I live in a small town in NC and have always been more attracted to men than women but around here homosexuality is very taboo even though most guys around here have fooled around with a buddy at some point and just deny it. In high school, if you didn't play a sport you were a nobody. I was a two sport- football and baseball- varsity starter for three of my four years in high school. I wasn't a star or anything but I was a good player and athlete. At the time of the story I was 5'10, 180 lbs; in extremely good shape and very popular if I do so say myself.

Every summer before football practice started our entire team would go to a at an in-state college for a week. We stayed in the dorms and thought we were total bad asses but we were probably more like punks. My junior year I roomed with a guy named Matt who was a year older than me. Now, the background on my decision to room with Matt was based on the knowledge that a mutual guy friend of ours had fooled around with him a few years back. Since I had found that out I had made it very obvious to him that I knew his secret and he knew mine and we had done some very innocent flirting and touching but literally... nothing serious. I knew we would do more if we could find the time and privacy but it just hadn't happened yet.

Enter . I called Matt and told him I needed a roommate at camp if he didn't have one and he said that would be cool. I think he knew as well as I did that something was going to happen. Matt was quite the specimen. Ripped body, 6 pack abs, about 5'10 and Ill say 160 lbs. I had seen his dick a time or two and knew he had about 7 in with a slight curve to the right. He also had the most perfectly shaped ass with just the right amount or hair on his cheeks.

My dick is a little bigger than his about 7.5 in and thicker but that curve to his can put someone over the edge.

Once our parents finally left the room we decided to change into some gym clothes and get comfortable. We both began to strip down and it was like a stand-off the way we were watching each other get naked. He finally took his boxer briefs off and I couldn't help myself. I grabbed it and started pulling on his quickly hardening dick. He pulled my pants off and started fondling mine as well. WE jerked each other off for a few minutes when I decided to take it a little further, I dropped to my knees and started sucking for all that I was worth. He tasted amazing!!! His pre-cum was just the right balance of salt and sweetness. He had a great foreskin that I enjoyed nibbling on.

After about 5 minutes he pulled me up and told me to fuck him. This really surprised me because at this point I had never come close to fucking a guy and I really didn't think he had either. I turned him around and spit on my dick to lube it up and placed the head onto his pink hole. I began to push in and immediately knew that it was not going to work. He was no where near ready to take a dick and stopped me after maybe 3 cms got into his ass. At this point we stopped touching each other and went out to find the rest of our team and go swimming.

When we got back to the room he shucked his bathing suit and lay down on his bed naked. I took this as an open invitation and pulled up a desk chair beside his bed. I pulled my suit off and sat down and began to play with myself. We began talking about our previous experiences with guys and I told him I hadn't cum in a few days and that my balls were starting to swell from the pent up cum. I decided I'd fuck with him and I began to jack off while he watched and told him I was going to cum on him. He said he kick my ass if I did it. I was really working myself over when I felt that churning sensation begin in my balls. I think he knew I was about to pop and scooted away from me. I decided it was go time and at the last second pointed my dick straight at his face. The first stream hit him on the chin and the second and third landed on his chest before I began to calm down. He was furious and I just started laughing. He jumped up and threw me down on my own bed and forced me lick my cum off of his chest and face. What he didn't know was that I always ate my cum and licking it off his body was just an added bonus.

He then decided to take matters into his own hands and began to face fuck me. I was gagging with each thrust of his curved dick but lord knows I wasn't going to stop him. Each thrust made me harder and harder. After just a few minutes he tensed up and shot his load down my throat. I loved it. His cum was warm and delicious and I swallowed every drop. I think it was at this point I knew I was a cum whore and would swallow any load anyone wanted to give me. After that he climbed off my face and lay back down.

After that we really cooled down our fooling around. For the rest of the week we just did a few hand jobs but we never got off together again. I think the whole situation made him feel really weird and that maybe we had gone to far. After that week we never did anything again. He's married now to a girl from our high school and has a few kids. To my knowledge he never fooled around with another guy but I still think about that week from time to time and wish things had continued. But I'm happy with what we did and will never forget that week at.



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