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"Oh, God! Jack, I'm coming! Uhh! Spunk just hit my chin. Uhh! Oh, a big splat on my... Uhh! ...chest. Uhh! Another on my chest. Uhh! God! This is good! Jack... Uh! ...I'm coming with you! Man! Oooohh!"

It WAS good! Listening to Tony's grunts as he came. Hearing my own heavy breathing and watching arching long strings of white jism being launched from my engorged cockhead. The first sailed over my head. The second got my eyelid; the third, my chin; then my chest and belly, as I lay on my back jacking off, naked, ankles crossed, balls up tight, listening to him on the phone. It was great! It was our Sunday morning wake up call, together.

Tony and I spent a lot of time together during the week, but we maintained separate apartments. We both lived all our lives in rent-controlled units eventually taken over from both sets of parents who moved to Florida, so we didn't want to give up either apartment.

Sunday mornings were for lounging in bed. We discovered we enjoyed jacking off on Sunday mornings and decided to do it mutually, over the phone. He has a sexy voice and knows how to help me overcome a hangover with his dirty talk, and he tells me he enjoys my dirty talk so much he now gets a hardon every time the phone rings.

But, today, he said, "Jack, next Sunday, now I know you won't like this, but I want to you come over here. Don't argue with me, now, I know what I'm doing. Trust me. We'll have fun and you'll love what I've got in mind. Promise me you'll come."

"I promise." I agreed reluctantly, thinking about having to get up early on a Sunday.

"And no jacking off beforehand!" he insisted.

"Shit, Tony, you know I jack off every Sunday morning," I complained.

"Face it, Jack, you jack off EVERY morning. Next Sunday, just wait till you get over here. Then you can jack off, if you want to." He chuckled. He did have something in mind.

On Sunday, I had to wait a moment after knocking on Tony's door. It annoyed me. He knew I was here just because he had asked me to be, and he knew I would rather have stayed in bed on a nice Sunday morning. I had wanted to stay at home and jack off, and here I was waiting for him for open the fucking door. I had a key, but we never use each other's key. We knock. It avoids touchy situations.

Tony suddenly opened the door. He took my breath away. He was naked except for white jockey shorts. His big erection was poking up beyond the waistband of the jockeys and, on opening the door, he was already moving away from it waiving me into his bedroom. His finger was at his lips, motioning me to be quiet.

He leapt back onto his bed, athletically, positioning himself comfortably among his pillows, and picked up a phone, mouthing the words, "I'm on the phone." and pointing at the receiver.

He grinned, patted the bed indicating he wanted me to sit down, and said into the phone, "Sorry, man. Yeah. It's all right. Just a delivery boy." He raised and lowered his eyebrows at me, comically, but at the same time, seductively.

So, now I'm a fucking delivery boy, I thought.

"Yeah, he saw my fuckin' boner and followed me into my bedroom." He patted the bed again, insistently, for me to sit down.

My eyes shot open. I wondered who the hell was he talking to.

"Well, I don't know. Maybe if he takes his clothes off I'll let him fuck around with me while we talk. He's sort of cute. Yeah. And I think I see a bulge developing in his pants." He stressed "takes his clothes off" like an order.

I WAS getting an erection I have to admit. Tony looked so sexy there, with his cock sticking up above his waistline like that, his white shorts bulging, legs splayed apart, big balls clearly outlined. He always turns me on.

"Ooh," Tony sighed, running a hand down his chest to his firm belly, fingering body hair, nearly touching the big rod, "He's taking off his coat. Umm, nice build. He's opening his shirt. Ah, nice body! Great pecs, man. Solid muscles. You should see him. He's lookin' at my cock and opening his jeans. Geez, I can see the head of his dick already. What a big one!"

My jeans dropped to my ankles. My erection, freed from confinement, surged to full engorgement, standing tall. The conversation he was having with the unknown caller was adding to my arousal, for certain.

"He's bending down to take off his shoes. Shit, man, his cock is touching his chest, right between the nipples. It's a huge mother!" Tony was panting with excitement.

My shoes, socks and pants came off in a hurry. I stood there, hands on hips, feet spread apart, and glared at Tony, wondering what the fuck he was up to. I was here for sex, at his invite, and he was talking to someone on the fucking phone.

"You should see this, man. He standing here, feet apart, his big balls swaying between muscular thighs, cock throbbing so hard I can count his pulse-rate. What? Oh, yes, definitely! He's hung, horny and hot! Damn, he just grabbed hold of the huge fucker and is starting to jack off, right here in front of me. Oh, man, does that look great! Umm, I'm pushing down my briefs and grabbin' my cock to beat off with him. Man, he looks sexy!"

Tony looked terrific propped up on those pillows, big, familiar cock getting attention from one hand, holding the phone with the other, as he watched me pumping my cock.

"Man, you're pumpin' yours, too, ain't ya?" he asked into the phone. "I can hear the skin slappin'. You must use plenty of lube. What? Oh, just a little spit? Sounds hot!" He grinned over at me, raising and lowering his eyebrows, again. Then, sliding his fist to the base of the big weapon and wagging the tall cock at me, he wordlessly invited me over for some serious messing around.

Mesmerized by the long pole, I started towards it, my mouth watering.

"Oh, this sexy kid's heading for my cock, man. I'm wavin' it at 'im and he's lickin' his lips. He's climbing up on the bed, now. He's crawling up between my legs sniffin' at my shorts. Ooh, he's pullin' 'em off with his teeth. He's nuzzlin' my balls with his nose. Umm, that feels good! What does? Man, he's lappin' at my balls with a hot, wet tongue. Geez, it feels so hot my nuts are in an uproar. My cock's startin' to leak heavy, thick juice. Oh, he heard me and is lookin' up at my cockhead as he sucks one of my balls. Huh? Oh, yeah. I really like gettin' my balls sucked, too, man, and this kid's doin' it fine. He knows how to handle a man's nuts, that's for sure. But, wait! Looks like he's headin' for my drippin' cockhead. Ooh!" Tony groaned and sighed loudly into the phone as my lips kissed and sucked at the huge cockhead.

"What? Oh, sorry, man, got carried away with the pleasure of this cocksucker's tongue. I'll try to keep you in the picture but it's hard. Yeah, you just keep pumpin' that big fucker, man, I know you like to pump that big cock of yours. It's a great lookin' cock, man. Wish you were here with me, now. I'd like to suck that fat dick while this kid's suckin' mine. Ooh, he is good. He's got half of it in his throat already. What? Damn right he can deep-throat! This kid's got talent, man!"

Sucking Tony's cock was always a real thrill for me. He has the kind of straight, thick cock that makes sucking it easy. It's very wide but fits wonderfully into my throat. Hearing him tell someone about it made me want to suck it especially well for him.

"Oh! You should see him goin' down on it, man! Uhh! I'm humpin' my hips upward, helpin' him take the final plunge. Uhh! Uhh! Man! He's down to the bone! Geez. Look at this! His lips are lappin' at my ballsac and pubic hair. I can't get into him any deeper! Man, what a fantastic cocksucker! Oh, shit! What cocksucking!"

I was doing my best.

"Ahh! Now he's startin' to ride my cock with his face, man. Fuck! You should see this! He's rising to the cockknob, sucking like crazy, and plungin' all the way back down to my balls! Up and down. Up and down. What? Oh, yeah, man, just like your fist is doing. Work that cock, man! Pump out a load with me. I'm just about ready to fill this cocksucker to the brim! I'm almost there! What about you, man? You ready to shoot, too? Great, let's do it together!"

My meat was getting a good beating by my frenzied fist as I sucked Tony's great cock. The entire scene was exciting me. I couldn't tell if Tony was talking to his phone playmate or to me, but I was ready to unload, too. I groaned, vibrating his cock while it was deeply embedded in my throat.

"Hey! This young but talented cocksucker's tellin' me he's ready to blast off with us man. Vibratin' my cock, hummin' on it to let me know. Ain't that hot? What? Oh, absolutely. I LOVE a cocksucker who gets off when he sucks cock. As he comes, he sucks even much more enthusiastically. Whew! Fuck! Here he comes! Man, his jizz just jetted onto my balls. Oh! Uhh! I'm coming! Uhh! I'm shooting! Uhh! You, too?" Uhh! Oh, I'm givin' it to 'im! Uhh! He's really sucking up my cum, man! Uhh! Oh! Fuck, this is good! He's drinkin' it down, man." And he let out a long series of sighs, grunts and groans as his orgasm soared and then slowly wound down.

"Geez, this kid came a gallon. Here, kid, I'll spread my legs. Lap up that jism on my balls, and then clean up my chest. Do it quick, before it starts to run off. That's it. That's a good boy. Man, this kid's good! He's not only lickin' his jizz off my balls, he's suckin' my balls. Fuck! I'm stayin' hard. You, too? Yeah, one quick load isn't enough for me, either. Hmm, look here. My little cocksucker's still got a hardon, too. Only, it ain't so little. Ooh, he's lickin' his goo off my chest and that big dick of his is pokin' into my balls. Ooh, that feels good. Hey, wait a minute. He smeared his dick with cum. It's slippery and he raised my ass and is pressing that big cock against my asshole. Shit! This kid's plannin' to fuck me! Face to face! Hey, hold on, kid! That cock is too big!"

I grinned, ignoring Tony's words. He loved getting fucked. And he particularly loved getting fucked face to face. Like any of us who like to take it in the ass, he widened his spread legs, cocked his feet and pressed them against my thighs, raised his butt, shifted his hips and helped me work my cock into him. His heat was intense and his control incredible. He loved getting it and I loved giving it to him. I didn't care what he was saying to the caller.

"What? Oh, man, I can hardly talk, now. He's just pushed a humongous cockknob into me. I can't take it. It's too big. What? You'd like to get fucked in the butt, too? Well, my cock's still hard as a rock, babe. If you were here, now, I'd be puttin' it in ya. Ooh, listen to you groan with pleasure. Whatcha doin'? Got a finger or two up your butt, man? Yeah, play with your ass as you pump your cock with me. Man, having a big cock up my ass feels terrific. Umm, this fucker really knows what he's doin'. He's pumping man. He's fucking me. And he's got my big dick in his hand and he's really jackin'. I mean he knows how to handle cock, man."

Tony's cock felt great in my hand as I fucked him. It was hard as steel and hot as fire. It throbbed as I pumped it, rhythmically, as I pounded cock deep in his chute. His ass was sucking on my cock so strongly I knew I couldn't hold off for long. I realized that Tony had had a great idea. This was so much better than a Sunday morning phone jack off. But he never let up on his running spiel, and I continued to wonder who he was talking to – maybe our friend Bart in Australia.

"My cock's ready, man. Oh? Yours too? Are you pumpin' it good? Great! Keep it up, man. What? Oh, yeah! He's in me deep. He's fuckin' me good. I feel how iron stiff his cock is gettin' in me and I know he's gonna come when we do. What? Oh, that's for sure. He's some fuckin' hot delivery boy!"

Tony grinned at me when he said that. He was so handsome in these final stages of reaching orgasm. Our faces were inches apart as I fucked him, but he kept right on talking to that phone. Yet I still had no idea who he was talking to. His free hand was rubbing my back, urging me on to climax.

"Are you gettin' there again, man? Great! We're all set. I can feel the cum risin' in my balls. I can see that this boy's ready to unload up my ass. My dirty talk on the phone seems to be stimulating him. Yeah, I know you like it, too. I know you like pumpin' that big cock of yours, man. Com'on, let's come together. I'm right on the brink. How about you?" He looked at me questioningly.

I nodded fervently.

"He's set to blast, man! Oh! He's stiffening! Geez, he's pluggin' me, sendin' that cock up all the way. Wow! I felt that spurt in deep! He's comin'! Oh! So am I. I'm shootin'. Uhh! Oh, that's good! Uhh! You,too? Uhh! Shoot that load! Uhh! Hot jism all over the place! Uhh! Deep in my ass! Uhh! Ah! What an orgasm!" He sighed, again. Content. Drained. But he kept talking.

"Was that good? Great! He's lappin' up my jizz, man. He's not missin' a drop and he's still stiff inside me. Umm, he fucks as good as he sucks, man. Yeah! I'm gonna take a nap, now. You, too? Okay. What? Well, I hope this delivery boy stays with me for a while, it sure was some delivery! I'd like to fuck his humpy ass later. Sure, I'll tell you all about it. So long." He hung up.

His eyes were bright with excitement.

"Wow, Tony," I exclaimed, "that was a hot session on the phone! Who were you talking to?"

"I'm not telling," he said mysteriously. "But I will say this: You'll find out." He grinned.

"Well, okay, be secretive," I said, wondering what he was up to. "Have your fun. I'm gonna go home, now. Com'on over later if you want to fuck my ass, like you told that guy you did."

He was grinning, happy with his little secret. If he weren't so handsome I'd have been mad at him, but the shared orgasms were perfect and I loved him too much to be angry.

It took me less than ten minutes to walk home. When I got in, I noticed, right away, there was a message on my old answering machine. When I looked, the machine showed over one hundred fifty revolutions. Either I'd had hundreds of short calls, or one very long one. I grinned, hit the rewind button, then hit play.

"Hi!" I heard the machine say, "I'm glad you called. Yeah, I got a hardon just waiting to hear from you. You ready to jack off with me? Good. Oh! Hey, just a minute, there's someone at the door. Just a minute, I'll go see who it is." His voice faded but he kept talking as he moved away.

Tony' voice sounded great on the recording. It gave me a hardon just hearing it. What a clever idea it had been, calling ME like this just before I got to his place. The recording continued.

"Sorry, man. Yeah. It's all right, just a delivery boy. (Pause. I heard him patting the bed.) "Yeah, he saw my fuckin' boner and followed me into my bedroom. Well, I don't know. Maybe if he takes his clothes off I'll let him fuck around with me while we talk. He's sort of cute. Yeah. And I think I see a bulge developing in his pants."

My phone rang. I hit the stop button. "Hi."

"Hi!" It was Tony.

"Wow, Tony, you Fucker," he loved being called that, "you got the whole thing on my recorder!"

"It's okay, then? Everything's there?"

"Yeah, sure. The whole thing! What a recording!"

"Ya know what we're gonna do next, don't ya?"

"What?" I asked grinning.

"I'm comin' over there next Sunday and you're gonna..."

I interrupted, "I'm gonna call your answering machine!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"You got it! Then we'll both have a great record of our Sunday morning jack off sessions. Won't that be great?"

"I can't wait, Fucker. This was a terrific idea!" I had a big smile on my face.

"Thanks. I knew you'd like it."

"Like it! I love it! I've got another hardon just from listening to the first couple of seconds of it."

"Hmmm. A hardon? Whacha gonna do about it?" he asked in a husky voice. I could picture him settling back on those pillows with his big cock in hand, as my hand slid back into my groin.

"Wanna listen to it with me?" I asked huskily, pushing the play button. And we heard:

""Ooh, "He's taking off his coat. Umm, nice build. He's opening his shirt. Ah, nice body! Great pecs, man. Solid muscles. You should see him. He's lookin' at my cock and opening his jeans. Geez, I can see the head of his dick already. What a big one!"

As we listened, we also commented on how great it was and how hot we were getting, until, inevitably, we climaxed together. I shot off all over the mirror above the telephone stand. Some Sunday morning! And we agreed we could hardly wait until next Sunday!


Jack Sofelot


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