Ganton Police Headquarters


Aaron Spooner sat as his desk with his partner, Quentin Vance on the other side of his desk that happens to be facing one another. Aaron is reading the local newspaper as headlines read: "Police Budget cut. City crime rises." 

"god... They think we're doing nothing around here." Aaron said in disgust. "what are you doing reading those, man? They put you in a bad mood." Vance said laughing. Aaron nodded in agreement and put the paper down. "5 million people in this city, and were supposed to stop ALL the bad guys with the funding we're getting? We need more funding from the city. We can't do it by ourselves." Aaron shouted slightly. "why don't we just focus on the case, Aaron." his partner suggested from across the table. Aaron nodded back at Quentin, and looked back at the case file on his desk.

Their case is against a Ricardo Diaz, AKA "Mr. Coke." he has flop houses and crack dens all over Ganton, and it's up to Quentin, Aaron and the entire Vice Squad of the Ganton Police Department to stop him. Aaron and his partner have been working undercover with Diaz for 6 months now, and both Detectives are getting impatient.

Aaron picked up a picture of a known crack den and started analyzing it closely. "this doesn't make any sense..." Aaron said out loud. "why would a big heroin supplier like Diaz move to a part of town where there's known to be drugs? Doesn't he know that he's asking to get caught?" Aaron suggested as his partner pondered at the idea. "maybe he thought that he would be safer in a place where there's known to be high drug activity?" he suggested sipping his coffee and putting his feet up on the desk.

"unless... He's hiding.... In plain sight!!" Aaron yelled. He picked up his blue blazer and Quentin followed shortly behind. Once they arrived at the flophouses address, Spooner kicks open the door, and sees 15 guys standing with machine guns, and others weighing the powder. "Freeze! Vice!" Detective Spooner yelled as he, his partner, and the rest of the police raided the worn-down crack den on Spring Street in the southern half of the city. They search the house and found 35 Lbs of cocaine, and Heroin. "any sign of Diaz?!" 

"he's gone Aaron."Quentin hollered from another room Out of the corner of his eye, as the rest of the officers gave chase to other suspects, Det. Spooner sees a young man look at him from behind a corner, and bolt out the back door. "stop! Police!" he yelled once again as he gave chase to the fleeing young suspect. "get him, Aaron. We got it here!" Det. Vance called out as his partner ran after the fleeing boy. Down the street the boy ran as he looked back to see Detective Spooner right on his trail. "Stop!" he hears as Spooner closes the gap. 

Finally, with one quick motion, Detective Spooner tackled the young man to the ground. He pulled out his handcuffs and places the boys hands behind his back. The boy listens as the cuffs tighten around his slender, fragile wrists. "I didn't do nothin'!" he yelled. "running from the police is doing something." Spooner said as he picked up the smaller boy. Aaron wasn't exactly big either; the rest of the Vice Squad call him "Big Smoke" to make fun of his small 5'11" body. At 23, he's the youngest cop to ever make detective in the history of the department, even more so to be put on the Vice Squad, and go deep undercover. Even though he was small, he was in great physical shape. He has a bit of a runner/swimmer's build, and it compliments his undercover roles pretty well. He has light brown hair, blue eyes, and had a slight 5 o' clock shadow. 

He looks much older than he really is, and generally is put into undercover operations as either the buyer, or a rival. Aaron, wearing a blue suit jacket and matching dress pants, a pair of black loafers, and a black button down shirt to finish off the outfit, read the boy his rights, and he noticed that the bags under his eyes, the amount of jitters he has, and cuts and obvious puncture wounds,  say that he was on something, and is going through withdrawal. "what's your name?" he asked putting the card back in his pocket. "Kyle, sir." he said shakily. "what are you on, Kyle? Heroin? Cocaine?" he asked. Kyle shot him a look of fear, but quickly looked down at the ground.

"H-Heroin, sir.... B-but I'm trying to quit. Honest! I-I needed the money from it so I can eat...." hearing this, Aaron shuddered with empathy. "do you have anyone we can reach out to so we can find you a safe place to live?" Aaron asked getting down on one knee. "n-no." he whispered slightly. 

"this kid is in bad shape... He needs a home..." Aaron thought as he was writing down the information Kyle was giving him. "how old are you, Kyle?" he asked. "20..."

"how long have you been using heroin?" asked Aaron politely as he jotted down the information.

"since my dad blew his head off with a .357 magnum right in front of me, So, 3 years..." he answered with sorrow and embarrassment. Aaron was shocked at what he had just heard. "this kids dad killed himself right in front of him?! My god...." he thought to himself.  "just... Sit tight..." he said as he walked over to his lieutenant who had just arrived on the scene. "lieutenant, I---"

"what's the story, Spooner?" he interrupted rudely as he climbed out of his car. The young detective sighed to himself, and continued to give the low down on the situation. "so, Kyle here says he went to the house to get some money by selling, we come in and spook him, kid runs out the door." Aaron answered gesturing towards the boy. "great. Book 'em." he said as he turned for his car. "w-wait, lieutenant." Spooner answered. The lieutenant sighed to himself and turned back to his best Detective. "look, this kid has got no family, no place to live, jail wouldn't help anything." Aaron started as the sun shined down on them. 

"How about I take him in? It's better than him sitting in a jail cell with murderers and rapists. He needs help, not discipline." he finished. He could see in the lieutenants eyes that he was indeed thinking about the situation. He gave a quick glance at the boy in the squad car, than at Spooner, and made his decision. "alright, Spooner. But if I even see him walking around any place that is known for drugs, it's your badge." he boomed loudly. Aaron walked over to the squad car and opened the door. Kyle looked at the gorgeous detective with cautious eyes as Aaron slipped off the handcuffs. 

"come on, Kyle. You're staying with me." he said putting on his sunglasses. Kyle shot him a look of surprise. "w-what?" he said shaking as the withdrawal symptoms got worse. Aaron knelt down to his level. "it's obvious you don't have a place t go, so I offered for you to stay with me? Besides, you said you wanted to quit, who better to live with than a cop when your trying to quit drugs?" he laughed slightly. This also made Kyle laugh a little too. Kyle got up fro the squad car, and Aaron walked him over to his own car, and sat him down. Aaron put on his seatbelt and turned on the engine. 

The radio also started playing. He could hear the radio play a commercial intro to the radio station "Flash FM." he pressed on the gas, and drove home. Kyle felt really attracted to this cop, and he knew that he had to have him. As the car sped down the street towards Aaron's house, Kyle noticed how cute Aaron was, but the thought of being with a cop just felt weird, almost like Aaron was ten years older than him, but he technically is within his age bracket. 

When the car stopped, Kyle looked up at the building where Detective Spooner lived, and was shocked. He never would've guessed that he lives in the links view apartments. Aaron shut off the engine and looked at Kyle. "now, I only have a few rules: rule 1: eat your vegetables, 2: no parties when I'm working, and 3: if you gotta wank, do it in the shower." he laughed slightly. Kyle blushed as Aaron opened his door and stepped out of the car. Kyle followed him up to the apartment, and was in tears. He finally had someone that cared about him, even if it was a cop.




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