One summer I was on the road to open a new retail store in a nieghboring state to mine, I always enjoyed driving to a new job. The journey there was always one of the best parts of the trip, the anticipation of what new adventures I would have. Thinking about all the possibilities always make every road trip a horny one. I would make my cock rise and fall the whole time.

One of the fun parts was cruising the rest reststops stops and truckstops along the way, ninety percent of the time it was futile, still having to make some kind of descent time on my way to the final destination. Usualy just time spy on a guy pissing next to me at the urinal or peeking though a spy hole drilled in the stall wall. I very seldomly found any real action, and if I did I was too shy or scared to do to much. I stiil enjoyed it and with each stop, my horniness would increase a little bit more.

After a full ten hours on the road, I finly got to the hotel I had a room reserved at, checked in and unloaded my bags, took a shower and got dressed. I got out the phone book and looked for an adult bookstore to visit. I would always be so fuckin horny at this point fron the straight cocks I saw pissing during my stops through out the day. This was a bigger city and I new I'd find one. Sure enough I did.

I hoped in the car and took off toward downtown after finding the location on the city map. I was always a good map reader and had no trouble finding the place. I parked the car and went inside. Damn, another one the those nasty bookstors that was not very clean and pretty much run down. It was very slow, just a few old trolls I assumed where ther every night. I was getting very anxious, wanting find some relief for my damned horny dick. I finally ask the cashier, wo was nice and friendly, if there was a gay bar in town. He smiled as if he knew that I was going to ask that qestion and told me about Smokie's Den and it location. I tanked him and I was on my way again.

Smokie's was only about two blocks away, parked next to the place and walked in, enjoying that rush that always takes place on the walk from the car to thw door. I walked in it was a clean nieghborhood bar feel, long and narrow with a pool table near the font, then a bar on the left side, then next along the wall was the men's room. Man I had to piss bad! I was pissin and thinkin to myself, was this really a gay bar, or was the guy at the bookstore fuckin with me. Just as I was finishing up and tucking my shirt back in may tight wrangler jeans, this hot blond guy walked in and smiled at me and start to piss next to me at urinal. I zipped up and went to the sink. I was washing my hands at the sink next to the urinal he was at, and we playfully exchanged glaces. Still not shure about this place, went out to the bar to get a drink. Man I needed a CC and coke, I was a bundle of nerves at this point.

I sat at the middle of the bar, a few others where at the end toward the center of the bar. They looked and acted like they where the regulars there and boy where they sizeing me up. They acted surprized to see a cowboy stop in this place. I am 6'2' tall, 32'w, med brown hair and a bushy mustache, I was wearing my worn wrangler jeans, Montana Sliver belt buckle, bullhide cowboy boots, button down western shirt, unbuttoned about three buttons, just to show a hint of my hairy chest, and cowboy hat.

I sat for about a minute, wondering where the bartender was. Then he walked behind the bar.... it was the hot guy from the bathroom. He smiled at me that great smile again, introduced himself as Brent, and asked me what my poison was. I told him he could call me Dallas and I wold love a CC and and coke and make it a tall one. Brent said you got it, a tall one for the tall cowboy.

We both laughed and off he went. He came back with my drink and asked if I was new in town. Yes I replied and filled him in on my situation. We had great chat and I ordered another drink. He returned with it and excused my self and went to piss again, I have a penut bladder and I piss about drink for drink.

I walked up to the urinal that I was at befor, and just as I started to piss, in walked Brent. Damn my peanut sized bladder he said, with big grin on his face. You too! I said. He unzipped he jeans and hauled out his dick as his was lookin rite at my cock pouring out its stream. He started to pee too. My eyes where fixed on his nice tool, as his on mine. I could feel my tool start to stiffen in my hand as his was growing rite along with mine. We looked at each other and just grinned as we both sturdy dicks where at full mask. Breat's cock and mine where damn near identical, both cut, about 7 1/2' long, thick around, same mushroom head on it too, even the reef, from where we where cut, was the same. We stocked for each other abit. He said I got to get back out to the bar as I am the only one here tonight. Kewl I said and we tried to stuff our ridged cocks back in our jeans and zipped up.

We got back out to the bar and the others at the bar grined at us as if they knew what we where doing. Brent invited me down to sit with the guys and he would introduce me. We all introduced our selves and talked the rest of the night. About every 30 to 45 minutes Brent and I would take turnx following each other to the bathroom.

Now on our third trip, I followed him in. This time we unbuckled out belts, unzipped and pulled the front of our underwesr down. I was in blue stiped cotton boxers and he in a great pair of tighty whities, so hot. We now reached over played with each other's rock hard pricks, both still letting out the last of there clear streams. We pack out wood back in our pants and washed our hands. Before we walked out he grabed my face and we kissed each other with a white hot passion I've not felt in one hell of a long time. WOOF! was it a great kiss!!!!

Back to the bar we went for more drinks as Brent was now matching me drink for drink... I wonder why? LOL. I realy enjoyed talking to him and was so comfortable with him and his friends at the bar too. I got some change and went to the jukebox and playd about 12 songs. All my favorite counrty songs where there waiting for me. We all enjoyed them and started singing along. Then I noticed I was the only one singing, I stopped and wondered what I did wrong? The guy next to me said don't stop. Brent said plese keep going you got a great voice. The guy next to me saw acualy swooning... lol. When the song was over we all laughed as I started mess up the words me singing by myself.

Brent webt to the pisser again. I waited a bit to follow him as I was talking to one of the other guys. I kindly excused myself and went to piss. We waisted one time whipping out are already hard peckers and we kissed again, reaching down any playing with each others cocks and balls. Then he lift up my shirt and licked my hairy nipple. I let out little moan, I love my nipples played with. He then bite it lightly, my cock started to ooz precum. That rarely happens for me. I was so turned on though. Better get back out there he said, I agreed. We both pissed quick first. We had to pace ourselves as it was only just before midnight and the bar was open 'till 2am.

Time a few more whiskeys and music and laughter. Garth Brooks was playing on the jukebox and I asked Brent if he knew how to two step. Hell yes he said and we danced to Garth's 'Mr Write, or Mr Write Now'. It was a bit awkward and funny as we both wanted to lead, though I won out in the end. We danced together like we had a weeks pratice, it was awesome.

On the way back to the bar we both went in the the head and pissed and made out some more. This time I had to have a taste of this guys dick. I went down on my knees after a few mor hot kisses and pull down his zipper with just my teath. Undid his belt and unbottoned hid jean with my teeth too. pull the front of his shorts down and just grabbed his ass cheeks and swallowed all 7 and ahalf inches deep down my hungry throat. It tasted so good, all that precum built up on it smelled great and was sweet on my tounge. He growned from deep down inside him and told me I'd better stop or he would blow his load wright then and there. I didn't want to stop, honored hus wished. He softly said, your next.

Once again we headed back out to the bar boners packed tight and bulgeing in our jeans. We played some pool, drank somemore and laughed a lot. It was approaching 2am and Brent gave last call to everone and asked if I would hang around while he cleaned up. I said hell yea. We both just smiled and laughed .

After the others left he locked the door and stood there grining at me. He said come her you sexy fucker, it's my turn to suck that fat bullhorn of ours. We plugged some more change in the jukebox and slow started to undress each other on the dance floor. Shirts flew off first, exploring each other hairy chests, mine a bit more thicker and darker than his golden blonde curls. We lick and nibbled each others nipples to the point where our jeans where about rip open on there own accord. We kiss deep some more and we couldn't any more. Off went our jeans, my boots and his sneakers, we were just in our underware. Me in my stripped boxers, hard rod standing out of the fly and Brent's cock begging to be set free of its white briefs prison . He dropped to his knees and yelled its your turn to feel a hot wet mouth on your sweet cock! He went down on my throbibg shaft like it was going to be his last meal. Damn he was so skilled at workin my cock. I looked down and he was feverishly working his precum in to his throbing 7 and a half inches like he was polishing a gemstone. He all of a sudden releast rope apon rope of hot sweet jiz on the dance floor. that made blow me load down his hungry throt. ffffffuuuuucccckkk! I shouted out load.

We both laid ther on the floor spent, we kissed and thoght we should get out of there before the cops checked to see why the bar was still lit up. We got dressed I ask if he wanted to go to my motel room. He grabbed my crotch and said try and stop me!

this was the start of an awesome two weeks. More about that next time.

this is my first story, more to cum if you like it. It is 98% true too.



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