When I had first met brian it was in history class in 9th grade he was your average freshman he had shaggy blonde hair and eyes that when you look into them your heart melts. His teeth were perfect we called him 'chops'

Our first conversation was awkward even at 14 I knew what he was diffrent. I was a dancer I was built like a dancer. I had strong thunder thigs and a ass that broke necks when I walked by. I was clean cut and had always been average.

4 years later almost the end of our senior year I had to do it the anual brian celebration was coming up he was turning 18 and felt now was the time. Every year brian always had some badass blowout his dad bought us beer and other shit. Brians dad Mr.Rick was always laid back. He divorced his 3rd wife last year, he always has hot girls roll in and out of his bed. Mr.rick was hot to I always wankd a few out to thinking about him. He was about 6'4 muscular his chest was perfect id seen him with his shirt off while swimming. So hot!

April 20th night of the party. I had on some nice express jeans that showed off my ass. I grabbed my keys and head out the door.

It was about midnight and the alcohol was going right through me. So in my drunken stooper I stumbled to the bathroom when I opend the door stephen from the bball team was scoring. so being like a son to mr.rick I went to his bathroom he was laying down asleep. 'How can he sleep with all this noise?' I whisperd. In the bathroom I sat down to pee pullin down my pants my dick flopped out it was about 5 inches hard its girth was impressive I love it the way it hung over my nuts. I had fuck a girl or two. I had my dick sucked by a guy at dance camp one year. Well as I was looking at it I realized how horny I was so I slipped off my pants and walked over to mr.ricks closet I knew exactly what I was looking for finally I found the mens fitness mag. I licked my lips and began to rub my cock to full stregnth.

After a couple of mins I was coverd with pre cum.

In my daze I heard the doorhandle twist I freaked coverd my dick with the magazine it was mr.rick in the buff. He was so beautiful his body hair was perfecly placed and his chest was well defined and his legs were so sexual. His dick was getting hard it look like a giant monster. He look down at me and said 'well what do we have here'

I studderd ' sorry sorry sorry'

'What is there to be sorry for?'

I looked at his monster and it seemed to be growing

'I've thought about you like this for so long' replaying the words I just heard my friends dad say

I stood up and grabbed his face he kiss me hard. Pushed me up agianst the counter sat me on it and rubbed my cock the way no one has before. He began kissing my neck nibbling I let out a moan. He started to go lower kissing and nibbling on my nips it was the greatest feeing.

Then licked the tip of my dick sucked the pre cum and went to town his prickly facial hair hitting my thighs as he deep throated me. I was holding onto his hair screamung for more.

In the mist of my journey to pleasure town. I felt a hand on my shoulder my heart went into my throat. I pulled of mr.rick and to my surprise it was brian. I got up began to run out. Brian grabbed me and pulled me then he said something ill never forget

' If you think he's good you should try me'

With that I felt something graze my crack as brian kissed me and rubbed me I took of his shirt and took off his pants as I looked at he amazing member ' you do look just like your dad'

9inches of pure man meat. Round as a coke bottle. The sensations coming from everywere

His dad grabbed my hand and stared the shower us 3 got in and that's when it happend mr.rick bent me over and rubbed my love hole his head pushed a little in. I couldn't focus on the pain because of the pleasure coming from brian working his magic. Finally with one nice big push he broke me ripping me open holding me tight and pounding me. I could hold on to anything but brians hair he was choking and I didn't care I was raping his mouth my ass was being torn open and I wouldn't want it any other way. Rick grabbed his son off his knees and pushed me up agianst the wall, holding me down

'Wanna take him for a spin?'

Brian saying nasty thing grabbed my hips and stared to go to work pounding my ass and to my lovingly surpise mr.rick got in front of me and I got to prod him with my meat us 3 moving in sync pounding and moaning the water so warm kissing and touch we all said it ' im about to cum' all together we cam our cocks swelling and releasing.

'Good job son im proud'

Brian smiled as he dried off

' And I better be back inside you soon!' as he grabbed my ass and slipped a finger in. He kissed me and said ' love you boys goodnight'

Then me and brian returned to the party and have been spending more bonding time with his dad

Its perfect.



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