My story begins when I was living in a condo in West Hollywood. Now of course it being Hollywood, there was never a lack for young, good looking studs running around and summer at the pool was like a living wet dream, but wait, I'm getting away from myself...That's not what this story is about. Well it is, but it's about one hot obsession. His name is David and when I say I am obsessed, well I don't say that lightly. Before him I had been a normal gay man living a normal life. I'd had many lovers, some long term, some not, but I'd never chased nor become completely infatuated by someone I knew wasn't interested...until David.

I had been living in the complex for about a year when David and his model girlfriend moved in. He was a struggling actor, surprise huh? Like that's out of place in Hollywood! Now like I said, hot looking guys are kind of a dime a dozen in this town, but David was - not only drop dead gorgeous, but he was special. He just looked at you differently. He didn't curl his lip or make snide comments about queers. He was obviously straight and in a relationship, his girlfriend; Julie was a very sexy young blond, (hey I may be gay, but I'm not blind) who looked like she walked right off the pages of Playboy. I think she supported him and he in turn 'took care' of her if you get my meaning, but either way, David was definitely a tits and ass man, but he took all the passes made at him by the other guys in the building in stride. He'd just give a small, sexy half smile, shrug and say he was committed to his 'team' but if he ever decided to 'change teams', he'd let us all know!

I immediately fell head over heels in lust with him.

He was 27, and tall, about 6'1' and weighed about 190 lbs. He had dark spiky hair, big brown eyes and full sensual lips that made you want to just nibble on them. His face was almost pretty he was so handsome and his body - well let's just say it was made for sex, no doubt about it. His chest was sculpted with muscle, lean and hard, tan and hairless naturally. His nipples were the size of quarters and always seemed to be erect. My mouth watered every time I saw him in his 'wife beater' you could see those dusky nipples just begging to be licked, sucked, petted! He had huge, amazingly broad shoulders that tapered down to a trim waist, with rippled abs and a treasure trail that led to what I just knew would be a big beautiful cock. His ass was high and leanly muscled, not too full, but no where near flat. It was curved just right and I just knew it would be firm and hard. His legs were long, with sleekly muscled thighs that attested to his many hours at the gym and not just pumping his chest. His calves were solid, hard and well shaped, fuck, even his feet were sexy. I spent many an hour just dreaming of what I'd like to do to each part of his perfect body. He looked like an Angel and I wanted him to take me to Heaven with him!

Yeah, okay, so as I was saying, David was the full package, big, brawny, pretty and sexy as hell, but it was his hands that nearly made me come every time I saw him. They were huge, massive paws, yet elegant, sensual even, with long tapered fingers that you just knew would bring so much pleasure when he let them loose on a body. I was so jealous of Julie as I'd observe the casual touches he was constantly gifting her with. Whether it was innocent caress, like running his hand through her long blond hair, or sexy grope, like his hand feeling up her ass, I longed for it to be me on the end of those touches. I swear every touch he gave her nearly made my head swim with jealousy and unrequited lust!. By the time they'd lived there 6 months I knew I simply hated Julie because she had what I wanted - him.

After a year I knew, much to my frustration David had become much more than a crush or secret fantasy - he was my obsession, he was sex on a stick and I desperately wanted to lick him up. I had taken up spying on him. One hot night he and Julie had left their curtains open and I actually caught sight of him in all his naked glory. He had walked down the hall from what I assumed was their bedroom and into the living room, I was doing my normal lurking and stalking and then there he was nude and so beautiful he took my breath away! He went into the kitchen and came back out with a bottle of whip cream! Needless to say I hated Julie even more after that!

I even went so far as to hover outside his bedroom, eavesdropping and jacking off as I listened to him make it the oh so fucking lucky and now detested, Julie. If her breathless cries and moans were any indication, the boy knew what he was doing in the sack. I hated her, lusted for him and my life was starting to seriously revolve around any chance I could get to be close to him! I hung out at the pool when he did. Met him at the rec room and played pool, you know manly things. He knew I was gay, but he never made a comment and I was always too scared to hit on him. But I never stopped aching for him.

I never dreamed I'd get the chance to actually have him because it was so obvious he was straight as an arrow, but life sometimes gives you your greatest wish when you least expect it...Now as I said before David wasn't judgmental and looking back on it now, maybe he should have been, but he wasn't. He was sweet, sexy and maybe naΓ―ve when it came to evils of man. So it was that naivetΓ© that led him to accept Raoul's offer to a party at the Butch Latin's house one weekend while his ball and chain Julie was out of town. When I showed up at the party I was stunned to see the beautiful straight stud there knowing that Raoul was gay, actually not just gay, but a hardcore Dom too .

Even now, months later I wonder how David couldn't have known they were all panting after him! Oh I mean, he knew - let's face it, too many of the guys there had put the moves on the hot young actor, some serious, some playful, so he knew they wanted him, but in retrospect I'm amazed how could he think that they wouldn't take advantage of him if he gave them the chance at him!

As I circulated the room, I noticed he appeared to be really out of it. I kept one eye on my obsession as I sauntered up to Raoul, 'So he's the entertainment for the night?' I asked, motioning to David as he stumbled, fell against a couple of guys and was felt up without even realizing it.

I watched jealously as the two guys rubbed his firm ass and another re-filled his glass while whispering in his ear. I turned back to the host of this party, grinning as if that was okay with me, while inside I was pissed, if anyone was going to bust David's cherry I wanted it to be me and me alone, but not like this... My obsessive, protective instincts were kicking in hard and I seriously wanted to beat the crap out of Raoul for drugging up the sweet stud.

Raoul licked his lips as he watched the scene too. 'Yeah, he's so fine. We've all wanted him for months and tonight we're going to have him.' He gave me a leer, 'Come on Paul, I see you outside his window, I know you're dying to get a piece of him..tell ya what - I'll bump you up in the line, you can have him - right after I do, how would that be, eh?'

I seethed on the inside, but shrugged and played it cool, even though (much to my shame) a part of me was panting at the thought of sliding my cock up inside that sweet incredibly sexy ass, I knew what they were planning wasn't just morally wrong or criminal, the fact was David didn't deserve it. He wasn't some homo-phobe who talked shit. He was always polite, even when some of the guys had gotten a bit carried away in how hot they found him, he'd always just tell them he didn't swing that way, but he was never an asshole about it. Maybe that was one of the things that just made us all want him more - I don't know, but I did know he sure as hell didn't deserve to be gang banged by twenty or so horny dudes just because they were obsessed with the sexy actor.

I know, you're probably thinking like I wasn't just as obsessed, but still....I never lured him to my house with the intention of raping him! So, O - kay on with the story.

I looked back to where David had been and was worried to see he wasn't in the room anymore. Fuck, I thought feeling a sense of panic overwhelm me. 'Where is he?' I asked Raoul, just barely keeping the anger from my voice.

He grinned lewdly and pointed to the bedroom. 'Back there, probably getting his knob slobbed and maybe sucking a cock or two,' he said laughing.

I turned to leave, but Raoul's voice stopped me. 'Paul, no one fucks him before I do,' he called out after me. 'Remember that buddy and you can have him all you want.' It was a warning, no doubt about it and I took it to heart. I knew if I tried to take David out of here I'd have to go through every dude here to accomplish that task!

I hurried towards the back bedroom. I had no idea what I was gonna find, but when I opened the door I stopped dead and much to my disgust my own dick came alive at what I saw...

David was on the bed, being held there by four rather big guys. I'd never seen any of them before so I wasn't sure just how serious they were. Were they hired muscle or guests? I didn't know and that worried me. My eyes went to David; he was naked and he was thrashing about, moaning and practically begging them to stop. Between his spread legs, there was a fifth guy on his knees, sucking David's impressive dick. As the drugged up hunk moaned and tried to pull away from the the man sucking his cock, the other four held his limbs pinned to the bed and were petting and kissing on his fine, naked body.

'St-stop - I-I--oh God!' he gasped as one of the men started playing with his nipples.

The one slurping on his meat moved to crouch beside the restrained hottie and one of the men holding his legs, raised it straight up in the air, exposing David's virgin anus. 'Wanna fuck that sweet hole,' the guy muttered and he leaned down and began to lick and suck at David's tiny pink pucker.

The hunky actor gasped, 'N-No, I d-don' want thisssh...' he slurred, struggling weakly. 'I don't fucking w-want th-thish damn y-you!' he raged in a sluggish voice, trying to pull away from his captors.

I could tell he didn't stand a chance. Whatever he was doped up with had made the big strapping beefcake weak as a kitten and the guys easily held him down as they molested his beautiful body. I stared, overwhelmed with lust as my eyes roamed his fucking glorious body. It was perfect, all tanned muscle, lean and toned. He had abs that you could bounce a quarter off of and - I stared lost in lust - Jesus; even his cock was pretty! Long and thick it was about 9 inches of cut man meat, it made my mouth water and I watched jealously as the dude on the bed swallowed it down again and again.

David was beginning to thrash as his body began to react to the rimming and blow job being forced on him. 'N-No! F-fuck shtop!' he growled, trying to lurch away from the mouth rimming his ass, only to find that when he did that it forced his dick deeper down the throat of Blow Job guy. Then he'd pull back, only to find Rim Man's tongue sliding deeper into his back channel. He tried to yank his arms free as he panted in frustration.

He twitched and thrashed, unsure where to move to escape the constant violations of his body. 'Noooo! Don't d-do that - Oh fuck!' he gasped as Blow Job dude began to play with his balls. 'Sht-shtop!' he begged, but Rim Man had begun to slide his tongue in and out of David's sweet hole harder and faster, making the sexy dark haired man whimper in unexpected pleasure. David closed his eyes and begged to be let go as his prostate was hit again and again by Rim Man's tongue. Soon he wasn't saying anything, but his hips were pistoning up and down, aiding in his rape as he fucked himself on the tongue rimming his ass and thrust his dick deeper into the hot mouth that was sucking him off!

I watched as he stiffened and knew he was about to come. 'Oh sh-shit - fuck!' he cried and I nearly came myself as I got the first view of David in orgasmic release.

He was fucking stunning! His eyes were squeezed shut, his gorgeous body was stiff and tight making the sleek muscles bulge as he writhed on the bed - and that mouth... Fuck, I still have wet dreams about that mouth. When he came, he sort of whimpered, then bit his lip, cutting off that sexy sound. I don't know if he did that to stop his cries of sexual release or if he always did that, but it was so hot my cock throbbed as I watched him chew on those pretty lips as he let loose and shot his load into the dude's mouth that was blowing him.

Now I want you all to know, I have never raped anyone. Never needed to and I had certainly never intended to be a part of this, but I was lost... My only excuse is that I had wanted him so badly for so long, maybe I was a bit insane with that lust - I don't know, all I know is somehow I found myself right there too, touching his magnificent body. Becoming a part of his degradation.

I ran my hands over his lean, hard belly, my eyes glued to his face as he panted after getting off. He had his eyes closed and he gasped softly as he felt the hands on his body again, so soon after his orgasm.

The big blond holding David's arm grabbed his large dick in his hand then and moved to hover over the dazed stud's panting mouth. 'Open up beautiful,' he growled as he pressed his thick cock against David's pouty lips.

I have to say I knew it was wrong, but I was so hard, so excited - okay fuck I was insane as I did nothing and watched the big dude force his thick meat into David's mouth.

'Yeah baby,' the guy, I called Fuck Face moaned as he slid his big dick in and out of the dark haired hunk's mouth. 'God damn you got a pretty mouth,' he gritted out as he forced David's mouth to open wider and pressed deeper into the drugged up beauty's mouth. 'Yeah take it - all of it,' Fuck face growled as he held the back of David's head and began to pump his fuck shaft deeper and deeper into that sweet mouth.

David's cheeks puffed out as Fuck Face shoved his cock deeper down the hot actor's throat. 'Mmmnnnoo' he moaned, but it was gargled, since his mouth was stuffed full of dick..

Much to my shame, I was just as hot as the rest of the guys watching. It was so fucking sexy, everyone of us in that room had our meat in our hands and were pumping our dicks as we watched David suck cock for the first time!

Without meaning to my hand found David's limp dick and began to pet it. Just touching him like this was putting me close to the edge, I stroked his soft meat and watched the big blond fuck his face, wondering how I'd went from dream lover to rapist! I just couldn't seem to stop myself as I watched the other men in the room begin to fondle the handsome actor's body as they pumped their own fuck sticks.

Fuck Face was humping away, his thick cock thrusting all the way down the dazed stud's throat, when suddenly he tensed. 'Oh fuck, I'm gonna shoot!' he exclaimed. He gave a loud roar and the bed shook as he pounded his dick into David's mouth, ignoring the whimpers of pain coming from the restrained beefcake.

I finally came to my senses when I noticed David's washboard belly heaving. I was up close and personal you see because, much to my disgust, I had my mouth on his cock at the time, but the point is that I knew the sexy hottie was about to puke. I lifted my head and noticed that Fuck Face was still pumping his fat prick into that gorgeous mouth as he shot a continuous flow of man juice down David's throat, forcing the hunky stud to swallow again and again. The big blond continued to flood that pretty mouth with sperm, oblivious to the gagging noises coming from the handsome captive, until it was too late....

'He's gonna throw up,' I said almost casually, as I heard the tell tale gurgle come from that hard tummy. I quickly moved off the bed and my feet had barely touched the floor when David jerked his head back and wretched violently, spewing puke all over himself, the bed and anyone in his near vicinity. Me and the other three guys avoided the spew, just barely, but Fuck Face wasn't so lucky. David sprayed him pretty good, puking the man's semen and what looked like pasta and pepperoni right back up on his chest, thighs and abdomen. We all kind of froze, nothing like a bit of vomit to kill the mood!

Now I know you're thinking, gross! That's so not hot and doesn't belong in this fic, but I'm telling this story and it happened just like that. David was a virgin to swallowing cum and he puked. I think we've all had the reaction from time to time, especially the first time! Truth isn't always as perfect as fiction, y'know?

David grimaced and shuddered as he spit and coughed, trying to rid his mouth of the foul taste of cum and his own puke. 'You - oh fuck I-I had a - NO!' he groaned, trying to pull away as his belly heaved again. 'Oh shit - oh shit, I swallowed cum, I feel sick...I feel fucking sick!' he moaned as he opened his eyes and gazed wildly around the room. His eyes landed on me and I saw recognition, then disappointment. 'You t-too huh? Oh fuck, I thought you were different...' he said softly, looking away from me as if I had betrayed him...and I knew then that I had.

I was disgusted with myself as I realized what I had done. I had sat and watched - NO - not just watched - I had participated in this sexy stud muffin's rape and violation! Right then, I had my conscience shoved down my throat just as surely as David had had a cock shoved down his! I took it as a sign, the rest of the guys didn't seem to want to touch him, so I knew this was my chance to get the poor baby out of there...

'He needs to get cleaned up,' I said, looking around at the other guys who had moved away from the pretty, but soiled stud on the bed. Fuck face ignored me completely and headed for the bathroom, bitching about virgins who can't handle a man's load!

'Is anyone going to fucking help me?' I asked as if I was pissed, but really I was hoping these guys would prove to be as worthless as I suspected - they did and every one of them shook their heads as I helped David up from the bed. I got him on his feet, he was unsteady and leaned on me heavily. 'I feel sick,' he whimpered again and I nodded and began to lead his heavy, muscular body towards the bathroom one slow, wobbly step at a time.

Fuck Face was just coming out of the bathroom when I got David to the doorway. David reared back, panicked at seeing his attacker. Fuck Face grinned. 'Clean him up good cause I plan on fucking that sweet ass next. At least that won't make him fucking spew on all of us!' he growled, before moving around us and going back into the bedroom.

David was resisting me now. 'No! N-no, I d-don't wanna g-get cleaned up...' he was saying softly as I forced his lethargic body into the bathroom.

I shut and locked the door. 'Okay,' I said to him as I helped him sit down on the toilet. 'Look, I'm not going to send you back there.' When he just stared at me blankly, I squatted down to look into his eyes. 'David, do you understand me pet, I'm NOT giving you back to them - we're going out that window,' I told him, pointing to the mid sized bathroom window above his head, behind him. He blinked those big brown puppy dog eyes at me and I felt my whole body tingle. Was I crazy? I thought. This was probably the ONLY chance I would ever, ever have to get this hunk in bed and I was blowing it because I felt sorry for him?! But I knew I couldn't do this to him...he just didn't deserve it.

Yeah, I'm a softy, so what! If you could have seen how vulnerable, how incredible innocent, yet erotic he looked you would have done anything for him too, so be quiet and let me finish this story!

David gave me a small, shy, but sexy smile. 'You mean you aren't here to hurt me too?' he asked so sweetly, that I felt my heart leap up in my chest and I nearly groaned out loud.

I knew I had gone beyond lust for this beautiful hunk. Oh fuck, I was in love and I knew it. Great in love with a straight guy who was about to get raped if we didn't get the fuck out of here! Oh yeah, that's just terrific. You know, my life used to be simple until David came along!

'No, I'm not gonna hurt you, I want to get you out of here baby, now can you get it together?' I asked, wanting to hug and love on him, but knowing there was no time and he probably wouldn't appreciate it anyway after what had happened to him already, I restrained myself and just set about finding something I could wrap the naked hottie in.

I saw a laundry basket. Now normally that would gross me out, putting on another man's dirty clothes, but this was an emergency. I tipped the basket and quickly found a pair of sweats and a T-shirt. 'Here pet, put these on,' I said softly.

He took them obediently and stood up. He tipped and nearly fell and I knew getting him out that window was going to be an adventure.




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