I spent most of my night getting yelled at by my manager, spilled hot coffee all over myself and was seconds away from quitting my horrible security job. Often I would find myself taking the long way home to drive through a small city that had two adult bookstores and I would find myself stopping every once In awhile to go Into Individual viewing booths to take care of myself. Who am I kidding It was more than once in a while. 

One night I had to work over a few hours but I still went to the same store that I always went to because I liked the set up. I was always nervous going into the bookstores, because I never knew what to expect when I walking In. Like what If I walked into a store and saw someone who lived in my town, how could I explain what I was doing there? Normally I went at such late hours that there would be little to no people there.   

Most of the time the only cars that were in the parking lot belonged to the girls that worked there. This place also has a live sex show. I never watched the live show but my time there was always fun. I would walk into a booth, dump in enough tokens to keep the video running for about thirty minutes or so and I then I would just lose myself jacking off to gay videos.  

I found myself from time to time leaving the door cracked, the clerk who worked there was a matured women who always seemed to flirt. She might have also been one of the girls who gave the masturbation show. But from time to time I would catch her coming into the booth area when I would leave the door cracked open, but I never caught her looking. 

But one night things took an odd turn. I went into the store and bought tokens like I always did. But this time I was greeted with a huge attitude from an older looking man. He seemed mad that I came in, even though the store was empty. 

Then he asked me for my name. This made me feel so nervous that I decided to just leave and in a hurry. 

I’d stopped at the bookstore because I had an urge to jack off. On my way home it just kept getting worse and worse. I pulled down a secluded side street and pulled over to just try to get it done as quickly as possible. 

Being able to stop like this was one of the perks of living around a good amount of woods, always hidden spots. But tonight I kept seeing headlights and kept getting worried that someone was gonna see me in my car slightly In the woods. So I decided to track back and see that other store I always passed first. I’d never been there before because I was used to other place. 

So I walked in and see the door to the arcade area where the booths are and another entrance that had ten dollars printed real big on the door. 

When I was buying tokens I asked the clerk what that was and I'll never forget what he said to me. "It's a theater style room with a big screen where people watch porn together. The customers are usually couples and guys but sometimes chicks too." 

So I was a little curious about it but still went into the booth area. Now this place was a lot busier than the other place I normally went to. I walked around and found a booth and above the door was a sign that said "One person per booth, no sexual acts." 

So I went into this booth and put in five bucks worth of tokens but was scared to even touch myself.  I felt like a camera was on me or something. I started getting really horny and kept feeling my cock through my Levis. I was so horny that my cock was swollen to its full size. All six and half Inches were pushing against the front of my Levis. So I slid it out and start jacking it slow, trying to be really quite. 

I kept seeing shadows walking by because there was a couple of Inch gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. I started going a little faster and finally just forgot about the sign I saw over the door and really started to get Into It. 

Then I noticed a shadow stop at my door and I froze. I quickly checked the lock and it was locked. As I watched the knob turned. It seemed this person was either trying to open my door or checking to see If It was locked. 

Not exactly scared but apprehensive, I put my dick away and just waited for my time to end.  

By the time the video was done my cock was still hard, I felt it pulsing over an over. I thought I was gonna cum right in my pants. Now my heart rate was through the roof and I needed to get off. So I decided to call It a night and just go home and jump on my computer to finish it off. But then I looked at the door that read ten dollars again. 

As I stood there the door opened and a guy came out and threw a paper towel in the trash. Then smiled as he walked by me and exited the building. 

This got my attention, I knew what that paper towel was for. Since I was in full get off mode at that point I pulled ten bucks out of my wallet and put it on the desk.  The clerk told me, “Go right in and try to relax a little. You look a little tense.”

I walked into the room the first thing I noticed besides that it was very dark, I could barely see anything, was the smell. It was a smell that I would come to recognize as a mixture of cigarettes, sweat, cum and piss.

I stood towards the back and let my eyes adjust so I could see to find a seat. I didn’t want to sit next to anyone. 

As I waited I looked at the screen and saw a woman sucking a cock and I felt my cock pulsing again. 

When my eyes adjusted a little I moved down the aisle found a row where no one was sitting. I moved all the down the row and sat down by the wall, so I could try to hide whatever I figured I could do. 

At first I was just looking around kinda feeling the room out a little. 

Satisfied by my surroundings, I shifted my attention back to the screen. As I'm watching the movie I heard a man moan, “Uugggghhhhhhh.” When I looked over towards him he was standing up and cumming like crazy all over the floor. 

Not wanting him to think I was watching him cum, I quickly looked away. 

After he walked out of the theater, I just couldn't hold It In any longer at that point. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and opened my Levis. 

I pulled my still hard cock out and started jacking it so fast that I felt like I was gonna cum any second. 

I looked to my right and saw a man jacking off while he was watching me jacking.  

I started to slow down and try to hide myself. I wasn't really expecting to be watched, but yet I didn’t wanna stop. 

I started looking around the room and I noticed that most guys in the room were watching one another, I felt even hornier seeing this. 

I use to have a friend who I’d watch porn with all the time back when we used to hang out, so I wasn't 100% freaked out. 

If anything it just made me more excited. At this point I just kept stroking. But more people were coming in so I got a little more nervous because you never know who was gonna walk In.   

I didn’t even know if this was legal or not, so I was really scared. 

A guy sat down a seat away from me and within seconds pulled his cock out. But then he just sat with it out. I kept looking over every few seconds and he kept getting harder and harder, 

I kept wondering why he wasn't doing anything, until a guy came over and whispered something to him. He nodded and the man got on his knees and started rubbing his cock up and down. 

Shocked, I just kept my eyes forward and tried not to pay any attention to what was going on. A few minutes later he lowered his mouth and started sucking him and at that point I found myself watching that more than the porn on the screen.
I’d never seen someone suck a cock before other than a girl that sucked mine. I slowed down and kept watching the man suck and stroke, suck and stroke. 

I amazed myself by cummed just from watching them. 

I pulled out my paper towel and cleaned myself up. When I finished I pulled my pants up and was just trying to calm down a little. It was really intense. 

As I stood up a guy sat down next to me. He was wearing a Ranger’s baseball cap and had glasses on and seemed to be an older man. I quickly sat back down because the aisle was a little blocked in at that point. And I didn’t wanna leave at that point yet ether.  
A few minutes went by and I found myself hard again. But I didn’t know If It was cool to just start again with someone next to me, nor did I know if he was okay with it. 

“You probably need some relief that you don’t give to yourself.”  

“I can all ways just jerk if I need relief,” I said as I looked back up at the screen.  

“That’s cool, but right now you could have a warm, wet, mouth wrapped around your cock and you’re turning it down.”   

“You just wanna suck my cock, dude?”  I asked not believing my ears despite what I seen only minutes earlier.   

“Yea, I wouldn’t mind it. You’re a good looking guy, got muscles and everything. You put it away before I got a good look but you’ve probably got a pretty big piece, too, don’t ya.”  

I paused and then said, “Yea, It’s pretty big.”  

“Yea, man...be proud of that. How big is it?”     

“About eight Inches,” I bragged.

“Shot If I had a dick that big I’d be showing It off to girls and guys. Damn,” he chuckled.

Shyly I looked back up at the screen...but not really seeing the movie.

“You probably wanna fuck right now don’t you...a nice wet, warm pussy to put that big dick of yours into?”

I was getting hard, unconsciously grabbing myself...and baseball cap guy noticed.

“Getting hard?” he chuckled.

“Yea,” I mumbled.

“You can go ahead and jack off man, I don’t care. I’m getting a boner myself,” he said as he grabbed his crotch. I glanced that way and saw the bulge and it excited me to see it...just the thought of seeing another man’s dick getting hard.

We were both men with dicks that were both getting rock hard and as much as I hated to admit it, it was pretty fuckin awesome.

“Go ahead man whip It out,” he said, “I don’t care.” 

“No,” I said too quickly.

“Why not? Take care of that wood. I got a dick, too. It’s not like you’ll surprise me with anything.”  

I looked up at the screen without seeing it, I was so fuckin horny. I didn’t wanna the baseball man to suck me…I just needed to take care of my cock. “Fuck it,” I said as I unzipped my pants. 

“There ya go. Take care of that cock,” encouraged the baseball cap guy.  

I pulled my dick out and it was so hard that it stood at full length, pointing at the ceiling.
“Damn, you weren’t kidding. That thing is big,” baseball cap guy exclaimed. “Go ahead, man, stroke It.”    

I started stroking It, slowly, squeezing It, forcing more blood to head. My cock was practically purple, oozing pre-cut all down the shaft. I jammed my hands in my boxers and started rolling my balls, then slipped underneath them and rubbed my taint. 

“How’s it feel?” he asked. 

Then before I knew it his face was in my lap. Before I could react, he was pushing my hand away and replacing it with his mouth. I was furious. Every instinct was screaming for me to push him away. But before I could his warm mouth engulfed my cock. It was too late. No man is strong enough to push away a mouth that felt that fantastic.

All I could do was sit there and moan, “Uuuuuuugh,” helplessly as he licked all around the silky head of my cock and nibbled at my foreskin. 

Moving lower, he took my ballsac in his mouth and rolled my jewels together with his tongue.
Holding his head, I pulled it up and guide my cock back into his mouth. 

I held my breath as I watched the head of my cock disappeared between his lips and then as his lips clamped around my shaft.

Moaning with joy, he started sucking with complete abandonment. As his head was bob, moving his mouth up and down my shaft, I could feel his fingers lightly caressing my balls. 

He stopped sucking, pausing only long enough to lick the frenulum, that indentation on the underside of my cock where the head meets the shaft right where it’s the most sensitive. He was right about men and dicks. No woman would know about or to lick that spot.

Now I wanted him to suck me off. I want you to cum in his mouth. I want him to taste my cum and feel it running down throat.

Then the baseball cap guy moved down to his knees between my legs, his mouth descending again down my shaft, making soft wetness noises. His eagerness to please arousing me to such heights that my cock felt like it was going to burst.
I gasped, “Ohmifuckinggod,” ripped from my throat as I felt a renewed attack on my cock. Unbidden, my hips came off the seat, moving up each time to meet his thrusts. 

After a while I settled back in my seat, letting him take my cock as deep as he wanted.

Fatigue taking its toll, the baseball cap guy shifted around on his knees. After getting comfortable his mouth encircled my cock once again. 

Bobbing his head, the baseball cap guy took it all the way down to the base, over and over until I could feel the volcanic rise and tingle of my coming orgasm. 

I couldn't hold back anymore. “Ooohhhh my godd, I'm Cumming man...I'm Cumming In your mouth...Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh yesssss," as I blew an even bigger load then the first one. The first spurt rushed into his mouth, followed quickly by another, then another. But he didn’t stop sucking. The baseball cap guy just kept sucking and sucking. 

I was really over worked at that point. 

When I finally had to ask him to stop, he just said, “Thank you,” and got up and walked out.
Catching my breath, I hurried and pulled my pants up, zipped up and walked out of the store to my car, I was really ashamed of what had just went down. I got a little upset over it, but nothing that really worried me too much, because it didn’t take long for me to go again the next week. 

The end...



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