*Long story, but if you'll deserve the sex scene at the end.*


There's something in his eyes that makes me melt inside, that leaves butterflies fluttering in my stomach. It's more beautiful than anything I've seen before. It's a mix of blue and green - almost turquoise.

He has soft, ice-blonde hair combed and waxed handsomely to the back. He has a button nose he hates but I find so adorable. His nicely-toned muscles that shapes his shirt is ever so tempting. His cheeky, yet impeccable smile - it can light up an entire city. But there's something in his delicate eyes that beats the rest.

It's hard to admit, but he's perfect. Everything about him. He's charming, he's shy, he's sensitive, he's everything I could ever ask for.

I've known Oliver all my life. As miraculous as this might sound, we were born on the same day: August 2nd - a Monday. We were born at St. Margaret's, where our folks met. Oliver is my best friend. We were so different - like a cat and a dog, night and day, salt and pepper! -- but nothing in the world could set us apart. When we were twelve I didn't know I was gay. Heck, I didn't even know what homosexuality is. Then I started having feelings for him. We did everything together. He would usually come to my house for sleepovers for movies, or just to hang. He'd come to mine too. We'd get into trouble together, like the time we were both grounded for a month for slipping my goldfish into Aunt Robin's blouse, and that other time we skipped school to watch a Christina concert when she came to Chicago. The times we spent together were mind-blowing.

But then we grew up. When I was thirteen my parents separated and my family was in pieces. Then my father was sentenced to jail for drug trafficking. My mother died of leukemia. And at the very time I needed him the most, I found out he vanished to Derry, in Ireland.

I was the only child, and I was all alone. When I turned 18 my grandparents, who took care of me, decided I could live on my own. I worked hard in school. So damn hard you have absolutely no idea. I was determined to live in success. I wanted to travel the world. I got through my grades and the next thing I knew I was holding a letter I've been waiting for my entire life.

'Lux et veritas,' I said out loud.

'LUX ET FUCKING VERRRRRRRRITAS BABY'. I could almost scream as joy filled me up. At that moment I knew I'd start a new life, a brand new one. I was admitted to Yale University.

Although after all these years, a day hasn't passed without Oliver in my head, wondering where he is, or what he's doing.

There I was sitting on my bed, adjusting myself to the cold in Connecticut winter. It was my first day. I thought of where I'd be once I was done there, but I wasn't even close. The door swung open without warning as an overweight guy about, say 20-ish, distracts my sentimental drama movie-moment. He immediately lets out a loud 'Hi!' as his hand appeared in front of me. Well, that wasn't the cute room mate I expected, but okay.

'Hello there,' I chortled.

'Garret,' he responded swiftly, as if in a rush to somewhere.

'I'm Frank. I'm from Chicago. I'm taking Architecture here. What about you?'

'Garret - wait I already said that - uh I'm from Pretoria, which is in South Africa in case you don't know and, uhh..., uhh..., I'm taking Law,'

'Okay,' I whistled as he dashed to the bathroom, 'I'll take the bed with the window, thanks!'

I fished out my iPod out of my bag as I locked my earpieces into place. I was exhausted after a long 6-hour flight. But the adventure ahead of me got me off my bed.

I slipped into my slim jeans and buttoned my father's favorite white silk shirt as I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked so much like him. I have his brown hair, brown eyes, and thick eyebrows. I beamed.

I whispered with self-admiration, 'I be gettin' da ladies'.

As soon as I left the door I entered a large corridor. I walked across the bamboo floor and entered the common park. I toured around the school and marveled at the beauty of the place. After a few minutes I felt the sudden urge to pee. I turned around and marched straight back to my block. As I reached my one-room apartment, a familiar voice caught my attention. It was... deep. I recognized it as if I've heard it before. I looped around and discovered a man gazing at me.

'Frank?' he said.

'Oh my God Frank?' he continued, 'Frank, answer me! What the hell, is that really you?'

I was paralyzed. My heart started beating faster, and faster.


'Oh my fucking God, Frank!' he came closer and wrapped tightly around me.

'Where the hell have you been?' he repeated over and over.

I inspected him as he let go of me. His beauty arrested me yet again. He was neatly dressed in a plaid shirt and looking as amazing as ever.

'Where the hell have I been? The last time I checked, I wasn't the one who flew off to Ireland', I snapped.

He frowned upon my hostile gesture.

'Are you studying here now? What are you studying? Since when? Frank, how are you?'

I was blank as he made his rather polite statement.

'Frank, Oh my God I can't believe you're here. I fucking miss you! Let's go get lunch or something I want to catch up!' Oliver continued.

Then I remembered, 'Hang on, I need to pee,'

It was bizarre suddenly bumping into him as if I bumped into an old friend when I know it was so much more than that. That afternoon we had lunch and I told him what happened to me after he left. I shed a few tears as he bent over to hug me again. I learnt that his escape to Europe was because his father continued his real-estate career all over Ireland and it was against Oliver's will. I didn't blame him. I couldn't. He came to Yale a year before to offer Art.

Months later I realized that the times we shared together when we were younger repeated themselves. We had so much fun. I mixed around with his friends and we spent our days cramming and sitting in lecture halls but we partied like wild Yale bulldogs at night. I got closer, and closer to him just like I was before. I knew him, again. And the feelings I had? They came along too.

We were chilling at Nicolette's summer house where she had all to herself. It was humongous. Her great uncle left it to her after he passed. There were six of us in a clique of friends. She invited us for poker and said we could sleep there during the break. I hated poker but I agreed to drop by to have a swim at the beach that almost nobody goes to.

It was two in the morning. I was still on the beach, appreciating its majesty. I loved to swim. I could spend ages in the water. It was lovely- the view, the blood red sky, everything.

'This place is gorgeous,' Oliver exclaimed.

'Yeah,' I hummed, half-startled.

I turned around and watched him sit right next to me on the white sand. He smiled. Then I thought I could tell him. Tell him about what I'm feeling. I fell in love with him. I didn't plan a coming out speech but I had that feeling like I could tell him everything. He was so comfortable to be with.

'Oliver,' I started.

He looked at me.

'I wanna tell you something,' I said.

'What is it?' he responded.

'Remember that time your mom got mad at you when we went to see that Christina Aguilera concert? And when you were crying and I was beside you and you said I'll be your best friend forever? And that nothing will ch-'

'Frank, what's your point?' he snipped in.

'Oliver... I'm gay,'

At that moment I stared into his eyes, filled with so much emotion. I was happy I finally came out, and that I wanted him, to love me like I loved him.

He paused for a moment as I stared into his eyes. Then I lingered down to his lips, his sweet pink lips that look so irresistible. We were sitting legs stretched while soft waves swam through our fingers that dug onto the pale sand. He leaned over, eyes on my mouth, then up to my eyes, and down again. It was slow, and intense. I closed my eyes and waited until his lips locked into mine. They were smooth, and he tasted so good. Shortly after I could feel him slip his tongue as he grabs my neck. We were exploring each other and it felt magical. Emotions sparked after being held in for so long and our session got more passionate. I ran my fingers up his blond hair and pull him towards me. Then he suddenly pushed me down. I gasped.

'Oliver,' I stopped, hands on his wide chest.

'It's late,' I hinted. I didn't want anything to move so fast. I had no idea what I was doing, where this was leading me to.

'Let's go back, I'm tired,' his face puzzled by my hurry. I slithered back and stood up and he came along with me quickly.

'Wait... are you my... are we...' he shot. I could tell he was still perplexed with the abrupt ending. I gently pulled his arm and walked back to the house.

After the holiday we went back to school as usual. I spent time in Oliver's room where he stayed alone. We couldn't possibly start making out suddenly with Garret watching. Oliver's now my boyfriend, and I actually loved him, but I haven't told him yet.

It was Valentine's Day when I thought I'd get the chance to. I burst through his door, grabbed his face and smooched him.

'What is it?' he laughed.

'I love you,' I whispered. There was silence. Not awkward, just a moment of rare silence. I knew I truly meant it.

'I love you too,' he said with his eyes glistening.

He took my hand and walked me to his single bed. He sat me down and laid me on his pillow. He went on top of me and began kissing my neck. But then he slowly slipped his hand down my bum and I felt a swift discomfort.

'Hey... let's do something else,' I said, but he was too busy licking my face. He slid his hands up my chest and down to my belly repeatedly. I tried distracting him but he wouldn't take a hint. He caressed my thighs and started to moan. I felt so uncomfortable I started pushing him off, but he still didn't listen. I moved my leg and hit something hard and I could tell it was his erection.

Then I thought to myself, 'Oh shit, this is it, isn't it?' But I didn't want to have sex. I was so scared. I didn't want him to get into me and then leave me like he did before. I was terrified.

'Oli, please... please stop...' I cried, he still continued as he put his weight on me. He was so strong and I couldn't escape.

'Please... Oliver... stop... I don't want to...' I wailed. He started biting my neck. Suddenly, he forced me down and pinned me over so I couldn't move.

'Oliver!' I used as much strength I had and pushed him away violently. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but he was going way too far.

He backed off, with a perplexed look on his face, his mouth slightly open.

'Oh God... Frank I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry,' he whimpered.

Then he dashed out the door and left me alone. That night I waited for him to come back. But he didn't. I fell asleep on his bed. I missed him. The sheets had his smell, that sweet smell he always had. But he wasn't there.

The next morning I woke up and found a post-it note stuck on his bedframe.

'I'm sorry. Meet me and Bolton's café.' I got up and washed my face. I took my time. Didn't care if he had to wait too long.

I arrived about 2 hours after waking up and saw him at the corner. He looked awful. The glow he always had was gone. I bolted towards him.

'Where did you go?' I asked innocently.

'Frank, I feel like crap. I'm sorry,' he geared away, 'If you're not ready then we don't have to.'

I smiled. He was so pure. I knew he was a virgin and so was I. I forgave have but I didn't say it. I just smiled and asked him to come with me to my room. Garret was never really comfortable with the fact that I'm gay, but I didn't give a shit. I'd bring my best friend back whenever I please.

We were watching Desperate Housewives at my room. We laughed, and forgot what happened. I remembered how lovely it felt to lie in his arms, on his chest, how lucky I am to have him.

About three weeks later Oliver asked me to visit his sister, who lived in New Haven, too. She was getting married. I couldn't say no. I knew how important his family is to him and I knew how this would bring our relationship to another level.

'Mrs. Henrie! Haven't seen you in a bit!' I greeted his parents as they led me to the dining room.

'Valerie! Congrats! You look amazing!' She really did. The looks ran in the whole family. The wedding was held at a swanky hotel and there was going to be a big reception party. Considering how much we were party animals, I was excited.

After the ceremony, we had a blast. It went so fast and the next thing I knew we were back at Oliver's apartment. He looked so handsome that night. I made sure he wore a bright turquoise tie to match his stunning eyes. Then I sat on his bed.

'Can you untie this for me?' he demanded, yanking his tie.

'Don't kill yourself,' I laughed. Then there was a silence. That silence we always had when we knew something was going to happen. The rain was all that we could hear. Noisy, but silent. It was pouring heavily outside and it was chilly in. I kissed him at the back of his neck while I got his tie off. He turned. He leaned over to kiss me as I felt his fingers making their way up at the back of my hair. Then he pulled back. He turned off the lights and lit a candle he had in the drawer. At that moment, I felt so turned on by him. The way he moved and the way he showed off his muscles in his shirt. He led me to his bed. It was small, so he had to crawl on top of me. He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.

'I love you,' he said in a low voice.

My hand traveled down his chest, to his abs, caressing him slowly. I wanted him. I was so horny I got hard in an instant. I pulled his head towards me and slid my tongue into him, slowly and gently tasting his mouth. I trusted him. I didn't want to think. I didn't feel scared. Not anymore.

I began undressing him. Bit by bit, unbuttoning his maroon shirt. I didn't realize what I was doing but I was so excited. He pulled back for a moment, examining me, wondering if I wanted to do it. Then his fingers slide on my body, undoing my shirt. We didn't say a word. I move my hands to his belt buckle, teasingly playing with it. He was a little impatient. He smiled and took it off. The next moment he pulled off his black jeans as I felt his muscular trunk things on mine. Then he unzipped me and slipped my pants off. We were left with nothing but our undies, on the rainy night and all we could hear was drops of rain. Serene rain dropping slowly and peacefully.

We continued kissing, and rubbing. We didn't go fast. He was so gentle. He moved down on my neck and started petting me, so seductively. Then he looked at me and looked down at my crotch. He smiled again. He ran his fingers in between my white briefs and pulled them down my legs. I could see the delight in his eyes. He went back up to kiss my lips for the last time. He went down my neck, my collarbone, kissing calmly as my erection got harder. He embraced my chest, my arms, wrists, and sucked on my fingers. He licked my nipples and slowly they got hard. Then he pecked lightly on my stomach, my belly and went down my shaved crotch, barely missing it. He kissed my thighs, calves, feet, as if he wanted every inch of me. He went up, brushing against my penis with his lips. He looked up and I saw his eyes burning with allurement. He kissed it, and put it in his mouth, moving up and down as I burst into pleasure. He introduced his tongue and swirled around me. He licked my tip gracefully and went down my shaft. He travelled down my balls, gradually enjoying it in his mouth. It felt ticklish, but so good. His tongue was like the expert, moving, sliding, dancing on my cock. He grabbed me with his hand and went in and out, and in and out again, slowly and gently. I felt his lips tight around me and I squirmed. Then he stopped. He carried himself up, still stroking me. He lay his mouth on mine and let me taste myself. His lips were so delicious. He gave me one more sloppery kiss and my mouth was filled with his saliva. I moaned with satisfaction.

'He's so good at this,' I thought to myself.

My fingers went down his waist, into his tight maroon briefs. I squeezed his creamy, shaven buttocks and smiled at him. He smiled back. I used my thumb to pull his briefs down before I laid my eyes on his enchanting family jewels. I stroked it lightly, admiring the size. It was smooth but hard. He looked down inquiring my movement. It was phenomenal lying naked on the sheets with him. He went to my neck and started petting again, sucking on it and trying to leave a mark. I ran my hands on his built, wide, manly chest once more and felt his nipples, playfully rubbing them. Then I felt him adjusting himself much closer to me. His cock was hard, kissing and rubbing on mine. He kissed me again, passionately and it got wetter and hotter. I wrapped my arms around him and stroked his warm back. His tongue explored my throat and mine explored his, tasting every part of him.

His hands pushed the back of my thighs. My knees touched my chest. He moved down and his finger rubbed my hole. I groaned with pleasure. He paused to grab the lubricant in his drawer and went straight back to my tight hole with his finger wet and slippery. He went in as I screamed delightfully. He teased, rubbing me inside. I squeezed his nipples. Then he went up. He gave me a look.

I thought, 'He's so beautiful'. His bright, turquoise eyes were shining in the moonlight, his light hair brushing on my face. He licked his lips. He looked down and back at my eyes. He took the bottle and lubed himself. I didn't want a condom. I just want him, and me. Skin on skin.

He used a lot of lube, and I knew why. With that size we could use the whole bottle. He put some on my asshole and I smiled. I was ready. This is it. We're making love, under the moonlight, in the rain. It was perfect.

He pulled my knees on my chest again. His eyes still on mine, not breaking contact. He pressed his face on mine and I felt him so close to me, so comfortable. And then I felt him entering me, getting in slowly. It was painful, but in a good way. I felt so stretched. He went in, deeper and deeper and deeper. I moaned again, this time with so much pleasure as he got in fully. I bit my lip, trying to control the pain. He went out and in repeatedly as I closed my eyes. His face was still on mine. Our lips almost touched. He went faster and I wailed with the overwhelming pleasure he was giving me. He pounded in my hole. He was so strong. He didn't make much noise. I heard him panting faster and faster. I knew I was pleasing him too. His face squeezed with ecstasy. He bit my neck. He went back and quickly carried my legs in the air to fuck me even harder like a wild bull. I heard myself begging for more and he banged on me so hard I screamed at the top of my lungs. Then he pulled back, even more turned on by my screaming. There was silence. I heard the rain and suddenly felt cold as he wasn't with me. I pulled him towards my body and he pressed his weight on me, continuing the fuckfest. I gushed a load of precum as he violently banged onto my prostate. His testicles pounded against my butt. I squeezed his long, blonde hair at the back of his head as I controlled the pain. He fucked me so, so much harder this time as he reached an orgasm. I could feel him blowing, bursting inside me. He exploded and sprayed all over my g-spot. I wailed as I felt the most pleasure I've had in my entire life. I didn't realize I came all over myself. I saw my cum on my abs and on his. It felt so good. His penis continued invading in me as I orgasmed for the second time. This time I exploded so much cum it sprayed all over us, and I didn't even touch myself!

I lay there, him on top of me. I let my legs rest and kissed him again. I felt so weak, but he was so strong. I sprawled my legs between his sheets and turned around. He kissed my back and my neck as he wiped his hands on my waist. It was unbelievable. I couldn't take it all in. He gave me his virginity, and I gave my virginity - to my best friend. My soulmate I've known for nineteen years. I turned back around and cupped my hand on his face. I used my last ounce of energy to give him one last kiss.

'I love you, too,' I whispered.

We cuddled and the next thing I knew, I was asleep in his arms.



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