I honestly wasn't planning on fucking my skiing buddy that night. But when he put his fingers in my mouth I knew what I had to do.

Let me back up. Blue was straight, for starters. At least I thought he was. That was my buddy's name, Blue. I think it was the name of his dog when he was a little kid or something, I don't remember for sure. But Blue's what we called him.

He was handsome in a plain sort of way: not a model by any means, but a face and body you sort of got used to, and the more time you spent with him the more attractive he got. Nice brown hair, classic face, not thin, but slender. He had a nice body, even though he never really let it show: he liked wearing baggy clothes for some reason. But I'd sneaked enough glances at him when he undressed to take a shower to know the true score: he was hot.

Blue and me had been buddies in college and stayed in touch after that. In the winter we got in the habit of going snow-skiing every Friday night after class, and then after we graduated we still did it. In fact, we're still doing it now. We lived close enough to the mountains for skiing to only be about an hour away.

We liked skiing at night. It was like we had the mountain to ourselves -- the crowd of the day would be gone and only a few of us stayed till the resort closed at 10 PM. It was beautiful to see all that snow without a bunch of people cluttering it up and looking like a bunch of swarming bugs from the top of the hill. Skiing in the day was fine, we did that too, on the weekends with our mutual friends, but Friday nights were special.

It was like a special buddy night, for Blue and me. Just the two of us. For that couple of hours, I had him all to myself.

It was gorgeous that night that everything changed.

We skied off the chair lift and stopped at the top of the mountain to look around. The view was breathtaking, the slopes curving down in front of us, stretching into the distance, dotted with sparkling highlights that looked like diamonds. Our hot breath plumed out in front of us, and I was happy.

'Now,' Blue said, 'let's kick some butt.'

We gave each other big grins, and launched ourselves down the mountain. We tore down the virgin slope, leaving deep juicy trails in the snow behind us. The wind rushed by my ears, and I felt my blood pumping in my body -- healthy, strong, vital. About half-way down, Blue skied off the trail into a wooded area. I followed him in, wondering what he was up to. Maybe he'd heard about some ultra-cool side run that only the best skiers could handle. But when I came into the trees, I saw that he'd stopped in a sheltered area, just about completely hidden from the rest of the slope. He was leaning against a tree, breathing heavily from our exertion.

I skidded to a stop next to him, kicking up a little snow in the process. I playfully kicked some of the snow his way, but he didn't laugh.

'Dan.' Blue said, startling me. It had been so quiet, and now his voice was so electric, so vulnerable in the night air.

'Yeah, Blue?' I answered.

'I need to talk to you about something.'

'Okay.' I said. 'Shoot.'

'I don't know how to say this!'

'It's okay, dude.' I said. 'No one's rushing you. Just say whatever it is, I can take it.'

'We've been friends a long time.' he said, staring down at his booted feet and the skis they were attached to, avoiding my eyes.

'Yeah.' I said. 'Go on.'

'Well, over the past few...years, I guess, I've started to have...feelings.'

'Yes. What kind of feelings?' I asked.

'Feelings about...you.'

I didn't answer, trying to understand what I'd just heard. It was very quiet on the slope, as what he'd said hung in the air between us like a cloud of exhaled breath.

'Feelings for you.'

'Blue,' I said, 'what the hell are you talking about?'

He met my eyes then, shyly, bravely.

'Can I...touch you?' he asked, very quietly.

'You serious?'

He nodded.

'Well...go ahead, I guess, if you want to.' I said after a moment of thought.

Blue pulled off his right glove and reached out with his naked hand. We were only a few feet apart, but time slowed down as he put his hand out toward me, and it seemed to take a very long time for it to cross the distance. Finally, his fingers brushed my cheek. Very gently, like he was stroking the wing of a butterfly, like I could fly away at any second, and abandon him forever, his chance lost. I took off one of my own gloves and put my hand over his, holding it there, hard, fast and strong.

He inhaled quickly, surprised.

'It's okay,' I said. 'I'm not made of porcelain or anything. I'm not gonna break if you touch me. I'm here, I'm not going anywhere.'

He smiled then, a tiny smile, excited and scared at the same time. I let my hand drop and he kept his where it was, at my cheek. Blue started to trace the lines of my face with his hand: my nose, my eyebrows, my chin. He was staring at me and at his own fingers touching me, feeling me, exploring me, delighted with every inch of skin, rough where my beard was returning even after being shaved that morning.

'I want to do something else...' Blue whispered.

'Go ahead.' I answered quietly.

And his fingers were in my mouth, pushing in gently, moving through my lips, entering me. My groin was suddenly infused with warmth, despite the cold all around us. Hot blood coursed into my cock and it grew, stretching and protesting against my tight ski-pants. It was uncomfortable, but wonderful too.

I licked his fingers, kissing them and caressing them with my tongue.

The urge to kiss him was suddenly very strong.

I took his hand in my own, squeezing it tightly.

'Blue.' I said. 'I'm going to kiss you.'

'Oh, man, I don't know...' he said, frightened again.

'Don't be afraid. You'll love it.'

I tried to move closer to him, to get close enough to kiss him, and my skis got tangled in his. My balance lost, I fell on top of him, and we both tumbled onto the frozen ground.

'Aw, shit!' he said. 'Dan, are you okay?'

I couldn't stop laughing. I knew how ridiculous we must've looked, and found it hilarious.

'Dan!' Blue said sharply. 'Are you all right? Don't scare me, man!'

I got myself under control, with a little effort.

'Yes.' I said. 'I'm fine. But let's get the hell out of here, I don't want to miss what was about to happen.'

'Okay.' Somehow we got our skis untangled, and headed back down the mountain. Good thing too, the place was nearly ready to close. I knew the little motel that served the resort would be empty, since the season was still new.

The whole time we skied the rest of the way down, I felt like I was in a dream. It must've been all those endorphins rushing into my blood. I was exhilarated and anxious and surprised all at the same time.

We got down the hill as fast as we could, taking off our skis and boots and slinging them up over our shoulders, heading for the parking lot and the motel. We stowed our gear and grabbed our overnight bags from the car that we always had in case the road was ever closed down.

Half an hour later we were in our own room with the heater cranked up and the lights low. Our ski-pants were hanging in the shower, the caked snow on them melting and dripping down into the stall's drain. We'd taken our aching feet out of their boots and gotten them all warm in wool socks. Our hair was messy, we were both cold but sweaty, and I thought Blue looked sexier than I'd ever seen him.

I walked over to him, putting my hand on his shoulder.

'Listen, Dan,' he said. 'Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all. You know, it's probably a phase or something. I'll grow out of it. Maybe we should just forget this ever happened. It's not...'

'Blue.' I interrupted him. 'You're my best friend and I always want to hear about you're doing and everything, but for right now, would you just shut up?'

I never knew what his answer would've been, because I kissed him, covering his protesting mouth with my warm lips. For a split second he resisted, then returned the kiss with excitement. It was so wonderful to kiss him, finally after all these years of being friends, buddies, dreaming about Blue and resigning myself to a life where I'd never know his passion, never really connect with him this way, never share this intimacy...

But here it was, this moment I thought would never happen.

And here he was, hard and soft and beautiful and melting in my arms like snow under a noonday sun.

I pushed my tongue into his mouth, reversing what he'd done with me earlier. He mouth was hot and wet and totally intense. Now I was the one exploring him. My hands went to his chest, feeling the hard muscle beneath the fabric and rubbing it, kneading it in my hands.

Blue pulled away suddenly.

'Dan...' he panted. 'Can I take my clothes off?'

I laughed, cocking my head at him.

'You damn well better.' I said. 'Unless you want me to rip them off you.'

'Next time, maybe?' he asked, totally serious.

I gave him a grin and jumped on him, pushing him backwards onto the bed. We both started laughing hysterically, wiggling around on top of each other like a couple of kids. It was bliss to share this with him, to be free to be silly, so silly and happy and special and priceless...

As we wrestled and horsed around, we started yanking our clothes off, tossing each piece off the bed and onto the floor. There was no pattern: first a sock came off, then a sweater, then sweat pants, then a shirt, then our underwear.

Soon we were totally naked, lying on the bed, panting to catch our breath.

Blue was smiling, his skin flushed with excitement. My eyes feasted on his body, taking in the visual banquet that I'd only sampled before, but now here it was in all its glory. He was a model of sturdy manhood: hard stomach, furry chest, strong legs, veiny arms, and between his thighs the main course...a nice fat dick with a big sexy foreskin covering the pinkish crown.

'Dan, what are we doing?' Blue asked, as if confused. 'I don't understand...I didn't know guys could do this together.'

I reached out and felt his chest, massaging his pectoral muscles and giving his nipples a little squeeze.

'We can do anything.' I said firmly.


'Blue.' I said, taking his face in my hands. 'I love you. Do you love me?'

'I can't believe I'm saying this but -- yes.' he answered.

'And we show our love in all kinds of ways, right?' I asked.

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, we show we love each other by the way we're buddies, you know, like hanging out together, going to movies, doing favors for each other, skiing together.'

'Yeah, I understand that.' he said.

'Well, just think of this as another way of being buddies. We can do this, and let our bodies love each other, just like we love each other in those other ways. It's another way to be buddies...and it's better than you can imagine.'

Blue took my hands in his and held them tightly.

'This already feels better than anything I've had before.' he said. 'It's incredible.'

'I know,' I said, 'and it only gets better.'

I scooted close to him, wrapped my arms around him, and kissed him. He returned my intensity with his own, and our bodies rubbed and pressed together, creating a wonderful friction. Our hard cocks, trapped between our bodies, slid against each other and sent shivers of pleasure through us.

I don't know how long we spent like that, just holding each other and kissing, alone in the night. The rest of the world fell away, everything forgotten, as we explored each other.

We hardly spoke. It was like we were from another time, a time long past -- primitive men, without caution or fear, just delighting in our own bodies with beautiful curiosity.

At some point in my sensual delirium I came to long enough to know it was time to move to another level.

'Let me show you something else guys can do together...' I said suggestively, tearing myself away from our kiss and re-focusing my attention below his waistline.

I moved myself down into a sixty-nine position, inhaling the scent of his crotch deeply. It was rank, powerful, and unmistakable -- the perfect smell of a man.

'What're we...' he started to ask.

'Blue,' I said, 'shut up, and open wide.'

I hoped he was ready, because I shoved my cock into his mouth at the same instant I sucked his veiny organ into mine. Blue wrapped his arms around me and squeezed tight, uttering a noise of such animal lust I can hardly describe it, even after all those English classes in school. But it was an incredible noise, so full of excitement, surprise, and even -- gratitude, if you can imagine that.

And I knew that sound.

I had made it before myself -- it was the sound of a man finally experiencing what it's like to be with one of his kind, with another man. The sound of pure pleasure that only a male can give to one of his own, one of his brothers.

'Cause we're all brothers, all of us.

Like Blue and I were that night.

Of course, the fantastic noise was complimented by the incredible sensation of taking my buddy's big throbbing cock into my mouth. It was so sweet to be filled by him, to feel his hard, hairy shaft of flesh and muscle inside me, down my throat, to hear Blue moan as I sucked him good, hard and long.

I took him in and out, up and down, and he worked me just the same. He wasn't very good at it, this being the first dick in his mouth and all, but technique was the last thing I was thinking of. Gratitude is what I was feeling, just like the gratitude in Blue's voice when I took him in.

Just pure gratitude for the amazing event that was unfolding in that small room up in the mountains one winter night.

I wondered what stars and planets were lined up in cosmic coincidence that could explain what was happening to me.

It was sweet, pure bliss. Just having this man hold me tight, to totally trust me, to follow my lead, was wonderful. And it was real, too. No dream, whether daytime, nighttime, fanciful or wet, could possibly eclipse the exquisite experience I was absorbing like a sponge in an ocean.

'Oh Dan...' he whispered huskily. 'Please make love to me...'

'What do you think I'm doing?' I asked, laughing.

'More, there's more, I know there is, there's more we can do together, more you can do to me...'

I paused for a second and just kissed him.

'Well, I could fuck you, but...' I started.

'Oh please, Dan, please...' he interrupted.

'Are you ready for that?'


'Are you sure?'


'It might hurt.'

'I don't give a shit! I want you to fuck me!'

I laughed again.

'Okay, okay! Give me a second...I always keep condoms in my bag.' I stretched my arm out, trying to reach my overnight bag on the floor near the bed. I didn't want to be away from Blue for even one second so I was trying to reach it without getting out from under the covers...got it! I wrestled with the zipper for a second, got it open, and pulled out a handful of the square plastic packages.

'Do we really need those?' Blue asked.

'Yes, we do.' I said firmly. 'And you better promise me that you'll always use them in the future.'

'Uh...' he said.

'I won't fuck you if you don't promise.'

Now he was the one who laughed.

'Sure! I promise!' he said.

'Good,' I said, pouncing on top of him. 'Watch this.' I unwrapped one of the condoms and slid the latex sheath over my hot rod.

'It's all smooth and shiny now.' Blue said, cocking his head like a dog as he looked at it.

'Now get it wet with your mouth.' I said, settling down on my back, resting my head in my hands. He sucked me some more, licking and slurping, until my tool was slick enough for anal action. I directed Blue to lay on his side, his back to me, with his sweet butt nuzzling my hard rod.

Guiding it with my hand, I pushed myself against my friend's tight hole. Slowly, gently, I worked it open and entered him, my cock sliding inside his body smooth as silk.

'Oh...' he said.

'You okay, buddy?' I whispered into his ear.

'Yeah,' he moaned. 'It's fucking awesome, man.'

Even though there was no one to see it, I smiled, wrapping my arms around him and squeezing tight.

'Blue,' I said. 'Are you ready?'

'Yes.' he answered breathlessly.

'Then,' I said, 'let's kick some butt.'

And I fucked him.

It felt so good, so incredibly wonderful, it was like a dream come true. No, wait. It was a dream come true.

I pushed myself into him, then almost back out all the way, then back in and again. He moved with me, matching my strokes with his body. He moved back to meet me as I moved deeper into him, pressing backwards against me.

Blue put his head back on my shoulder, and I kissed and licked his neck, loving how he trembled at the touch of my tongue.

'Now, jack yourself while I fuck you.' I whispered. He obeyed, his whole body tensing as he took hold of his own stiff cock and stroked it.

'Oh God, this is so hot...' he moaned.

'You like me fucking you, don't you?'

'Oh yeah...'

'It's better than you ever imagined, isn't it?' I asked.

'So true, man.' he said. 'So true. It's better than anything.'

'Can you come for me?'

'Can I?' he laughed. 'I've been holdin' off! I didn't want to blow too soon.'

I squeezed him and rammed my dick into his ass hard.

'Blow it, man!' I said. 'Blow it! Go for it -- it's okay!'

His whole body shuddered and he bucked against me.

'I'm coming, Dan!' he said. 'I'm coming!'

'Yeah, that's it! Let it all go -- come for me, buddy!'

Blue let out a wordless groan that got louder and louder, then peaked and slowly became a blissful sigh. I knew he was blasting his load all over the bed. His hard breathing intensified, then started to gradually slow down. Very gently, I pulled my dick out of him, and took the condom off. I turned onto my back and Blue curled up next to me, wrapping his arms around me.

And I jerked myself off, as he held me in his arms, and my orgasm swirled inside me like a twisting cyclone of pleasure. My load squirted onto my chest, and I laid there, panting, staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out how this amazing night had come to be.

After a few minutes, I realized that it didn't matter.

And that Blue had fallen asleep next to me. I pulled the covers over us both, and settled down into the snug warmth, holding my man next to me.

Out the window I could see that it had started snowing. The flakes fell dreamily through the air, and as I watched them and felt sleep rise to take me, one thought drifted through my mind...

It was one winter's night that I, and Blue, would never forget.


Christopher Pierce

[email protected]


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