My work occasionally takes me to offices in different parts of the country, which usually means a couple of nights in a hotel. On one such occasion in Manchester

there was a 15 minute walk from the hotel to the branch where I was placed. It was September, so I usually caught a bus, as the weather was a bit unpredictable. On my third, and last night there the weather was fine, so I decided to walk back and set out to do so. About 5 minutes into my walk, I passed a pub, and had the urge to treat myself to a pint. I got served, and sat at a table to drink my beer, and people watched to pass the time. I soon became aware that I was also being scrutinised, a black guy of approx. 40ish stood at the bar looking my way, as he caught my eye, he smiled and walked towards me. He asked if he could join me, as I looked as if I could do with some company, which hadn't been my intention however I found myself inviting him to sit down. He introduced himself as Simon, 43 years old, and local, I explained my situation, and told him that I was 55, and from Oxford, we chatted for a while, and ordered another drink, this time I had a JD and coke.He asked If that was my usual drink,(it is) so he suddenly suggested that he lived nearby where he had a new bottle that would cost a lot less to drink, I found myself accepting his invitation and we walked to his house, a nice 4 bed detached in a nice little cul de sac.

He invited me to sit down, in a comfy looking armchair, however I chose to sit on the matching sofa, where he joined me a few seconds later with a large drink for himself, and one for me.

As we talked, and drank, it became obvious that his interest in me wasn't just friendly, I soon realised that he must be gay, and he obviously thought that I was. I asked him outright what made him think that, and he explained that he didn't know, but just hoped. I am in fact bisexual, and asked what he was hoping would happen, A bit naive maybe, but I had never been with a black guy, and hoped that was about to change. He decided to take the initiative, put down his drink, and took mine from me, he then put his hand on the fast growing bulge in my trousers and began to rub, I was soon erect, and groaning with pleasure, as he began to undo my belt I stopped him, and explained that I was eager to suck on a black cock, and pushed him back onto the sofa. I slipped down onto my knees, and positioned myself in front of him, and quickly pulled down his trousers and pants. Well I had seen many a black dick in pictures and videos but this was my 1st in the flesh. Shiney and hard about 7' long, and slightly, but not exceptionally thick. I took it in my hand, and proceeded to wank him slowly, he lay back and enjoyed the sensation of my hand around him, I teased him with my strokes for a couple of minutes, then unable to resist the urge any longer, I bent down and took him in my mouth,I sucked on his fresh tasting penis for a few minutes, as he took off his shirt. He suggested we both get naked and I willingly obliged. When we were both undressed he sat back down and I went down on him again, licking, nibbling, and sucking on his cock, and his tight balls. Suddenly I became aware of someone else in the room, I tried to look up but he held my head in his lap, and made me keep on sucking, as I felt someone get down behind me, and begin to push a finger into my butt. I realised I didn't want to struggle, as i was enjoying the feeling of 1, then 2, and finally 3 fingers working my tight ass, as a cock slipped in and out of my mouth. Suddenly the fingers were pulled out, and the pressure of a cock replacing them made me flinch, however the fingering, and the obvious lube on the head helped entry take place with very little resistance, or pain, and as I sucked on one cock, another began to slide in and out of my hole, and the best thing was, I loved it. I gripped both cocks with vigour, one with my eager lips, the other with my ass muscle, sadly the regular pounding at my butt cheeks only lasted a few minutes before I felt a warm feeling as he came inside me, then he pulled out. I was a bit disappointed, but not for long, as to my surprise it was soon replaced by another cock, a bit longer, and thicker than the 1st, but just as incredible, and this guy went on to fuck me just as enthusiasticly as the last, pounding at me, but with a bit more noise than before due to the cum slurping around in me.In the meantime, I continued to suck away on the meat in my mouth, as I sensed he was near completion, and I sensed right as his body jerked, and he filled my throat with a large salty load, I swallowed and savoured every drop. He eventually pulled out allowing me to be a bit vocal about the fucking I was getting, telling him to 'fuck me', and how much I loved his big black dick, and as his breathing got heavier, I urged him to shoot his load in me. This he did with a large groan, and he then pulled out, and then fucking hell it happened again, a new cock, the biggest yet, stretched my ass as it pushed into me. I buried my face in the sofa as he screwed the living day lights out of me, my butt was getting sore, but in a pleasurable way. He only managed a dozen thrusts before his cum joined the rest that was running from my hole. and he withdraw, I stayed in that position, not knowing if there would be another, there wasn't, so I slowly got up and looked around, there was the 1st guy I met Simon, and 3 others, 2 black guys in their 40s and a white guy of about 50ish, a bit tubby but his was the larger of the cocks, and obviously the last one to fuck me. Simon was kneeling on the floor with his cock in his hand, and he told me to come over, and lay down in front of him, i didn't argue, and in seconds was on my back with my legs up, and apart, and with Simon pushing his dick into me, he then went on to fuck me at a more leisurely unrushed pace than the others, and as he did, the others all knelt down around my head, and began to push their cocks in my face, I began to take each one in turn in my mouth and sucked eagerly on each, Simon gave me the most incredible fuck for about the next 10-15 minutes, as the others in turn came in my mouth, then they sat back and watched as we fucked 1st on my back, then with me on top in the reverse cowboy riding him.

He finally came for the second time this time in my ass, it was fantastic. I eventually got back to my hotel about 2 in the morning, and got very little sleep as I had to catch a train at 08.00 next day, but it was worth it.



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