At the age of fourteen I knew I was gay and by fifteen I was fully involved in both oral and anal sex with not only some of my buds but with a few of their older brothers as well as grown men that I 'd meet at various places.

During my first couple of years in college I knew what my preference was. I loved men in uniform, any uniform (military, law enforcement, or any other uniform), blue collar workers, and hot muscular hairy tattooed bikers.

I graduated college and spent my off time looking for my type of man. I was somewhat successful in my search on weekends. After a few years, I had earned two weeks vacation and as a bonus for my work, my boss threw in an extra week. I made my plans to go to the gulf coast of Florida where I had been told there were both a naval base as well as an air force base about an hour and a half away.

I hit the road that Friday immediately after work, stopping that night at a motel next to a truck stop. Truckers were what I considered blue collar workers and some wore uniforms. I found that the truck stop restroom had a glory hole and I spent a couple hours there, sucking numerous horny drivers. Just before leaving, one came in that wanted to suck me also. I invited him to my room next door and we spent several hours in hot sex sucking, kissing and making out and fucking each other. He was about my age and hot and married, and knew how to pleasure another guy in bed.

The next day I continued on my way and arrived in Pensacola, Florida about eight that night. I found a nice comfortable inexpensive room at an older hotel near downtown. There was a restaurant and bar off the lobby and before going to my room, I peeked into the bar. My heart raced as I saw numerous hot young guys there in Navy uniforms.

I hurried to my room and put away my bags then returned to the bar, taking a stool next to one sailor sitting alone at the bar. We acknowledged each other and eventually began talking. I found he was from Tennessee and was single and twenty-two years old.

I told him I was on vacation and asked what there was in town to do. He suggested I check out the beach the next day. After a while, I paid for both my and his beers and asked him where the restroom was.

"Go out the door and turn right down the hall. It's down at the end," he said.

I went to the restroom and found a very large old fashion restroom. Old fashion urinals lined one wall, while toilet stalls lined the opposite wall. At one end were numerous sinks. I leaned down and checked for feet in the stalls. I was all alone. I began checking out the stalls, starting up by the sinks. When I got to the last three stalls, I found glory holes. The next to last stall had a glory hole in each side partition. A guy could get two cocks at the same time if he was lucky. I went in and locked the door and after dropping my pants to the floor, I began reading the graffiti on the walls, most of it offering blow jobs and listing dates and room numbers.

After about twenty minutes, I heard the door open. Peering through the crack around the door, I saw two sailors walk in and head to the urinals across the room from me. As I watched, they pissed and talked about being horny and there not many women in the bar. I wanted so badly to tell them that I 'd be glad to service them. After they had washed their hands and started for the door, I cleared my throat and saw them glance my way, before exiting out the door.

I continued to wait and a few minutes later the sailor I was sitting next to came in. I noticed him glance around and as he did I again cleared my throat. He paused then turned and approached the stalls going into the last one. It was on my left and I waited as he unbuttoned his uniform pants and dropped them and his briefs.

He sat down and slipped his right hand between his legs. I leaned toward the hole, making sure he could see me looking through. After a moment, he leaned back some and began stroking his cock.

When I saw that, I immediately placed my open mouth at the hole. As I waited, I heard him ask, "You want to suck it?"

"Yes," I quickly replied.

He stood and turned toward the hole and slipped his cock through. As I swallowed it and began sucking him he moaned aloud and said, 'I've never done this before, but I 'm horny as hell."

I sucked him lovingly and soon brought him to a climax, which was huge. As he filled my mouth I heard "Oh, fuck. Damn, man, that's awesome. Fuck yea!"

When he pulled back, I asked if it really was his first time getting sucked. He said yes and that it was awesome. I told him that I 'd be there a while and if he felt comfortable telling any others that they could come here and get sucked to tell them. He said that there were some he might tell but that they had to be careful because there was an Ensign there and he might get suspicious if they all started coming to the restroom.

He left and I waited. Before long, another sailor came in and went straight to the stall next to the wall. He wasn't shy. as soon as he had his pants down he shoved his cock through the hole. I swallowed him and quickly got him off.

He left and another arrived, then another. In three hours, I had sucked five sailors dry, telling each one that I would be there every night through the following Saturday night.

Just as I was about to leave, I heard the door open. Peeking out of my booth, I saw the Ensign entering the restroom. He looked around then went to the last stall. Dropping his slacks, he made no attempt at hiding his semi-hard cock. he began stroking it and I put my mouth to the hole. He slipped his cock through and I quickly began sucking him.

Before he climaxed, he pulled back and motioned me to put mine through. I was shocked but I did. He immediately swallowed me and began sucking hungrily. After a moment I pulled back and leaned toward the hole and said, "I'm in 302 if you would like to continue this more private."

"Sure. Go ahead. I 'll be up shortly," he replied.

I left and went to my room. About five minutes later he knocked. I let him in and asked, "What made you come to the restroom?"

"I saw several of the enlisted going in and coming out with a smile on their face and whisper to another. Then he'd get up and go. I knew what was going on. I 've done it there myself. Sometime I 'll wear a fake moustache and glasses and civilian clothes and in there and suck them. They just think it's some local guy giving head."

"Nice. You get a lot?"

"several when I get the nerve to do it which is only about once a month. Tonight, I knew someone else was there doing the sucking. I was hoping it was someone with a room. I haven't had a good roll in the sack in months."

"Well, then, let's not waste any time," I said.

He stepped to me and kissed me. We continued to kiss as we undressed each other. Once nude, we got in bed and sucked each other dry. After cuddling a while he looked at me and said, "I need a cock up my ass bad. Please fuck me."

"Gladly," I said.

Seconds later, I was pounding his ass like a wild man, just the way he asked me to.

He left around three but not before I told him how long I 'd be in town and telling him to come back anytime.

Word must have spread because each night after that I had a steady stream of sailors coming into the restroom. The Ensign came back three more nights.

On that Friday, as I sat waiting, a sailor just nineteen came in and went into the stall next to me. I sucked him for just a minute or so before he pulled back and asked if I 'd like to suck two guys at once. I said yes. He said he had a bud and they liked to watch each other get sucked. I thought about the dangers but still invited them to my room.

They arrived and immediately began stripping. Both were nineteen and had joined the Navy together having been best friends in school.

Once we were all nude and I was alternating between their cocks, I discovered that they were both gay also. They both took a load from me and I took theirs. Before they left they asked if I minded if they stayed a while and fucked each other, since they seldom had the chance or the money to get a room. I told them to go for it and it was hot watching them fuck each other.

On Sunday morning, I left and drove to Panama City, where the air force base was located. I found a motel near the base and after a few casual questions found a local establishment nearby where the airmen hung out. It was a small 'Mom and Pop' cafe and bar.

The first night I checked it out and was about to leave when a sergeant that had been sitting a few stools away moved over next to me.

"I haven't seen you here before," he said.

"I'm not from here. I 'm on vacation, just traveling around, stopping where things look interesting."

"You find anything interested here?" he asked as he pressed his leg against mine.

"Yea, a few things," I replied smiling.

"You going to be around long?" he asked.

"All week. I 'm staying down the road at the motel."

"Great. Maybe I 'll see you here again."

"I'll look forward to it. I 'm Tom."

"Nice to meet you. Everyone calls me 'Smokey'," he replied.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"I work for the base fire department, up in the fire tower next to the runways."

"Nice," I said.

"No, boring. Nothing ever happens and you spend eight hours just sitting and watching."

"That's a bummer."

"Yes, it is," he replied. "Well, I need to head back to base. I 'm on foot and it's a little walk."

"Smokey, I 'll be glad to give you a ride, if you'd like."

"Thanks. That would be great."

We left and headed for the main gate of the base. As I drove, he placed his left hand on the console between us letting his finger tips touch my leg. As a signal, I spread my legs as wide as possible. He moved his hand slighly closer to my crotch. I went for broke and reached over and pulled his hand over and placed it on my hard cock. He looked at me and smiled then said, "Take the next right."

I did and it was a small dirt road leading toward the beach. He told me where to stop so as not to get stuck in the sand.

"Let's get out,"he said.

We did and as we stood behind the car, he groped me vigorously, saying "I do it all except sucking cock. I just can't do that but I love getting sucked, kissing and making out and getting fucked."

"Sounds fine with me," I replied. Soon, our shirts were off ad pants down. We-kissed and made out standing there with our hard cocks pressed between our bodies. After the kiss, I knelt down and sucked him dry. After his climax he looked at me and said, "Now fuck my brains out."

With that, he leaned over onto the truck of the car as I slid my hard throbbing cock up his ass. Before long, I was filling his ass with my big thick load.

As I pulled out he said, "Man, did I ever need that. It's been months since I 've had a good fucking."

"Well, I 'll be here all week."

"And I plan to have you up my ass as much as possible. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?"

"None at all. What do you have in mind?"

"I'll meet you at the front gate at two tomorrow afternoon. I 'll get you a visitor's pass. Then after I go on duty, you can come up the tower and fuck me. I 've always wanted to get fucked up there."

"Is it safe?"

"Yea. There is a sensor at the base of the stairs that let's anyone working the tower know that someone is coming up."

"Great. See you at two," I said as we finished redressing.

I met him, and he showed me where the tower was and how to get back to the main gate. I watched for him to come out on the catwalk. That was his signal for me to come up. I did and soon was sucking him dry before plowing his ass there in the tower.

I met Smokey twice more that week. he also told me where I might find other airmen to suck. One was the gym just off base.

I went and got a temporary membership and he was right. Evenings there was filled with airmen and I found that the steam room was a sex parlor. I would suck six to eight every evening. On Friday afternoon, I was there up n the top bench of the steam room. A man in his late twenties came up and soon had his hand between my legs, fondling my hard cock.

We talked and he said he hadn't seen me there before. I told him I was on vacation. We kissed and sucked some before he asked me to his place. I agreed and we dressed and left.

I followed and soon we were stripping in his bedroom. I noticed his uniform on a rack by the wall. He was a Lieutenant with the Air Police. I ended up spending the night with him, doing everything you can imagine.

We exchanged addresses and phone numbers before I left.

When I left, I went back to Pensacola for a few days. On Tuesday, one of the nineteen year olds I took to my room came up to me at the bar and said, "My buddy and I have been talking to some of our other buds that play. There are eight of us here. Would you care for an orgy?"

"Hell yes! I exclaimed. I gave him my room number and said I 'd be waiting. I went to my room and waited. Several minutes later they began arriving, two at a time, with the two I 'd been with before being the first. The three of us stripped and as the others arrived they too, would strip. Soon there were nine of us there all nude and boned, with everyone doing someone. They didn't have to return to base until Wednesday night so they all stayed there in my room all night and half of Wednesday. It was constant sex.

Thursday morning, I headed home to rest up for work. Twice during the day, when I stopped at rest areas I met up and sucked a driver in each one.

Friday, about a hundred miles from home, I met a biker at a truck stop. I saw him head to the restroom and when he hadn't come back out for a while I went in.

I could see his biker boots in one of the stalls. I went into the other and was pleased to see a glory hole. I wanted him badly. I began fondling my cock and he soon was motioning me to put my cock through the hole. I did and he sucked me dry. Afterward, I sucked him dry. after pulling up my jeans, I told him to join me at my table.

Shortly after returning to my table, he joined me. His name was Buck and he was thirty. I said that I was returning home from vacation and he said he was just starting his. I told him I was off until Monday morning and asked if he'd like to spend the weekend with me. He said he would. We left and he followed me home where we sucked and fucked all weekend.

I told him about the hotel bar and restroom and the cafe near the air base and he said he knew where he was going. We exchanged phone numbers with me telling him to let me know how it went.

Two weeks later, on a Friday evening there was a knock on my door. It was Buck. I invited him in and after a long hot wet tongue kiss he said he had never spent a better vacation ad thanked me for telling him about it. He left late Sunday and I knew I 'd never see him again.

The Ensign would take a week off every few months and visit me for the week and we'd have sex most of the night. Then he told me he was being transferred to a base in California.

About three months after he was transferred, Buck suddenly reappeared at my door.

"What a pleasant surprise," I said. "You on vacation again?"

"Nope. I 'm moving here. I got a transfer here with my company."

"Have you found a place to live yet?"

"Not yet," he replied.

"Well, you're welcome to stay here as long as you want," I told him.

"Thanks, I 'd like that."

I asked who he worked for and he aid he as a shipment coordinator for Atlas Van Lines and would be supervising the shipping department at their local terminal.

Nice, so I guess their moving your things free of charge," I said with a laugh.

"Yep, and will store them free of charge as long as needed."

"Buck, would you like to live here with me? We can have sex all you ant but each of us will still be free to find others for sex. You'll have your own room for privacy. I 'm not ready for a commitment yet."

"Neither am I so that sounds great to me."

Buck lived with me for almost three years. We cared deeply for each other but neither of us wanted to be with just one person. Even after he moved to his on place we spent many nights together.

That vacation-is one that I 'll always remember. The hotel is no longer there so I have no idea where the sailors go for sex. I wish I did. I 'd like to relive that vacation.




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