At a welcome home party in a tiny apartment in Amarillo, Cade stumbled backwards from the table with empty glass in hand. Circles of all colors appeared before his eyes as he attempted to blink back the memories of six wasted months with a man who didn't want to stay closeted. Shit! Shouldn't have had that last one! His friend Mike warned him about having too much champagne but hey, he wanted to have some fun and forget about his ex, Jesse. Besides, all that waited him at home was a cold bed and his daddy wanting him to do the morning chores.

I'll be payin for this in the mornin!

The occasion was supposed to be a happy one with Bobby Leslie, local football star coming back to Amarillo after his retirement from the NFL. Instead it was Cade's way of getting over his broken heart.

"Whoa there hunny, where you off to?"

A firm hand caught his backside, keeping him from falling onto the hardwood floors. Cade grasped the broad shoulder of his longtime crush, the man of honor himself, Bobby Leslie. Quickly, the bile rose in his throat. Cade swallowed hard to keep from up chucking on this man and embarrassing the hell out of himself.

"Uh, need to go to the john, Bobby," Cade let out quickly, attempting to keep his stomach from erupting. Inhaling Bobby's strong scent, he lay on his shoulder, feeling woozier than before.

"I'll help ya'. Don't think you're sweet ass will make it that far." Bobby threw his beer can into a nearby garbage basket.

Cade only nodded, hating himself for getting this drunk in front of Bobby. He'd loved this man for the better part of ten years. All through high school and college until he dropped out to help his daddy with the ranch. He never had the nerve to say a thing and now, here was his chance and damnit, he'd be lucky to get a fucking word out with the champagne making its way up his throat.


"Looks like you gon' blow any minute nah, Cade."


Bobby's southern accent rang in Cade's ears. God he loved that taut and tanned body, the azure blue eyes that resembled the Pacific. The man was sex on a stick.

Cade wanted to be fucked by him six ways to Sunday but didn't have the balls to tell him.


"Hold on nah, babe. We're almost there, then you can puck yer lil' guts out!" Bobby assisted him all the way to the toilet and guided his head over the bowl.

Cade dropped to his knees and promptly hurled. His stomach did flips, erupting like a volcano.

"Damn, sugah! Too much of that cheap shit!" Bobby softly rubbed his head, tangling his long fingers in Cade's curls.

Cade stopped for a moment and closed his eyes, wishing he'd heeded Mike's warning. He relaxed under his touch and sighed deeply. What an embarrassing time for him right now.

I wonder would he still like to go out with me?

* * * *

Watching the poor man call earl, Bobby continued to stroke Cade's head. Damn those wavy brown curls under his fingers sent shivers up his spine. Why hadn't the man told him anything about his feelings? Their mutual friend Mike did it for him and asked Bobby to make an appearance at this party.

Good man that Mike.

Yeah he was, playing the matchmaker when either he or Cade should've talked about their emotions for one another but Bobby's insecurities about being gay stood in the way of a potential relationship.

Bobby Leslie, former star defensive tackle at TCU couldn't be a fag! No way no how! The coach would've kicked him off. His daddy would've disowned him and mom would've asked Pastor Giles to beat and or pray the gay away. Worse, he would've never made it to the NFL and played six years for the Cowboys before he tore his ACL. Besides, no one in football came out the closet while on a roster. Bobby Leslie certainly wouldn't be the first one and embarrass the hell out of his family.

Too risky!

Even though he suffered in silence, he continued to keep it under wraps until he saw another football player do it just a year ago. Thank God for that man and the divine intervention. Bobby waited long enough to find happiness. Now, he finally had this chance.

With the man who couldn't hold his liquor!

Glancing at his lover to be, his lips curled into a smile and grabbed the empty champagne flute from his hand. The scent of cheap bubbly offended his senses. His grin immediately turned into a frown. "Damn Mike, if ya' needed some money for proper liquor!" Bobby tossed the glass into the tub, shattering it into pieces.

Cade jumped and coughed. "Hey what..." Seemingly, he couldn't get any more words out and went back to emptying his stomach.

Poor kid.

Although the stench was unbearable, Bobby stayed right there beside Cade until he finished. A helluva way to get a date for the night but they'd known each other for a decade. No formals needed between them. Bobby knew Cade better than he knew most members of his family. They'd kept in touch and stayed friends, just never went any further than that. Now nothing stood in the way of their relationship. Good old dad kicked the bucket and momma swore not to believe it. No matter. He didn't live for his folks anymore. Bobby wanted Cade to be his man and damn everyone else who had a problem with it.

"You done, babe? I'm sure after all that you got it out yo' system!" Bobby placed his arms under Cade's and slowly lifted him from the floor. Really, Bobby wanted to pick him up and throw him over his shoulder but he knew that wouldn't be smart right now.

"I...I think so. I'm sorry, Bobby. I should've listened to Mike about that shit." Cade stumbled again and couldn't stand up straight.

"S' okay, love. You wanted to have some fun. Heard 'bout Jesse leavin' yah high and dry. No worries tho', 'm here to pick up the pieces."

Cade's eyes widened in surprise. "What?"

"You heard me Cade Spencer! I'm here for ya' man. Let's get outta this bathroom and we'll talk a lil' more. Gargle some of that there mouthwash to get the taste out cha' mouth, boy." Bobby guided Cade to the nearby sink and poured some of the minty liquid into a Dixie cup. While Cade gurgled, Bobby massaged his neck, desiring the short brunette. Touching him like this after all these years excited him. There was so much they had to catch up on from the time they'd lost apart. Now, time to make amends, to make things right between them; like he'd wanted to do since high school.

There was a whole new world waiting for them as a couple and if all the cards fell right, Bobby and Cade would have had a lifetime to figure it all out together.

* * * *

The following morning Cade finally woke up from his long night. "Ugh." The aches and pains in his muscles didn't allow him to move. His eyes flickered and mouth tasted like he'd swallowed the Sahara desert.


Groaning inwardly, he shifted slowly to attempt getting up but to no avail. His head pounded as if he'd been hit over the head with a mallet. Cade consumed so much of that cheap champagne the night prior and ultimately he paid the price.

Hating the little light creeping in the window, he yanked the sheets over his head, wishing he could turn back the clock to last evening. Just how much did I drink?

Yeah, how much? It gets bad when you can't fucking remember how many glasses you threw down your throat. Thank goodness someone...

"Oooh shitt..." Cade panicked. Memories started flooding back into his mind as if on instant replay. "Bobby."

Yep, Bobby was there to help him while he called earl over the toilet, but what happened after that? Suddenly alert, he pulled the covers back and through tired eyes glanced around the room. This ain't my place! Where was he?

It wasn't Mike's either. Did Bobby bring him home to his apartment last night? He'd sworn he'd never been to Bobby Leslie's place since he came back in town but seemingly he was here now. Gotta be. Oh God, I made a fool of myself.

Cade slinked back under the covers hating himself for the stunt he pulled. He was with Bobby Leslie, the man of his dreams and he ended up puking his guts out sick as a dog. Most likely, Bobby had to bring him home and carry him to his bed. Did I throw up anymore? "Yuck..." Just thinking about it made his stomach churn a little more.

Cade picked a fine time to get drunk as shit; at a party with all their friends and Bobby Leslie in attendance. "Just kill me now," he muttered under his breath, sliding further under the bedspread.

Perhaps if he closed his eyes, he might be dreaming. Instead of suffering from the hangover from hell, he might wake up in the stables, lying in a batch of hay. Maybe he'd drifted off after the morning's chores and decided to succumb to a short nap to get ready for the rest of the day.

Fat chance.

Disturbing him from his thoughts, the door creaked and shut quickly making him jump. "Cade my man. You among the livin'?"

Bobby's voice rang like a menacing alarm in his ears. Cade hadn't fallen asleep after chores. He wasn't grabbing a cat nap. The nightmare of being in Bobby Leslie's bed feeling like shit had just begun.

* * * *

"Cade?" Bobby slipped in quietly with a glass of orange juice and some pain pills for Cade. Surely the poor man was suffering from a hangover and probably needed to sleep some more but he couldn't leave him alone. The least he could do was check on him and see how he was faring. To him, this was the beginning of their relationship together.

"Hmm?" Cade groaned but refused to pull the covers from over his head.

Bobby chuckled and set the items on the sidetable. "I won't bother pullin' back the drapes 'cause you'll probably snap on me like a rabid dog. How ya' feelin' hun?"

Cade remained under the blankets. "Like a train hit me and kept goin'."

Understanding Cade's plight, Bobby nodded and sat down on the empty space beside him. Recalling last evening when he stripped him down, he shivered slightly and moistened his lips. His eyes drifted to Cade's slender and tanned torso. They bulged when he noticed the man's morning wood standing proudly under his three hundred count bed sheets. He'd changed them just before he placed in the bed. Only the best for my future man. "Poor baby. You'll be alright. Brought ya' some juice and some painkillers to help ya' get better."

"Thanks, Bobby. I'm sorry for makin' a fool of myself last night. I appreciate you bringin' me home and takin' care of me."

"You're welcome, love. You wadn't in no kinda shape to drive after drinkin' that cheap shit. I cursed Mike out 'bout buyin' that stuff. It smelled like rubbin' alcohol."

Cade weakly chuckled but still didn't come from under the sheets.

"Cade, you're welcome to stay here for as long as ya' need. Mike already called ya' daddy and told him you was stayin' at my place after havin' too many drinks. I'm sure he got one of the other hands to cover for ya' on this mornin's chores."

"Yep and he'll have my head about it when I see him, too."

"Maybe but you a grown man nah. You ain't no kid. I'm sure there'd been plenty a time when he did the same as a young buck. I know I did."

"Mhmm..." Cade finally showed himself and reached for the glass.

When he did, Bobby couldn't help but stare. He handed him the juice and pill bottle. Electricity flowed between them when their fingers touched during the exchange. Instantly, a surge traveled to Bobby's groin and he winced in pain. God he'd do anything to kiss this man despite the fact he hadn't washed or brushed his teeth this morning. Didn't matter. Cade still looked absolutely delectable.

Seemingly he felt it too. He looked startled but threw the pills in his mouth and drank the cup's contents down. "Thanks Bobby. I owe you one."

"Aw, it's nothin' babe. I'm always willin' to lend a helping hand, especially to you. Let me leave ya' alone to grab some more rest. You got all day."

"Yeah, I...I guess so. Hey, um, can we talk later?" Cade slinked back under the covers but didn't break their heated gaze.

"Sure, Cade. Whenever you wake up I'll be here." Reluctantly, Bobby got up and stepped away from the bed. "If I were you I'd get plenty of sleep. I'm sure Ol' man Spencer got some plans to work your ass when you return home."

Cade only nodded and turned back over.

Damn Bobby sighed silently and made his way out the room. Anticipation killing him about what they'd talk about when the man finally recovered from last night's hangover.

Carrying him home, undressing him, and putting him in bed had been torture for Bobby. He wasn't able to sleep knowing Cade Spencer was passed out in his guest room.

Fuck, if only the man weren't so drunk!

* * * *

"Ugh..." Cade's body screamed in protest when he tried to turn over. Every bone and muscle made him wish he hadn't drunk a thing. "At least my head doesn't hurt!" Cade cursed himself for getting so wasted. "I might never drink alcohol again!"

Still grimacing, he sat upright and glanced around the room. For a second, he forgot he was in Bobby's apartment and when it came back to him, he smiled lightly knowing the man of his dreams had taken care of him. Yeah, he was embarrassed but what could he do now? At least it wasn't someone he didn't care for or worse, he could've ended up going home alone.

Thank goodness for Bobby!

Cade reached over and grabbed the glass of water. The minute it hit his throat, he sighed in contentment over the taste. The cold rush went down his throat, coating his thirst as if he hadn't drank anything in days. Nothin' like water after drinking booze all night. The next thing he needed was coffee and perhaps a small meal to stop the hunger pains. Just then, his belly grumbled and jumped when he mentioned food. Okay maybe not.


Bobby's voice woke him out of his reverie. After finishing his beverage, he sat up and smoothed his hair on his head, hoping he looked somewhat presentable. "Yeah Bobby, I'm in here."

Slowly the door creaked and Bobby peeked his head in. "You good, babe?"

"Um, yeah, as good as I'll ever be. Thanks again for bringin' a drunk bastard home and takin' care of him."

"Ah no prob, Cade. Anything for a friend, especially you."

That last portion of Bobby's sentence perked Cade's ears. Me? After all these years the two of them had known one another and never knew of the attraction. Cade knew his excuse, too much of a chicken shit to say a word. "Thanks Bobby. I dunno how I'll ever repay you." Cade gazed into those sea blue eyes, loving the way they matched his shirt and well fitted jeans. Damn he wanted to strip Bobby down and see that hot body underneath all the clothing. Despite the fact the man was retired from the NFL he still looked really good.

"You owe me nothin', hun. I was doin' my duty." Bobby sat down at Cade's side and lightly traced the side of his face. "Been wantin' to be this close to you for years, Cade. Never had the gumption to tell ya' either."

Cade chuckled nervously. "You weren't the only...wait..." He stopped to think for a second. Bobby Leslie gay? He'd never made any indication about his attraction to men. Was he telling him all this time, he actually was? "You..."

"Yeah Cade, I am and have been since I was a teenager. I just couldn't come out and tell anyone. I know now I should've and told everyone else to go fuck themselves!" The anger showed in Bobby's voice and the frown matched his expression.

"I know what you mean." Yeah, Cade did. If old man Spencer found out he was sleeping with guys, he'd have a heart attack. He shuddered at the thought and looked back at Bobby. "We both got meddlin' family members."

"Had, Cade. At least in my case. Good ol' dad is gone. He got to see his boy play football. That's all he ever cared about too." Bobby kicked off his shoes and lay in bed next to Cade and faced him. "Momma can't fathom it. Says I just ain't met the right girl yet. Somethin' should tell her by nah, I haven't wanted to meet the right woman."

"I hear ya." Yeah Cade knew that all too well. His parents had been bugging the hell out of him to get hitched to any nice girl and have grandkids. He'd avoided it for so long. It was time to fess up and tell them his preference. "So you told your mom and..."

"And she don't wanna believe it. I'm sure if I was younger she might want the pastor to send me off to one of them bible camps er somethin' so they could beat the gay outta me," he laughed. "Shame folks can't understand, being gay is only their stupid label. I'm a man, I'm human and I'm attracted to men more than women. So the fuck what?"

"Yeah!" Cade nodded in agreement and continued to stare at the man longlingly. God he wanted to ravage Bobby Leslie right now and make up for lost time. "Damn, Bobby. I wish I had your courage to tell my folks but I just can't, man."

"Yes you can, Cade Spencer and you will, you know why?" Bobby scooted closer to Cade and cupped his chin.

Cade gulped hard and slinked away, recalling he hadn't showered or brushed his teeth. "Why?"

"Cause' I'm right here to hold your hand through it. We've lost too much time livin' for otha' folks, Cade. Right bout nah, we need to live for each other."

Cade cocked an eyebrow and nodded. Bobby inched in closer and quickly Cade turned his head. "Bobby, no, I need to wash up er somethin'. I can't let you taste that bile and champagne in my mouth!"

Bobby laughed and pulled Cade in giving him a small peck on the lips. "I don't care, babe." He stopped a moment and tickled Cade's sides. "Okay, now that I think 'bout it, perhaps you should brush ya' teeth."

Cade laughed and shrugged away, getting up out of bed. "Ack. Damn straight. I know you don't wanna taste any of what I had last night. Just stay there lookin' hot for me and I'll be right back!"

"I'm not goin' anywhere. Go on, so we can make up for all the years we lost." Bobby smiled and winked at Cade.


Cade couldn't contain his excitement and walked into the bathroom, grabbing the mouthwash. He had so much energy from the talk he just had with Bobby, he ignored his muscles protesting his quick movements.

"There's a new toothbrush on the sink for ya' babe. You wanna shower? I'll come wash your back."

Cade spit the remnants of Scope in the sink. "Maybe in a bit I will," he answered back. He looked in the mirror, hating the way his face looked right now. Red blotches, dark circles around his eyes. He needed some more sleep but right now, he wanted to be with Bobby Leslie. Quickly, he brushed his teeth and after drinking more water, he headed out to go back to his desired man.

"Ah, a little better. Thanks again man. I'm sure I look like hell right now."

Bobby inched in closer and cupped his chin once more. "No ya' don't, babe. You look beautiful. Once you get a good night's rest you'll feel like yourself again."

"I might never drink again after last night!" Cade allowed Bobby to reel him in. Good thing the deodorant's still working. Yeah he still smelled a little like the cheap champagne but at least it wasn't hard liquor. That would be down right offensive.

"No, you might not want that shit but drinkin's good sometimes, just in moderation. I know I like to drink every now and then. Good for the soul."

"You're right, I s'pose. I'll just make sure to say no when I've had enough." Cade wrapped his arms around Bobby's shoulders and lay his head against his hard body. "Mhmm..." Cade sighed in contentment, loving the feel of Bobby Leslie underneath his fingertips. This was where he'd wanted to be all along. "Feels so good."

"Yeah it does, Cade. It really does. Been wantin' this, needin' this, ya' know? After all these years." Bobby stroked the back of Cade's head and raked his brown curls.

"Yeah me too." Cade didn't want to let go of Bobby Leslie for any length of time. He'd been craving this moment with him for almost a decade and he'd be damned if his let the opportunity go by the wayside. "Bobby, I can't tell you how happy I am right now."

* * * *

Bobby held onto Cade tightly and massaged his neck. "I am too, babe. You dunno how much I wanted this, man. To be this close to you, holding your body against mine. I dreamed of this when I was off playin' football."


"Yep. Spent a whole lotta nights alone. Had a couple of girlfriends who knew my secret and made appearances with me just to quell any rumors. I trusted both of 'em."

Cade looked up at Bobby's face in surprise. "Did you..."

"Naw babe. They knew I wasn't attracted to them in the slightest. I only kissed 'em. Never felt a thing either. I thought about you the whole time."

"Wow that had to be lonely!" Cade seemed okay with Bobby's answer and rested his head back on his shoulder.

"Yeah it was. I remember how I used to watch the sunset at my house by the water, wishing you were there with me. When it got too much, I knew a couple of places just to get my rocks off but, never anything serious."

"And they kept your secret too?"

"Well I paid them enough to do that," he laughed. "All my former team mates know now I was just covering up for myself. I've never came out publically though. Now, I think it's about time to do that."

Cade kissed the side of Bobby's face and peered into his eyes again. God those puppy dog brown eyes would be the death of him. "I got you nah. Nothin' anybody says would hurt my feelings."

"Damn you're the bravest man I know. Can you kick me a lil' of that courage?" Cade leaned into him once again.

"Yeah baby, I can and I will. No worries there."

Bobby held him close, stroking his curly brown locks. "God you feel so good, Cade." And he did. Bobby Leslie adored this man and finally after all these years they'd be together. "How 'bout that shower, darlin'?"

Cade looked up at him. "I smell bad, don't I?"

Amused, he laughed and shook his head. "Not at all, love. I just wanna hold you and help you at the same time. What better way to caress you all over than to wash that hot, sexy body of yours."

"Aw you say the sweetest things. I know I reek of alcohol right now but thanks for savin' my sensitive feelings."

Bobby grabbed his face and covered Cade's lips with his own. Sure he'd already taken a shower earlier but what's the harm in taking another with the man he loved more than anything? "C'mon, babe." Bobby kissed him again and smacked his bare backside, admiring the curves in his buttocks. "Damn, look at that ass!" He whistled and followed his new lover to the bathroom.

Cade wiggled and chuckled on his way. "It's all yours too. Been wantin' that forever too."

"So have I, love. So have I." Bobby caught up to him and smacked it again. The moment they reached their desired destination, Bobby turned the valves on the tub to get the water going. "You helpin' me with these clothes hunny?" Slowly, he unbuttoned his shirt. His gaze never left Cade's brown eyes.

"Sure am." Cade assisted him, rubbing his cock against Bobby's and nibbling on the side of his neck at the same time.

"Shit..." Bobby threw his head back and his breaths labored. His own cock stood at attention, throbbing and straining against the zipper. He swallowed hard and closed his eyes, enjoying Cade's affections. "Fuck baby. Bite it harder, suck it!"

Cade did just that, making Bobby squeal like a cat in heat. "Damn, yeah that's it, mark me baby!" Excited about what was to happen, he tossed his shirt aside and immediately went to work on his 501's. Hell the things seemed to take forever to get off but he managed. "Shit Cade, you feel so good." Bobby's eyes rolled in the back of his head. Once he unzipped his pants, he jerked his dick slowly, rubbing the head against Cade's. The pressure on his groin, he wanted nothing more than to penetrate his new lover.

"Commando huh? Damn! Lemme taste ya' Bobby." Cade bent over and helped him take off his pants, socks, and shoes.

"Mhm..." Bobby opened his eyes and flipped the knob for the shower. The steam rose from the tub and the jets rained down in a steady pour. "Get in, sugah!"

Cade nodded and stepped in first. Bobby swatted his ass again.

"Ughh!" Cade knelt in front of Bobby and their eyes met once more.

"Suck me, babe." Ready to be serviced Bobby leaned against the wall. Hot water ran onto his scalp, calming him, and relaxing his muscles. What a feeling! Nothing like a steaming shower while receiving a head job from the man you love. Bobby held onto Cade's shoulders and massaged them, staring at his face's delicate features. Damn this man was so beautiful.

Why did I wait so long to tell him how I feel?

Cade responded to the command, swirling his tongue over the tip and dipping it inside the slit. While he deep throated him, he gently tugged on Bobby's balls and fingered Bobby's tight pucker.

"Holy shit, baby!" Bobby glanced up at the ceiling, feeling more pressure to come. No way! His body already trembling from the emotions and Cade's suction, he shivered and balled his hands into fists. "Oh Cade, God, slow down baby, I'm gonna come!"

"Do it, I wanna taste your sweet juices goin' down my throat!" Cade gripped his shaft at the base and jerked it while his mouth continued to do most of the work. Again, he licked the tip before taking it completely in between his lips. He almost gagged but didn't show too much discomfort.

"Ohh, Cade. Damn you know how to suck a dick!" Bobby punched the wall, wishing he could hold on a little longer but his body wouldn't allow it. Before he knew it, he erupted and shuddered violently. "Shit!' The moment he cried out, hot jets of cum spurted down Cade's throat.

"Mhmm..." Cade swallowed, hummed on Bobby's cock, and grabbed his own cock in unison.

Bobby shook and gripped his man's head, forcing him further into his crotch. His nipples pebbled on his chest and goose pimples formed on his skin. "God yeah! Ughh!"

Cade continued to suck as if it were his last meal. Once again, he licked around the top of Bobby's cock and gazed into his eyes. "Good lover?"

"Hell yeah!" Bobby's breaths slowed and he licked his lips. "C'mere and kiss me baby." Wanting him, he held out his arms, ready to hold him close.

Cade did just that and shared Bobby's juices with him through a searing kiss.

Bobby could feel his cock jerking to life again just from this hot embrace. The taste of his own cum on Cade's lips drove him wild. " good...I wanna be inside you Cade!"

"Want you too!" Cade leaned into his chest and reached around him, gripping Bobby's butt with his calloused hands.

"Mhmmph..." That roughness, oh yeah, that's what he wanted to feel. His man had always been a hard worker, doing whatever he could to preserve his daddy's farm. Bobby loved Cade for that among other things and now he'd get to show him just how much.

* * * *

Cade continued his affections, loving the feel of Bobby Leslie in his arms. Bobby Leslie wants me? I must be dreaming right now. "Mmmph, your ass is delicious, babe."

Bobby laughed and jolted when Cade pushed a finger inside his tightness again. "Ooh, honey. I know what you're after and I like it. No worries, I love to flip."

"Good." Cade was glad to hear that. Every man he'd had a moment with was a top and hated to switch. Finally, one who wanted to and it was the one he desired the most. "I can't wait to give ya' a ride, Bobby but first, your turn." Cade turned away from him and rubbed his butt against the head of Bobby's cock.

"Mhmm my turn huh?" Bobby lightly bit his shoulder blade and sucked on Cade's skin while he wrapped his arm around Cade's waist.

"Dayum, Bobby! Now, let's get to bed now before I explode!" Cade reluctantly pulled away and tried to escape his new lover's clutches.

Bobby shut the valves off in the shower and smacked Cade's butt. "Gitty up, babe. Go on outta here so I can get inside that sweet ass of yours!" Bobby laughed and ran after him.

Cade crawled on the bed and waited for Bobby to follow. It only took a short minute and Bobby was hovering over him smiling wide, wet, and erect. "Ready for me, darlin?"

Cade only nodded and watched Bobby grab the lube and condoms from the top drawer. Anticipating the biggest moment, he sighed and licked his lips. He'd been waiting for this forever and now he'd have Bobby Leslie right where he wanted him. He continued to ogle him while teasing his own nipples and pinching them, hoping he wouldn't wake up from this incredible dream.

Bobby smiled at him as he sheathed himself with the latex. "Damn that's hot Cade." He squeezed some lube onto his cock.

Desiring his new lover, Cade spread his legs wide and fingered his tight pucker. "How about this?"

"Mhmmm..." Bobby pulled him closer and pressed the head of his shaft against Cade's rosy pucker. "Damn, Bobby. Don't make me wait any longer." His breaths turned ragged and Cade's balls tightened against his body. He ached to feel Bobby's thickness inside him after all these years of desiring the man.

In seconds, Bobby pushed himself in, gasping with every inch. "Mmh, Cade. I've been dreaming of this for quite awhile!"

Cade moved in unison with him and bit his lip. His nipples perked and heat swirled around him. "Jesus, Bobby so have I." Shots of adrenaline ran though him with every thrust. He wrapped his legs around Bobby's body and held him closely against his own body. Hopefully this was just the start of their brand new relationship.

Did I ever say this moment wouldn't happen? If Cade Spencer did, he was dead wrong. Bobby Leslie was with him right now and it wasn't a figment of his imagination.

Now he had to get up the courage to let everyone know about his sexual orientation and the new man he wanted in his life.

* * * *

Bobby continued his movements, penetrating the man he'd loved for the longest of time. Sex with anyone else was just that but with Cade Spencer it was definitely love.

Cade clutched Bobby's back muscles and met his thrusts. The tightness of his ass around Bobby's cock spurred him on to go faster but he wanted this moment to last for as long as it possibly could. "Oh God, Cade..." he squeezed the covers under his nails and attempted to brace himself for the impending explosion.

"Yes, Bobby, almost there." Cade dug his fingers further into Bobby's flesh.

He winced from the piercing but wouldn't have traded it for any other feeling in the world. Being a former football player he was accustomed to playing with pain. Not able to hold off, he sped up the pace of his movements, pounding Cade into the mattress as if there was no tomorrow. He leaned into his lover, burying his head into the side of his neck. Bobby grasped Cade's head, yanking on the short brown curls that framed his head perfectly. "Can't hold...on, Cade. Gonna come!"

Cade on responded by holding him tighter and around the waist and down below. His ankles tickled the mall of Bobby's back, causing a tingly feeling around that area but with the pressure on his groin, he chose to ignore it.

"Shit, Cade, ooohhh..." Bobby pushed harder into Cade. Spurts of cum released into the barrier between them with each movement. He closed his eyes and hugged the man close to him while the trembles wrecked his body.


Immediately, he blinked back tears, knowing he was home. Home with the man he loved more than anything, in the welcoming arms of Cade Spencer his longtime friend and crush he didn't have the pleasure of being with until now. Years of loneliness, the pain from having to hide his orientation from the world as well as his own father up until the day he died. Sadness quickly turned into bliss as he held onto Cade while the shocks wore off him from their first time making love.

They had lost time to make up for and not a better time to start than now.

"Whew wee..." Bobby rolled off him and whistled loudly after they finished their early afternoon of lovemaking. "I could go for another round, love."

"I'm sure you can, Mr. Man! I need to recover first though. I may need about an hour or so!" Cade lay on the bed with a content look on his face.

"Cowboy, you sure you can't get yourself together a lil' faster than that? 'Sides you haven't cum yet, babe and I'm feenin' for ya' somethin' fierce. Been waitin' too damn long just to be close to you." Bobby yanked on top and gripped his butt cheeks tightly. He swatted his ass once making him yelp like a puppy dog.

"You want me to return the favor, huh?"

"Sure do, lover. It's been a while since I been on the recievin' end but hell, for you, I don't mind a little pain mixed in with my pleasure." Bobby reached over to the nightstand and grabbed some lube. When he squeezed and ample amount of slick on his fingers, he gripped both their cocks together and jerked them simultaneously.

"Ooh shit, Bobby! You tryin' real hard to get my motor started faster, huh?" Cade moved along with Bobby's jerks and leaned in to kiss his neck.

"Yeah..." Bobby picked up the pace, tugging harder to get Cade in the mood quickly. Clearly it was working just as he wanted. His own cock expanded in his palm, spurting pre cum from the slit. His balls tightened and he bit his lip until it nearly bled. "Jesus, Cade. Fuck me!"

"Oh God!" Cade threw his head back and pressed his crotch into Bobby's. Seeing his neck exposed, Bobby lightly nibbled on his flesh, making a trail down from his Adam's apple to his collarbone.

"Holy shit!" Bobby desperately wanted Cade to enter him and claim him as his own but his cowboy wasn't firm enough to enter him just yet. Obviously, he'd need a little more help. In one swift move, he rolled them both over with him on top. Desiring him, he yanked his legs apart and settled in the space to pleasure his man. While tugging at his own cock, Bobby knelt down, teasing Cade's semi-flaccid dick with his tongue. Lightly, he grazed the sides with his teeth and allowed his saliva to build in his mouth while he sucked him.

Cade gripped onto the sheets around him and bucked his body off the mattress. "God, oh Bobby. Yes, suck me... suck that fat cock!"

Bobby chuckled inwardly and did exactly as his lover wanted. The more he continued the thicker it became, swelling purple, pink on the head and the pre cum leaked from the tip. He forced himself to take in more, nearly gagging but he didn't care. Bobby wanted Cade to be hard as a rock to stick that thick rod in his ass right now and he'd do anything to achieve that. He stopped to glance at his lover and noticed Cade's shaft stood proudly between his legs.

"Jesus, Bobby. I want you so bad right now!"

"I know sugah!" Bobby got up and grabbed their necessities once more. This time, he tore the foil packet with his teeth while he gazed at Cade longlingly. "Ready to stuff me with that, babe?"

"Mhmm," Cade smiled wryly and stroked his own cock.

Bobby moved his hand and rolled the latex onto Cade's shaft. He squeezed the tube of lubricant onto his fingertips before sliding them into his own buttocks. "OOhh." It had been a long while since he bottomed for anyone but at least now this one would matter more than any of them. "Ready for me, honey?"

"Sure am, been born ready," he chuckled. His voice breathy and his brown eyes met Bobby's gaze.

"Good, so am I." Well oiled, Bobby hovered over Cade and slowly impaled himself on Cade's thick cock. At first contact, his ass burned slightly and the dull pain was more annoying than discomforting. Soon though, Bobby got acclimated to Cade's hardness inside him and he felt nothing but pleasure. While he moved on top of him, he spat into his palm and repeatedly stroked his own from the base to the tip. Short breaths escaped his lips and his eyes rolled into the top of his head. "Ooh shit, Cade. Damn you feel amazin!"

Bobby couldn't help but be happy about this moment between them and only wished it would've happened sooner. For most of his adult life, he'd waited for this time with Cade Spencer and would've given up football if he was assured happiness with long time love.

* * * *

"Ooh God!" Cade thrust into Bobby over and over while he wrapped his arms around his waist and clutched his buttocks with his fingers. His cock surrounded by Bobby's tight ass caused his groin to fill up quickly. If only they would've talked to one another before Bobby left for TCU. Damn. So much time wasted they'd need to make up. "Bobby, Jesus..."

"Yeah..." Bobby met his rhythm and leaned into Cade, completely covering his lips with his own. "I'm ready to come again, babe. Wish I could feel ya come inside of me!"

Cade pushed harder into his lover and grunted when he sensed himself getting close to exploding. Damn he could get used to be in the bed with Bobby Leslie for the rest of his life and he hoped that would be sooner than later. He gripped onto Bobby's backside, forcing him to stay still as he braced himself for what was to happen. "Oh shit, Bobby!" Cade closed his eyes and let the sensations take over him one by one. He spurted hot liquid into the condom between them while he shuddered and shivered from his climax.

"Ooh Cade!" Bobby pressed his lips against Cade's and continued to ride him like a cowboy in the rodeo. "Holy fuck!"

"Mhmm... damn, baby... ugh..." Cade's nipples hardened on his chest and he heaved in air as he tried to collect himself. Again, he grabbed him and hugged his back while they shared another passionate embrace. "Wow, that was..."

"Fuckin' amazin' huh? Never felt anything like that before?"

"No sir, I never have. I s'pose my body's been waitin' for ya for come back to Amarillo."

"Guess so, cowboy, I guess so." Bobby buried his head into the side of Cade's neck and nuzzled it with his nose.

Yeah there were challenges ahead, namely how Cade would inform his father that he was a gay man without causing a heart attack. Still, Cade knew Bobby was worth the trouble and after years apart he'd have to take that chance. Hell, they'd known one another the better part of a decade and remained friends. Now they'd have the chance to be lovers and friends which both of them had always wanted. And to think, if Cade had never gotten drunk at their mutual friend's party, neither of them would've known how they felt about one another. Good ol' Mike and his cheap ass champagne!

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