what the hell, and removed my shirt and hung it on a hook on the back of the door. Essentially, I was naked, standing there, and was, I'd say, half-hard, but obviously enjoying the sights and sounds of the place as my two fellow performers looked in. I fluffed my cockhair and hefted my balls as my cock continued its rise. My balls felt great.

I sat down, grabbed my cock, and immediately boldly looked in on the meat-beater. Up close, his cock looked spectacular, streaked with lines of pre-cum oozing from the slit. I glanced up at his face, amazed that so much could be seen through the large hole, and he smiled at me and asked in a low, but very audible voice, "Want some?" His fist pushed to the bottom of the long cock and he waggled it for emphasis. I smiled and nodded.

Immediately, he stood and leaned his entire crotch through the gaping hole. I was delighted. I'd never before been able to touch thighs, balls, cockhair, abdomen and cock through a hole. This was as good as not having a wall between us, so much was available to my mouth and hands. I made the most of it! But before going down on him, I glanced over my shoulder to see what that view was like. I saw the guy in the next booth leaning down to watch us, and, to my surprise, saw the guy in the end booth watching us, too, through an equally large hole. They both looked like they wanted to see what I'd do with the big cock standing in front of us. So I sucked it! As much for their benefit as for mine, I turned the guy to angle his body through the hole so what we were doing together could be seen, clearly, almost from the side. He leaned back and watched his giant cock disappear into me. It was great!

All three of them gasped in astonishment as his cock slowly sunk deeply into my throat till his balls were pressed up against my lower lip and my nose was hidden in cockhair. I felt that if they wanted to watch, I'd really give 'em something to see!

"Fuck! He's deep-throating that fucker!" one of them said aloud in a voice filled with awe. I think everyone in the room heard what he said, even the guy showering.

"Damn right," the guy I was sucking confirmed, putting a firm hand on my head, "this cocksucker does it right!" With that, he really got into it with me, humping and jabbing, drawing back almost all the way, and really fucking it home to me, banging my chin rhythmically with his big balls. I loved it! He seemed like the kind of guy who comes often, but takes his time about it. I enjoy this in a man. By the time he comes, I know I've been fucked in the mouth!

But I'm too talented to let him spend the rest of the night in a leisurely paced face-fuck, so I upped my effort, sucking diligently, and in no time had him panting. He became more excited and much more verbal.

"Oh! Man! That feels terrific!" he told everyone. "Suck my big dick," he ordered, huskily. "What a cocksucker! Here! Uh! Take... my... load!" and with each word, pumped one spurt of cum after another into me. With his final spurt and shiver, he withdrew and plopped down on his commode. I immediately saw another man looking over at us through the hole in the other end booth. He grinned with pleasure, but when I saw him looking behind me, I turned to see what was up.

The guy in the next booth filled the hole. He was jacking an even larger cock than the one I'd just sucked off. I reached over and grabbed him by his set of very large balls. He dropped his hand and allowed me to pull his entire crotch through the hole. As he came through, his cock slipped easily into my mouth. A hiss of pleasure escaped his lips as he felt the intensity of my skilled suctioning.

Movement caught my eye. I glanced to his hip and behind him I saw his door opening. Then I saw the still-dripping-wet body of the bather enter and saddle up real close behind him. The cock in my mouth turned to stone as the two bodies came into contact.

"Lemme slide this big thing up your ass as you get sucked off," a man's sexy voice whispered in his ear, loudly enough to be heard by everyone. I was absolutely amazed! I wondered just what kind of a place was this. I had never before been in so open a sexy atmosphere before. I loved it! To my continuing surprise, the guy I was sucking pulled back his hips, lowering them, while widening his stance, and allowed the stranger to hump a big cock into him. As the cock entered him, his cock responded by going steel-hard. Rigid with excitement! I could feel his excitement with my tongue.

The three of us fell into a rhythm of fucking and sucking! With so large a hole, I was able to allow my head full entry to the next booth as he pulled back, and easy exit back into my own booth as he humped forward. I knew he was getting a deep fuck as I put on my own fireworks of a deep-throating suck. I played with his balls, and then, reached under him and played with the giant balls of the guy fucking him. It was awesome! It caused the fucker to hump home deeply, gurgle out, "I'm cumming!" and stiffen in orgasm.

That orgasm brought my man to orgasm, too, and he humped cum deep into me. I drank it down deep. It lasted and lasted, a long time. I was thrilled!

"Man! You can suck!" the guy said to me when he caught his breath. I looked up and saw both of them grinning down at me. They were both good looking and I was tempted to ask if they actually knew one another, but thought better of it. More than likely it was anonymous sex. The best kind! Anyhow, it was the first time I sucked a guy off while he was taking a standing fuck up his ass. It was sensational! All three of us had loved it.

That was the highlight of the time I spent in that head. I didn't leave immediately because I felt a duty to the other guys who had heard I was good and were obviously waiting their turn. As I recall, I sucked nine more nice cocks before things quieted down enough for me to get out of there.

When I entered our motel room, Harry was lying naked on the sheets of his bed, idly toying with his giant schlong. I grinned shyly at him in embarrassment.

"How'd things go?" he wanted to know.

"Great!" I sighed, sitting down next to him. "You must know how great it was."

"Yeah. That place is always terrific this time of day," he agreed knowingly.

"I half expected to see you in there," I told him.

"Naw, I wanted you to have some fun. And I wanted us to try it on a bed for a change," he said with a grin. I laughed, and he added, "If ya still got any strength left in ya."

"I've always got strength for this fucker," I told him as I replaced his hand on that giant dick of his. "I kept thinking about it as I was handling the others."

"How many were there?" he asked.

"Oh, you know. Two or three." I answered evasively.

He laughed and grabbed at me, pulling me down atop his strong body playfully. "Don't get coy with me, Shit-head. I'll bet it was more like ten or twelve."

I thought about it and realized that he was exactly right. There had been eleven, and in less than an hour. I told him so.

"Let's make it an even dozen," he said huskily as his erection seriously stiffened in my hand.

I quickly stripped and, as I went down on him, enjoying once again the mammoth dimensions of his tool, he asked softly, "How many times did YOU come?"

I came off that thick dick with a "pop" and answered honestly, "Not once, yet."

"Then shift that big cock of yours up here, and let's do it together."

It was the first time he'd shown any interest in being on the receiving end of things, but I wasn't going to dispute the point with him. Obediently, excitedly, I offered myself to him as I re-engulfed that wonderful cock of his.

Now, mine's not beer-can-sized thick, not many are, but it is well above average in size, so handling it well takes a powerful degree of skill. It was with great satisfaction, therefore, that I discovered myself being taken in to the hilt with an enthusiasm for cocksucking we both shared equally. But I wasn't really surprised. I had already discovered that most men who really love getting their big cocks deep-throated, are able to perform the same service, if only to demonstrate exactly how it should be done. Harry, thankfully, was no exception.

We did it once, and after lying together watching TV and relaxing, we got to talking about sucking cock and did it again, even more athletically.

The next day, from 11:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon, we sat in the first and third booths of a three-booth head at a big Naval Shipyard, and alternately sucked off the sailors who entered the middle booth. At first, they were hesitant to enter the middle booth because it was known as a cocksucker's booth, but need and desire got them in and word-of-mouth kept them going in. Towards the end, Harry took the middle booth (I had wanted to but deferred to him), and I gave him a great blowjob, and, finally, he gave me a terrific blowjob, too. We left satisfied, but got to sixty-nining on the bed that evening again, anyhow. We were both getting to like it. A lot!

You can imagine that, as vacations go, this vacation was spectacular! In eleven days we worked eighteen extremely active glory holes, sometimes together, sometimes one at a time. Harry certainly knew the best of them and was enjoying showing them to me. We never tired of it. And the nights we spent together in bed at various motels got better and better.

Sucking cock through glory holes gave me tremendous thrills. I never felt I acted lasciviously or took advantage of anyone. After all, I was just sitting there, on one side of the hole. The guy on the other side had to take the initiative of (a) getting a hardon and (b) putting it through the glory hole. I couldn't do it for him. I felt, and still do, that I offered a service that was both needed and wanted. That I developed a great talent for it was an added advantage for both of us. And I also knew that, a few minutes later, if we passed on the street, you wouldn't take me for the guy who'd just sucked your cock - unless you had peeked through the glory hole! But I moved away from big cities and haven't come across a glory hole in a long time. But not to worry: I still suck lots of cock!


Jack Sofelot


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