Older, Younger Hook Up

This is getting to be about 25 years ago when I was sent out to a secluded area of the country to clean up a bad crude oil spill.  I was only there for 4 days, in a small little backwoods community when I had a piece pf equipment break down.  I travelled back to the small community to the local parts store. 

I arrived and there and there was an older guy and a younger guy behind the counter.  The younger guy, being the friendlier of the two gentlemen, served me.  He asked “that I must be new here as he has never seen me before,” I replied “that is right.”  We talked about where am I staying, how long will I be here; the usual small talk.  He asked “if he could come to my motel and see me later this night.”  I said “sure.” 

He arrived and we made small talk, he told me he really enjoys the company of older men.  He was about 23 years old, and I was in my early forties.  “Ok by me.”  We talked and he starts to put his hand on my thigh and allows his hand to wonder up my leg.  I instinctively allow my legs to spread open for him.  He moves to my crotch area fondling and rubbing the whole time.  I say, “you like the package” and he says “yes.”  He fondles my crotch area for a short while and I am getting hard.  He smiles and suggests “do we need to keep our clothes on” as he undoes my belt and takes down my zipper. 

I help him take off my jeans, and he sees my underwear.  He got really turned on when he sees my underwear and starts to feel me up commenting on how good I look in it, as I always wear Jockey underwear, that is spandex, and fits snug.   He removes my underwear, and there I am with a hard cock in his face.  His first comment was “wow you really have a nice package.” 

He immediately starts to suck me; god it feels good.  I realize that I am going to cum real fast and I pull away from him.  I told him that I am going to cum, he smiles and says to me let me have it all.  He goes back to sucking me and I cum, he swallows.   I say now “what about you” and he smiles and says, “I will get mine.”  He undresses and there he is, his body is completely hairless, which excites me as I am not into hairy people, whatsoever. 

He has a long cock that is really hard, not so big around but very long for the young guy that he is.  He says” on your hands and knees”, and he lubes me.  I felt his fingers probing in me with the lube, he finds my prostate and gives it a rub, I can hardly wait for him.  I look back and he is putting lube on his long cock, the bulbous head was leaking pre-cum.   He lines his cock up with my butt and gently pushes against my butt.  He holds it there for a couple seconds, and with a firm, but gentle push, he is into me.  I can feel his long cock plowing up into me, it seems like it will never end.

 He continues and eventually I can feel his balls against mine.  He parks for a minute, asks if I am all right.  I respond, “I am very good, give me all of you.”  He almost pulls right out of me, it feels like he is pulling a rope out of me, again he pushes right in, and then he starts to really fuck me.  With the long thrusts, he is really taking my butt.  He is going like a piston.  Just then, he pulls almost out and then drives it home into me as he cums.  He just stays still for a short while and then he pulls completely out.  His long cock is still about half hard as he goes to wash off.  

He comes back with a big grin on his face and says “you are a real tight fuck, that was terrific.”  We just snuggle on the big bed, he plays with my cock and balls until I am hard again.  He sucks me again, this time slowly and when I cum, I had a very intense orgasm.  After I had cum, he had a massive hard on again, he orders me on my back, legs up, and puts that long cock against my butt.  With hardly no resistance, he was in.  He takes my butt again, and now he says “I am done.”  He goes and washes, comes back with a wet towel and cleans the leaking cum from my butt.  We talk awhile and he asks “can we do this again.”  I said “yes, would love to.”  He leaves and goes home.  The next day I get a text from him thanking me for the wonderful evening he had with me and that he really looking forward to having me again.  The next line is, could he bring his girlfriend to watch and maybe join us that night.

He did bring his girlfriend and for the next several days we were together and the sex was hot and wet.  Although, I have been back to the area several times since, I have never seen them again.



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