I woke up to the sound of my boyfriend's heart beating. I look up and see the hottest sight before me as Krystian stretches like a raw animal.

I look up into his face as he pulls me to him and give me a quick peck on the lips.

I push my hand under the covers and start stroking his dick gently as we continue to kiss.

"hmm sweety I have to get ready for work" he says to me as we remove our lips from one another.

I then sit on the bed as he teases me when dressing into his hospital uniform which rather tight on him.

He then kisses me on both cheeks and stands up ready to leave

"you going to be alright for a while sweetie?" he asked whilst staring at my foot which was getting better.

"yeah don't worry sweetie pie I will be fine" I respond as he kisses me for a long time.

I wave off my true love as I start cleaning his place because I have an obsession with cleaning.

I look through his drawers and I could see a well worn and musty jockstrap. I lift this up to my nose and start inhaling.

The smell took me back to last night where Krystian and I were contorted in sexual frenzy

I hide the jockstrap in my possessions as I continue the cleaning where I suddenly hear a knock on the door.

Slightly dazed and confused I run to the front door and answer it and right in front of me stood a young woman. She was about mid 20's with blonde hair and very tall for her age.

"is Krystian home?" she asks whilst trying to look around

"no he's gone to work" I reply as I take a swig of water from my bottle

"ok well when he comes back tell him his sister called for him" she said as she left the house

Well at least I won't have to worry about Krystian being a cheating bastard then, I thought.

I then got a phone call from my mate who asked me to watch a movie with him so I readily agreed to go with him.

We are now at the movies watching a pretty lame horror movie and my phone is switched off.

But let's discuss about my friend he is almost like Krystian but he has little hair on his head. I also heard he had a bigger package then Krystian so I was lusting after him as well.

We start making out me and my mate as the film continued.

"how about a naughty idea?" he whispers to me.

"what's that?" I whisper in reply

"follow me" he says as he grabs hold of my hand and we enter the mens toilet

He pulls me into a toilet stall as our tongues dance with each other in utter passion

He then makes me sit on the toilet seat and lifts my foot massaging it as I moan softly

He then removes his pants and undies in one swift motion as he turns around and sits on my face.

I start digging my tongue deep in his ass as I use his belt to whip him with.

I can hear his moaning like as though as if it was music to my ears.

I then get his ass out of my face as I push him onto the floor and pull my pants and undies down. I lift his legs on my shoulder as my cock enters his tight man pussy

He starts moaning loudly as I push into him and out hard and deep making his eyes roll in his head.


We then hear the stall door open as a guy watches me nail my friend. I could see the guy stroking his cock with a vibrator up his ass

I give my friend the ride of his lift as he starts moaning louder and louder

"I'm getting closer to cumming" he moans at me as he starts trying to milk my cock using my ass muscles.

I could then see him cumin onto the guy who was watching us as he scoops up a little and feeds it into his mouth.

My friend gets off my cock and lays on the floor with the watcher as I squirt my cream all over them.

"hope you enjoyed that bitches" I said.

I then got dressed and left the movies and got back to mine and Krystian's place

As I was settling in to sleep at night I heard another knock on the door

I answered the door and a policeman was stood in front of me.

"mr Vaughan the hospital staff reported Krystian as missing any idea where he may have gone?" he asked

I looked shell shocked as the message starts to sink in. My Krystian is missing? How could this happen to me?





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