When I first saw Greg, I thought he was not what I expected. He looked just as he described himself on the personals site, and had an awkward stance, but there was a sexy smolder behind that shy smile and those big eyes and long lashes. He stood a good six inches shorter than I, with a small waist and round apple butt and a thick coat of curly black hair on his chest. And he was so much younger: half my age, in fact. Just what I liked! (And it turned out, what he liked.) I invited him in and offered him a drink, but the chit-chat soon gave way to kissing those round full lips. This man was quite a kisser! As I moaned he became more inspired, as if he might be trying to swallow me. For a hookup, this was awfully romantic.

We soon progressed to the bedroom, where I was able to pull his T-shirt over Greg's head, and to run my hands and my tongue through the curly pelt on his chest. I loved tasting every inch of that chest, from the surprisingly broad shoulders to his ever-so-slight belly. Then I unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to the ground. Boxer briefs; and tight ones, too! I began to tongue his dick through the clingy material, letting the fabric get quite wet as it began to grow and stiffen. Finally I pulled his swollen member out though the fly, kissing the head, and licking the entire length. It was a beautiful dick, certainly not the largest I'd ever seen, but about my length, 7 1/2 inches, and much thicker. It was as rigid as steel, too. I kissed, and then swallowed, the head, eventually swallowing it and working my way down to his thick pubic hair. Greg moaned, softly, with each progressive stroke, and seemed genuinely surprised when I slowly took that fat cock into my throat, my lips resting on his groin. And swallow that dick I did! I went to lick his balls only to discover he was strongly ticklish. That action off-limits, I let my tongue creep down to his sensitive perineum, turning him around so that my tongue could invade his asshole. His moans became more audible...eventually he pushed me away and said, 'Your turn.'

I'm not sure if he threw me on the bed, pushed me, or lowered me; but I soon found myself on the bed with his hands working to free me from my clothes. He moved swiftly, yet gently, and pulled off my shirt, and then my wife-beater, my shorts, and then, slowly, my boxers. He took my dick in one swallow. This was quite an unusual feeling, since the width of my cockhead usually makes for a slow entry. But this guy knew what he was doing. His motion encouraged me to fuck his face slowly and deliberately. He grabbed my swollen balls, giving them a strong yank and sending a pleasure/pain sensation running all the way down to my toes. It had always taken me a while to get off when someone was blowing me; however, I felt something working in my balls almost immediately. His free hand moved up first to pinch my nipples, and then to press at my asshole. His small hands had very rough, thick fingers, and I jumped as he slowly pushed a dry finger into me. My ass was on fire, and the pleasure built as he pushed in first one, and then a second digit.

I had always been the partner in charge, and this electric sensation was new- and I began to moan loudly. I began to get louder as he caused a low satisfied moan. God, it felt wonderful as Greg stretched my asshole! He started to lick up my belly, and took my left nipple in his mouth. I screamed in pleasure. I started rubbing my hard penis against his furry chest as he sucked, licked, and chewed my nipples into ecstacy. I had never known this much pleasure. The hand working my ass began moving faster, and more deliberately. 'Fuck me,' I shouted, 'Tear up that ass.' Those dry rough fingers were loosening me up. My prostate sent ripples of pleasure up my spine, into my brain. He quickly flipped me over and started tonguing my ass again. I drove my hard dick into the mattress. Soon I felt him gently kissing my shoulders. A large dick pressed into the crack of my ass, and my lower spine. 'I love your ass', he whispered into my ear, 'Let me fuck you.' How could I resist?

Greg drove his thick cock into my ass slowly and deliberately. I felt an incredible sense of heat, as if my hole would never stop burning. And the pain! He stopped and let me stretch to accommodate his girth. And then he started slowly moving in and out, gradually picking up speed. Each thrust sent an electric sensation through my body; starting with my prostate and progressing to my nipples. My body had never known such pleasure. 'Fuck me', I cried. 'Fuck my ass.' His quiet manner didn't change, but a low growl started deep in his throat. 'Fuck me harder. Tear my ass up.' I was awfully vocal for my first time, and he responded by thrusting harder, faster, and deeper. His low growl became louder. I grabbed my dick and started pumping it, each of his strokes intensifying my coming explosion. His growl became a bark, and I felt his hot seed driving into my ass. This sent me over the edge, screaming in pleasure now, and I exploded with my cum covering the bed and my chest, one splash landing in my hair. I had never had an orgasm so intense. He collapsed on top of me. I didn't dare move- I wanted that big thick cock inside me forever.

Greg now has a key to my apartment, and is welcome to 'drop by' whenever he likes. And he likes- a lot.



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