I'm Fievel West. Everyone calls me 'Little Big Mouse' acroos campus of the University of Michigan. Well, I'm only 5'2' and 185. I looked more like I was 15-16 then myactual age of 21. It was a pain in the ass. Except for when my girl and I were together. Her name is Catherine, I call her Cat. Cat and Mouse goin' together. Funny huh? She stands bout 5'10' with a good sizedass but bigger breasts. Man I could on and on about her. I mean we been together for nearly five years I couldn't believe my luck. That Miss popular would go out with the shortest guy in the class. I play Football and took Kickboxing in the summer. So all in all, I had a really good build for my short height. I also had a long rod between my legs too. Nearly 9 in. long. It drives girls and guys crazy. I'm a straight guy and never thought of gay sex much.

At least not until fairly recently.

I was laying on my bed and staring at my ceiling. Classes were temporailly closed for some Press thing. I don't know really. I heard the door open and I saw my old friend from Ireland enter.

'Stephen!' I exclaimed, my mouth gaping open. I haven't seen him in years, since he graduated 2 years before I did. I figured he moved back home. You see both of us are from Ireland. Both of us Irish/American. Stephen was 24, 205 and 6'2'. He's gay, I'm straight. When we younger, we wrestled and fought alot and most times I won. Actually it was Stephen and my Uncle Kirk that gave me my nickname Little Big Mouse.

'What's up Fi?' he asked after slamming his suitcases down on the tile floor.

'The sky, what else?' I replied. It was a standard joke between us.

'How's Cat?' Stephen asked.

'She's fine. Horny as usual. What else?' I rolled my eyes, smiling

'Man, Cat's the horniest girl alive. I swear. She wants more even long after you're ready to pass out.' Stephen gave me a huge bear hug. Just about anything to get his hands on me I guess. I'm not at all homophobic but I always get somewhat uncomftable when they touch me for some reason. But Stephen was different but still I had that slight uncomfortable feeling. He finally let me go. 'I got news.' He said.

'You won the lottery or your boyfriend wants to sell me insurance.' I laughed.

'He's a moron. No. I'm your new roommate.'

'Really?' I was stoked. 'Seriously?'

Stephen laughed. 'I didn't bring my luggage for show ya know!' I helped Stephen unpack and put his stuff away. It did seem weird that he had a lot of Leather and a few restraints. I didn't think much about it right then though. As time passed, I still was goin' out with Cat and Stephen was in our dorm room half bored to death. I found it odd that he didn't talk about his boyfriend or anyone called him except his 12 year old brother, Nathan to say good night and that his Dad was coming to visit next month. One evening I got in early. I saw Stephen with one of those funky-looking chasity things on his cock, which was 7' long.

'What are you doing?' I asked quizzedly.

'I'm trying not to jerk off.' Stephen replied flatly. I stared at the TV a moment. It was hard not to jerk off to porn. It was two guys, probably Football jocks I guessed, goin' at it. I turned my face away and yawned. 'Well to each his own, good night Stepen.' I crashed on my bed without taking off my shoes. I saw Cat the next day and she just smirked.

'Slept with shoes on again?'

'How can you tell?'

'Because your shirt's on backwards.' she laughed.

'Fuck.' I muttered. I fixed the problem before a big crowd surfaced to see my 4-pack. For some reason I couldn't focus on anything that day. Cat was talking and I was listening without paying attention. My dream of Stephen flickered in my mind all day. All of a sudden I was confused. I was straight. I liked chicks. That was my thing. But what was it about Stephen I wanted? I had no answers. None. Two weeks later, I waited for Stephen to get in from classes. He finally did I told him I wanted to talk on a serious note. He just stared at me blank for a second. We sat on my bed and I hesitated but managed to get the ball rolling so to speak.

'Stephen, how did you find out.... about you know, yourself?'

'One day at my old man's truckyard. I just turned 18 and this big funky Trucker asked me to help him with his truck. His smell and one look at his naked body and I was hooked since. We fucked everytime I go to the truckyard.' he stared at me intensely a long moment. 'Why you ask, Fi?'

'Well see I... well I...' I struggled for words.

'Are you curious?' Stephen asked.

'I guess. Fuck I don't know.'

'If you want, You can expriment with me. No word will go beyond these four walls. I promise. If you like it, We'll continue on. If you don't, we'll laugh about it later and you can say you tried.' He must have saw a question in my green eyes cuz he answered. 'You won't jepardize our friendship.' We got undressed and I stared at him, my whole body tensed. I had no idea what to expect. Stephen kissed me gently. I flinched and stiffened.

'It's ok Fi. You can say you like it.' The weird thing was I could taste his breath which was french fry grease mixed with onions and peppermint. I pulled him on the bed with me and kissed him back and ran my hand down his slightly furry back. He growled a little at that, signaling he liked it. The more we kissed, the harder we were breathing. I felt his tongue go down until it found mine and tognue wrestled for a while.

'Hold on.' he whispered.

'No.' I cried. 'You're going?'

'Of course not.' he replied. It was pitch black now. 'I'm just getting supplies.' I heard him rustling through his bag.'

'Stephen, no. I don't want to be tied up.' I said.

'Not those kind of supplies.' he replied. 'Condoms, lube. ever heard of either?' He didn't let me answer. I heard a click and a clatter. I guess he took off that weird chasity device. 'It's gonna hurt at first, Fi. But don't fight me or you'll make it worse.' I could only see his gray eyes in the faint light from the window.He propped my legs on his shoulders. I felt the lube on his fingers as he steched my hole. I gasped and tried to get away, but he held me still. 'Hold still man. I know it hurts like hell. I been there before.'

'But I thought you were a Top?' I said, my confusion on my face.

'Oh I'm Top/Versatile. I been fucked up the ass a few times. I get tested every three encounters. I'm still negative. Don't orry. Now I'm about to go in you now. I won't breed you since it's your first. Ready?'

I couldn't answer so I shrugged my shoulders. 'I guess.' That big pole went though me I almost hollered. Damn it hurt like hell. Stephen wasn't lying. But the painfaded after a short while. Then it hit me. He wasn't fucking me. He was making love to me. To me there was a small difference. The difference was speed mostly. He was taking his time and kissed me every so often. But all too soon I was close to cumming. 'Stephen, stop.' I cried. He stared at me. 'What?' he asked.

'I'm... I'm close.' I stammered the words out.'

'I know. Me too.' He pulled out and crawled on top of me and kissed wrestled and kissed some more. 'I gotta get off man, Or i'll go crazy.' I gasped realizing I couldn't calm down. I wasn't gon' to lose my erection til I came.

'Me too. Fuck me Fi.' Stephen lined his ass to my long cock. 'Fuck me man, just like I fucked you. You can breed my ass if you like the feeling.' I got Stephen to his knees and fucked him a little rougher then he did me. 'Damn your hole is tight Stephen, I'm so fuckin' close.' I groaned as spraying my cum into him.

'Oh fuck! Little Big Mouse, you shoot a huge ass hell load in me!' he cried out in relief. I figured he came about the same time I did. We showered together and he sat me on the bathroom sink and kissed me some more. Man Stephen liked kissing me a lot. It didn't bother me anymore. I saw Cat two days later and I told her about Stephen and I, expecting a big fight. She just smiled. 'You're the first man that admitted it.' she said. 'I think that makes us closer as a couple than ever. I don't mind it as longas it's just Stephen. I know you two go way back.'

'Thanks Cat for being so understanding.' I sighed in relief. 'We still on for next Saturday Night at the Octoplex?'

'Of course.' she replied, tossing back her copper colored hair.

'Great, now if you'll excuse me, there's a big Irish bloke up in my room that's tied up to the bed that needs some loving.' I smiled waved back at Cat, then jogged away.



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