I wonder does he notice me staring at him.... I wonder does he know that I'm staring at his huge massive manhood. I bite my lip seductively. Oh shit I thought. I was beginning to get that feeling again. My dick was standing at attention. My asshole was throbbing and tingling yearning for his big fucking dick to ram my ass sore...Sorry I lost myself a little back there. My name is Grey and I've been obsessing over Jeff Harden since I could jerk off. And the worst part about it...he was my best friend. I was in 8th period, English class, it was summer and I was hot and botherd. We had gym last period and I had to leave. It was shower time. I couldn't let the other guys see me with a hard-on. But the real reason was that I couldn't control myself when Jeff was naked. He had wash board abs,baby face, and pale blue eyes you could melt in. Just that little glimpse of cock hair was enough to send me over the edge. Jeff was giving his oral report on morality and ethics. Only thing I could think about was giving him some oral. I got out of my trance and decided to blow of some sexual heat. I thought hey why not daydream. I sat at the back of the class so no one would notice me. I made myself comfortable. I let my wonder..

I was sitting at my desk. No one was in the classroom. Suddenly the door slams open. Jeff walks in. He was shirtless and his magnificent body was oiled up. He walks over and stands right in front of my face. He had a erection and his manhood was bulging from his pants. His overgrown cock was inches from my face. I kept staring at it...and before knew it I started getting "that" feeling again.

"Touch it" Jeff says in a low undertone.

"What?" I say sheepishly.

"I see you every day staring at my big hard dick. So touch it. Now is your chance Grey." He grips his manhood and my huge cock throbs in my Jeans. The tip of my dick presses hard against my zipper begging to be free.

"Come on Grey...touch it." Jeff says massaging his cock slowly. I take it one step further. I unzip his right Jeans and let his overgrow manhood spring free.

"Overachiever" He chuckles. I grab his cock with two hands. He let's out a moan. I notice both of my hands aren't big enough for his 7 inch dick. And yes I know his penis size, I'm his bestfriend :-) .

"Spit on my big cock and jerk me off" He says through gritted teeth.

"I'll do you one better" I say. I take him whole in my mouth. By God his dick is so long and thick. The corners of my mouth ache from the stretching. My mouth waters as I prepare to deep throat him. I swallow him all the down to his sweet smelling cock hair. He let's out a euphoric moan. He grabs the sides of skull and begins to thrust his large manhood down my throat. I moan louder and louder as he picks up the pace. My asshole and my dickhead was tingling so much I thought I was going climax. He pulls out and I gasp for air. He pulls me to my feet and pulls down my pants. My cock springs free. He bends me over and exposes my tight asshole. He barrows his face in my ass. His long snake like tongue eating my tight asshole. I grip the edges of the desk as his tongue impales my asshole. He turns me on my back.

"I wanna see your face when I drive my long dick in you." He says.

"Fuck me hard Jeff." I say almost begging.

"With pleasure" He says with a wide grin. I lick my lips at the sight of his fat glistening cockhead coated with my saliva. He goes in for the kill. I prepare myself. I slow my breathing, tighten my asshole, and grip the sides of the desk. Before I knew it Jeff was smacking me awake.

"Grey wake up!"He screams. I snap out of it and we are the last ones in the classroom.

"What happened?I dozed off." I say.

"Bro what was you dreaming about? You have a hard-on and you came in you pants. " He says surveying me. I look down and see exactly that.

"Must have been one hell off a dream huh?" He asks smiling.

"You have no idea." I say.

To be continued.......



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