Once at the gym the announced men-day closing optional day, men can work out wearing only one item, wherever they want on their bodies

I noticed this man working out with nothing at all but a small rose coming out of his ass hole. The man was weight lifting. He was facing the mirror and spreading his hairy ass hole with a rose protruding out.

He asked me to smell the rose. I had no complaint. I went down and smelled the rose. I got intoxicated by the aroma of his ass hole. It was clean but sweaty.

He asked me to remove the rose because he wanted his prostate to be messaged. I removed the rose and spread his ass more.

I licked his ass then I inserted a finger. He was very pleased. Then I asked him to sit on me while he lift weight. I took off my underwear and staeted to jerk out.

Then the man pushed hard on my face and a banana came out of his ass hole. It was a clean plastic rope. He told me that he cleaned his ass hole and put a plastic rope in it then sealed it with the rose. The rope was attached to a small bag. I opened the bag and saw a large condom,

He asked me to put the rope inside the condom, we sat in the bench. I inserted 1/2 the rope inside his ass and the other half inside mine.

We were kissing and sucking our lips all the time and moving back and forward sitting on this large rope messaging our prostates simultaneously.

We exploded at the same time and we washed each other with cum.

We continued to do that for the rest of the day and the night.


R Joe

[email protected]


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