I never really considered myself gay, or even bi for that matter, but two weeks ago something happened that had me questioning my sexuality for a while now.

It started out as a perfectly normal camping trip between two good friends, but one rainy and freezing night changed everything... But let me start at the beginning.

My name is Aidan and I'm 18, I'm an average guy with an average build. I'm about 1.75m tall and I have a bit of muscle from working out with my friend Aaron. I have blue eyes and brown hair which is kind of messy and I always have an 'out of bed' look. I wouldn't really call myself an Adonis but I have no trouble getting girls. My dick is also average at around 6inches. My friend Aaron who's also 18 is the handsome one between the two of us, he's tall and muscular from working out almost every day. He's got pitch black hair which he always keeps shaved and he's got striking green eyes. He's also tanned and his upper body is always smooth. I haven't seen him naked yet, only in gym shorts, but from what I could tell he always has a really big bulge.

So two weeks ago Aaron invited me to go camping with him, and loving the outdoors I immediately agreed. All Friday we couldn't wait for school to end so we could get going, we already had everything packed in his car and I stayed over at his place the night before so we could just get in the car and get going as soon as school ended.

The bell eventually rang and we were off! We were both full of excitement and the weather was great! When we got to the campground it was really hot so we both took our shirts off while setting up the tent and all the other stuff. I couldn't help steeling glances at Aaron's body every now and again, he really was in fantastic shape! After we had everything set up and started a fire we decided to go for a swim in the dam, we stripped down to our underwear and went for a swim. After fooling around in the water for a while we headed back to the tent to put on dry clothes.

The weekend went by as quickly as it came and before we knew it, it was our last night. We had expected great weather the entire weekend but apparently Mother Nature had something else planned for our last night. It was already dark and we were sitting by the fire when the wind started blowing hectically, and before we knew it, it was raining cats and dogs. We quickly rushed into the tent and got into our sleeping bags to dry and get warm.

As the night went on it got increasingly cold and eventually we were freezing our asses off! We were literally shivering from the cold and it didn't seem that the storm was going to clear up soon, and that's when Aaron suggested it "hey, maybe we should, you know, like snuggle?". I wasn't completely oblivious to what snuggling was but I was a bit taken aback from his suggestion "What do you mean??" I asked. "You know, like if we get really close together in the same sleeping bag our bodies will heat up real quick... only if you want to..." "Well I am on the verge of getting hypothermia, so why not... only if we never tell anyone" I said. So he quickly got out of his sleeping bag and climbed into mine. He got up real close behind me and wrapped his arms around me. "This is so gay!" I said and we both chuckled. I could feel him shaking from the cold and I'm sure he felt me shaking. Then he said "Hey, I know what else we could do to heat up really fast, I saw on Discovery people do it like in Alaska to heat up..". "What is it?" I wondered out loud. "Well, if we take all our clothes off and lie really close together, you know, like spooning, our bodies temperature will heat up really fast..." I was kind of shocked by what he said and I was thinking quietly for quite a few seconds before he added "Never mind, that's really gay! Don't know what I was thinking!"

I guessed he thought I wasn't into it and that's why he changed his mind, but I said "No dude I don't think it's gay, and I'll do anything at this moment to heat up!" "Ok cool, just as long as we don't tell anyone about it, ever!" he replied.

"You know I wouldn't, so, who goes first?" I asked. "We do it at the same time" and with that he started removing his shirt, and I did the same. It was tough for both of us to move around in the same sleeping bag so we quickly got out, and took off our shorts as well. It was pitch dark inside the tent so I couldn't see anything. "What about underwear?" I asked. "It will probably be warmer if we take them off too..." and so we took off our underwear and got into my sleeping bag again. He wrapped his arms around me and pushed his body tightly against my back. I had never had another man so close to me before in my life, and feeling his skin against mine caused me to get hard pretty quickly. I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want him to think I'm gay or anything. But little did I know the hot embrace had the same effect on him and I soon felt his dick swelling in my ass. Neither of us said anything and he started sliding his dick between my ass cheeks. When I didn't protest I guess he took that as a sign to go ahead. He continued sliding his dick between my ass cheeks and by now my dick was hard as a fire poker and leaking precum all over the place. He reached around and took my hard cock in his cold hand. I gasped at how cold it was but it quickly heated up as he started a slow stroking motion. He built up a nice rhythm of stroking my dick and grinding in between my ass. Pretty soon we forgot about the storm and the cold outside all together.

I started grunting to let him know I was about to cum and he stroked me hard and fast, and I came all over his hand and shot my load all over the inside of the sleeping back. I moaned out loudly! He then took my cum and used it to lube up my ass and he used it together with his precum to lather up his cock. "Are you cool with this?" he whispered into my ear, "Yeah, fuck me!" I replied. He turned me over onto my back and raised my legs over his shoulders. It was a tight fit in the sleeping bag. He then felt his dick press against my hole. It was a struggle at first but once the head popped in he quickly rammed the length of his dick up my ass. I could feel he was really big but it still hurt like hell. He then started a slow fucking motion and pretty soon the pain subsided and all I felt was pleasure. He started fucking me hard and fast and with each pound he pulled his dick all the way out and shoved it all the way back in. He grabbed between my legs and took my hard cock into his hand again and started stroking me furiously! I came all over his hand and my stomach again and as I clenched my hole he gave one final and hard thrust and I could feel his cock spasm inside of me as he shot his load deep in my ass. I felt him slowly pull out his softening cock and he got behind me again "That was great" he whispered into my ear and pulled me close to him again.

Coming down from the sexual euphoria we were both exhausted and we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to feel his hands caressing my ass. He noticed I was awake and whispered "Wanna go once again before we leave?" I just nodded my head. This time he stayed behind me and he quickly shoved his cock in my ass. He fucked me hard and stroked my dick while fucking me again. He came when I came again and it felt great!

Needless to say the ride home was quite awkward and neither of us said anything. When he dropped me off at my place before I got out of the car he pulled my face to his and kissed me deeply and passionately. I broke the embrace and

I got out of the car, confused as fuck!




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