Wayne is, I'm sure, exactly the type of person that the bathhouse

was hopeing for when they gave away the 8 Hour Free Pass, as one the door

prizes at the Gay Pride Festival.

Wayne just happens to be one of those 'pretty boys' that any

bathhouse would love to have hanging around. Age 23, 5'11', 185 pounds, 44

inch chest, 32 inch waist, short dark brown flat top, a bubble butt made of

stone, that anybody in their right mind would love to fuck, and a very

respectably long and thick dick.

Wayne is on the phone telling his sex buddy Mike all about his

visit, on his bathhouse pass.

'Mike, I had never been in a bathhouse before, and when I won that

pass I really wasn't sure if I wanted too use it or give it to somebody

else. Mike, I am so damn glad I did use it! Everybody there on the staff

was great to me. I guess they could all tell that I had never done the

bathhouse thing before, and they all really took me by the arm, so to say,

and really made it a great day, well actually a great night, for me.'

'I had already been told that to go in either really late in the

day, like maybe 11:00 or so, or on the week-end. This is the best time to

go, since that is when they are busier and there are more guys there.'

'When I went in, I, of course, was nervous and kind of scared since

I had never done this kind of thing before. I handed the guy at the

counter my pass and he immediately called me by name. I guess they had all

been told that when that door prize pass came in, that I was the winner.

So, anyway he immediately asked me if I had ever been there before and I,

of course, told him,-- No. He then said that he would get someone to show

me around.'

'Mike they have a complete weight lifting gym, a steam room, a dry

sauna room, of course showers, a lounge room, and I don't know--- probably

40 or 50 individual rooms of all shapes and sizes. Some of the rooms are

bigger, and that is what they gave me, one of the bigger rooms. Some of

the small rooms really are very small. Just a bed, and that is it. Kind

of like a closet. Mine was big enough to have a double bed, mind you, --a

double bed, a table beside the bed, a chair and some walk around space.

Mine also had a lamp on the wall that had a dimmer switch on it so that you

could turn it up or down as you wanted.'

'The guy that showed me around was named Todd. While we where on

our tour, I saw a lot of guys just laying in their rooms with the door

open, and the light either off, or if it was one of the rooms with a

dimmer, turned down kind of low. Some of the guys were laying there on

their backs, and most of them had some part of a hard-on, and then some of

them were laying on their stomach. As we walked past the ones on their

stomachs, Todd would kind of say really low, 'a bottom'. So I kind of

gathered that if you were mostly a bottom and wanted some guy to fuck you,

then you laid there where your ass was kind of on display. We did go past

a couple of doors where some guys were playing with each other, but had not

closed the door all the way. That's when Todd would tell me, they are

looking for a third. I really appreciated Todd's comments. I'm sure he

was aware that those comments were kind of helping me understand some of

the normal stuff that goes on in there.'

'I got there about 10:00 and I do admit that it did not look too

busy, but there were a lot of cars in the parking lot, so I guess a lot of

guys were in there, just behind closed doors.'

'After Todd and I got all done with our tour, he took me to the

room that I was given for the night. Like I said, it was one of the larger

rooms. It was right at the end of a hallway too. So if I had the door

open, I could see whoever was walking down the hall. My room, just like

all of the rest of them had a sign on the wall that read, 'The rubbers are

free---USE THEM! There were four condoms on the table beside the bed, and

on the dish where they were stacked was a sign that said,--- 'If no condoms

are available, go to the front desk and just get some from the basket.

They are free!' I really liked that! I really did not expect them to

supply the condoms. I had brought some in my gym bag, along with some lube

since I knew damn well that before I got out of there I would be getting my

ass fucked at some time, buy some guy, and hopefully more than just once!

I had some tit clamps, and some cock rings with me too. You know how I

love to use tit clamps on my tits when I am getting played with, so I

decided to make sure I had some with me.'

'I went in the room, got all undressed and tied the towel around my

waist like I had seen the other guys in there do. Then I just kind of went

for a walk. I found some more places that Todd had not shown me. There is

a maze room, where it's like walking though a puzzle, but there are also

some good old dead end hiding places where a guy can stand there and get

played with. That place has a lot of glory holes in it too. There were at

least two rooms that have slings in them. There might be more, but I saw

two that had the doors open. There is a large room that I guess must be

for gang activity or for a place where guys that like to be seen having sex

can use. There are probably 8 or 10 beds, all in that one room. When I

went past it early, it was empty, but later in the night, that room was

damn near full.'

After I walked around for a while, and thank goodness, had some

guys kind of checking me out, I went back to my room. I went in and left

the door part way open. I turned the light down kind of low. I guess it

was easier for me to see the guys in the hallway than for them to see me

since a few of them would kind of stop, then stick their heads in the door

and talk for a few minutes. Things like, am I from around here, how long

am I going to be there at the bath and that kind of bull shit. Nothing


'A couple of guys did come in and stand beside the bed and grab my

cock and kind of stroke it while we talked. I was laying on my back, so I

guess from what Todd had told me, none of them were assuming that I was a

bottom. My attitude right then was hey man, I'll do anything, so just give

me time and I'm sure I will be laying on my stomach a little later with the

door fully open, and the light up bright.'

'Some guy named Joe, if I remember right, came into my room. Never

said anything. Nothing the entire time he was in there, and he just walked

in, looked at me up and down, reached out and grabbed ahold of my cock, and

started sucking on it. Man, I was in glory! I was finally in a bathhouse,

which I have wanted to go to for a long time, but was too damn afraid to

admit it, and now I was there, totally naked, laying on my back in a room

that everybody can walk past and look in at me, sporting a solid hard-on,

and having another guy sucking on it. Mike, I was in heaven!'

'I thought it was kind of funny, but he knew that I was about to

shoot a load, and all of a sudden he pulled off. He looked at me, and then

actually the one word that he did say while in there was then, and he said,

'Later'! Then he simply turned and left. Yea-he left me with a ragging

hard-on. But I was not complaining. It felt good, and I knew I'd have no

problem of letting a load fly sometime later.'

'I got up, put the towel around me again, and took another hike

through the building. It did seem to be getting busier and busier to me.

Or anyway, maybe more of the guys were out of the rooms. On this walk, I

found another room that I had not seen yet. It was just a TV room, TV hung

from up on the wall, and then some built in benches along the walls. Of

course everybody sitting in there had nothing on, not even a towel. I kind

of guess it must serve as the public display space. I do admit that I did

see some nice looking cocks in there. A couple of them I did want to get

together with later. Hey, man, I mean, if a guy is going to just sit there

and show it off to anybody that looks at it, then if it is large enough,

and stiff enough, then I am eager enough to take care of it!'

'Mike, I really can not believe that I had never been in a

bathhouse before! Shit man, I have now found my home!'

'After I walked around for awhile, I did kind of notice that the

same guys were always behind me. I found out later that what they were

doing is watching to see what room I went into. Hell man, they should have

just asked, I'd have told them!'

'After my little tour, I went back to the room. I left the door

partly open, I turned the light to dim, and laid down on the bed on my

stomach. Well, I guess Phil, or so he told me his name was, was damn hot

and heavy for doing some bottom's ass. He walked in, put his hand on the

middle of my back, and told me to just lay there, don't move. So I did.

He laid down on top of me. Now you've got to know, --I have no idea in

hell, of who is laying on me. Skin to skin. My bare and vulnerable ass in

the air, and I have not one single idea of who the naked guy is that is now

laying right on me. Right then all I could think of was, I hope like hell

that this guy, that is just about ready to start fucking my ass, or anyway

I assume that is what is happening back there, is a hot looking stud, and

not some queen type of a fairy. I like to get fucked by real men, and not

some type of a fairy queen!'

'Mike he was no fairy queen! He was all man! Of course I really

did not know that until he got all done with my butt hole. When he came in

and put his hand on my back, then he climbed on my back and just laid there

for a moment. Then I felt him kind of raise up some, I saw him reach over

and take a rubber, I felt him put it on, then I saw him take some lube from

the table. I could tell he was rubbing it on his dick. He rubbed a little

on my ass hole. He probably did that just to clean the excess off of his

fingers. Thank God! I thought! Thank God, whoever he is, he's not the

kind of a guy that gets real turned on by dry fucks. Especially since I

have no idea at all, of how damn big his cock might be.'

'He lubed up, and I felt the tip of his cock hit my ass. His chest

and upper part of his body was laying solidly on my back, but his crotch

was up in the air. He got his dick all lined up, and then softly asked,

you ready young kid? Then without me giving him any answer, since I really

did not have any chance to, he pushed it in me. I groaned. Then I kind of

moaned. Then he asked if I was OK. I told him, Yea, I'm OK, but man that

is the first dick I've had up in there tonight, and it is really tight.

Then he just relaxed on me and told me that he would just lay there and let

my ass get used to it. When we did that, then it really started to feel


'While he was just laying there, some other guy came in the room

and walked up beside the bed. Phil told him that this was a private

session, and asked them man to close the door as he left please. The man

certainly did understand, and he left and I heard the door snap shut. Now

I was in a situation where I did not know who either man was,--- the one

currently in my butt, nor the man that had walked in an looked at us.'

'Phil started to use my ass some more, after he laid there on it

for a few moments. He asked me if everything was OK. I told him,--Yea,

it's all feeling OK now. Well I guess that was the signal for him to see

just how rough, hard and fast he could fuck me.'

'Mike, I am sure he must have been in my ass, and fucking me as

hard as he could for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Mike, I mean hard, steady,

rough and fast action. I really do think he was trying to get me to yell

Uncle or something. I guess he found himself one hot and hungry ass hole,

because I took everything that he could give me.'

'Mike, you remember that night when Jack decided that he wanted to

see just how much I could take all in one night, and he got you and those

three other guys together so you guys could fuck me as fast and as long as

possible,---well this guy fucked me harder than any of you guys did that

night. Mike, I mean, I really got it from this Phil guy!'

'I must be weird or something, Mike. The more I get fucked, the

rougher I get fucked, the harder I get fucked,--- the more, the rougher,

the harder, I want it! Mike, I really don't like to stop! I must be a

nymphomaniac in the ass! Shit man, give it to me, and I will want more!'

'Phil finally got done and actually collapsed on my back. We just

laid there for a few minutes, then he finally rolled off of me. That was

the first time that I got to see just who was fucking my ass so wild.

Mike, he is a guy that I want to get to know better if at all possible. He

told me he is 45, of course--- married, yea--to a woman--- he's a former

weight lifter that is still in damn good shape. He said he has been a

member of the bathhouse for about three years, and he usually gets there

about once a week, to do exactly what he had just done, and that is to fuck

the hell out of some guy's ass. Said he likes to fuck really hard, and so

he uses the guys for that, since he has to be nice and gentle at home with

the little wifey. He told me that she knows he comes in there and fucks

the guys since she also knows he likes to get really rough when he fucks,

and she can't take it. So for him to fuck the guys, is OK with her.'

'I gave him my phone number and told him to call me anytime he

needed an ass, and he said he definitely would. He told me, that I am the

first guy in about a year that did not beg for him to stop before he got

ready to. I told him that he can fuck my ass as rough and as hard as he

could, and I will never yell about it. Except for maybe to yell for him to

do it rougher! He told me that he really does want us to do some getting

together as often as possible. Mike, I guess he liked fucking me, didn't


'Yea, I guess he must have!' Mike replied. 'But shit Wayne, I

don't know of any guy that has fucked your ass that did not want to get

back at it again! You've got an ass of gold man! So then what did you do

after Phil fucked you crazy?'

I got up, did the ole towel thing and as he left the room, I headed

for the shower room and the steam room. Well guess what man!'

'I guess Phil and I must have been making a little more noise than

I figured. When we opened the door, five guys were all outside leaning

against the wall. One guy asked,--OK guys, which one was the bottom?'

'Phil just kind of grinned, and pointed his thumb back at me. Hey

man, that made me feel kind of good. I kind of felt like Phil was telling

all of those guys,-- He is the bottom, and you already know damn well that

he can take whatever you dish out!'

'Phil showered and told me that he was going to go hit the road,

since he had already hit some male ass for the night. I kind of laughed at

him and again made him promise to give me a call. I told him that we

didn't need to get together only here at the bathhouse, we cold use my

place too, and he liked the sounds of that. He left the shower room, and I

went into the steam room. Yea--I know--shower room, then the steam room?

Kind of jack ass backwards, right?'

After I steamed for awhile, a good looking guy about my age came

in. We started talking. Well-anyway, the end result was he wanted me to

come fuck him in his room. He said that he liked to have sex in public,

and wanted me to fuck him with the door open, and the light fully on. He

said getting fucked in front of people that he did not know, turned him on.

I said, ---Fine with me, let's go for it!'

'We went to his room. He opened the door as far as it would go, and

he turned on the overhead light. He told me that he always requested this

particular room since it always had more traffic in front of it than any

other room that he knew of.'

'He laid down on the bed, I got one of the rubbers off of the

table, but it on, lubed it up, and entered his ass. One push, and I was

in. And Mike, I was in all of the way! Either his ass had been fucked a

lot already that night, or he just plain took big dicks with no problem.

His ass was fun, and yes we did have some guys stop by and watch me fuck

him. One guy did not leave. Without asking, he mounted me. I of course

was not going to complain or tell him to get off. I loved the

situation. The only problem was, I, of course, did have trouble trying to

fuck my bottom guy. I still do not know his name, but he liked what was

happening too.'

'The new guy, just came in, watched for a minute or two, and all of

a sudden climbed up on top of me. I had to kind of just lay there and kind

of hug the bottom boy. The guy on top was really the only one that could

move. So he fucked my ass, and with his force in my ass, then I fucked my

bottom boy's ass. Hey, Mike, I really loved it! Shit man! It felt good

having my dick in some guy's ass, and then having some other guy's dick

rammed up in my ass. We did that for probably 20 minutes or more.'

Other guys would come in the room or at least to the door, and I

guess I kind of found out that I like to have sex in front of others too.

It turned me on knowing that other guys were watching me fuck that guy

under me, and at the same time, get fucked by the guy on top of me. Shit

man! That was hot!'

'I could tell that the guy that was in me was getting real ready to

shoot off! His body tightened up and got all rigid. I knew he had a

rubber on, so I let him cum in my ass, as he was using my ass hole for all

it's worth. He was really humping and bumping my ass, which then kind of

made me do the same to the guy under me.'

'Mike, I was involved in a stacked three way, with me in the

middle, and I have no idea of who in the hell those other two guys are.

All of a sudden I realized that this was the second time tonight that I was

getting fuck in my ass by some guy that I could not point out in a line up

if I had to. Two fuckers in my ass so far tonight, and I have no idea of

what that person even looks like. Mike, I decided that yes, I was

obviously becoming a real ass slut. I was letting anything that has a

dick, go to me. Mike, I know I'm getting way too damn anxious to have a

guy fuck me, even some guy that I have never even looked at, but Mike, I

find that really exciting. I guess it's kind of like guys that like to get

sucked off in glory holes, but never know who the sucker was. Well I guess

it must be the same with me, but with me, it's getting fucked in the ass.'

'You know Mike, both of those guys that night, I finally talked to

them and know who and what they are. You know Mike! You know, now I

really do want some guy to fuck my ass, and then leave without me ever

talking to him, or me seeing him! I think it would be exciting to know

that there is some guy, someplace, that has been up in my ass, has fucked

me with his dick, and I could be standing someplace, talking to him, and

never know he is the one, that has been up in my ass! Mike--that turns me


'Wayne, I've heard of other guys before that got it in the ass and

never found out who their fucker was. Wayne, I think that turns on a lot

of guys. Yea--I even find it quite interesting and kind of exciting. I've

never done it, but hey-maybe someday. So, anyway, after the three stack

fuck, then what did you do?'

'Oh once again back to the shower room, of course. It seems that

it is common action to always go to the shower room after some good

fucking, even if you don't really need a shower. You know, Mike. I think

that is kind of part of the naked parading that guys like to do. Fuck or

get fucked, then go parade some. And hell yes, we all know that to parade

naked and with it hanging all out, is a hell of a lot more fun that walking

around with it all hidden up inside of some shorts or behind a towel.'

'After the shower, I walked the hallways a little. I happened

upon one of the rooms that has a sling in it. Well, I guess there are guys

that like to be fisted in private, and then there are those that like to

get fisted in public. Well anyway, this little small guy was in the sling,

and was getting some guy's arm up in his ass. The guy getting fisted

looked too small to take anything, including a thin dildo up in his as, but

by God he was taking this guy's hand, and almost all of his arm up to the

guy's elbow. And the fister guy was not a small guy. I wondered just how

big of a fist he had up in that guy's ass hole. I really do wish I had

been there when he pushed his fist up in there. I would have loved to see

how that little guy took it. I really wondered if that little guy screamed

and cried any when that fist went up in his ass. Mike, watching that guy's

arm go in and out of that little body was really exciting!'

'And I don't mean to just me! At one time 10 guys were all around

the sling watching that small guy get that fist. The fister guy kept

asking him if he was OK, and the little guy kept saying, 'Yes', and always

begged for more.'

'A couple of guys standing there I know will never have a fist up

in his ass. God! Some of them sounded like little old women. I wanted to

tell them, ---If this is so bad for you, why in the hell are you standing

here watching? You want it more than you want to admit it, don't you?'

'Mike, you know, some of the guys have some really funny ways of

getting there jollys!'

'What you mean, Wayne?' Mike asked. 'What do you mean? Like


'Well there was this one guy that I found, well actually just

happened to walk past his door after I left the shower, that all he wants

to do is give guys a vacuum job on their cocks. He has a cock vacuum pump,

and a whole selection of different sizes of tubes, so that he has one to

fit all sizes of dick, and he like to give guys cock vacuum treatment. All

he asked for in return, is to get to suck on your dick a little, after it

is all pumped up as much as you want. He doesn't want you to cum, he just

wants to put it in his mouth and suck on it a little after it is all big

and tight.'

'Wayne, did you do that? Did you get your cock pumped?' Mike


'Oh yea man, I did! I had seen pictures of pumps before, and I

kind of wondered about them, but I had never been around one before, so

sure, I took him up on it. Mike, damn man--that feels damn good! Really

Mike, it does make your dick bigger, both longer and thicker, and it really

makes it all tight. Of course it does not last very long after you take

the pump off of it, but man it feels so damn good while the pump is on it.

And you can disconnect the tube from the actual pump, while the tube is

still on your dick, so actually if you were like at home, you could pump

yourself up, disconnect the pump and walk around for a while with the

vacuum tube still on. The guy that does that there at the bathhouse told

me that he pumps himself up all of the time, and the does something like

house cleaning or ironing or something like that while he is still pumped

full. He told me that it feels really good and is kind of exciting to walk

around with the tube still sucked onto you.'

'Hey Mike. After getting pumped up there, I am going to get myself

a cock pump. I do want to pump it up and then take the pump off of the

tube and just spend some time with the tube sucked onto me. Mike, it felt

so damn good.'

'Oh and besides, after you let him do that to your dick, your dick

is actually thicker for awhile, so some of the guys there do pay more

attention to it. I'm not so sure it stays any longer, but I could tell

that it was thicker and stronger looking. And oh man! It felt so damn


'OK, so now you've got your dick all pumped up, then what did you


'Well the whole time that he was pumping me up, I just kept

thinking about that guy getting fisted, and so after I got all pumped, I

want back to see if he was still in the sling, and was still getting

fisted. He was there, but now he was the fister! He watched me watching

him fist some guy, and he then asked me if I wanted to get fisted. Without

thinking I said 'Yes'. All of sudden I wondered just what in the hell I

had said. Then I thought, well I've tried to get it before, and I just

never took the whole fist, but maybe this guy can get it up in me, so I

didn't run.'

'I kind of hung around while he finished up on that guy. The guy

getting fisted started to kind of beg for them to stop. He said that he

had been fisted enough. He needed to quit. The fister, his name was

Warren, then told me to jump into the sling. I did!'

'I got up in the sling, and he strapped my ankles to the straps

that hold your legs up in the air. I started breathing kind of heavy. He

noticed that, and asked if I had never been fisted before. I told him,

that a couple of times, I had tried, but did not get the fist all the way

in, and also told him I was with guys that were not very patient. I was

really hopeing that maybe I would actually be able to take his fist, and if

I can, then part of his arm too!'

'He told me, --that is the attempt!'

'Mike, I got greased up like never before. I don't mean so much

grease, but the kind and loving way that he did it! He actually acted kind

of like he was in love with my ass. Man, he really knows how to turn a

guy's ass on. I really do think that the way he caressed it and kind of

made love to it, did open it up some and relax it some before he even

started using his hand on it!'

'He got it all greased, and I saw him put a lot of grease on his

hand, and then up on his arm. When he put it on his arm, I told him, Well

man--you certainly are a positive thinker aren't you? He told me yea, he

is, and before we are done, I will be glad the grease is up that far on his

arm. I thought-Oh yea. Right! I wish!'

'Oh God Mike. He almost sent me into another world. I was so damn

relaxed and so comfortable. My ass was actually begging for his hand. I

know it was. I could feel it wiggling and kind of sucking on his fingers

and then on his hand. Mike I kid you not, all of a sudden, I felt his hand

go inside of me. I only jumped just a little. It hardy hurt at all. Yea, I

did feel it. And I would be lying if I said that it did not hurt at all,

but Mike, his hand went up in me within probably 10 minutes of us starting.

God, Mike! With the other guys that I had tried to get fisted by, we tried

for almost an hour each time. Yea, I do admit that this guy is a smaller

guy, but when we compared hand sizes later, after I expressed my shock in

getting his fist in me so fast, his hand and my hand is the same size.'

'Mike, not only did he get his hand up in my ass, he also put all

of his arm, right up to the elbow up inside of me. Oh Mike! That is what

I had been dreaming of for a long time. Mike I finally got fisted, and not

only with the fist, but with his arm too! Oh Mike! I am so happy to

finally get that done to me. Hey that one guys likes to vacuum pump guy's

dicks for his excitement, well, I now know that getting fisted up to a

guy's elbow is my excitement!'

'God Wayne! Shit man! What else did you do that night? What time

was it when you got done getting that guy's arm up in you? How late had it

gotten, by then?'

'Well as I went to the shower again, but this time I really did

need to since my ass was all full of grease, I noticed the clock said


'I showered down, and knew that I really should be leaving, but

man, my pass was for 8 hours, and I really did not want to loose any of it,

so I stayed. I still had about 2 and a half hours left on it, and I wanted

to play the whole time.'

'By that time the crowd had really thinned out, and only the guys

like me, the really horny guys were still there. The vacuum guy was still

there and I let him do me again, since it felt do damn good. Mike, I am

going to get myself a cock vacuum, and when I do, I'll let you use it and

then you will see how great it feels.'

I let the vacuum guy use me, for some of his fun, and of course,

for my good feelings too, and then I of course walked the hallways again.

I found a guy on his stomach, with his door standing wide open, and his

light on kind of bright!'

'I went in and checked him out. I decided he was hot, and besides

I really did want to fuck some guy since my dick was feeling all pumped up

and tight.'

'I walked in, walked up beside the bed, he turned and looked at me,

and then laid his head back down. That was a signal to me, that I could

fuck his tight little ass. Well actually it was not, in no way, a little

ass. It might be a tight ass, but no way in hell, a little ass. This was

one big black man that had a lot of ass.'

'I've fucked black asses before, and I have been fucked by big

black men before, but I had never fucked a black ass as big and as strong

looking as this one. Right then I was damn glad that I had just been

pumped up with that cock pump. I was really feeling like if he was even

going to feel me go in him, then I needed to be as big as possible'

'I mounted his back and for just a few minutes, I just laid there

and enjoyed the feeling of this great big strong beefy man under me. You

know, Mike. Whenever I get a chance to do that, it always makes me feel so

good that some really big, big strong muscular kind of a guy, will just let

me lay on top of him, or play with him or whatever is happening. I just

feel so good. I feel like I'm kind of like a fly on their back and he

could swat at me and knock me off anytime that he wanted, so I feel so

-privileged, I guess, to get to be part of their sex fun.'

'Anyway, I laid there, and enjoyed him. Then I reached over, got a

rubber, put it on, then greased his ass, not my dick, but rather his ass

with some grease. I could have done my dick, but I really wanted to kind

of love on that ass like that fister did to my ass. I wanted to love it.'

I raised myself up, and got my pumped up dick in place and pushed

it in. He just laid there. My dick did not cause him any discomfort at

all. He did move rather with my motions, and he did enjoy it. It was just

such that with his big strong body, it would take a semi-truck driving in

and out of there to make him feel like anything big was up in there.'

'All of a sudden, he reached down, grabbed a can of grease, handed

it back to me, and told me to get some more in his ass, and reach up in

there and feel the inside of him!'

'Oh shit, Mike! I almost crapped. Oh shit Mike, this great big

muscle guy wanted me to fist him. Mike, now I was really living on the

edge of the world! Never in the wildest world did I ever think that

getting to go to a bathhouse for a night would ever end up with something

like this! Oh My God, Man! My hand up inside of someone like this? This

was way to much for me to believe! To me, fisting some little white ass

would be fun, which I had never done before, either, but to be told to

reach up inside of this hunk of a man, this was way too exciting. And he

wasn't telling me to fist him, he was telling me to reach up inside of him.

To me that was even hotter than just fisting. I had never heard of

---reaching up inside of some guy, before!'

'I grabbed the can, pulled my dick out of his ass, and starting

packing his ass with grease. Not too much, he told me. I won't need too


'I lubed up that hole, took one deep breath, and put my hand at his

ass hole. OK, I heard him say. You've found my ass hole, now go up in


'I put my fingers in, kind of wiggled them a little, then I pushed

some more. Go in man! He told me. Put your hand up in my ass, man! He

was getting really firm in his instructions. He was wanting me and my hand

up in there, and he was getting impatient.'

'All of a sudden, I plunged forward! My hand went in. I pushed

again, and it went in deeper. I pushed again and it went in farther. I

looked at my arm, and as I pushed, I actually watched my arm disappear up

into his ass!'

'Come on man! I heard him again tell me. Push some more!'

Mike, I was about to shit my pants, except I did not have any on!

I was already in up to my elbow.'

'I did like I was told. I reached in farther. I pushed my arm in

more. I lost sight of my elbow, it was in the man's ass. Push in some

more, he told me. Give me your shoulder man. I want to feel your shoulder

up against my ass hole, man.'

'Michael, I do not know where in the hell my arm went to. I really

do not! All I know now is that I pushed some more, and I actually did have

my shoulder up against his butt. Then he told me to just lay there and

feel his insides. I did! He told me to wiggle my fingers some. I did!

Oh God Mike! I could not believe that I was that far up inside of some

guy, even though he was a really big guy. I just laid there and was in

shock as to what I had just done or what I was, in-fact, in the middle of

doing! My entire arm up inside of a guy's ass. I could not believe it,

although it was my very own arm!'

'OK man. He told me. Start taking it back out, but do it real

slowly so that I can enjoy it all the way. Pull your arm out of me real

slowly, I want to feel all of it.'

'Mike, I pulled my entire arm out of his ass. I did not know any

person could stick something that big up in their ass. Mike I was


'As I pulled my hand out, my big man reached over, grabbed some

paper towels and told me to wipe the grease off of my arm. Then he very

seriously told me, ---Thank you man! You did good! That felt good.'

'As he was talking and thanking me for the fisting, he turned over

and let his eleven inch rod get all exposed. I gasped as I saw it. He

looked at me and simply asked. Like it?'

I of course stuttered and tried to say yes. He took ahold of my

head and started to pull it down onto that rod. I gasped again. Oh My God

I told him. Oh God man, I don't know if I can.'

He told me, that's right, we don't know if you can, but we do know

you can try, don't we?'

'Yea I told him, and then I did actually try. Mike I could only

get a small part of his dick in my mouth. Mike, that damn thing was bigger,

a whole lot bigger than any other dick I had ever seen, let alone try to

get in my mouth.'

After I did the best that I could for quite awhile, he then turned

me over and placed me on my stomach. Then he told me that he knew it would

go in my butt. He had watched me get the fisting earlier. He knew it was

smaller than a fist and an arm. He then told me that since he knew I had

just gotten fisted, that is why he wanted me to fist him. He knew that I

would know how to do a guy's ass, since I had it done to me. He told me

that he will never let a guy fist him, that does not get fisted himself.'

Mike, he fucked me! Mike I swear that cock felt bigger, a whole

lot bigger than a fist. I have never, well like I said, I have never seen a

cock on any guy that was that big. And then to realize that I got it up in

my ass, well that makes me feel more like a real man, myself, now!'

'My God Wayne! I can't believe this. You did all of that one just

one night at the bathhouse? Shit man. I am going to go join the

bathhouse, but by God I had better have the same activity that you got. I

have never heard of any guy getting that much sex activity all in one night

before! Was that the end of your night, or did you make it with someone

else too, before you left?'

'No that was it Mike. Shawn, the big black man and I exchanged

names, addresses and phone numbers, and promised to stay in contact with

each other.

'I once again hit the showers, dressed and left.'

'Oh, the one last thing that I did do before I left that morning

though was, I signed up for a year's membership. Man, I am looking forward

to one hell of an exciting year!'




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