Off Road Dramas

Justin gets a hand from an unlikely helper.

I have recently picked up a new dual cab 4x4 ute which needed some extras fitted to make it highly capable off road, and handle my long bush camping trips. I took it to a local 4x4 store to get some quotes on bull bar, roof racks, tow bar, diff locks, and so on. The store I went to had a showroom with many different versions and parts that all looked amazing to me. But there was a problem, I wasn’t being served as it was pretty busy.

After hanging around browsing the products, reading brochures and trying to catch the eye of a salesman, I’d about given up waiting then a new salesman entered the showroom from the workshop out the back. He was the workshop manager and had been helping his team out the back and although well dressed in the corporate uniform had almost black hands from grease and oil. He had the most amazing gym fit body with large arms and shoulders tapering down in a v shape to a very perky butt which was really accentuated by his slacks.

He introduced himself as Phil and apologised for the delay saying they are very busy and asked if he could wash his hands and come back to serve me. I thanked him and said please go clean up, ill happily wait for you. He walked off out the back and I almost fell over watching him walk away, so hot!   Just as he turned into the bathroom he looked back at me and noticed me staring, and I blushed a bit which I think he saw.

As he swaggered back to help me I noticed he had a noticeable bulge in his pants that he didn’t have before walking off to wash his hands. I took him outside to get some details from my ute from under the bonnet he leaned over showing off his amazing butt, and seemed to be rubbing his crotch into the front guard of the vehicle. He finished under the bonnet and looked up to me winked and said he liked what he saw, which I assumed meant the new ute. We moved back into the store and looked over some parts that he had available or ones I could wait for. I had trouble by now hiding my loins reaction to being so close to this masculine hot man.

I ended up spending way more than I had planned and booked the ute in for it all to be fitted. A few days later I dropped the ute off for the fitment but never saw that hot guy again which was a real bummer.

A few weeks later I was out in the local national park testing out all the gear that had been fitted to the ute, when it all went wrong. The new locking rear diff seized and I was half way up a hill blocking the track in an area with no mobile coverage and no one was replying to my calls on the CB emergency channels. I was about to hike back to the main road when I heard the deep rumble of a V8 moving towards me.

This massively jacked up and kitted out old Toyota Landcruiser on massive tyres appeared at the top of the ridge above me where I was heading too. Guess who?? Yeah it was Phil from the 4x4 store. I was so glad to see someone, but it being Phil just made my day.  He jumped down from his vehicle and steadily made his way down the steep slope to me, and I admired his amazing body as he walked down in cargo pants and a tight white t-shirt. I was wearing footy shorts and a tank top with desert boots and my now erect cock was impossibly hard to hide as I’m quite a solid guy in the cock department.

Phil arrived not realising who it was made a comment that the vehicle looked familiar and that it looked like I had two problems. I introduced myself as Justin and that he had sold me all the extras on the ute along with the now seized diff. I asked him what he meant by two problems? Phil moved up close to me and moved his hand onto my cock pressing against my now tight shorts. I couldn’t believe my luck that he gay and was just a turned on as me.

Phil said he had been really turned on by me in the store, but had always been professional at work and never flirted with customers in the shop. I asked him what he does with guys who turn him on when there is no one else around. He didn’t say a thing, just dropped to his knees in front of me and ripped my shorts down releasing my big cut cock and launched into sucking me.

Here in the middle of the national park, busted vehicle, warm sunny morning with birds calling I’m being blown by my saviour who’s one of the hottest guys I have ever seen. A few minutes went by and I was leaking pre-cum like a leaking tap when he jumped up and kissed me whilst rubbing my cock. He continued to kiss me and started rummaging in his cargo pants coming out with a tube of lube.

We moved to the back of the ute where I had a rolled up swag which he proceeded to straddle presenting me with his perfectly pink ass which he had globed a good amount of lube on. He was fingering himself saying he would far prefer my cock in there. I didn’t blink an eye and moved forward to rest my large cock on his ring. UGHH he moaned as I started to push into his tight ring. It took a few mins but I finally bottomed out and gently started to thrust at a good pace forcing myself not too loose it straight away. I felt like every minute or so I was going to burst my load into him.

All of a sudden we heard a dirt bike in the distance, and I kept on ramming my cock into this gorgeous man. He was moaning and begging me to give it to him hard, harder, just go nuts he said, I want your animal side. The sound of the motor bike started getting closer and closer and as we guessed it was coming our way. I pulled out and Phil whined that it wasn’t fair, turned to me as I pulled my shorts up and said, this isn’t over and he would have my load.

We got off the back of the ute just as a pair of motor bikes crested the ridge. They helped connect Phil’s winch to my ute and we dragged it up the slope to the top and into a clearing at the top of the ridge. Phil looked at me as if he had a task to get my cock back in his ass. I whispered in his ear quickly that if we got out of here and back to my place a few k’s away that I would work him for hours. I thanked the pair of motor bike riders and turned to Phil as he nearly raced back to his Landcrusier and grabbed his toolkit. I put my swag on the ground at the back of ute so Phil could lie down under my ute to try and un seize my diff. Phil got under the back and I handed him tools as he asked for them, but I couldn’t help noticing his cock was pushing the front of his cargo pants again.

I started rubbing his crotch as he worked under the diff trying to disconnect the tail shaft. He raised his head saying, you are a tease and you’re going to have to relieve me soon. I stopped teasing him and pop out came the tail shaft from under the ute. We towed the ute back to my place and didn’t even bother decoupling the vehicles and just laid into kissing each other in between the vehicles. I said do you want to go back to what we were so rudely interrupted? He moved to the back of my ute and after dropping the tailgate jumped up and unrolled my swag into the back.

As I live on a rural property we had the whole place to ourselves and we quickly stripped off and started 69ing licking and sucking each other. Phil pulled away and rolled me onto my back with my rock hard cock standing up like a flag pole. He gobbed up some saliva and covered my cock with it, and lowered his gorgeous butt down to meet my cock. After getting wound up a few times today and already fucking him once without blowing my load I was nearly ready to burst as he sat down the first time. He rode my cock, working it up deeply inside him and bottoming out often with a big UGH like moan. I was lifting my hips to meet him and my balls made a light slapping sound. I had never been so turned on before and I had to blow. Feeling my balls tighten and saying im close Phil spanked his cock hard a few time and we came together.

After separating our bodies and after a few more kisses I invited Phil in to my house for a beer and well deserved meal.

The ute was picked up and towed the next day, was fixed and home delivered at the end of the week by Phil where we spent the weekend together exploring each other’s bodies and talents.

We are planning a trip out bush together and I can’t wait!




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