"Okay people!! Great work!! Let's do another round before we wrap it up and hit the showers." Coach said. Man do I just love swim. Besides my rowing, swimming keeps my body lean and slick. Then before my friend Luke goes to line up on the block, the hooting of the Varsity Football Team of our University (University of Pennsylvania) enters the swimming pool, hooting, whistling, and cheering on all the girls. Just letting you know this happens every day after practice. But the three that come in last are the three captains, who are amazingly built, and VERY attractive. Jake is the leader of the three. He has long-ish brunette hair (with a little natural blonde), and has a ripped body with a nice 8 pack to compliment it.

A little chest hair is visible, but that's what adds to his masculinity. He has the most beautiful eyes, and perfect teeth. Peter and Chase are pretty much the same. Chase has long-ish blonde hair, and Peter has his buzzed. Both very fit bodies that just work for them. Not paying any attention, I hear my coach finally snapping me out of my admiration yelling, "Mr. Hawke!! Come on now!! Do you laps and after practice do 3 more. That's for daydreaming." I shake my head in disapproval for my stupidity. I tug up my speedo a little and shake of my embarrassment, and hearing the football players snickering and laughing. I shake my head and do a running sprint, into a swift dive in the pool, feeling the water envelop my body. I kick my legs, and move my arms swiftly. I reach the end of the pool and summersault and launch of the wall.

(15 Minutes Later)

I finally do my last rep of swimming and pop out of the pool. The swimmers and football players long gone, and coach in the office. I tug a little bit on my speedo and grab my towel, wrapping it around my shoulders, and walking into the shower room. When I walk in, it's dead silent. Great... I can load off a little. I take off my speedo, letting my nice, 8 inch dick hang down. I get into the showers and turn on the water and step in once it gets hot. The hot water soaks my body, relaxing my muscles, making me feel amazing. I then grab the soap and start washing my body.

(10 Minutes Later)

I turn off the shower and grab my towel, drying off my muscular body from the water and cum that I decided to load off. I walk back to the locker room, rubbing my shaggy brunette hair. As I enter the locker room, fully naked, a familiar voice says, "I knew you'd be here." I look up startled and it's Jake. Then Peter and Chase come up behind him. All them are shirtless and in there gym shorts, and the band of their jockstraps visible. Jake walks toward me, and circles my naked body, obviously observing every inch of me. Then Jake says, "We can't wait to have fun with you. All three of us had eyes on you and we couldn't wait any longer. I hope you don't mind if we share you." Jake then comes up behind me, rubbing his hand down my back, and kisses the crook of my neck, making me moan.

Chase and Peter come up to me as well, taking the front side of my body. There touching is ecstatic. I've never felt like this ever!! It's truly amazing. Peter then locks his lips with mine, putting us into a deep, passionate kiss. Chase joins in and its different shall we say. I have never experience kissing two AMAZINGLY hot guys before. Then, I feel the warmth of Jake's hand grabbing my dick, massaging it gently, making my dick hard. I moaned loudly and then Jake whispered, "You ready?" I unlock the kiss with Chase and Peter, then looking at Jake and nodding my head. I feel the pressure on my ass and it's painful. I moan out loud as he lubes up my ass and then tries to push in. I then feel hot air against my dick and I look down, seeing Peter sucking on my balls and Chase sucking on my dick.

I yell loudly as Jake finally pushes in, but in a shocked voice he asks, "Are you okay?!?!" I nod and say, "Yeah. Push harder." He pushes in and hits my prostate, making me moan loudly. He thrusts in slowly, and my dick goes deeper down Chase's throat. Peter releases my balls from his mouth, and sits on the locker room bench, putting on a condom. Jake pulls out of me and Chase stops sucking my dick. I look at Peter and he motions me to him. He lies down and I stand on top of his dick. I then slowly lower my body onto his dick, and slowly he penetrates my ass. I moan loudly and Chase puts his hard, erect 9 inch cock in front of me.

I grab it with my free hand and guide it into my mouth. I let it sit in my mouth for a bit before I start sucking on Chase's dick. He moans loudly and then as I start to suck on Chase's dick, Peter starts thrusting in and out of my ass. I moan as Peter picks up the pace. I start to go over the edge and my body is at a state of complete ecstasy. I scream loudly as I suck Chase's dick, feeling something else enter my ass. I stop sucking Chase's dick and look back, seeing Jake pushing his dick up my ass. I can't believe I am actually fitting two dicks into my ass!! This only seemed to work for like porn videos, but I am actually being penetrated by the dicks of two of the three hottest guys of the University of Pennsylvania.

Jake and Peter started thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster. I continue to suck Chase's dick and the only noise that fills my ears is the slapping of skin and the moaning of hot sex, which I happen to be in the middle of. The pace gets faster and faster, and I start to tear up from the pain. The grunting and moaning gets louder and louder and then all of a sudden, Chase's hot, sweet cum fills up my mouth. Chase takes his dick out of my mouth, and walks over behind Jake and starts massaging him as him and Peter ruthlessly thrust into me.

In a simultaneous tone, Peter and Jake yell, "I'm gonna cum!!" Then the next thing I know spurts of fluid fill my ass, sending me over the edge. My body goes into complete ecstasy and I arch my back, and cum spurts out of my dick and into Peter's mouth who swallows it down and smiles at me. I am totally exhausted and I collapse onto Peter and pass out.

(A Little Time Later)

I wake up in my dorm room bed, arms around my body. It's Jake. I smile and then check my phone and see images of our little fun. I guess Chase took my phone and took those pictures. Then I check my texts messages and there is a group message with Peter, Chase, and Jake, all saying.

Peter: Can't wait to have another round if that fun. Love you Jason.

Chase: It was amazing. I'm ready for another round when you are Jason. Love you.

Jake: It was life changing Jason. I think this might be the start of an amazing love square between all four of us. You are ours Jason, and we love you so.

I smile to myself. Wow.... I'm theirs. Then another text message comes in. They are pictures. One of them where it's Jake, Peter, and Chase naked, their dicks erect. I look at the other picture and it's me sleeping in between the three hotties. The last photo is of me and Jake sleeping shirtless together. I lock my phone and put it on my nightstand. I then pull the bed covers over me and Jake and put my head against his slightly hairy chest and put my hands on his muscular abs. I close my eyes and fall to a nice, deep, sleep.




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