I'd wanted to get into Dan's pants from day one—and that's exactly when I began trying. It was a slippery slope, you see. I'd come out in my last year of high school and more towards the summer at that. Sure, I'd come out to myself much sooner than that, but that doesn't count when you're trying to have some serious fun or, at least, the kind of fun you ought to be having in college.

I'd played around a bit in high school with other like-minded guys who weren't yet to come out either. No, I won't name them here. No one has the right to out someone else. College, I figured, would be a smorgasbord of different men—gay and straight—for me to choose from. And, yes, I definitely mean to say that I planned on bedding straight guys. Half the guys who go around hooking up with other guys are straight to begin with, or at least it seems that way.

Back to Dan. We were a big community of townhouses on campus with four other roommates, each with our own room (except for Chris and Steve, two shlubs who were stuck bunking together). Though I was nervous about being away from home for the first time, and living with strangers, I warmed up to Dan right away. It didn't hurt that he was gorgeous. Tall, chestnut brown hair, perfect hazel eyes, magnificent smile, smelled nice. I feel like I can go on and on about him unless you stop me

There was much more to him than just his looks, you see. His personality was one in a million, too. I don't normally worry too much about that when it comes to hook ups unless the guy in question happens to be a complete asshole. I wasn't sure I wanted more from Dan. After all, college was supposed to be about fun, not about buckling down, at least as far as your social life went.

Before long, I scratched off the idea of him being my boyfriend entirely. The guy was hopelessly straight, as I soon came to realize. Maybe not hopelessly—there was still the possibility that he would take a roll in the hay with another guy, and I wouldn't rest until I found out. But I had to be sly about it. With a guy like Dan, you couldn't come on too strong. There was a good possibility that I would get everything I wanted, but baby steps would be very much in order.

The other thing was that Dan didn't know I'm gay. It wasn't terribly obvious in the first place and some people don't pick up on some clues. That or they need to be looking for clues in order to pick up on them. At any rate, he would be way too shocked it I had just gone up to him and said, “Hey, Dan, I'm gay you know and I think we should burn up the sheets, so whaddaya say?”

Keeping up the facade was hard, though. He'd talk about the pussy he'd scored on campus and I'd smile and nod like I'd been doing the same (though my numbers at scoring cock on campus were actually better than his numbers at scoring pussy. It wasn't a competition, but I couldn't help but notice. I also knew he would just come right out and ask me how many girls I'd banged at some point. I'd given it some thought, but I really didn't have an answer.

After a few weeks went by, I began doing some things I'm not proud of per se, but I'm not ashamed of them either. For one thing, I slipped into his room when he wasn't around. Trust was easy to come by in our house, and we left our bedroom doors unlocked, and I guess my actions jeopardized that. But I simply couldn't help it.

When I was sure everyone was at class, I slipped into Dan's room and found his laundry basket first thing. Inside were his boxers. In fact, it seemed like he had nothing but boxers in that basket. I fished a pair of them out and pressed them against his face. Such a thing would be a disgusting thing to do had they been anyone else's shorts, but it was totally different with Eric. All I could think about was the fact that his cock and balls had graced the front of those shorts and that the back had cradled his so sweet ass.

His bed was made. Any time I'd been in that room—with him or snooping—the bed was always made. Find me another college student that makes his bed each and every day. When I peeled back the blanket, I saw a couple of brown hairs on the pillow and I was glad to learn that his sheets weren't laundered every day. I pulled the sheets back far enough to slip into his bed and slip out of his clothes.

I had no idea if he slept nude or in his boxers but God how I was praying for nude! I lay back in his bed thinking about how I was pressed against fabric that pressed against his naked chest, ass, cock and balls nightly. That was enough to get me hard and start me stroking my cock. One time, I lost control of myself and blew my load all over his sheets. Boy did I run scared after that. I cleaned up the mess as best I could, but it seemed like I couldn't get rid of all of it.

If Dan had noticed, he hadn't mentioned it. I'd made his bed again just as nicely as he'd done it so there'd been no reason for him to believe that I'd done anything to invade his privacy. The real problem for me was that it seemed so impossible to have a shot with him. I'd fooled around with three ‘straight' guys since I'd been on campus and it hadn't been that hard to do it. I hadn't believed that there were many straight guys who didn't have some attraction to other boys, but I was beginning to believe that Dan was one of them.

Well we all had some tipe of experince didnt we. So I went back to class and made sure every thing was in place in his room I ran into clas the lector said sorry I am late I said exzackely what u said there sir

We then had lunch in the cafeteria or at the mess hall so I thought hard about it in class and asked him if he had fooled around with streight boys

Shockingly he said yrs but he will never do that again becouse he was drunk so I had an idee to get him drunk nd get in his pants ......

Step 1

Have a small gathering all of our friends at the local bar

Step 2

Get him to enjoy himself pay for most of his drinks

Step 3.

Help him into the car drive to our dorms an help him into be ( taking his. Lothes off and making sure he is naked )

Step 4

Ask if he needs anything

Step 5 act woried about him and insist that you sleep in the same bed to help if there is any trouble

Step 6get him to wach a porn movie with you and start jerking off together

Step 7 get him to suck your cock

Step 8 enjoy the sex and feel his hard cock in your ass

Well now I had a fully proved plan I asked him after class how about me you nd some friends go to the local bar this weekend ??

He replies that is a good idea I havnt been out since last year !!

Scored he said yes. The night we went to bed I couldn't sleep becouse tomorrow is friday and we are going to get our fuck on this weekend ...

To be continued!




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