A few weeks ago a new guy had started in the office. His name is Alejandro, he's Hispanic 40 years old. He's about 6'4" (193cm) tall and about 250lbs (113kg), slim waist broad shoulders muscular build. It had got around the Office that he was divorced. Some of the girls were already fluttering around him. We exchanged the odd word, we never got into any serious conversation. He probably knew by now that I was gay. It was general knowledge in the office. I'm Jon 18 years old 5' 6" (168cm) tall 120lbs (54kg) athletic skinny body.

Seeing Alejandro's massive bulge and the silhouette of his cock at rest in his pants made my mind run wild. I tried to imagine what it would be like to suck on that big cock and get it hard then be fucked by it. Sitting at my desk I could feel my cock getting hard and pressing very hard into my pants making me feel uncomfortable. I needed to go to the restroom and jerk. I carried a folder to cover my hard cock as I set off for the restroom.

I sat there jerking thinking about Alejandro. In no time threads of cum were squirting out my piss slit covering my thighs and belly. I sat there relishing the moment when I heard someone come into the restroom and open the door to the next cubicle. There was a small hole in the wall that separated the cubicles. When I peered through the hole I could make out it was him Alejandro, my heart was beating faster as I watched him unzip his zipper and pull out his massive flaccid cock and stand there ready to piss. Veins ran down the shaft. He let loose a ferocious blast of piss. The stream of piss was so strong that it made a loud splashing sound when it hit the water. He seemed to piss for ages.

After he left I waited a few moments before I left. My mind was racing as I thought about what I had just seen and heard. It was an awesome sight watching him piss then shake and squeeze his cock. Fuck what a fortuitous moment. My infatuation and lust for him increased over the following weeks

The office party was coming up. I don't drink alcohol so I offered a lift after the party to anyone that lived on my route. Alejandro fortunately was the only one that lived on my route home. It was a cold night with a few flakes of snow falling as we set of for Alejandro's place after the party. He was merry but not drunk. When we got to Alejandro's he asked if I wanted to come in for a coffee. More snowflakes were falling, should I stay for coffee or get home. Sods law if I went home the snow would stop. Could I turn down an offer to have coffee with him? FUCK NO!!! "Yeah I sure would like a coffee," I said. "Great," he said.

The heat of his apartment hit me after the cold outside. "Take your jacket off make yourself at home while I make a coffee," he said as he took his jacket off. He came back in the room fumbling about with his tie trying to undo the knot. "Fuck, I always have problems with a tie," he said. He fumbled some more and was getting more frustrated. Maybe it was the alcohol. I stood up and said "let me do it for you." I could see he was sweating under his armpits, making his shirt wet. I managed to get his tie off then he fumbled with his shirt buttons. "Hold on let me do that for you," I said relishing the thought of seeing his naked chest. "I sure would appreciate it," he said. The alcohol and heat made him sweat more. I unbuttoned his shirt. He peeled it off throwing it over the couch. He raised both hands up over his head and stretched. I could see his beautiful muscle toned torso as he extended his arms upward. I looked down and saw more of those rippling stomach muscles that were being drawn up above the loose waistband of his pants.

My cock was semi- hard from being close up to him and feeling his hot breath on my face. He flexed his stomach and arm muscles. "You want to feel them?" he asked as he looked deep into my eyes. I ran my hands over his hard muscles. My cock was now rock hard. I looked him up and down "Oh man, your beautiful," I said with a sigh. I was so over whelmed by what I could see that the words were out before I knew what I was saying. He ran his hands over my tenting cock in my pants. Looking into my eyes with a smirk on his face he said, "I like it when someone appreciates me and that tells me you appreciate me." he said as he looked at my bulge. He held my hand and pressed it into his crotch I ran my hand along the shaft of his flaccid cock that I could feel through the material of his pants. I was shaking uncontrollably, I could not take it in, was this really happening to me.

"Let me see what's under your shirt," he said as he reached out and unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it off. He looked at me with wide-open eyes and said, "Wow you must get fucked a lot with a body like that!!!" It was asked in a way that it didn't require an answer. He stroked my naked torso and licked and stroked my nipples. He then started tugging and squeezing on them rolling them around with his thumbs and index fingers causing them to become hard and swollen for him to suck. "Mmmmmmmmmm delicious," he said as he sucked my nipples and looked up at me with his brown/hazel eyes. Electric pulses were running up and down my body I was in an erotic daze.

He popped the buttons of his pants and reached in and pulled out his long flaccid cock. His pants fell down to his ankles. My eyes nearly popped out. His hairy balls hung low, perfectly symmetrical with the long thick flaccid cock that hung between his hairy legs. He had a grin on his face. Even flaccid it looked enormous it was thicker than my wrist. He lifted his long heavy cock up and let it rest in the palm of his hand, looking at it then looking at me he said, "you think you can make it hard?"

He reached out and unbuckled my belt then unzipped my zipper. "Don't wanna get my cum juices on them do we," he said as they fell to the ground. I stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. I stood there naked with my hard cock sticking up at an angle. Looking at it he said," yeah I'll use that to lubricate my cock". He ran his fingers down the spine of my back down to the cheeks of my ass squeezing each cheek. "Nice an firm ass just what I like" he said.

He moved away from me and sat down in a chair and spread his legs apart. "Come on boy kneel between my legs and get to work on my cock." I knelt between his powerful hairy muscle toned legs. I put my mouth over his flaccid cock and swallowed it whole. I sucked it all the way down until my lips were kissing his pubic hairs. It filled my mouth and throat making me gag. I pulled away I looked up at him as I gulped for air. Already it was getting hard. Second attempt to swallow it whole failed it was too big now and getting bigger. It was stretching my lips and the cavity of my throat. It was impossible to swallow all of it.

"Ahhhhhhhhh that feels so fucking good," he said as he placed his hands at the back of my head and forced his now hard cock deeper down my throat. "You can do it boy you just need a little help," he said as he forced it deeper down my throat making my eyes run and my saliva to run down the shaft of his cock. After about 10 minutes and nearly kissing his pubic hairs he released hold of my head. He leaned back with his hands behind his head. "I wanna watch you suck my cock" he said.

I thought it looked so powerful with the thick veins lining the shaft as it bobbed up and down as he flexed the muscles of his stomach. Glistening globules of pre-cum were dripping out of the pee slit onto his thighs. I licked the delicious morsels off his thighs. My eyes were drawn back to his magnificent cock. More precum oozed out as I licked around the large head and down the shaft to his balls with my coarse tongue, making his legs shudder. I took each ball in my mouth separately sucking and licking them. I licked between his anus and his ball sac making his body shudder and him to inhale deeply. I took the whole of the head in my mouth and moved my lips up and down the hard shaft taking it as deep as I could. He reached down and wrapped his fingers around the part of the shaft I didn't have in my mouth, then started to stroke his cock vigorously in a corkscrew motion. He had is free hand on the back of my head preventing me from pulling away. His fingers kept hitting around my mouth as they slid up and down the shaft. His cock was at least 8"plus most was down my throat.

I heard him moan under his breath and his body shuddered as his cock squirted one two then three powerful jets of cum juice into my mouth. My mouth quickly filled, small amounts spilled out the corners of my mouth and down my chin and onto his balls. What I could swallow I did before he squirted more jets of cum juice into my mouth. Fuck he tasted delicious. Juice had spilled out onto his balls and pubic hairs some even spilled onto his thighs. He clamped my head between his powerful thighs. Looking down at me he said, "save some I want to use it to lubricate your ass." I sucked more and more out his cock spitting it out onto his belly. His cock softened it was flaccid again. I swallowed it whole my throat had been stretched. I could breath with the whole of it down my throat. He sat there recovering while I kept the whole of his flaccid cock in my mouth and down my throat. It started to get hard again he was getting horny again. He told me to stand up he reached out and held my hard cock, "Now to milk you boy and lube my cock ready to fuck your tight ass." He stroked my cock sliding his hand up and down the shaft of my cock in a corkscrew motion. Pulling on my balls with his other hand. In no time I squirted my load. He directed my squirts so my cum juices covered the shaft of his cock. He told me to get down on all fours. He stood up from the chair he was sitting on and knelt behind me.

I watched his hand scoop up thick creamy cum juice off his belly and let it dangle teasingly from his fingertips in front of my eyes. I felt his sperm laden fingers circling and prodding my anus. He penetrated me with the whole of his finger making me shout out "OHHHH man that feels so fucking goooddddddddddd!!!!" He scooped more of his sperm onto his fingers penetrating me with three fingers massaging my prostate, lubricating my hole with his sperm, ready to take his long hard cock.

He leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "you ready to be fucked boy?" YEAAAHHH FUCK ME MAN FUCK ME!!!!! I was delirious with the thought he was going to fuck me. He slid his hands between my legs forcing me to spread them further apart, then he stretched my ass cheeks apart causing my anus to stretch open. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole. He reached between my legs and grabbed my balls. Squeezing them making me scream out. The pain of having my balls squeezed distracted me momentarily from the head of his cock slipping into my hole. The pain of his cock penetrating me hit me and made me squeal out." FUCK IT HURTS PULL IT OUT!!!" I tried to pull away he squeezed my balls again. I was going nowhere while he had hold of my balls.

He slapped the cheeks of my ass hard several times with his hand. "I'm not pulling out until I've fucked you, you'll get used to it, even get to like it", he said. I was sweating. My balls were hurting from him squeezing them and my ass cheeks were stinging from his slapping. Neither of them hurt more than my stretched anus. Fuck I like it when a guy takes control!!!!! He thrust more gently as more of his cock slid deep into me. I could feel it stretching my inside. I reached back to feel how much more I had got to take. There must have been a good 3" more to go I had 5" or 6" of thick hard cock already in me. I felt his hands on my shoulder as he gripped me firmly. 2, 3 firm thrust and he had the whole of his cock up my ass.

I was screaming out loud not through pain but shear pleasure. Yeah he was right I was enjoying it. It was so tightly wedged in my ass that when he stood up I didn't slide off his cock. He held me around my chest I tried to touch the ground with the tip of my toes, I could not. I was suspended off the ground and impaled on his cock. He told me to wrap my arms around his neck. I could feel his hard nipples rubbing on my naked back. "I want to fuck you for the first time in my bed," he said as he carried me to his bedroom impaled on his cock.

He climbed onto his bed with me under him and still with his cock securely wedged in my ass. He straddled me in doggie position. "Keep that ass up boy and thrust back when I thrust into you," he said. He slapped my ass cheeks a few more times, making them sting some more. He gripped my hips with his powerful hands and pulled me hard back on his cock. "Push that ass hard back on my cock boy" he shouted. He started to fuck me gently, then when the mood took him he fucked me more vigorously. His cock thrust deep into me making me moan out loud. He was making noises like an animal as his body tensed and shuddered. He was sweating profusely. He was no longer kneeling on his knees behind me he was in a crouched position over me with the soles of his feet flat on the mattress and his hands on my shoulders. He pulled the shaft all the way out just leaving the head in my hole. He teased my anus by pulling just part of the head out stretching my hole then thrusting all the way back in several times. The sensation was awesome. His hands gripped my shoulders firmly as he used the full power of his leg muscles to thrust vigorously and roughly deep into me. It was a surreal moment being treated in this way and under his control. I felt his balls slamming against the cheeks of my ass as he fucked my hole aggressively.

His cock was swelling and stretching my anus he was about to cum. I felt sudden warmth as his cock exploded in my ass squirting powerful jets of sperm juice into my gut. He squirted so much that it overflowed and trickled out my ass on to my balls, He continued to fuck me for another 10 minutes. He was slowing and thrusting less. Eventually I felt the whole weight of his body forcing me down as he relaxed. He lay on me for about 30 minutes until he had recovered.

He rolled off me and lay beside me. With satisfied glazed eyes he looked at me and said, " best fuck I've had in a while." He jumped up and looked out the window. I could see his cock was growing hard again. "Well boy your going nowhere the snow is deep and still falling. I'm still horny too", he said. He climbed back into bed and wrapped his arms and legs around me. "I have the whole weekend to fuck you some more boy," he said. 'AND HE DID!!!!!!' ;)



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