It was the week before Christmas, and the office was holding their annual Christmas party. The booze was flowing and the snow was falling. It was a perfect night. We had just finished the white elephant gift exchange and people were starting to leave. Having nothing else to do that night and just an empty house to go home to, I decided to stay a little while longer.

I'm in my late 20's, muscular build, hitting the gym almost daily. Light dusting of hair across my chiseled chest, with brown hair and blue eyes. I've always felt very good about my body, especially the 8 in cut dick that hung between my legs. I was moving my way up in the company and making several friends in my department.

One of those friends, Blake, walked up to me after most of the people had gone home. Blake was my secret crush in the office, being only a few years older than me. He had red hair and piercing green eyes, with a tight round ass that was always shown well in his pants. Not to mention the way his strong pecs filled out his fitted dress shirts so nicely. He was in one of those tight fitting business outfits he always wore that night. I had never figured out if he was gay or not, but I had always wanted his manly, muscular body.

"Hey Darren, so apparently it's REALLY snowing outside, and my car is stuck behind a snow drift, is there any chance I could get a ride tonight?" Blake said, all wrapped up in his coat, his pale cheeks bright red from the cold outside.

"Of course man. I didn't know it was getting that bad outside."

"I didn't either. Your car is parked on the other side of the drift though, so I figured you'd have a clear shot of getting out. It's like a blizzard out there."

I gather my coat and scarf, bundling up tightly for the storm and step outside with Blake. He wasn't kidding. It was terrible outside. He told me where he lived and it turned out he was a few miles past my house. We got in the car and I started toward his house, but the snow was falling so hard I could barely see.

I turned to the stud next to me and said, "Hey Blake, it's getting really bad out here, do you mind if I just head to my house. We're only a couple of blocks away and I don't want to risk trying to go a few more miles in these conditions."

"I was just thinking the exact same thing," he smiled. Damn that smile could melt any snow, it was just so warm.

We pulled into my driveway and made our way inside. We were covered in snow from the short walk to my door and both of us were shivering. We took our coats and shoes off and I led him to the kitchen.

"So this is the home of the stud Darren," he said, sitting at the table. Did he just call me a stud? I make two hot chocolates and then bring them to the table, sitting next to Blake.

"Yep, in all it's glory," I was getting a little nervous around him. My mind started to wander thinking of things I wanted to do to his hot body right now.

"So tell me, I've noticed you're getting more and more built these past few months man, those buttons on your shirt are about to pop off," he laughed.

"Well I'm trying to keep up with guys like you in the office," I smiled back, could he be coming on to me I silently wondered. I looked outside at the snow falling heavily against my window, already piling up inches deep. I was brought back to reality by the hand that suddenly landed on my knee.

"Thank you for taking me in tonight Darren. I really don't know how'd I get home without you. I'll have to repay you somehow."

"I'll think of a way, I'm sure," I respond, placing my hand on top of his. We lock eyes for a bit, feeling each other out. I could feel the lust in those green eyes, begging, wanting. I lean in and kiss him gently, electric shocks running through my body as our lips touch. I pull back a bit before he grabs my neck, pulling into another kiss, this one much more passionate than the first. Our tongues roll around each other as I run my hand up his arm and around his neck as well.

I get up off my chair and straddle the man I've wanted for so long, never breaking the most passionate kiss I've ever had. The body heat from both of us warming one another up as I moaned into his mouth. I start to loosen his tie and unbutton the top few buttons of his shirt.

"Darren, I've had my eye on you ever since you started out at the company," he said, breathlessly.

"Well we're both not going anywhere for a while," I say, motioning toward the window. "Let's make ourselves warm." I pull off of him, wrapping my hand around his waist as I lead him to the living room and turn on the fire place. The glow from the Christmas tree and the fire cast shadows on his face that only accentuated his strong features and made his hair almost seem to glow.

"Here we go," I say, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt, but leaving it tucked in. I could see a ripple of muscles going down his chest in the opening of his shirt, leading to a nice dusting of red that disappeared below his belt. He began taking off my shirt as well, but leaving my thin silk tie on. We began to explore each other's bodies, my hands running in his shirt and over his perfectly formed pecs, reaching around and feeling a firm back before finally removing his shirt all the way. We stood there, shirtless, like two gods, the shadows making his abs look deeper and more defined. We went in for a kiss, and his kiss traveled down my neck. I arched back, letting his tongue roam aimlessly over my chest, stopping to play with my hard nipples. He began to undo my pants, revealing my red satin underwear I had on for the festive party, a little dot of precum staining the front that he licked.

I looked down and watched as this red-headed stud slowly pulled out my meaty, thick cock, licking up and down the shaft while holding on to my balls. I moaned in pleasure as he finally took the head of my dick in his mouth, sucking it like a skilled master. I rubbed my chest, tugging at my own nipples as he went down on me. His own hand groped his stiffening crotch through his pants as he began to suck on my nuts.

"Fuck," I screamed as he sucked my balls in his mouth. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and knelt down in front of him, kissing the man I've wanted for so long again. Then I pushed him back down so he was laying on my rug as I straddled him again, my ass on either side of his rock hard dick straining to get out of his pants. I rubbed his chest, grabbing onto his meaty pecs and running my hands lower and lower. Finally I scooted down so I could undo his belt and open his pants up. The stud was going commando! His cock popped right out, surrounded by a patch of his orange red hair. It was nicely trimmed, about 8 in long and uncut! I groaned in delight.

I pulled off his pants and starting licking his balls, making him moan in pleasure. Then I began to work on his foreskin, moving my tongue in and around it, nibbling on it a bit, before finally taking his dick in my mouth. I looked up at his meaty chest to make eye contact with him and say the most lustful eyes I have ever seen. I started sucking, and hard, going up and down as fast as I could on this man. As I started tasting his precum, I began to work my finger over his taint and asshole, making him moan even more.

"On your knees, stud," I ordered him. I pulled a condom out of a side table drawer as I spat into his hole, already opened a bit, begging for my cock. I slid a finger in to warm him up before lining my rock solid meat up and pushing the head inside. The fireplace crackled as I pushed in farther and farther, until finally all 8 inches of my thick meat were inside. He took it like a champ, probably because I am definitely not the first to be up in there I figured, but he was still tight. I grabbed onto his shoulder as I began to fuck him.

I wasted no time and began pounding his ass right away, my thighs slapping against his ass. However, I soon found I began to slow down, enjoying fucking this pale skinned stud. I leaned over his back and arched his head around for a kiss, before pulling out and repositioning so he was on his back.

I slid right back in and began some of the most passionate love making I have ever had. Every thrust into his hole brought me closer and closer. I grabbed onto one of his pecs again as I pushed my pelvis toward him. Lifting his legs above my knee, I got more leverage, going deep inside his hole.

Finally I reached the point of no return. I pulled out and ripped the condom off, cumming all over his chest. It glistened gold in the fire-light. Load after load cam shooting all over his abs and chest, running into his deepest crevices in his muscles.

Then I laid down, waiting for his load to come. He knelt beside my head, his cock right at my mouth, and began furiously jacking off his meaty uncut dick. I milked the last drops out of my own dick as I rubbed up the inside of his thigh, willing him to cum. And he did. Lots. All over my face. It tasted so good. Then I felt his tongue upon my cheeks as he began to lick up the rest of his own cum before finally planting it all in my mouth with a kiss.

His body melted on top of mine, my cum still between us now, as we kissed passionately. Our hands roamed over our firm, sweaty bodies as we lay there in front of the tree.

"Well this was a great Christmas gift, Blake," I said, exhausted.

"I think I may have to come over here more often."

We laid there, one hot body as we fell asleep in front of the fire.



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