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Note to Gaydemon Readers: The story you are about to read took place last summer at the gym where I am the athletic trainer. The local community college wrestling coach asked me to work with Roberto to strengthen his upper body and legs for the coming wrestling season. If you enjoy stories about hot wrestlers and Gay sex, you should prepare yourself for a possible big orgasm.

"Leo, my latest transfer at 150 pounds has great potential to become a regional champion. Although Roberto is in great shape and one tough guy. he could become a tiger with some toning of his body."

"Coach George, Roberto has been in here several times. I agree with you that he is a tough street fighter type and could become even tougher with some additional training. I suggest we have him come in here Monday, Wednesday and Friday all summer. I will only charge you $30 a week for the raining."

Through the month of June, I took Roberto through intensive and grueling workouts. I witnessed great progress. We had an opportunity to get to know one another personally. I became hornier and hornier each workout lusting after this teenage throb. I had never seen a more erotic young stud and a seductive personality. It was almost too much for me as a Gay man.

"Hey, readers, here are Roberto's stats:"

Roberto was 19 years-old; weighed 150 hard pounds; stood 5' 8"; short curly black hair; deep brown eyes; dark tan as a Spanish/Latino hot dude; chiseled strong jaws; rock hard chest, stomach abs and thighs; ribbed legs; big biceps; and a huge dark 10-inch cut cock with a thick shaft; and gorgeous big balls.

I too was in great shape. At the time, I was 45-years-of-age; stood 6-feet; weighed 175 pounds; shoulder length curly blond hair; blue eyes; very strong muscled arms, biceps, chest, stomach, rock hard thighs and strong legs. My cock has often been described as a 10-inch horse cock.

I got so desperate and horny for Roberto that i decided to make my move even if Roberto never came back to the gym. I could not continue to be working close with to him and even at times rubbing up against this hot stud's body unless I got to work out his big cock and ass. Either I would have him or the training would end.

On Friday at the end of the six week, I approached Roberto:

"Hey, Roberto, you have made great progress over the past six weeks. You are now in almost perfect shape for the upcoming season. I am about to close the gym for the night. Would you like to stay and lets see hoe you do on the mat? I will be your wrestling opponent. Lets see how you do. I am a former college wrestler myself."

"Great Coach Leo. I have not wrestled all summer and I may be rusty."

I locked up the gym and we changed into wrestling trunks and shoes. We took the normal wrestling positions to begin. After about a minute, Roberto made a quick move and threw me on my back on the mat. He quickly put me into a scissors hold. Oh My Goodness, I smelt his musky crotch and I felt his big cock rub against my face.

Soon I lost control as my cock started growing in my trunks until it was at full erection. With lust overtaking me, I began to use my tongue to lick across his trunks and crotch searching for his now hard cock. My playful tongue caused Roberto to get a huge hard on. At the same time, I used my fingers to push his trunks into his ass crack. Roberto used his legs to squeeze hard to let me know he was turned on.

Roberto spoke up: "Oh Hell, Coach you are licking my crotch and fingering my ass. I see you have a big hard on and I too am rock hard. I have been horny for you ever since I started working out with you. I am a Gay virgin. I want you to make love to me."

"WOW, Roberto, those are the words I have been waiting to hear. Lets fuck."

Again I was no match for this stud. He released me from the hold and turned me on my back. He jumped on top of me with his legs on each side of my head. He pulled down his trunks and placed his ass on my mouth. He smelt divine. I began to lick his asshole and his big hot balls. He pressed down as I devoured his ass with my tongue for the next 10 minutes. As I ate his ass, he wildly jacked off his red-hot cock.

Next he moved his butt down on my chest and he plunged his leaking sweaty cock deep into my throat. WOW, it was delicious as I sucked the precum out of his cock head.

"Coach Leo, I caught on to you weeks ago. I knew you were lusting after me. I was just teasing you with my body waiting for this day. I wanted to make you so horny that you would do anything I asked."

With my mouth full of cock, all I could do was say: "MMMMMMMMMMMMM".

He fucked my face until he was about to come. He pulled out and got off of me. He finished taking off his trunks and his shoes. He then took off my shoes, trunks and jock strap. He grabbed my cock and jacked me off with such erotic feeling. I was soon near coming.

Remembering my wrestling days, I caught him off guard. I threw him on his back. got on his chest and drove my cock all the way down his throat. Hell, he was going to taste my cock, my cum and my musky ass. I fucked his face for some five minutes with total lust.

Next I pulled out and spread my body on top of his hot frame. We engaged in a long series of dry humping as our cocks and balls rubbed against each other. I felt the sweat and precum greasing our cocks, balls and pubic hair. It was a hot wet session of humping. Also I drove my tongue deep into his mouth as we kissed while our bodies heated to a dangerous level of body heat.

Finally Roberto took charge as he put me on my back, got into a 69 position with me and we began a long lustful session of eating each other's asshole. The rimming was very hot and steamy. We continued to rim for at least 10 minutes as our lust fort each other grew. The smells of man odors were intoxicating.

We stopped and Roberto ordered me on to my stomach. He spread my legs far apart, he got down between my legs, used his spit to wet my ass entrance and soon I felt his huge cock began to inner my ass inch by inch. Soon he was all the way in to my man pussy and he began a wild fucking of me by pulling his leaking pulsating cock almost all the way our and then driving all the was back in with one thrust. He was wild with lust as he grunted and used his strong legs and hips to fuck me harder than I have ever been fucked before. He seemed to be a wild animal with no intention of stopping until he came. My ass was on fire from his huge cock pushing against all the walls of my ass and deep past my prostate. I was being jack hammered and it was terrific.

"Oh Hell, Oh Shit, Oh Fuck, I love your cock in my ass. Fuck me raw. It feels so good."

The young stud had great staying power as he fucked me with no mercy for ten minutes. Soon we were both beyond no return. I felt my balls tighten and my cock head swell as I blasted a huge load of my seed on the mat. Almost at the same moment, I felt blast after blast of Roberto's cum fill my ass. We had both ejaculated at the same moment.

Roberto pulled out and turned me over. We got into a 69 position and we sucked each others' cock to drain the last droplets from the still leaking cocks. The cum meal was great.

Roberto was determined to have his ass fucked for the first time. We took an hour to rest and soon I was hard again.

I placed Roberto on his stomach. I spread his legs far apart and I used lube on his virgin ass to make my entrance to the virgin ass easier. I began entering his beautiful pink smooth ass inch by inch. He took my cock much easier than I had anticipated. Soon I was fucking this hunk with greater speed. I went wild fucking this gorgeous wrestler that I had desired for weeks. His ass was beyond hot. He pushed his ass up to greet my thrusting cock. He was a natural bitch for taking a big cock. We fucked and grunted for at least ten minutes until I could not hold back as I erupted with a huge load of my cum deep into this young pussy. When I was finished, I pulled out. I took my cock up to Roberto's mouth and fed him the last drops of cum. We kissed and embraced for at least 30 minutes before we showered and agreed that we would fuck again soon. I had a new fuck buddy.



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