Oh, well,' Todd thought aloud to himself. 'Looks like another night for a pizza and a movie on HBO.' Todd, still dressed in his dress shirt and khakis from his day at the office, dialed the number for the local Pizza Hut on his cordless phone, walking over to the large bay window overlooking the city street. From the 14th floor, you could see quite a bit from up there.

After the pizza was ordered, Todd hung up the phone and, in the kitchen, unbuttoned his shirt and removed his belt from his slim waist. Under his shirt was a clean white undershirt; under his pants, a pair of pinstripe boxer shorts.

The thunder cracked, rattling the windows. The lights flickered. With a Coke in his left hand, Todd slowly walked to the ajoining living room, sat on the couch, and, with the remote, turned on the TV. Barbara Walters. What fun. Click. He changed the channel, again and again, until he reached a program that was at least somewhat decent.

The clock on the adjacent wall chimed nine times; nine o'clock. There was still a while yet before the pizza arrived. Todd turned off the TV, flicked off the light, and tilted his head back. Just dozing, of course.

Bang bang bang. Bang bang bang. The pound on the door startled Todd, thus waking him up. He looked around a dark room, rubbed his eyes, and got up off the couch, heading for the door. When he opened it, he was there just in time, for the delivery guy was just turning his back on him.

'That'll be thirteen-eighty-seven,' the delivery guy instructed Todd, his eyes quickly scanning the outline of Todd's chest and stomach under the undershirt. Todd took a twenty from his wallet, handed it to the guy's open hand, and took the pizza into his own. 'Thanks,' he said, and walked down the hall, toward the elevator. Todd watched him walk until he rounded the corner, admiring his firm ass.

With that he closed the door and walked into the kitchen. He had just put two slices of pepperoni and mushroom pizza on his plate when there was a knock at the door.

'Jesus Christ!' he said aloud, but not loud enough that the person on the other side of the door could hear him. Todd set down the pizza on the table, and headed for the door. When it was open, he found a young man of his own size, weight, and age, drenched with rain from outside. And no coat.

'I don't mean to bother you,' he began, 'but I'm locked out of my apartment.' His teeth chattered. 'I'm down the hall a few doors, in 14C.'

'Okay. Would you like to step inside?' Todd backed away from the door, opening his arm, as if to sweep the stranger inside.

The man looked up at him with big, blue eyes. 'Could I really?' After Todd had nodded his head, the man said, 'Thanks,' and headed inside.

'Not a problem,' Todd replied, and shut the door behind him. 'Would you like a couple slices of pizza? Pepperoni and mushroom.'

The stranger looked at the pizza. 'Yeah, sure.' Todd produced a plate and instructed the man to help himself. 'Thanks a lot.'

'No problem. Really, it isn't.' Todd then remembered about the man's clothes. They were dripping wet, and probably very cold. 'Would you like some of my old sweats to change into? You look awfully uncomfortable in those clothes.'

'Okay,' the man replied.

'I'll be right back,' Todd told him, and briskly walked down the hall. He returned with a gray sweatshirt with a black Nike logo on the front, and some gray sweatpants. They fit big on Todd -- nice and comfortable like that -- so he knew they'd fit the stranger just fine. 'Here you go.'

The stranger set down his plate, accepted them gratuitously, and walked into the bathroom down the hall. He stepped out of the bathroom briefly, the shirt not yet on, baring his smooth, well-built chest and stomach, to ask Todd if he might wash his hands real quick; Todd said sure, go ahead. Only a minute or so later, he came out of the bathroom, the sweats on his body, and the wet clothes in hand.

'Where should I put these?' he asked, holding the clothes in front of him.

'I'll take them,' Todd said, and extended his hand, taking the clothes. He then dropped them in the dryer in the room next to the kitchen, started it up, and told the stranger they would be dry in less than an hour.

After that, they sat in peace for a couple minutes, eating their pizza, sipping from their Cokes. It got too quiet, and the stranger decided to speak. 'My name's Tyler.' He extended his hand over the table, shaking Todd's.

'I'm Todd,' Todd replied in return. 'Good to meet you.'

'Yeah, you too.' They sat again in a couple more minutes of silence.

The pizza box had one slice left. Todd had had four; Tyler three. They both looked up at each other.

'Go on, have it,' Todd said, picking up his Coke.

'Naw, I'm full. You take it.'

'I don't want it.'

'Neither do I.'

Silence. Brief, but both parties took notice of it. Todd shut the lid. It was obvious that neither one of them wanted to take it, either to polite to the other or they really just didn't want it. 'Settled?' he inquired.

'You bet.'

'Wanna go watch the TV?'

'Sure,' Tyler replied. 'What's on?'

'I dunno. Probably some of those cheap-ass porns on Cinemax or HBO. You know of anything else?'

'Nope.' They sat down on the couch -- one on either side -- with the remote in the center. Tyler looked over at Todd. 'Do you have any porn? Real porn...triple-X?'

Almost instantly, Todd replied, 'Yeah, a couple. Why?'

'Well...' he began. 'Wanna watch em? I mean, if it's all right with you, of course.'

'Okay, sure. I'll just go get them.' Todd got up and moved quickly into his bedroom. He returned seconds later, four videos in hand. 'And we have: 'Deep Throat,' 'Orgy! Orgy! Orgy!' 'Cum Here, Dick,' and 'Up Yours.''

Tyler sat in deep thought, thinking of which might be the best. 'Hm... What do you think is the best?'

'Me? Oh...I'd have to say 'Deep Throat' is my favorite. But then, I've always been a fan of fellatios.' Todd grinned. 'Which one?'

'Well, that 'Deep Throat' one sounds pretty good. Pop it in, I guess.'

Todd walked over to the TV and inserted the tape into the VCR. It began to play instantly. The tape had not been rewound to the beginning; instead, it picked up where Todd had left off the last time he watched it, where two cocks were in one girl's mouth.

Tyler was instantly drawn in. He now sat up straight, his eyes fixed on the screen. Todd sat down on his end of the couch, watching the movie. The girl kept going down on both guys, who were both obviously enjoying this. Todd had seen this one a million times. Rather than watch it, he looked over at Tyler. In Todd's mind, all he could think was, 'Mm, that man is so hot!

Oh, I really wish he were gay. Or even at least bi, like I am.' Todd's gaze focused from Tyler's face to his crotch. It was steadily growing. In a flash, Todd had one of his own. It was clearly visible -- as was Tyler's.

In the movie, one man came all down his cock, as well as the other guy's. Just as the girl had licked that all up and that cock was out of her mouth, the other guy came, making an even bigger mess than the man before him. Tyler looked over at Todd, catching him staring at his enormous, hard cock.

Todd froze. What was he to do? It didn't matter anymore now. Tyler looked down at his own cock, up at Todd's face, then down at Todd's hardened cock. A smile spread across his lips. Todd's expression changed, from damn-near scared to just plain happy. The two of them moved in closer, their lips touching, their tongues getting a taste of one another.

Todd removed his already-unbuttoned shirt, threw it across the room, where it landed on the floor next to the TV. Tyler softly ran his hands over Todd's undershirt, feeling the ripples and chisels all along the nicely formed body. Before any realization was set in, Tyler had whipped off Todd's undershirt and was working on his sweatshirt. That came off easily.

Now each one of them gently caressed the other's torso, feeling the great curves, chips, and hard, strong muscles. After a couple quick moments of that, Todd moved his hands away to his pants, where he unbuttoned and unzipped them in a matter of seconds. They brought their lips away from one another, giving each one just enough time to get their pants off their bodies and onto the floor. Now, each man stood before the other, down to the boxer shorts and briefs they wore.

A loud crash of thunder followed a bright bolt of lightning, causing not only the windows to rattle, but the power to go out as well. Tyler took advantage of the situation, getting down on his knees, and working on Todd's erection.

Todd let his head drop back, allowing Tyler to relieve him of this long- anticipated event. Tyler whipped and pressed with his tongue, his head constantly bobbing back and forth. He let his hands crawl up Todd's torso, where they were met by Todd's hands, who smothered them with warmth.

Tyler, wanting to get a jump on things, brought back one of his hands, and began stroking Todd's cock. Slowly, not fast; he wanted the moment to last.

Outside, the wind hurled and thunder boomed. Lightning lit up the sky, and the enormous droplets coming from it. The rat-a-tat-tat sound could be heard clearly from inside, as the fat rain drops pounded the windows.

Tyler, still pumping Todd's hard, throbbing cock with his hand, lifted it up overhead and began on his balls. Todd moved one hand down to Tyler's head and ran his thin fingers through Tyler's soft, tousled hair. Tyler quit on his balls and returned to Todd's cock, sucking and pumping harder and harder. He stopped the use of his hand momentarily to run his finger up Todd's ass. He did it oh-so delicately, slowly.

And still the storm raged on, not seeming to give up on its endless plight to make noise.

Todd was now thrusting his hips into Tyler's mouth. Tyler enjoyed it so much, he began stroking his own cock, extremely fast. Why, at the rate he was going, he'd probably end up coming before Todd did. But Todd continued to thrust his hips, wishing he could just cum all over Tyler's face.

Tyler kept on stroking and sucking, as did Todd thrusting, forcing his cock further and further down Tyler's throat.

'Ohhh,' Todd tried to say, but it only came out as a harsh whisper.

'Make me cum, Tyler, make me cum.' Tyler heard him, and used his other hand to stroke Todd's wet, hard tool. Both of his hands were now at the same rate as the other. 'Make me cum. I'm gonna cum...all...over...your face!' It wasn't any more than six seconds after he said that that he did, indeed, shoot his juices all down Tyler's throat. Almost simultaneously, a large crack of thunder boomed outside. When Tyler backed away, more was erupting from this massive geyser, and it hit all over his face; his hair, his eye, his nose...everywhere. It was quite the large load.

Todd allowed Tyler to finished cleaning up Todd's cock, then bent down himself to help lick off his face. In the meantime, Tyler was still beating his meat. As Todd was licking around Tyler's mouth, Tyler pushed him back softly, ordering him to turn around and bend over. Todd did as he was told.

Tyler carefully inserted his meat into Todd's ass. It slid in and out, very quickly and smoothly, with great ease. Todd had obviously been fucked up the ass before. Many times before, no doubt. 'I'll be cumming soon,' he told him, and proceeded to fuck harder and harder.

And still outside, the storm whipped around. Trees, signs, traffic lights...all were blown almost sideways by the driving wind. The thunder and lightning had now died down a bit, but were both still going strong.

Back inside, Todd continued to take it up the ass from Tyler. Tyler moved very fast, obviously wanting to cum and get it over with. But that was fine with Todd: cum was the greatest part of all sex, whether it be anal or oral. Todd was even helping out himself. He rocked back and forth, but not as quickly as Tyler did with his thrusts.

It wasn't long before Tyler screamed out, 'I'm gonna cum!' And that he did. Some of it filled up Todd's hole; some of it dripped out. Tyler, as if instinct had told him to do it, quickly bent down to catch some of the cum in his mouth. Once the drips were no more, he shot his tongue into Todd's ass, cleaning that out as well.

After everything was cleaned up, and the storm was down to no more than hard rain drops against the windows, Todd and Tyler were in Todd's bed, Tyler resting his head on Todd's chest. Todd had his hand on Tyler's head, softly stroking it every now and then.

'You know,' Todd said in a medium tone, 'I'm kinda glad you got locked out.'

Tyler agreed. 'So am I,' and then softer, 'so am I.' Tyler slid his hand down under the sheets, rolling Todd's soft cock in his hand. Todd grew harder and larger, and before too long, they were at it again. By the time they had woken up the very next morning, Todd had came three times; Tyler four.



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