Another full night at the restaurant. Busy as hell. I was a chef at a 5 star restaurant and we were very popular. So was the new line cook, Dorian. Quiet and focused, at 5'7 and 150, he had incredible coffee colored features, smooth and supple skin with eyes dark and piercing as roasted coffee beans. Tightly compact, he did his work well and I was glad he'd been hired. At 5'11, I loved looking down on his beautifully shaped head, long eye lashes and lips that seemed to be made for kissing. We'd worked together about two weeks when we were scheduled to close the restaurant together one night. That busy night. We were both tired as we went about our duties of cleaning up the prep areas and putting away the food.

'You look exhausted.' I said, rushing by him to put the sauces in their pots.

'Just a long day, but working with you has taught me a lot.' He replied, looking up under hooded eyes as he wrapped up the meat.

'Do you live around here or new to the area?' I asked, pouring us a glass of wine.

'Just moved here after I broke up with my boyfriend.' He looked up to see if I saw the implications of this.

'Oh. Well, his loss. Let's toast to that.' I handed him a glass of wine and as he stepped forward to get it, he stumbled into me.

The glasses of wine went flying, he fell into my arms, this couldn't have hsppened if I'd wished it.

And I did.

'Marco, I am so fucking sorry.' He was startled and covered in chardonnay.

'Don't be, babe (babe?), we'll work it out.' I let the glasses fall as I took him into my arms.

Rich skin not two inches from mine, lips that would launch a thousand ships, and eyes to live for. I kissed him. Deep, longingly, passionately, rolling my tongue with his, feeling our lips meet and meld and roll and wrestle.

I slowly unbuttoned his chef jacket, feeling a tight t shirt covering a toned and hairy chest, tight little curls covering muscle. I rubbed my hands over his chest as we kissed.

'Dorian, you are beautiful, I want to see all of you.' I exclaimed as I lifted him up onto the metal prep table.

Gasping, he told me to do want I wanted. So I did.

Taking his jacket off, I unbuttoned his pants and was greeted by a big ass hard on straining against his bikini briefs.

Moving my head down, I nuzzled my lips against his erection, rubbing his cock with my lips with only fabric between us. Lifting up, he slid down his underwear and I saw his amazing dick, 9 inches, cocoa, with a flaring mushroom head supported by two nice sized balls. The musky smell was like cologned, I inhaled deeply and took the head of his cock into my mouth.

Groaning, he grabbed my head and pushed it onto his hard on. 'Suck it, you bitch.' His fingers went into my hair, twisting and pulling.

I took the shaft into my mouth, slipping my tongue all along the shaft, pushing it out and tesing the head then sucking the entire length into my mouth as my own dick grew in my pants.

Holding his balls in one hand, sucking his dick, I released my own, stroking it furiously. He arched his back, sending his penis into the far recesses of my throat.

'Yea, suck that black cock, take it, suck it, milk it!!' He leaned back on the table, bucking his tight hips.

'Okay, take it, I'm gonna cum.' He grunted this, forcing his dick deeper into my throat as I squeezed his balls and ran my tongue up and down the shaft. Seconds later, my reward, a jet stream of milky, salty and thick cum shooting into the back of my throat. Gagging a bit, I came back down on that monster and swallowed every lovely drop.

Scooting back, he sat up. 'WOW, that was terrific!' He said.

'Oh, baby, we are not done yet.' I slurred, still tasting and enjoying the mouth cum bath I had been showered with.

Looking at me between his raised legs, he smiled and spread his legs wider. I got to see this lightly hairy ass with hidden treasures still to plunder. So I did.

Dropping my pants, I spread his legs on the table and reached back onto the stove where we kept the softened butter. Digging my hand into the greasy mix, I told him to move his legs even further, horny as hell and twice as hot.

'Dorian, spread those legs, baby, I want to see your hole, I want to lick it, I want to eat it and then I want to fuck it.' I smeared the butter between his cheeks, feeling the tight little pucker with my finger as I heard him gasp.

'I want you to fuck this ass, I want to feel you breed me deep and take my pussy.' He was almost speaking in tongues. So I gave him mine.

I licked the butter between his butt cheeks and tongued that asshole until Dorian was moaning. I fingered that ass, hot, tight, needy and knew what he wanted. 'Give me that ass, baby, open it up for Marco.' I licked and pushed his knees further apart.

Sliding him back on the table, I crawled up and moved between his legs. Leaning down to kiss him, I told him to get ready. I am not huge but I nave 7 thick inches and I was raring to go. Pushing up against his buttered hole, I slipped the head inside him - he tried to scoot back but I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back on my cock. A couple of more inches and he was impaled on my dick as his started growing again. I fucked him like a horse, pushing it deep in and slipping it out so I could just see my head in his ass lips. He moaned. I reached around, lifted up, turned him over and pushed his back down. Then I dog fucked him like the bitch I knew he wanted to be. Slapping his ass, pushing deep into his cunt, balls slapping and dripping sweat onto his back I bred him like a bull.

Being a good boy, he lifted his ass, met my dick and and I slapped him my dick, smacked his ass.

'Give me that dick, please fuck this ass and fill it, fill it deep.' His arms were out in front, praying to some nameless god.

My balls tightened as I pushed one final time.

'Take my load, take my baby, you want that, don't you?' I gasped as he nodded and reached his hands around to spread his ass, giving me a view of my pistoning cock.

Creaming into his ass, I unloaded into his guts then pulled out to see my final spurts shoot onto his cheeks. One final time, I used my cum as lube and pushed back into his ass, sending us both onto the table.

He looked over his shoulder, sated, and winked.

'Let's close this place more often!'


Topper Chef


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