My Dad is probably the smartest man in the entire universe. That's not

only the opinion of his not brilliant son of sixteen, but of the US

government, Nasa, CIA and FBI.

He has served on advisory committees for all sorts of secret weapons and he

is the founder of a think tank that tosses around crazy concepts to

consider. A few weeks ago he was at one of those. One of the subjects was

invisibility. How do I know what they talked about? This super secret

group? I know because I have his password into his computer and sometimes

I check on what they were debating. Most of it is boring, and most of it

is so complicated that I cannot even begin to figure out what they are

talking about, but suddenly I read, for the transcript, invisibility.

My dad was telling them that it is theoretically feasible. He said that he

would put on the table a new approach and some of the specialists might

want to wrestle with it. That was Dad's way, a brilliant concept guy. His

postulation was that the methods in literature had affected scientists.

The concentration had been on altering the person by chemicals or changing

the way light revealed them. Dad said that the person could be unaffected

by the people around him could be manipulated. When asked to be more

specific he mused that he had seen hypnotic experiments where the subject

did not see a person in front of him. He thought, maybe an electrical

field could be established into which the electrical synapses of the brain

might be fed preset suggestions that there was no one there.

The group had all said that it was interesting and worthy of study but in

reading it, I Jimmy Weldon could see they scoffed.

Now I had fooled around with some hypnotism. I was successful in the case

of two of my friends. The problem is that a sixteen-year-old hypnotist

does not have the aura of a Mesmer and that is part of the mystique of

suggestion. These two friends were lightly hypnotized separately. Chad

was sure that it didn't work but he could not untie his hands. Billy, I

think went deeper because he was under some kind of a trance for about a

half hour and when I woke him up he thought it was only a minute or two

until I showed him my watch.

I could not get my father's suggestion out of my mind. I determined to

build some sort of device that would broadcast a hypnotic suggestion for a

sufficient distance so that passing people would not see the operator.

Our basement and garage was full of every sort of valuable and junky

electric equipment. I was able to rig up a coil that would emit a constant

suggestion that was an electric equivalent of hypnotic suggestion.

The whole thing was contained in a motorcycle helmet. I had to test it. I

called Chad and Billy to come over. Billy wasn't home but Chad answered

and said he'd be along soon. He lived only two houses away so I knew he'd

be there quickly. I waited at my front door.

I put on the helmet. I saw Chad rounding the corner. I snapped the

switch. He walked right by me. He called and knocked on the door. I said

quietly 'I'm right here.' He jumped a mile.

I snapped the switch off and began immediately visible to him. 'Wow,

that's amazing. You got something that only fantasy stories are written

about. You could, you could-'

I could see his dirty sixteen-year-old mind working. 'Yean, I know, go

into the girl's lockers. You would think of sex. This is a great

scientific discovery. It could be used by the army, or even make real

stealth planes.'

But he was grinning wetly, 'But we could go into the girl's toilet and

watch them pee.'

I began to worry later that day that Chad would spread all over that I had

this invention. I called him on the phone and told him that it was a

fluke, that it stopped working so I would have to get back to the drawing

board to find out what was wrong.

Now I am going to confess something to you. No one knows, not my friends

or my parents. I am as gay as a jaybird. I think I always knew, but I've

been able to keep it under wraps. Problem is that the older I get the more

insistent is the urge to do something sexual with another male. I figured

that my new toy would give me some voyeuristic possibilities and I would be

safe from detection.

A menu of possibilities presented itself to my perverted mind. I was

interested in naked guys, watching sex situations, even a little raunchy

stuff. Oh I am a dirty boy!

I decided to peek into a world barred to me: boy's in the toilet when they

thought no one was there. I walked down toward the private school that was

only three blocks away. Their day session was two hours longer and the

junion high kids would still be in class. I snapped the switch and waited.

I did not want to attract attention from the guard inside by a door opening

by itself. Soon someone came out and the door was on an air delay lock. I

slipped in...--unseen of course. The boy's room was just down the hall. I

carefully opened the door. I hoped if anyone were inside they would think

that someone opened it and then changed their mind. There were no doors on

the cubicles. Hell, it was designed perfectly for me. I stepped around

and there was a kid of about thirteen on the pot, his jeans down to his

ankles and his boy cock in his hands. His stroke made a juicy sound so I

guess he was just about to spew. He moaned, his eyes turned skyward, he

pushed his cock down into the bowl and let fly. He sat there a moment, a

little dazed from his cum, then wiped the tip, pulled up his pants and

left. I stayed. I sat on the floor in the corner, no use standing while I

was waiting. Another kid came in, dropped pants and settled on the potty.

He was there for real business. He groaned and grunted. Gee, if I closed

my eyes it would sound like sex. I noticed he reached around and pressed

just above his asshole to push a turd out. He lifted up and looked at it

floating there. I had to suppress calling out, 'It's not gold.' He

finished, and I slipped out the closing door. I felt that was enough for


But my mind kept returning to that wonderful helmet in my closet upstairs.

I told Mom that I was going to go over to Chad's for awhile. I held the

helmet behind my back and headed down the street, putting it on when I was

sure no one was looking. There were lights on in the garage. Chad's

garage had been turned into a playroom for him. Sometimes he slept out

there and he had all his hobby stuff there. I peeked through the window

and almost fell backward. There was Chad, his pants at his ankles, and

Billy leaning over him, sucking his cock. Chad looked as if he was going

to cum any minute. I could see his eyelids fluttering and he seemed to

lift off the chair. Billy was in profile, it was perfect. He never took

his lips away and sucked up all the spunk Chad must have been shooting.

Then Billy pulled him up, kissed him a long time, then took his place on

the chair and Chad began to suck Billy.

This was a very happy revelation to me. Now I had two gay friends, at

least they 'did it'. This knowledge was power to me and even better

because they didn't know that I knew. It was too delicious. It was all I

could do not to laugh out loud.

I decided to tip toe away. I saw all I needed to see. On the walk back, I

was still invisible. I passed a car parked in the shadows just past Chad's

house and a house away from home. As I passed, I idly looked in. There was

Barry, an eighteen-year old from the neighborhood, about a block away. I

always considered him a real hot looking guy, tall and muscular, thick

blond hair and a fuck you expression always on his face. The girl, he

didn't know.

Hey, the window on the driver's side is open. I went around and leaned in,

close to Barry. This was fabulous to be right in the middle of a make out

scene. But this was more than that. There was Barry's big cock sticking

out of his pants. 'Peg, just lift up and settle down on my thing. You

know the way you did last week. It felt just great. I know you liked it.'

The poor guy, I thought. He's hard up, pleading. Finally Peg got her ass

on his lap and faced the front of the car. Barry was saying hoarsely,

'Yeah baby, that's so good. Now let me get you into position and I can

slip in.'

In a moment they were fucking. Barry was making all sorts of animal

sounds, Peg was pretty quiet until she suddenly started making noises.

Jimmy thought she was laughing, but it was her orgasm calls. Barry didn't

last long. Pretty soon he said, 'You better lift up, I'm goin'------' He


She was really mad. 'You got me all wet. You're such a pig. Couldn't you


I left the scene. Now every time that shit Barry would give me a superior

angry look it would only make me laugh because he knew a lot about him.

The next day was Sunday. No church going in this house, so I slept in. I

think I must have been alone in the house, still in bed, when Billy

strolled into my room. In this town, we don't lock our doors. 'No one

answered so I figured you were still in the sack.'

I rubbed my eyes and yawned, trying to get awake. I was sleeping on top of

the covers, wearing my briefs. Billy took a great interest in the big

stiffo I had pushing my briefs out. I had no hesitation, now that I knew

about him, in speaking boldly. Billy was a real cute kid, spikey black

hair, I think maybe dyed Goth black, always wore extra long cargo pants,

maybe because his legs were real thin. Even the shanks that showed were

hairless and thin. But his face was real nice, big dark eyes and long

black lashes, red puffy mouth. Oh that mouth, I remembered it around

Chad's dick yesterday. My stiffy go stiffer.

'Yo Jimmy. Can I try your helmet?' Uh oh, motor mouth Chad had talked.

Best thing for me was to stonewall it.

'I was just kidding Chad. You know, he will believe anything.'

'Billy looked at me with open mouth. He said you disappeared.'

'Do you really believe that?'

'I guess no. But I believe you have a real morning woody. Can I see it?

Slip off your whiteys.'

I figured I might as well start the day off with a nice cum, my first with

someone else. I slipped off the shorts and my good friend sprang up

against my belly. I really had to take a piss but that added to my cock

being so rigid. It felt nasty but good. I flexed it a twice. Billy was

licking his soft lips and a little drool formed in the crease in his lower

lip. I could hear his breathing. 'I think you like my dick. Yu want to

touch it?'

'Yeah,' he said hoarsely.

'Okay, take off your clothes, why should I be the only one naked?'

He complied like his life depended on it. He sure was skinny, but cute.

He had a thin trail of hair from his belly button to the beginning of his

pubic hair. His dick was thin, pretty small, but it was hard and stood out

with a gentle curve upward at the end. He reached down and touched my cock

that responded with a big jump. He was breathing so hard now it sounded

like asthma. He stroked me a few times. I was beginning to feel a little

like I might spew, so I rushed things along. 'Billy, I knew your mouth is

watering to swallow my dick. Come on, lean down, kiss it.'

He did. He really kissed the head, actually a French kiss.

'Take it in your mouth Billy,' I said coaxingly.

He wasted no time, he surrounded the head with his hot lips, his tongue

licking the tip. Oh, this was a super excellent feeling. I was breathing

now louder that he was.

I lied back on the bed, put my arms behind my head, whew, I needed a

shower, I could smell my pits. But now they smelled nasty like the sex I

was enjoying. Billy lost no time in trying to take my seven inches deep in

his throat. He waggled his lips along the shaft a quarter inch at a time.

I was fast losing a sense of consciousness. Then with a slight gag I

bottomed in his threat and his nose was against my pubic hair. I bet I was

a little stale smelling but what the hell, he was my suck boy. He stayed

with my cock in his threat and kept swallowing. The massage of his throat

muscles was driving me nuts. I felt my thighs tingling and feeling

paralyzed, that was a sure sign that I was going to shoot. I tapped Billy

on his spikey head. 'I think I goin' spill. You want to pull away?' He

shook his head, which motion threw me over the cum fence. I felt my body

locking held by my impending orgasm. I shouted and rubbed and scratched

Billy's head as I double up, howled, thrust my hips and beat the sheet with

my fists as I unloaded a combination of spooge and piss.

Billy fell back dazed. 'Gee when you go down, you do down. It was like

holding a bucking bronco.' His head gradually cleared. 'How come you had

the nerve to ask for a blow job? Did Chad say something?'

'Chad? What's he got to do with it? ' I asked innocently. 'Does he do it


'I don't know about that, but don't tell him about this. Maybe we can do

it again. I didn't get off. You want to help me out.'

'No sweetie. Jimmy no gives, Jimmy just gets. You better get along, I

have to shower and get dressed, I smell like a stable.'

He turned and walked out, dejected and rejected.

After the shower and my cereal that I ate dry because we were out of milk,

I began to wonder how I would spend the day with my 'cloak of

invisibility'? I said those words like I had a echo.

I got the helmet from my closet and stood in front of the mirror and

snapped it on. This was the first time I could check it out. There was no

change in my image. Maybe this was because I am inside. But no, I should

be invisible. The damn thing's no working. I check the battery. This

signal used very little current and an AAA battery was sufficient. I put

in a new one. No help.

I took it to the garage workroom and took it apart. I went over each

component and everything seemed okay. I was dumbfounded and baffled. How

could it just stop. I bet my Dad would know but I could never admit that I

was mucking around, using his password on the computer. I put the parts in

a box and figured I think about it and try later.

I got my bicycle out, I hadn't ridden in awhile. I headed down the street

and encountered Chad. Now I told you that Billy was kinda cute, but Chad

was a dreamboy, big, about six feet plus, muscles on muscles, thick wavy

blond hair, big blue eyes, the whole shebang of male beauty. He smiled at

me, 'Hi Jimmy. You gonna spy on some girls today?' Jeez, what white teeth

and pink tongue you have grandma, I thought. I twitched down there even

though it had been two hours since I came hard, but at my age, that's

enough to be rearmed.

'No, actually I was thinking of sneaking into the porno movie.'

'Watch out, there are guys who molest pretty boys like you.'

'Or on the other hand, maybe you might like to come to my house and fool


'Fool around? Who told you I fool around?'

'Why, do you?'

'Well, if you want to suck my cock I wouldn't say no. Do you?'

I was checkmated for the moment. I wouldn't mind getting another round of

being blown but I wasn't ready to be the blower. Perhaps I should just see

how it all develops. 'Maybe, maybe not. Let's just go and stop talking

about it.'

When we got to my house we tramped up the stairs and into my room, still

messy with the unmade bed. Chad closed the door behind him and snapped the

bolt. 'I smell sex in this room. Did you wank off this morning?'

'Every morning.' I swept my tee shirt over my head. I stood there smiling

and rubbing my chest. 'Like?'

Chad kicked his slides off and pulled his shorts off exposing his entire

lower body, his dick hanging slightly hard just below the bottom of his

shirt. 'You like?'

I stared at his cock as I slipped out of my trainers and shorts. I was

stiff and hard.

'I think you like it. Jimmy, you're drooling and breathing hard. Your

cock is a full hardness. You don't have to ask. My answer is yes. Get on

your knees and get me off.'

It was a standoff, at least for two minutes. All you could hear was my

heavy breathing. I was so excited that my cock was dripping. I almost

felt I might cum from the tension. Chad, the bastard was smirking at me.

At last with cry of defeat, or resignation, I fell to my knees. Chad made

no move to come closer, but he did throw his shirt off and flexed his chest

muscles like a jungle animal just short of pounding his chest and

trumpeting. I had to crawl slightly to get close. I lifted his now hard

cock and slipped my mouth over it. I had never done this in my life. I

had seen male porno and tried to remember how they did it. Chad knew, of

course, exactly what to do. I think that with Billy, he was the boss. He

took my hands and pulled them around to the back of his ass. 'Hold me

steady, I tend to get weak when I cum.'

I put out a tentative tongue lick on the head of his now protruding head.

There was sex dew on the tip. I braced myself for the taste but it was

sweet and watery. He let out a low moan when I did that. I was pleased,

the whore bitch was pleased. I wasn't even ashamed, I was proud I could

please him. He pushed forward as a hint for me to take it in my mouth. I

delayed so he put a finger to my lips and rubbed my lips. 'Let me in Jimmy

boy, don't fight it, you want this cock so badly you can hardly breathe.'

Then he put his finger in my mouth and like a pet dog I sucked it. 'Yeah,

that's enough practice. Get to I!' He slapped me on one cheek. I quickly

got to work. I took about a third of his cock into my mouth and stopped,

my tongue vibrating and moving of it's own accord. He liked that. 'Great,

use a lot of tongue.' He was pushing again, I opened my throat and he slid

in down to his pubes. They smelled delicious, nice soap and a little Chad

sweaty. With his cock down my throat I choked a bit, almost upchucked, but

got myself under control but moving a little back. His hips were beginning

to thrust. I allowed lots of spit to fill my mouth and I began a fast in

and our vigorous sucking. He was howling with pleasure. 'You are some

fucking suck hound, much better than.....: He never finished. I don't

think he realized how close he was to cumming when it hit him. His thighs

began to vibrate and a few times his knees almost collapsed. I held on my

hands spread over his fuzzy ass checks. Then he began unloading. I

swallowed fast, gulping and crying out my thrill at being part of this

charged moment.

He fell back on the bed. 'Whew, that was hot. You had much experience?'

'First time. Eh, I'm pretty hard here, you think you er...'

'I would, but I get really anti sexy after I cum, but if you want to jerk

off I'll watch you and you can even unload on my chest and belly but be

careful, not near my face.'

'Well, okay, thanks but I think I'll save it for when I'm alone.'

'Suit yourself. Hey, should we find Billy and maybe go down to the Y

swimming pool?'

'Thanks but I'll just hang here.'

What a let down after three days of hot excitement: the helmet, what I saw

using it, getting a blow job from Billy...that was excellent! At least I

know that I'm not the only one around who likes sex with guys. Who knows

what the future will bring (said in my echo) voice.



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