Dan was almost running down the drive to meet me, and running was something I don't think I'd ever seen Dan do before.

"Hey Chad," he said while opening the driver's door of my brand new black XFR before I'd even had the chance to turn-off the richly purring eight-cylinder engine.

"Dan," I replied quickly. "Shit I'm sorry man, the traffic getting onto the bridge was... well fucked!"

"No matter," he repeated twice, "The light outside was crap this morning so we've been shooting a couple of latter sequences with the new guy and some establishment stuff." Dan looked skyward and smiled, "Probably be better in the afternoon anyway; I still like that lower yellow light on your hard little naked ass."

"Say," I said as we started walking toward the house, "I didn't get a copy of my lighter, who have you got lined-up for me today?"

"Sorry Chad." Dan began to flick his fingers across his i-Phone, "I'm sure I sent that to you...argh? last Tuesday? ...Which apparently I didn't; shit Chad - sorry, It's Bruce with James coming in too."

Dan looked back-up at the sky.

"Well maybe big Jimmy... tomorrow?"

"Oh, it's just that I woke-up this morning really hoping it was gonna be Brandon," I said with a wry smirk. "There's never any need to fake a shattering full-blown orgasm when that super hunk of blonde perfection is eagerly bouncing his hot tight ring up n' down yer thick cock!"

"Chance would be a very fine thing!" Dan said stroking his right eyebrow; "But Brandon's on set with Ger and...." again his fingers flicked across the phone, "Bevan up at the...; no! They're all at the Mission today," he had quickly corrected himself before continuing walking.

"Yeah, 'though one sideways smile from that guy and I wish like all hell I was still out in front of the cameras too."

"Oh, your just a sad ol' man." I said raising my arm across Dan's shoulder as we approached the doors. "Yes, I remember watching all your stuff, they were considered as classics when I was in, shall we say, middle-school."

"Fuck-off;" Dan said jokingly brushing away my embrace as we both walked inside the large home, "before I show you just how we did it in... ."

"If you say 'in those good ol'days' Dan," I interrupted as we headed off in opposite directions, "I'm gonna have to slap you!"

"Promises, promises, promises!" Dan called back as he and a couple of his crew disappeared down the far corridor.

I was listening to a rather good 'Nimrod' while picking over my breakfast from the concession table when Dan reappeared and tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey there;" I said pulling the buds from my ears while taking another bite of my large rye sandwich. Still regretting the loss of Elgar I added, "you can't be ready for me already?"

Dan lent against the table before leaning-in toward me, I bent over slightly too, he whispered.

"Fuck Chad," he spoke softly, "we've just finished with that new guy Mike."

"Yes?" I asked without any real regard.

"Shit; you have to meet this guy man... Fuck it man, you know Matt right? Matt Walker?"

"O' course," I nodded, "he and his wife Peggy just had the twins; right?"

"Yeah, well he's still pegged-out on the floor ten minutes after this Mike-guy finished with him! We are definitely putting you two together - very soon. What about it? ...Look there he is."

"Mike, Mikey;" Dan called across the large room, "over here I've got someone for you to meet."

I turned away desperate not to meet the hot newbie with lettuce stuck to my teeth and mustard on my breath. Oddly the fifteen or so people in the room began to applaud as he crossed the floor.

"He's been working up the valley and down in San Diego for about six months or so; getting some good reviews - really nice kid too, kinda quiet - unpretentious." Dan said, "but this'll be his very first shoot up in our big bad bay."

I used a bottled water to quickly rinse my mouth. Still with my back to the room I looked around for somewhere to spit; I swallowed.

"Tell ya what Chad," now Dan spoke quickly. When he got excited Dan let his long crafted and controlled northern California clip drop and he unintentionally let you know he was actually from Brooklyn. "He kinda reminds me of ya, tho couple-a-three years back."

When I turned back into the room Mike was facing the crowd thanking them in a gruff low baritone. His wet shoulder-length auburn hair bunched around the thick collar of his white toweling robe as he raised his glass of OJay in a toast, causing a cheer as his gesture exposed himself.

"Mike this is... ."

Dan began the introductions but was cut short when Mike turned and his glass of juice immediately shattered across the tiled floor; quickly followed into bits by my plated sandwich!

The room went silent just as quickly.

"Chaz? - SHIT!" Mike said shakily.

"Owen? - SHIT!" I replied gasping.

In a mirrored action we both raised our left palms to cover or open mouths; the only difference between us being that in doing so Mike's robe parted again.

"What?" Dan asked darting his index finger and eyes between us before once again repeating himself twice.

"Dan;" I gathered myself together and then pointed my index finger directly at Mike's exposed navel, "this is Owen."

"Yes?" Asked Dan.

"He's my youngest brother!"


It had been a while since I had done anything like this in public and I knew that my skills were somewhat less than rusty. I stood nervously lined up with the other performers as my re-entry rapidly approached and I could easily see that, so far, they were as disappointed in my efforts as I was!

My lips stung and were starting to swell and split just like at my very first live show back when I was only just fourteen; I quickly ran my wet tongue across them and took half a step forward. This thing was a whole group effort and I'd easily be the only one letting all the rest down! I drew in a very deep breath.

"Shit Charlie; hell man, what the fuck was that crap?" Sanjev was packing away his gear, and he was obviously angry.

We had moved backstage after the riotous applause had died down, but we all knew that with this particular crowd anything more than just turning-up was bound to get that response.

"I can tell you one thing," Emily broke in in an equally frustrated tone, "it sure as hell wasn't anything close to the second Brandenburg concerto!"

"Look guys," I opened the spit-valve over the sink and while tapping my cornet several times remembered that only a week-ago I was hooking cobwebs out of it;

"I told you guys when you called me that I hadn't been playing for a while." I replied.

"Yeah, well don't wait around expecting another call anytime soon," Gordon said as he stormed off down the stairs and kicked open the stage door. I winced at the instant flash of Bay sunshine.


"So, how'd it go then?" Owen's well trained rolling baritone flowed over his naked shoulder from the couch immediately after I had entered our house.

"Good enough," I replied flatly.

"That bad 'ugh, shit Chaz, It wasn't all you bad though?" Owen skipped words as he spoke.

"Yep. Pretty much a solo effort," I replied heading for the hall. "Hi Ben!"

A hand appeared above the couch and gave a little wave just before Ben's angled face rose up from between my brother's parted legs. He wiped his wet chin and lips with the hem of his neon yellow tee-shirt and then swallowed hard before he spoke.

"Dude," he over elongated that word, "arl yer moh-sic all like nargl-man; fuc' tat-dude."

"Thanks Ben," I spoke quickly and left down the hall even quicker sort-of hoping it was the appropriate response to what ever it was that Ben had just said!

I quietly closed the bedroom door and I gently lent against it.

I slid slowly down to the floor and then forcefully threw my horn case at the far corner of my bedroom. It smashed an overly expensive lamp.

"Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck! I fuckn' hate incoherent fuckn' shit-for-brains fuckn' surfer dudes, Christ, fucking-fuck!" I was pounding my fists into the carpet in frustration.

It wasn't exactly Ben's fault and, rationally, I knew that. He was just an easy and, for the time, available target. He was a shaggy blonde and suitably cute enough, tanned too but then he was also too young for someone who's own twink days were well past him - someone like me.

He also wore a fucking stupid shell necklace and he spoke as if even txt-ing was too much of a linguistic effort. Putting up with him was simply the day's last straw to bare. What didn't help though was that he was also quite a nice kid, even if he freely admitted to only dating Owen because he hoped to eventually move up the sibling ladder!

"Like that would ever happen," I mumbled to myself as I wiped the back of my hand over my reddening eyes and at the tears running across my cheeks. "Little beach-bitch fuck-shit's never getting that particular wish... ."

But; why was I now standing at the door? I wiped my eyes again but the blurred image through the static tears remained. Then; why was I opening the door?

Why was I running back down the hall?!


"Are you okay?" Owen asked with real concern in his voice.

"Dude?" Ben had risen back up and asked his drawn-out one-word question for everything.

I knew I must be sobbing but I couldn't hear it. I wiped my running nose along my sleeve and took long strides to reach the couch in only a few paces.

"Dude?" Ben asked again as I quickly lifted him off the floor between Owen's spread legs and onto the couch's plush seat.

"Chaz, what the fuck?" As he stood up Owen's opened jeans fell to the floor.

He tried to move out of my way but he tripped. Owen fell forward thumping his spit covered erect prick and tightened wet balls against the edge the short table before hitting the carpet hard.

"Charles!" He called out as he rolled onto his back and quickly grasped himself.

I took pitiful little notice of my baby brother as through my wet eyes I caught a glimpse of Ben's smile. Standing atop the couch his short frame was now an equal height to mine! I forced him around to face away and grabbing the sides of his sun bleached floral board shorts wrenched them down over his athletic thighs to well past his slightly spread knees. It was easy to see that between those attractive legs Ben's long hanging waxed-bare scrotum was fast tightening up. His unseen cock was rising to meet-up with his long anticipation of the coming occasion.

Ever how much I detested his every annoying second of existence, even through my frustration, anger and tears, I had to admit this particular young surfer-dude had one mightily fine looking ass I could hear Ben chuckling; no, giggling. Actually he was gleefully giggling as I forced him to bend over at the waist and then pulled his back-side out over the top of the couch. My trousers and pants fell to the floor around my ankles and I spread his cheeks to get my first look at his tiny, puckered and near-enough-to-virgin pretty little hole.

Without delay, and with even less lubrication, I placed my stiffening dick into his crack. I peeled back my foreskin and while holding my quickly thickening shaft twisted my inflated head in past that spasming tight ring. I think Ben screamed a little.

Once I was inside him I did nothing gently. Straight away I forced my way forward into the warm dry constricted flesh. So fast and so deep that Ben had no chance to complain about the pain of my entry before I had started fucking him for real.

I was still crying but I cursed at him too. I held firmly onto his narrow waist and pushed his butt into the back of the couch as well as onto my brutally deep thrusts and away from my equally rapid withdraws At one point I reached out and grabbed the golden hair that waved across the back of his head each time I pounded forward. I then held my self fully inside him and while pulling his head back and to the side I spat squarely onto his angled grinning face. I could swear he had said 'Thank you'?

Just as I again started pounding away now trying to climax as fast as possible Owen gingerly appeared on the seat beside Ben's thrashing body. He lent under his boyfriend's bent torso and then threaded his hand up under his loose yellow shirt. He began stretching the kid's nipples!

"Dude, yeah dude! Yeah!" Ben cried out loudly.

After painfully pulling at each of Ben's tits in turn Owen only then began milking Ben's hardened nutsacks with his free hand. His fingers were clenched tight around Ben's throbbing testicles as, each time I withdrew, I watch him yank them downward between Ben's spread thighs. Owen's head soon disappeared too and then Ben was screaming about how great it feels having me in his ass and my little brother biting his cockhead!

"Dude!" He added several times.

The last one though was much longer than even his usual drawn out favorite word and was followed immediately by the uncontrollable and unmistakable waving pulse that flowed back and forth over my deeply implanted achingly rigid prick!

Ben was still twitching when Owen reappeared with beads of white across his lips. He looked up at me and smiled. It was such an unexpected turn-on to watch my little brother lift his boyfriend's limply hanging head, see him place their lips together and as they kissed to watch him transfer the fresh warm sperm back into it's owner's willing mouth and then down his eager throat.

"Yeah! Fuck you you fuckn' beach-bitch!" After two more power strokes I fell forward across the back of Ben's sweat stained tee-shirt and let myself go.

With my coarse black haired balls pressed up hard against the soft peach-fuzz that covered Ben's ass I paused for a second or two before a soft groan marked the point when I started filling my brother's boyfriend's naked rectum. Again and again I rocked my hips as I pumped my nuts dry drenching Ben's beach-twink insides while trying not to let-on just how good an orgasm this actually was!

While I was holding his lean body close to me, my hot breath cascading across his tanned neck, I realized I had stopped feeling quite so bad; but I was not going to admit that either.

"Damn it," I said quietly as I gathered myself together and slowly slipped my still hard cock out of the opened cum stained depths of Ben's a-hole and out from between his soft plump cheeks.

One last pulse of pearl white juice escaped and dribbled gently over the used guy's stretched skin. I squeezed-out my prick from the base to the tip and gathered the very last of my rich load along my right index finger. With a carefree flick of my wrist I sent the harvested spunk flying along the damn stupid entwined skulls and red rose tramp-stamp tattooed across Ben's exposed lower back.

"Oh yeah," Ben had whispered as he slowly slid his half-naked body down against the couch's cushions. He rolled his head backward and slightly to the side. "Oh yeah," he whispered again before adding an extended 'dude' in a yet even more quiet tone as he slumped a little atop his folded legs. His satisfied tooth-filled grin stretched wide as his open hands roamed along his shapely lean stomach and down over his limp cum spotted cock and scrotum. For the last time he slowly whispered in an obvious state of unmatched utter gleeful bliss.

"Oh yeah; dude."

"So, do you feel any better?" Owen asked snidely as I pulled up my trousers.

"Not really," I replied equally curtly. "I thought I might - but it didn't work. Fancy going out for a very big; fuck-it, fuckn' huge drink?"

My little brother looked over the back of the couch and watched his stretched-out half naked and big brother-cum spotted boyfriend silently smile back at him.

"Lets make sure it's a fuckn' huge one!"

"Fucking huge one," Ben had quietly giggled to himself as Owen and I left the house.

July 2012.


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