On the Beach

by Polarbear58

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Bill, on a beach vacation from his military base, lusts after Asian hunk Tony (and his blond lifeguard bro) and hopes he can nail him that night at karaoke. 

When I saw Tony’s cute ass running towards the sea I knew I wanted that ass. What the fuck if he could be my son. How old was he anyway? I am not even 35.

He knew I was watching him, I could tell. When he was up to his smooth golden chest in the water he turned and waved at me again.

I waved back. What he would not be able to see was that my big straining hard-on practically waved back at him as well.

Did he have a fucking hard-on as well? I wish I could fucking see more closely.

My first instinct was just to jerk off again right there and then on the balcony, shoot my jizz into the bushes below, and get myself calmed down, but then I thought I could just stay hard all day without giving myself relief so that late that night I would bold enough to do anything.

It had been so long since I had a lay I did not think I was safe with any man. And add to that the beers and I would be ripping shorts down and sticking fingers up asses with gay abandon before I knew it. I would not be safe to be out in any bar.

Meanwhile I had a whole afternoon to get through before the karaoke with Tony and the twins. Maybe I should go for a run. That would keep my fist off my dick.

Plus – I might bump into Tony and Brad again on the beach or even Tracy and if I did then I could assess whether they really were an item. Tony had seemed a bit casual about that. I knew youngsters could be very fluid these days.

I went for a run on the beach, get some non sexual adrenalin going. No sign of any of the young ones, but while I was panting on the way back I came across two guys making out in the dunes and stayed for a bit to watch through the thicket.

They were hot guys with hard bodies. One was black and one was a red-head, what a fucking combo. Their trunks were still on when I found them but fuck were they straining out front. They knew I was there I am sure, and they got a bit more vocal, grunting and moaning, and fondling the almost covered cocks in their swimmers. The black guy’s knob popped out as I watched and was now sitting in the fuzz on his belly button. That red was lucky.

Hey Daddy, fancy a fuck, the red called out as if he could read my mind, which I guess was not difficult.

I was tempted, but heck, I was keeping myself for Tony with any luck. I had to pull myself away.

Hey guys, I’ll give you some privacy. OK? Enjoy!

They were too busy grunting to reply.

Fuck, I was hard again.

Once I got home I had a cold shower, forced myself to have thoughts about my former mother-in-law to destroy any horniness I might have, and decided to ring Frank.

He answered almost immediately. I knew he was on vacation too, spending time with his kids. He had previously suggested we might go on a camping trip together up north, but I had been a bit scared it might get a bit too much Brokeback Mountain and had declined. I needed to make it up to him. We would have dinner out on me when we got back.

Frank was cheery enough. Once or twice before we had jerked off while talking to one another on the phone, exchanging dirty jokes, or telling stories about our youthful exploits, two lonely old fucks. Maybe it was too early in the day for that, but he quickly recognised my mood.

You horny, Bill? Is that the problem? No vacation sex yet?

I told him I thought I was going on a date that night and he told me to give it hell, Bill. It had been a long time coming.

He told me that whoever it was would not know what hit them, I had been sex starved so long.

We laughed at that.

He did after all know my dick rather well and he was the kinda sweet guy who said the nicest admiring things about the size of it and all that stuff. For a straight guy in the military he was pretty open-minded.

What you wearing Bill? Make sure you wear a jock, everybody loves a jock. You’ve got the figure for it. Get a tight one.

Not fuckin likely, I responded. I need room to breathe. I’ve got a fuckin boner already.

Hey Bill, I thought you always had a boner!

Then he told me he would have to go as he was due at a vegan Korean restaurant with his kids, his ex-wife, and her scary female partner, who was a college professor.

I decided to wear jeans and one of those vests with a deep scooped neck. That way Tony and anybody else who was a possible would get a good look at my flat stomach and my hairy muscled arms as well as all that curly stuff which waved in the space below my neck, and which would get darker and sweatier as the night progressed.

Or would the kids just be in shorts and tees? Just in their same beach wear?

And then I had to think about my equipment. I was walking about the cabin naked, holding in my stomach and dangling down. Should I give myself a trim down there? Were my balls now disgustingly hairy as one MILF had once commented? If Tony really was into guys then it was possible he would like them that way – or if he drank herbal tea was he going to be into waxing too? I got a fresh jock out of my bag, nice bright white. Frank was right. I slipped some boxers over that.

Never mind underwear - what would I sing?

What did I have up my sleeve? Kids were often very good at that sort of thing, very professional. I would look like a dick, an old dick, whatever I sang.

I decided I needed to go late, very late, and to drink before going. I skipped dinner.

I opened the wine, drank some quickly and lay down on the sofa on the balcony. I closed my eyes against the sun and began to think again about Tony’s cute green ass in the sea.

Then aw fuck it, I dropped my boxers and pulled my dick out the side of my jock. That poor old thing was ready for another go.

In my head I saw Tony standing in front of me on that very balcony, bare-chested, licking an ice pop. For some reason that made me fuckin horny, the sight of his tongue on the tip of the red length, the swallowing, the drips running down his fingers, then dropping to his golden chest.

I am gonna fuck you right this minute, I said in my daydream.

Sure Bill, wanna suck this first?

He reached over with the ice pop and I popped it into my mouth and sucked on it too. Then we kissed, strawberry flavour kisses, and saliva, and busy tongues.

Get down I barked in my head, and Tony lay down on the lounger.

I ripped down his green speedos and his cute golden ass was in front of me, oh fuckin sweet butt, like a ripe fruit, save for the little darts of black hairs.

I spat on my dick, stuck my big hands on him, and fuck I was in him, and he groaned.

Like it, I moaned. Fuckin like it?

Yeah Bill, give me that fuckin big Daddy dick.

I gave him it.

In my head I felt about as hard as fuck and twice as big. And Tony’s ass was sweet and tight. He was noisy as I thrust.

I reached down and held on to his rigid dick and felt his rough balls, pulling his equipment back between his legs.

Fuck Bill, I’m gonna cum, he shouted out and thrust into my fist with a moan, and thrust again. He exploded in my grip. The cushions were drenched.

I pulled out and let myself go, shouting out as I shot. Fuck I spattered the back of his neck, where his black hair bristled.

His golden back looked like some decorator guy had taken a big broad paint brush to it and been generous with the white emulsion.

I bent down and lapped up my cum. It was thick and hot, then I kissed Tony and spat the semen into his mouth.

In real life around about that time in the fantasy I shot all over my furry front, lifting my big ass from the sofa, boxers at my ankles, big red cock sticking out the side of my snowy jockstrap and squirting.

I opened my eyes wide as I came and was blinded by the bright evening light.

Fuck. I hopped to the bathroom to mop myself up. I looked at my shaggy self in the mirror, as I wiped away the cum, colour still in my face.

Hey, I thought, let’s give The Beachcomber a miss. No need for me to make a fool of myself with the youngsters when I’ve got a firm right fist at home and a new bottle of whisky.

I switched on the TV and watched a game, like any red-blooded male of my age.

I was still in my vest and boxers when I heard the sound of a dog, barking pleasantly.

A pretty blonde girl appeared below and said hello, then called my name.?

Bill? Are you there? It is Tracy, Tony’s friend. He has sent me to fetch you. He said he thought you might be too shy to come to The Beachcomber by yourself. And here, I’ve brought you dinner. Well, what’s left of my dinner to be honest.

She was on the balcony now, very pretty, blonde, big tits, barely dressed, smiling, and carrying a pizza box. In it there was half a pizza.

Tony reckoned you’d like anchovies and olives.

I do like the little fishes and olives too, but no pineapple, I said, suddenly embarrassed to be in my boxers in front of a young girl, thank Christ I had tucked my cock out of sight. I had not been jerking mind, just comforting myself, cupping my balls.

Rover was running around trying to lick me and steal pizza at the same time. It was still warm and tasty. I had forgotten to eat dinner of course.

He said you were pretty cute, Tracy remarked. I thought you were going to be an old man though, the way he told it.

Did Tony say I was old?

No, maybe it was mature he said. And hot. I do not think he meant sun and sweaty hot. I am partial to a DILF myself she said, very winningly. They usually know their way around, that’s what I said to Tony. Do you, she added, know your way around?

Was she flirting with me?

Suddenly I had a vision of a bi-threesome on the sand. I had an idea Tracy might be a very energetic young lady. I bet she would share me with Tony.

I laughed.

I used to know my way around when I was your age, I said, but I might be just a bit rusty in all departments, including the singing department.

Rusty Bill? Really? You don’t get a body like that by lying on the sofa with a box of beers.

This twenty year old girl was a looker, even if her twin brother had the edge for me. And Tony was hotter than both.

I finished the pizza.

Excuse me, I’ll just be a moment.

In the bedroom I checked for jizz on my jock under the boxers, then slipped into my jeans, checked my vest and chest hair for red bits of pizza, and told my mirror self I was definitely hot. I checked my wallet for rubbers. Just in case. Then I looked in my toilet bag and retrieved a little bottle of poppers. A recent purchase. Just in case.

I took a long piss and admired the way my dick was so long and plump and nicely curved. What the fuck. I was a dirty old man, anticipating some youthful company.

When I emerged Tracy was moving the half bottle of wine back into the fridge.

You might need this chilled later, she said, with a grin. Cool rental you’ve got. Proper little love nest.

I was not sure if she was coming on to me or setting me up. If it was the former then it would not be the first time I had fucked a wife or a sister energetically when it was the husband and the brother I had really wanted. And sometimes I had got them too, as afters.

Come on Bill, she said, I have to take Rover home, before we start the singing. Be brave. No one’s gonna eat you. Except maybe Tony that is. Not sure you’re save with me either, big guy.

Following her down the path into the sand I noted how cute her ass was too, and into my imagination came a shot of her and Tony making out. I had some idea he had a very big dick, those Asian guys in porn usually did, even if their chests were smooth like girls, ha ha. In the distant hetero past I had liked a good pair of tits too. That thing you could do ramming your cock in between them … oh fuck, memories.

Tracy chatted away on the walk down to the beach. We lost Rover briefly when he ran off after some bitch.

Guess the hound was horny too, join the club.

For some reason I was very nervous when we got to The Beachcomber. I spied Tony with Brad across the room, definitely looking like a possible couple to me, and their mates were equally young, equally handsome or pretty. Who was I kidding? I was like their Dad crashing the party.

Tony saw me across the floor and came to greet me. He hugged me in front of everyone and I realised how tall he was. Strong arms too.

He whispered in my ear. There was that vanilla scent.

Glad you made it, bro.

Bro? Pa more like.

Brad hugged me too, like we were pals. His shirt was unbuttoned and I felt a thrill as his young hairy chest brushed against my own, smelling of sun creme. I think he was pretty high already. So was Tony for that matter.

I guess I had come in during an interval or something. They said they had both already done a turn but were saving the best songs for when I came.

Tony held on to my arm – Hey Bill, he said, come with me, they’re not starting again for a bit, there’s something I want you to do for me.

Tony led me to the rest room, which was one of those half open air things, primitive.

I need to pee, he said, come and join me.

Sure thing.

I stood inside the door and he went to the trough. There were a couple of guys at the other end, chattering away as they pissed, not paying any attention to us.

I suddenly felt the need to pee too and regretted my tight jeans and the buttons. I went over and joined him, our elbows touching. Before I was out and pissing Tony had pulled his prick out and let loose a stream.

What was I gonna do, stare at the roof?

Fuck, he was a thick bugger. I had seen longer but needed to think about the thickness, maybe he was the winner.

He turned and smiled at me. He was a bit drunk maybe.

That’s better he said, too much beer this afternoon.

He looked down at my dick, which was out at last, and peeing too.

Tony whistled his appreciation.

Fuck Bill, he said, you military men sure have big dicks.

I felt my cock twinge at the compliment.

Not so bad yourself Tony, I said, grinning, glad I had the bottle of poppers in my jeans. Fuck the condom.

We both shook our dicks together and laughed at the whole business. Boys with swords.

Outside In the dark Tony lit up a joint and we stood behind some trees and smoked.

Do you do this a lot at camp, he asked.

What do you mean? Look at young guys’ dicks? Well yeah. Smoke dope? Not so much, at least not officially.

Do you do this at camp too, said Tony. Get seduced by young Asians?

He laughed, then pulled me into an embrace, and we kissed for a good bit, roving hands all over our chests and then down below our belts. The pair of us had iron rods down there in our pants now. Our cocks would be out again soon enough I knew and this time not for pissing, but first of all we had to get through that fuckin bukkake, I mean karaoke.

What were you saying about me getting seduced, I asked, taking a draw of the joint.

This, said Tony.

He fell to his knees and unbuttoned my belt, at the same time pushing up my vest so he could ran a hand over my hairy belly and then up to my nipples. Then he got my studs undone and pulled the denims down or tried to. They stuck on my thighs.

I was fuckin standing out of my boxers like one of those big hard batons police officers use on rioters or used to, and his tongue was on me through the cloth. But then the boxers were pulled down and I was in Tony’s mouth and down his throat it felt like. And he stroked my balls and murmured his appreciation of the hairiness of them. I clutched his vanilla smelling head and pushed him back on me.

Jesus, Tony, you’d better stop. I gasped.  I cannot hold on if you keep doing that. I fuckin cant.

I stopped talking, just groaned.

He took his mouth off me, looked up at me with those eyes, his hair flopping.

No need to hold on Bill, I want to taste your load right now. Give me it.

He ran a hand all over my stomach and chest, stretched to pinch my nipples. I wanted him to suck them too, but his mouth was down below doing its duty.

No more words from him either as he went back to sucking, stroking my balls, and reaching a finger along the hard road up to my ass.

Tony, I groaned, but could not manage anything else apart from the usual four letter word.

Yup, as predicted, I was gonna lose my load. I shouted out like a man in pain. Believe me, I was not in pain.

I thrust into Tony’s face.

He clutched my hairy ass. Fuck Tony, do not touch my ass hole, please fuckin not, who am I kidding, but fuck he did.

I thought my load might kill him. It fuckin nearly killed me.

Fuck how many times had I come today? What was I - some kind of jizz super hero? I had been truly blessed by the Gods of Sex.


Once I was emptied and Tony was dusting off his knees, we kissed again, and I tasted my own cum in his mouth. It was not exactly an unfamiliar flavour for me. I had done various kinky things with cum in the past, sampling from many studs’ creamy fountains as well as my own.

I grasped Tony’s cock.

Fair’s fair I said, do you want me to return the favour?

I am good, he said, plenty of time for that later. I knew your need was greater Daddy.

We went back in, both of us smiling, arms around one another,  and Brad and Tracy embraced us both as if we had been away for months. I think Tracy had a yen for me, and maybe Brad too, but heck he was stoned. They both assumed we had just had sex and our backs got slapped in congratulations. Brad nearly knocked me over. He kissed Tony on the mouth.

As I had predicted some of the karaoke youngsters were very good indeed, very polished performances.

Brad did a Springsteen number. He had no voice of any kind but was so blond and hunky it made no difference. Tracy did a Dolly Parton, not all that bad, and she had the breasts to do it justice.

Tony’s turn next. He did an early Madonna. I found I knew all the words and the moves without even thinking.

He had a good voice, quite high and pure and kept in tune. He was also a fucking good mover. At certain points he pointed at me from the stage as if he was singing just to me. I was getting into the groove and it was a horny one.

The three of them told me I had to do it soon, kept on at me, and feeding me more drinks and dope.

I drank a beer quickly and said I might manage The House of the Rising Sun. It was hardly a party number but I pulled it off, and the other three hugged me when I finished, and said they had never heard that one before. I wondered what the men back at the base would have made of my performance. At least I had not attempted Taylor Swift.

Fuck, you’ve got a butch voice, said Tracy.

Goes with the bod, said Tony.

Cool, said Brad.

There was more beer, more dope out the back, more cuddles all round. It was getting late. I was having a fun time though.

Tracy and Brad did the Summer Nights duet from Grease and they looked so cute the crowd loved it, even though it was a bit dubious brothers and sisters doing that.

Then Tony said the grand finale was coming up and to get ready. He hugged me and kissed my stubbly cheek.

I said forget it, no way am I getting up there again.

He did that John Travolta number from Grease. The duet near the end. He was pretty cool, a very sexy Tony.

Suddenly Brad and Tracy were pushing me forward and I was on the stage too, and I was playing Olivia. Not in black leather, but in tight denim and a deep necked white vest.

There were a lot of laughs, especially when I moved my butt.

Go Daddy go, somebody was chanting.

The pair of us collapsed into a sweaty hot embrace.

Tony repeated a line from the number into my ear.

I got chills, they’re multiplying. And I’m losing control …

He pushed his hips into me suddenly and then broke off the hot embrace quickly.

Let’s go and take a walk, he said.

Had he really taken my hand and kissed me on the stage? Had I really pretended I was wearing stiletto heels?

The beach was still half busy even as it got dark. There were some fires and some music and lots of drinking and laughter. I could smell the dope in the air.

We walked to the edge of the sand, where it was quieter and darker. Then he stopped and pulled me to him. I could feel his fuckin bulge and he sure as hell could fuckin feel mine.

You’re the one that I want, he said, quite seriously, and then laughed out loud. Then his tongue was down my throat, and his hand was popping the studs on my Levis.

It had been pretty dumb to wear tight jeans, especially when I got hot and sweaty. It took me a while to hop about and get them off. After that my boxers were an easy win.

It was easy to slip Tony’s Hawaiian shirt off his shoulders, to pull down his deck shorts. His skimpy little swimmers, the bright green ones, were sticking out as hard as fuck, taking no hostages. I was rubbing the front of them. I was still in my white jock and fuck was it tight on my boner, so I ripped them off, and flung them into the bushes. I felt the warm evening air on my balls.

Get ready to be fucked big Daddy Bill, said Tony huskily, which I was not prepared for, but fuck I was on vacation.

We made out for a bit, kissing and giggling and rubbing and both of us rolling about and sucking in that old 69 position I had not done for yonks.

Tony’s cock was thick in my mouth and thrusting and dripping. He was swallowing me and coughing and doing his best with my measurement, which was pretty damn good.

Then he lay down on the sand and told me to climb on board, so I fuckin did. Sliding down his cock, all the way. It had been a while since I had felt such a thick dick in my ass. I had been a top for too long.

Fuck me, he said. Work me.

I bounced up and down on him, with my hard dick swinging all over the place, as much as it could that is, in its rigid state.

Tony was shouting out and fuck so was I.

Then I was on my back in the sand and Tony spread my knees wide and fuck he was inside me again, pounding me like fuck knows what.

I reckon we were making a bit of noise, like men do. But then I thought I made out a giggle and somebody shouted out – take it Daddy – and whooped.

Was that Tracy and Brad in the dunes?

Take it Daddy they were shouting out.

I had other things on my mind and up my ass. Tony seemed to be pile driving me into the beach on the way to Australia.

Do you want it Daddy, he cried out, do you want my load?

Yeah, give me it, give me it hard.

Here it comes Daddy!

Tony finished inside me, two or three damn hard thrusts, and I could not help myself, I shot all over the place, no hands involved. I was plastering my front – and the adjoining sand - with Daddy cum.

There were more whoops from the dunes. What the fuck? Was that the twins?

We were still in position, catching our breath, slowly coming down from Planet Climax.

Tony was still shuddering inside me, in no hurry to pull out, instead he bent down and kissed me, and smiled, and licked my neck, till he had to spit out the sand.

Jesus fuck, I sighed, I felt like I was grinning from ear to ear.

Thanks Tony, I whispered.

That had been a fuck worth waiting for. The sand was a bastard though. Jesus fuck, was it up my ass too in a jizz paste?

Come on big Daddy, he said, let’s cool off in the sea.

There was more fooling around in the dark in the warm night sea. Embracing and rubbing and kissing and jerking.

Then we were not alone. Two naked figures were in the waves with us. Two fair tanned figures.

Tracy came up to me in the surf and embraced me. She was naked of course and I had not felt a woman’s breasts against me for quite a while. She kissed me all over my face and then kissed me on the mouth and stuck her tongue right in. I nearly fell over in the water and unfortunately grabbed for her ass.

Oh yeah baby, she said, go on.

I kissed her back, not really thinking about it, but was aware I was rubbing my still half stiff dick against her.

She repeated what she had just said.

Oh yeah baby, she said, go on.

Then Brad was embracing me too, hot and furry, and boy he was kissing me too. I was in a three way embrace with the blond twins.

You are one fuckin hot guy, said Brad, holding on to me. But Tony’s pretty fantastic too is n’t he? He knows what the fuck to do with that big dong.

So they were boy fuckers too?

We were all clearly very drunk and high. I reached out and put my arms around Tony who did not seem surprised or embarrassed at all by the twins. Both of our dicks were still half hard, and Brad’s was more than that. I guess he had n’t cum twice in the last two hours like I had.

The four of us were all dancing in the water holding on to one another. When the kissing started between Tracy and Tony and Tony and Brad, I knew what was on the cards.

Jesus, were we all about to make out there in the sea?

No, I was wrong, we were all gonna make out in the beach front hut their Dad owned.

We picked up our clothes and ran along the beach naked, cocks and breasts bobbing about, laughing, whooping. It was not far to run and we all tumbled into their little house.

I guess it was a kinda Bohemian hippy house, lots of sofas and rugs and hangings, and bright colours and candles and exotic aromas.

I wondered for a moment what was going to happen next, as the boys got out bottles and drugs, and Tracy started making out with me on the sofa, plucking at my dick, without asking my permission. I was very hard of course but that was a kinda automatic reaction to everything. My old hetero genes were still in my balls somewhere it seemed.

Tony came back into the room and made an amused face when he saw what was happening on the sofa. Tracy was moaning and jerking me off. I was not moaning yet.

You good dude, he asked, wanna drink?

I got my lips off Tracy and said, yeah, I did want a drink. I’ll come and get it.

Her mouth came off my knob as I stood up, and she made a disappointed sound.

I wanted that Daddy dick, she said. You boys get everything you want. There’s nothing left for Tracy.

Tony handed me a drink and led me into the bedroom, pulling me by my cock, which was just a little bit sore.

We’re all in here, he said and grinned.

The bedroom had the biggest fucking bed I had ever seen, obviously specially made for hippie orgies. On one wall there was an enormous mirror with an elaborate gilded frame, so every fuckin event which took place on that bed was up on the wall. On another wall was a very un-hippie big screen, just crying out for a porn show. Some horny fucker owned this house.

It is Dad’s house explained Tracy. He’s an old-style hippie, has had it for years, bought it for peanuts. If these walls could talk eh? But luckily we have camera phones these days.

Brad lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. He looked like he had gone to sleep, but his hard-on was awake enough, the column standing up straight and casting a shadow over his hairy stomach.

Tracy had lit some scented flickering candles. I felt like I was in some whore house in the Orient.

Now boys, she said, smile for the camera and get fucking.

As the senior member, I took the lead.

I knocked back whisky, kissed Tony, then I climbed on top of Brad with my dick pointing towards him, and fuckin throbbing, and tried to slide down his hard dick, pausing as his knob filled my ass-hole. Jesus, I needed more lube.

Brad’s eyes were firmly shut, his lashes flickering and his mouth open, murmuring. His skin was paler where his speedos usually were.

Tracy went off and returned with a very large bottle of the lube stuff.

Happy to help, anything for the boys, she said.

That was better. I got Brad’s knob in me and slid most of the way down, before starting to bob up and down, sending my cock and balls swinging all over the place. My precum was beginning to drip, beginning to make a mess in sticky threads.

Brad made a noise as I really got into it, so did I, but my noise was mostly swearing. The one word in my vocabulary seemed to be fuck.

Hey, let me get my share, said Tony.

I felt him behind me. He kissed me on the ears, then the neck, licked my short cut hair. I could smell the familiar vanilla off him.

Then his hands were on my ass. Then he slapped his cock on me, heavy, solid, hard, thick.

You ready for this again Bill, he asked, almost like he was offering another whisky.

Here, said Tracy, just in case, and handed over the lube. Thoughtful of her.

I felt Tony’s wet fingers on my ass hole, up close to Brad’s hard dick.

Then he fucked me. How the fuck did he manage to get in there, he was so thick.

Fuck, I cried out. Two big cocks in me, my poor gay ass.

Tracy clapped her hands in delight.

Go boys go! I must film this.

I groaned, stopping doing my jumping up down thing, feeling well and truly filled up and fucked.

Poppers, I moaned, get me the poppers.

Tracy obligingly went and fetched them. I felt the buzz under both my nostrils as I took an almighty deep sniff. Then another.

My brain flooded. My balls buzzed.

Suddenly I felt I had room for the two hard young cocks. I swear I widened my ass.

Tony began to fuck me, slowly at first, then gaining momentum, hands on my neck, like some fuckin stud.

How the fuck was I taking them both at the same time? Me whose ass was practically virgin for many years.

All of Brad save his hard dick seemed to have passed out but Tony was very much alive, thrusting like a beast.

Tracy gave me more poppers before I shouted out for them. Tony took them too. They made him fuck me harder.

Tracy was filming us on her phone, of course she was, getting in close to see the sweating grunting faces, the heaving asses, and there was my cock head bouncing about, leaking and dripping and on a frenzied countdown to a cum explosion.

I expected to see the jerky video on one of the porn sites soon – hung hairy Daddy gets double fucked by young beach studs.

Just furry old Bill tonight getting the fuck of his thirty five years.

The timing was spot on. I shot first, hands free of course. I had been worried that Tracy might try and jerk me off or stick her clit in my face, but she was too busy with her creative filming work.

I exploded like a dangerous cannon. My jizz was all over Brad’s face even though he seemed to be still unconscious. All the same I saw his mouth open in surprise and he grunted out loud, just about the same time I felt the first load up my ass.

Then Tony bellowed. And with four big painful thrusts he lost it in me too. I swear I could feel that mighty hot flood, and Brad’s too.

The three of us were stuck together like some weird classical sculpture of a kinky Greek myth. Tony hanging on to my neck, cock still in me, still thrusting in, but slowing, the sweat running down his gleaming golden back. Me with my stubbly face up in the air, my hairy arse too, and breathing heavily, every murmured word a fuck. My cock still solid and dripping, still big like a weapon. And sweet Brad, passed out it seemed, as if he had fainted away with the fucking, his blond hairy chest rising and falling.

That’s fab, said Tracy, snapping more pictures. Wow, cannot wait to watch this on the big screen. Dad will love it.

I did not register those words at the time.

After a bit we pulled ourselves apart, at least Tony and me did, I eased myself up off Brad, and he turned over on the bed and went to sleep, sticking his fluffy ass in the air.

Tony and I laughed. Well, we both said together. That was pretty hot.

Come home, I said, looking at my watch, wake up with me. Unless that is you plan to stay and fuck your girlfriend Tracy?

You’re the one that I want, he said quietly. But you can if you like you know. Tracy needs a reward too.

I looked at him kinda funny. Who were these crazy youngsters?

So, we dressed. I had lost my jockstrap way back on the beach, so what.

We both kissed Tracy in the kitchen, no tongues, and she yawned, brushing her teeth already, and waved at us as she crawled in next to Brad before we were even out of the house.

And we walked hand in hand along the beach and through the dunes and half way back, we heard some barking, and Rover was at our heels.

We climbed into my bed, just the two of us this time. We had sex again for fuck’s sake, did it never end, that was when Tony jizzed all over my chest hair like frosting, I just jerked myself off, and Rover who was on the rug at the foot of the bed, and the clever dog barked when we came. He wanted in on the act maybe.

Like normal lovers we cuddled up in the morning and I got up naked and made coffee for myself and herbal for Tony. I had a fuck of a hangover. I took the cups back to bed and ran my hands over Tony’s broad smooth chest, smiled into his berry black eyes.

So, I said, do you know the twins’ Dad, the old hippie? What is he like?

Tony’s eyes widened, and he swept back his black hair and I saw the hair in his armpit and got that vanilla smell.

Oh, he hesitated, well, he is quite a dude, but that’s an old story. Wait till you meet him, you will see. The twins take after him.

I nodded and drank my coffee, seeing a blond Viking type.

Hey, I was intrigued, so who was this guy, the father of the two blond twins, the man with the biggest orgy bed in the whole fuckin world and the mirror which showed it all off? And who had porn showing on a giant screen.

What’s his name, I asked.

Tony smiled.

Tab. Wait till you meet him … and his boyfriend. They like orgies, you know.

Really? I would never have guessed!

He laughed and made a funny face, then he reached over and grabbed my dick. Fuck was it up and ready again?!

To be continued …

by Polarbear58

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