by Chris Kay

The true story of a straight boy seduced.

Please do not alter or repost this story without permission.


Brian's father was one of several owners of an oil exploration and drilling


To say the least, Brian was one wealthy kid - blonde, rich, and

outgoing. The lucky shit. I remember when he got a sweet, emerald green

Alfa Romeo Spider from his dad for a birthday present. He drove up in it

before school one day in the early fall and talked me into going for a

spin. We tore around the school with music cranked up on the transcendent

stereo system, until both of us were late for class.

I never understood why he had made friends with me in the first place. I

wasn't wealthy like some of the other kids in our school. We were the same

age and had a PE class together, but otherwise, very little in common. For

example, I drove a brown AMC Gremlin handed down to me from my older

brother. It had a malfunctioning tape deck, one tape of Pink Floyd's Dark

Side and the permanent scent of pot engrained in its torn bucket-seats. My

family lived in a four bedroom, three bathroom house on a quarter acre lot

in the suburbs - as far as one can get from Brian's ritzy neighborhood,

without leaving the school's boundaries. My family wasn't poor by any

stretch, but what did he see in me?

Brian had two houses that I knew of. The one I had visited was a twelve

bedroom mansion on a lot the size of a city park. I had first seen it when

he asked my band to play at a keg party he threw by the pool the previous

summer, when his parents were out. 16 kegs and the police were paid off. It

was incredible. Rich kids can get away with anything.

One day in PE class, I pulled a muscle playing soccer and got permission

from the coach to sit out for the rest of the period. I kicked back on the

bleachers to watch the other guys play when Brian came over and sat down

next to me.

'You're still dressed. How'd you get out of class this time?' I looked him

over. He wasn't wearing the prototypical blue gym shorts and white t-shirt,

but still had on jeans.

'Note from the doctor.' he said.

'Yeah, B.S.' I laughed and he just smiled.

'Actually, my sister and I got a death threat. Some anonymous weirdo's

trying to scare my family. My parents hired some guys to watch us. They're

right over there.' He pointed over to the school lot where a gray Lincoln

sedan was parked.

'Damn! Really?' I said surprised. 'Someone kidnapped my dog once,' I

joked. 'but they gave him back after a couple of days when we didn't give a


Brian laughed out loud and kicked back right next to me. Uncomfortably

close. I remember at the time feeling that it was odd, since the bleachers

were empty except for the two of us. He was so close that his denim covered

knee touched my bare one as we talked.

He was about my size and build, five feet ten or eleven, one hundred and

fifty pounds, bright blonde hair that was dark at the roots, flopping

around short above a truly electric smile. Neither of us were the over

muscled athletic type, but had physiques that girls seemed to like. I

always felt lucky that we were friends. I wasn't the type to hang with the

preppies or jocks, usually, and neither was he. He could have bought any

friends he wanted, but seemed fairly well grounded for a super rich kid. If

he gave me the time of day, he had to be down to earth.

'I was going to have another party this weekend at our place in the Oaks.'

he offered. 'My people are out again.'

'After the last one? Are you sure the cops will leave you alone? It was so

rowdy, I couldn't believe the neighbors didn't complain.' I said as I

pushed my legs together in the gym shorts self-consciously, as if to give

him more room.

'Most of the neighbors came to the party, but it doesn't matter anyway,

because of the threats. I can't have the party with that going on. The

hired security guys are going to be guarding the house.' He said, as he

gestured with his head back toward the parking lot again. 'It's a bummer,

because when my parents are out, it's such a waste of an empty pad.'

'Your parents take off somewhere when you and your sister have stalkers?'


He put his hand up dismissively. 'It's not a big deal, really. It

happens. You just have to be careful. But, 'No parties!.they said.' and he

sighed in resignation.

'Well, our drummer is out this week anyway. We couldn't have jammed for

you.' I said.

'Hey! Wait a minute. Want to come over for the weekend? An approved friend

or two wouldn't hurt! I just have to tell them you're coming.'

'Sleepover at your place?' I said, though the word 'sleepover' instantly

seemed grossly inadequate for the scope of the enormous ponderosa in which

he lived.

'Yeah, why not. Just you and my sister and the mafia guys parked out front!

It'll be a blast.'

I was still hanging on the fact that I had used the word 'sleepover'. I

felt stupid for even saying it. I wanted him to continue thinking I was

cool. 'Yeah, alright. why not? I'll ask my people. I'm sure they'll be ok

with it. My mother would prefer it to some of the gigs we've been playing

lately anyway.' I laughed.

He clapped his hand down on the exposed skin of my leg just below my shorts

as he stood up from the bleachers. 'Great! just show up whenever on Friday

after school. It will be fun, I promise. Saturday night, too. Stay all

weekend, k?'

I was taken aback at first by the familiar touch on my leg, but as usual, I

felt a little shot of pride pass through me as he started to walk away

smiling. He was a cool friend to have, I thought. The popular golden boy


'What should I bring?' I asked.

'Nothing. You don't need anything. We've got it all.' he said as I watched

him walk through the main doors to the first floor classrooms, the bell

ringing to signal the end of class.

On the following Friday night at about 6:30 I rolled up to the iron gates

in front of Brian's palatial home, wound down the window on my Gremlin and

pushed the call button. Brian's sister Karen answered and asked me who I

was. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear her well, because the engine was idling

really high. I couldn't understand her over the noise. I shut off the car

and said, 'Hi, Karen. It's Alex.'

'Oh, hi Alex. C'mon in.' and with a click of static from the intercom, the

iron gates rolled open.

I restarted Ole Bessy and puttered down the interlocking brick driveway to

the castle hidden deep in the evergreens. I pulled up in front of the

stairs to the entranceway and parked next to a dark sedan not unlike the

one that I had seen in the school lot. I couldn't see through the tinted

windows, but assumed the ubiquitous security Mafioso were lurking just

inside. I felt briefly ridiculous parking my junker in front of the ornate


I grabbed my little overnight bag, stepped out, slammed the door without

locking it, and started up the stairs. A door on the passenger side of the

sedan opened and a man in a white shirt and tie emerged He came over and

stood next to me with one foot up on the step above mine.

'ID please.' he said emotionlessly, as they do.

I gave him my driver's license.the real one., and waited. He took it back

to his car as the driver's side window rolled down with a whir. Another man

sat just inside. I could hear the stereo from within as they discussed my

license. They weren't cops, but they sure felt like it. After a few minutes

he gave me back my ID and asked me what I had in the bag.

'A change of clothes.toothbrush.just stuff.' I responded. 'You won't need

to examine the undies I hope.' I said sarcastically as he looked inside

the bag that I held open for him.

'Have a good night,' he said as he disappeared behind the dark windows of

the sedan once again.

I climbed the steps up between two huge roman columns and dropped a shiny

silver knocker once onto the sculpted wood of the front door. I looked down

at my feet as I waited for someone to answer. I noticed that even their

cement was nicer than the stuff in my neighborhood. It had little sparkles

in it. After a minute, the door opened and Brian was smiling and inviting

me in. Still wearing the faded jeans and the Mr. Zogg's t-shirt I had seen

him in at school earlier in the day. 'C'mon in man! Make yourself at home!'

he said with his hands spread out wide around him, his voice echoing up to

the high ceiling of the foyer.

It was a palace of marble with a huge curving stairway off to the right and

a sitting room with an assortment of high-backed leather reading chairs to

the left. A wide hallway led straight ahead into the depth of the place.

'Make myself 'at castle' is more like it.' I responded

sarcastically. 'This place reminds me of the Modern Art Museum.' I said,

looking up at a huge cubist painting hanging on the wall below the upper

floor railing above us. I don't recall the exact painting now, but knowing

his wealthy family, it may have been the original Nude Descending a

Staircase for all I knew.

Brian walked over to the stairway and motioned for me to follow him

up. 'Lose the shoes,' he said without turning around, and I noticed his

bare feet below the jeans as he walked up the hardwood steps. Not seeing

where to put my sneakers, I just left them by the wall and ran up behind

him with my small bag still in hand.

He walked down a wide hallway and swung open two French doors to reveal a

sweet playroom. There was a full size billiard table, a wet bar and even a

juke box over in the corner - bubbling away with bright colored lights. He

walked over to the box and punched some numbers into a keypad. Sound poured

from everywhere around the room as some metal tune awakened the quiet room.

He grabbed a pool cue and tossed it to me. 'Let's play.' he said as he

grabbed one for himself. 'Eight ball?' he asked and I agreed. I set down

my bag on a nearby couch.

As young friends can, we dove into conversation effortlessly. We talked

about anything and everything as we knocked the balls about. Our PE class,

girls, the teacher with the odd recoiling sneeze, the asshole jocks, his

emerald green Spider, my lowly AMC, just everything. It was nice.

His sister Karen came in after a while. I don't remember her exact age,

but she had just graduated the previous year. Like her brother she was a

good-looking blonde. In fact, she was super hot standing there in shorts

and a close fitting blouse. I couldn't help but stare at her tits. I must

have done it for a bit too long, because Brian was grinning at me across

the pool table. I looked quickly away from them both. I didn't know how

he'd feel about me checking out his sister.

'Um, say, Karen.' Brian said in his best harmless sounding voice. 'Oh

sister, dear.favorite sibling o'mine..' he continued pleadingly. 'A simple


'Your ONLY sibling' she said as she leaned over the juke box to see what

songs Brian had cued up. 'What is it?' she asked with a suspicious tone.

'You have the key don't you?' Brian asked through a practiced smile.

'Yeeesss.' she replied back, not even looking up at him.

'Please...' Brian pleaded.

'Hmm.' she pondered.

I was clearly out of the loop. 'Ok. what are you guys talking about? What

key?' I asked curiously.

'To the bar.' Brian indicated by pointing his nose.

'Oh.THAT kind of key.' I replied hopefully.

'Yeah, she's got a key, now she's graduated.' Brian said in a mocking tone.

'Yes, I do, don't I?' She teased as she patted her pocket - grinning at us

both, blowing a lock of blonde hair out of her face while leaning on the

glowing juke box. 'Perhaps, I'll open the bar, grab a beer, and pour the

two of you Shirley Temples.'

'Sister dear.' he said again. 'Pleeeeeaasssee. Alex is super laid back!

He's not the crazy type. We won't mess anything up, promise!' And he waited

with sparkling wide, blue eyes for her response - the pool cue clutched

possessively against his chest like a good luck charm.

She gave him a Mona Lisa grin and then looked me up and down quite

intently. I felt a flush run across my skin as she sized me up. 'You won't

tell your parents will you Alex?' she asked, to which I rapidly replied,

'No way, absolutely not. Not a chance.' crossing my heart with the pool

cue. After another pause she finally said, 'Alright. Just beer though, you

two. Ok? Cause dad knows what liquor we've got. And I don't drink much.'

'Sweet!' Brian said. 'Love you, K!' and both of us jumped toward the bar.

'You heard me guys! Only a few beers. And you stay home tonight. No driving


'No problem.' I said happily.

She went behind the bar and put one of the keys from her ring into a

cabinet panel, which swung open to reveal a row of gleaming bottles,

glasses, and a half height fridge. 'There you go. Be good, now.' She smiled

and turned to leave the room. 'I might have someone over tonight too, so

don't get in our way. Got it?'

'Moi?' Brian mocked as he hastily pulled two cold bottles of brew out of

the little fridge, and fished for an opener.

'Who will it be, tonight? I wonder.' he asked rhetorically as he scratched

his chin. He put the unopened bottle in front of his jeans at his crotch

like an enormous cock and waggled it back and forth. 'The swimmer one,

maybe?' he giggled. 'That was a good show the other night. You guys out in

the pool at 2:00 am.' Brian laughed as he leaned back, thrust his hips

forward, and flopped the beer about like a bouncing boner.

'Laugh it up, you little stain.' Karen chided. 'Be polite or I'll lock it

all back up.'

'Chill Sis. It's cool. We'll be good.' he said with a truthful glance at


'Yeah, we'll see. All it takes is one call to Mom' she reminded him as she

grabbed the French doors.

Brian set down his brew and formed an impromptu halo over his head with

both hands.

'Did I just hear a choir singing?' I laughed while opening drawers around

the bar in my search for a bottle opener.

She giggled with us as she closed the doors behind her. We heard her walk

off down the tiled floor of the great hallway.


Brian finally located a bottle opener and popped the tops of the two beers

that we had pilfered from his father's cabinet. We each swigged a

mouthful. I guzzled too much too quickly and coughed. I looked over at

Brian to see if he had noticed, but he was already lining up his next shot

at the pool table. One must be suave when drinking alcohol.

We drained the bottles quickly, laughed raucously, burped loudly, and

danced stupidly to loud guitar rock. There were more drinks and it was a

great time. Within thirty minutes, I could really feel the alcohol swirling

around in my head. It felt otherworldly to me in that huge house with him -

partying carelessly. It didn't seem real.

Brian came over to me and threw one arm over my shoulder as I considered a

shot at the pool table. 'You were checking out my sister's tits back

there.' he said matter-of-factly.

'Well, I wasn't really.' I replied.

'Oh yes you were! You had the VBB. No hiding it.' he said.

'What the hell is a VBB?' I asked.

'Visible boner bulge.' he laughed as he picked up the chalk and rolled it

over the end of his cue.

'I did not, either!' I defended.

'Hey. it's cool, dude. I know she's hot. I'd scope her out too, if I were

you.' he giggled again. 'In fact, if we get lucky, her swimmer boy will

come by again tonight and we can spy on them skinny dipping in the pool.'

'Whoa. really?' I asked looking hopefully over at him. The idea of seeing

Karen naked seemed exactly like heaven to me at that moment. And truth be

told, he was probably right about the boner bulge. In those days we wore

our jeans fairly tight. There wasn't much hidden if you knew when to look.

'So they were just out there swimming naked together in the middle of the

night?' I looked up at the ceiling imagining it.

'Yeah, why not. It's really private here.' he said.

'Except when you're spying on them.' I corrected.

'Yeah, well, there is that.' he agreed. 'The guy was really.' and Brian

trailed off.

'Really, what?' I asked as I took my shot.

'He was huge.' he said. 'His cock I mean. Almost depressed me.almost' Brian


'How big is huge?' I asked with genuine curiosity. 'Did they do it? Right

out at the pool?'

'No,' he said. 'They didn't fuck out at the pool. But he got some serious

wood.' Brian put his hands about 8 inches apart from each other and cocked

an eyebrow at me.

I agreed. 'That would probably humble me a bit.' I laughed and we both

said, 'a bit.'

All the talk about naked sisters and big dicks had my blood pumping. I had

to readjust myself in my 501s, as nonchalantly as possible of course, as

Brian hunted for a game winning shot at the 8 ball. I found myself watching

him. I was wondering if he got hard like I did just by talking about things

like this. It wasn't something I would normally just talk about with

another guy, but I was understandably curious. Does every guy pop a boner

like I did at the drop of a hat - or pair of shorts - as the case may be? I

was checking out his ass as he bent over the pool table in his tight

jeans. I told myself I was being 'envious' of him - that he had a nice

physique that I wouldn't mind having.

Truth was that I did have a physique like his. We were quite similar

looking, healthy white kids. I had my short mousy brown hair to his blonde

mop, but we were built quite similarly. Whether it was the beer, Brian's

geniality, or something else, I was getting quite horny as I stood there. I

can confess now that it wasn't envy, whatever I told myself.

Brian called his shot and missed sinking the 8 ball by a matter of

inches. He stepped back to let me have a go at it.

I had to adjust myself in my jeans again, as I had some major wood taking

place by this time. I pretended to need to chalk up my cue as I turned my

back to him at the edge of the table. I took an awkward shot from an even

worse angle and missed my mark by a mile.

'Ha!' he laughed. 'You're drunk. That sucked! Tell you what. I'll let you

have that shot again.' He stood back and gestured at the table. I looked

over at him with a little embarrassed scowl and caught something out of the

corner of my eye. A VBB.

As he had said before, there was no hiding it. He was sprung like the great

outdoors. I could clearly see Brian's hard shaft pointing up and to the

right in his jeans. It was painfully obvious, even without looking directly

at it. And you know how button fly 501s are. They make your junk bulge out

in front anyway. Did mine look like that too, I wondered? I looked down at

myself quickly to see if mine seemed as obvious as his. At that point, he

must have noticed my glance, and being the more outgoing of the two of us,

just blurted out what we were both thinking.

'Man. I'm hard as a fucking rock right now.'

It was just the tension breaker we needed. We both burst out laughing and I

confessed I was the same.

'Your sister does it to me every time, even without you talking about her

being naked at the pool.'

'I'm a walking stiff-one about 50 percent of the time as it is' he added

and looked down at his own crotch in a way someone would only do if their

inhibitions had been lowered by too much drinking. 'I think I'm done with

this game. How about you?' he asked as he set his cue aside. 'Let's go


Because I was happy to change the subject, I agreed and hung up my own cue

on the rack. He headed over to the French doors. I was relieved that we had

become close enough friends to talk about stiff ones without feeling too

awkward. It seemed like some huge barrier had been crossed.

He spilled out into the hallway and I followed him obediently. He half

leaned, half slid down the curving banister to the first floor and turned

to walk toward the back of the house where the huge kitchen met a covered

patio entertaining area, beyond which was at least ten acres of private

landscaping. He grabbed some chips from inside a pantry and slid open a

glass door to the back yard. He tossed the bag of chips on the nearest

patio furniture and pulled out a chair to sit down. Then he stopped and

changed his mind.

'Let's go out there.' he said, pointing toward the swimming pool.

I followed him across the lawn to the pool area, but it wasn't just a

pool. It was THE pool. It was bigger than the lot my house sits on, and it

had its own bungalow adjoining it. He picked one of the tables by the water

and collapsed into a wireframe chair. There was no one around, but the

lights were all on, in and around the pool. I guessed electricity bills

didn't worry his parents the way they always worried mine.

Being so close to the pool, I couldn't help thinking again about the

primary image in my head at the moment. 'Where's your sister?' I asked.

He just laughed and said, 'Who knows? Probably on the phone in her room,

actually. I'd give it five to one odds.'

I looked around and took in our surroundings. Everything was perfect and

manicured like some huge work crew had just left it, and yet there was no

evidence at all of their having been there. I kept expecting to see someone

waiting in the dark by the bushes, ready to serve drinks or clip hedges at

the tip of a hat. 'Who cleans this place?' I asked absently.

'I don't know.' was his response, as he slumped down further in his chair,

stretching a long leg out toward the water's edge but not quite reaching it

with his bare feet. His comment made sense to me. Why should he know who

cleans things - or care. How would it be, I thought, as the alcohol

continued to swirl warmly around in my head. This was just the perfect damn


After a moment of quiet, he sat up in his chair, lifted his arms up behind

his head and grabbed the collar of his t-shirt. 'Let's go swimming.' he

said as he pulled his shirt off and stood up.

'Whoa. hold on. what?' I asked. You see, to me, this was now the naked

sister pool. The thought hadn't crossed my mind that it was actually for

swimming in by the likes of us. 'I didn't bring a suit.' I reminded him.

'The hell with the suit - just jump in - it's pri-vate,' he enunciated

carefully as his hands dropped to the buttoned waistband of his jeans.

'Right, unless someone is sneaking a look from upstairs.like you would.' I

said looking back at the house expecting to see Karen peering from a


'You like her.what would you care? Afraid she'll see your old man? You're

not as big as her boyfriend, but she'd like it well enough, trust me' he


'Maybe.' I said, 'but I just don't fucking think so. Not ready to swing

free in the pool, ok?'

'Alright, alright.' he said resignedly. 'Come here.'

He started walking toward the little structure on the far side of the pool,

leaving his shirt on the table. I followed him from a distance, but

couldn't help noticing the smooth tanned skin of his bare back. I could

tell he spent a lot of time laying out in the sun. My eyes strayed briefly

to his waist where I looked for signs of a tan line. Again I thought I was

feeling 'envious' of his smooth body.

As we reached the wooden door of the little cabin next to the shallow end,

he reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out a key ring, chose one key

and unlocked the heavy door. Inside it was like a little hotel meets

changing room. It had a sizeable pull-out couch, a chest of drawers, a

coffee table, a closet and a large bathroom with a shower. He walked over

to the chest of drawers and started opening and closing them. In the third

drawer down he reached in and grabbed something light blue.

'Look in here. We'll wear one of these. They're mine.' In his hand was only

a tiny little bit of shiny orange material. I stepped forward and looked in

the drawer. It was full of swim suits. Tiny little Speedo style ones. I

picked up a handful and looked for something like the Bermuda type I

normally wore, but found nothing but the small variety.

Despite the proud and firm display my cock had made only minutes earlier,

my little buddy instinctively ran for cover. It was as if the penis had

voted an authoritative 'no' on the whole concept of wearing a Speedo. I

don't think there was a spare blood cell to be had in it at the moment I

looked wide-eyed at those stretchy little suits. 'uh.no way man. I am NOT

putting on one of these.' I said as I held up a little dark blue number. It

may as well have been an eye patch. It was certainly no larger.

'Alex! Damn it. It's just a place to hold your junk. I wear them all the

time. It's no big deal. They're comfortable. My mom's been buying them for

me since I was a kid. It's like swim team stuff. Try it. I'm going to wear

one just like it. C'mon, man.' He unbuttoned his jeans and started to pull

them down to reveal his underwear beneath.

I sighed and turned away, carrying the dark blue embarrassment with me over

into the bathroom. 'Karen's going to be up there looking out of her bedroom

window scoping me out, I just know it.'

'Listen. Trust me. Karen knows you're a boy. OK?' he said with an

exasperated tone that disarmed my prudish response. 'Yeah, alright' I said

again, as I stepped into the dark bathroom and pulled off my t-shirt. I

draped it over the edge of the counter and unbuttoned my jeans which fell

effortlessly to the floor.


I peered out of the partially opened door to the bathroom and into the

small room to see if he was nearby. Brian's jeans and undies lay in a pile

on the carpet not far from the door. I heard the closet door open as I

pulled my own boxer briefs down and stepped out of them. I strategically

hid them beneath my jeans and shirt that I had laid carefully on the

counter top, and swung the bathroom door closed.

True to it's objection to the tiny swimwear, my penis had gone into hiding.

It just wasn't going to be caught wearing one of those, if it could help

it. I stretched the material once with my hands inside the waistband to

make sure it would actually accommodate anything bigger than a child. It

stretched without much effort. I was impressed with the one-size-fits-all

space-age fabric. I bent over and stepped into the tiny suit, pulling it

up to my waist and releasing it with a snap. I looked in the full length

mirror with a shock.

I don't think I had ever envisioned myself looking so overtly sexual as I

did at that moment. I clearly had the standard white boy, swim trunks tan

line, but these were much smaller than the briefs I might ordinarily have

worn. It made me stare at my own legs like I was seeing them for the first

time. I turned around and looked over my shoulder at the reflection of my

now shiny blue butt. In front, everything was compressed into a tight

bulging package, and as was customary, my dick had to find some room by

hanging a bit to the right. It twitched a bit in appreciation, perhaps not

entirely opposed to the new suit,.

'I've got the towels. Come out. Let's see, you.' he said outside the

bathroom door.

I eased it open and replied, 'You don't have to stare, you know.'. I

grabbed the towel from him and held it in front of me as I emerged. He had

the 'I knew it' look on his face, but only grinned at me pleasantly and

gestured out toward the pool. His towel was in his left hand, but he made

no effort to hide himself. I tried deliberately not to look at his crotch,

but the bright orange suit was like a flash of sunlight in the corner of my

vision. It put me a bit at ease to see him so nonchalant. He was

obviously accustomed to wearing the little Speedo. Without directly

gazing, I could see his tan was complete. That mystery was solved. He

stood there with his arm outstretched toward the pool and waited for me to

exit the bungalow.

I wrapped the towel all the way around me and held it in place at my waist

with my right hand as I walked past him out into the night air. I heard

the doors close with a click. A moment later there was a jingle of keys as

he dropped them with his towel onto a nearby lounger. With a flash of skin

he past me to the right and splashed down the shallow steps into the water

disappearing beneath the surface. I dropped my towel from my waist and put

it on the lounger where he had just dropped his. Good idea, I thought.

Get it over with and jump in.

He wasn't even looking, but the cool night air on my nearly exposed ass

made me feel like ten thousand people were staring at my butt all at the

same time as I jumped into the pool. Expecting a cold shock, I was

pleasantly surprised by the heated water. It felt great. I had to admit

the tight fitting suit felt nice too. No resistance in the water. No

cloth flopping around with big bubbles of air like my others always had. I

could really feel my bare legs being caressed by the turbulence of the warm

water as I kicked my feet - and the feeling extended all the way up to my

crotch. I could understand why guys liked to swim in these, however the

appearance. It was a more sensual feeling - and one that wasn't lost on my

dick. Though it was currently well confined - balled up and curled to one

side - it pulsed its approval once more as the bulge in front of my suit

became perceptibly more pronounced.

We kicked around and chased each other for a while starting the occasional

splash fight. It was dizzying luxury - if not by alcohol, then by excess.

So much room for just the two of us.

'You're a decent swimmer.' he noted. 'But are you a diver as well?' he

asked as he hopped out of the pool for the first time and climbed up behind

their elevated diving board at the deep end of the large pool. 'Uh, I'm no

expert, but yeah.' I said confidently.

I watched as he walked to the end of the board and hung his toes off the

edge. As he stood there looking down at the water, I couldn't help but

scope him out. I don't think I'd really looked at him like that before. I

mean, I'd seen him in gym class any number of times when we were changing,

but this was different somehow. For one thing, in gym class, guys tend to

'keep their eyes on the ball' as it were. No unnecessary looking around.

But there he was, soaking wet and tan with only that tiny tight speedo on,

and a bulge that couldn't be ignored. He actually reached down with his

index finger and thumb of each hand to adjust himself before the dive, by

pulling the material out and away from his hidden penis, letting it back

with a snap. I could clearly see the outline of him under the orange

material and the roundish fullness of his balls tucked carefully beneath.

My eyes traced a line up his stomach and over his chest to his face as he

hovered above me in the air.

He was looking right at me, studying my own face, and I was caught. He

just smiled and turned around backward - ostensibly to do a reverse dive,

but I think more likely now, that it was to give me a clear view of his

tight round backside. He raised his arms out sideways from his shoulders,

bounced once on his left leg and flew backward with a smooth arc into the

pool. He looked like a pro to me, like an Olympian. I mean, if I had

owned a pool like that one, I thought, I'd probably get good at diving as

well, but it was a stylish dive and his body cut into the water with only a

little sideways splash.

When his head popped up again above the water, I said, '9.5, man. Nice


He blew some water away from his mouth. 'You like?' he said, smiling


It was at that moment, for some inexplicable reason, that the naive and

oblivious boy that I was, finally caught on to some of what had been

happening to me. Without fully understanding it, I saw in his face the

sexual attraction he had for me. I felt his allure strongly in my chest

with more inhibitions falling away from between us like a wall crumbling.

I am fairly sure now, looking back, that he also knew at that moment that

it was safe for him to move a bit closer. It must have been written deep

in my eyes, as well as inside my borrowed speedo.

This isn't to say I wasn't still scared to believe it - to admit to myself

that he had been 'coming after' me for all of that time - probably since

the first time we met. Despite the society-of-the-day's discouragement of

forbidden desire between two boys, I was surprised to find I didn't shy

away from it. I was nervous - probably biting my lip as I often still do

in similar situations, as I looked at him more deeply for the first time.

I was suddenly aware of every molecule of H20 suspended between the two of


'Have at it. Show me your best.' he said as he flipped water back off of

his hair with a quick jerk of his head toward the diving board.

It was my turn to walk the plank, I thought. I swam over to the step

ladder and pulled myself out of the pool - the weight of the water pulling

down on me, cooling my skin instantly in the night air. I wasn't looking

at him, but I could feel his gaze all over me - on my legs, my ass, and my

shoulders as I walked around to mount the board. I climbed up on top and

edged out over the pool. He was treading water with his legs while both

hands were splayed out behind him left and right on the sculpted pool's

stone edge. I looked down at myself and the water below.

It seemed a bit higher than I had expected. It was a moment of distraction

from the tense sexual atmosphere - enough to keep my nether blood flow in

check. I had dived before of course, but the first was always a little

nerve wracking. I found myself pulling on the front of my speedo exactly

as he had done a few minutes before. It is as if, regardless of its

pliability, a guy's dick needs to be reminded that it will not be confined

in an uncomfortable way forever. When I looked at him again, his eyes were

pointing straight at my waist. Again, I could feel his gaze like it was a

tangible thing, a deliberate touch that sent a warm sensation up and down

my body, despite the cool air of the deepening autumn night.

I test bounced a few times to get a feel for the board.

'Not going to turn around for me?' he asked.

'Nope.' I replied with a teasing smile and bounced on one foot as high as I

dared, up and out over the water, falling hands and then head into the warm

blue mass.

I shot deep down into the pool and opened my eyes. As I turned away from

the bottom, I could see his body lit under the water by the flood lights

beneath the diving board. He was paddling leisurely on the surface above

me. His lithe young legs moving smoothly back and forth in the liquid

atmosphere. I swam over his way as I returned to the surface, taking

liberty with those few submerged seconds to stare anonymously at his

bulging suit.

When I surfaced next to him, the low frequency rumble from under the water

fell away from my ears and he said, 'Very nice.' nodding and smiling

appreciatively at me. I knew he wasn't talking about the dive. We shared

a quiet moment while neither of us seemed to know how to proceed. I

clearly hadn't a clue in the world. I wonder now why it was not more

exasperating for him, to have to play around so patiently with a naive

friend. He must have been enjoying the game he was leading me through. He

had all the power, then, and I was following along, blissfully unaware. It

was a powerful moment between us that I will never forget.

Never one to hold back in a moment of awkward tension, he just burst out

again with a prototypical Brianesque suggestion. 'I dare you to lose the


And that's what I liked about Brian. He was a real problem solver. There

was no point in bandying about. He just said what needed to be said and I

responded how he knew I would. 'No fucking way.' I said out of shock

rather than true anger.

'Alex' he said matter-of-factly as he gazed down at my submerged body in

the water in front of him, 'you don't need it. You really don't.'


I was like a bunny in the headlights.

'Look, I'll go first, ok? he said as he tilted over a bit in the water. A

few seconds later his right hand emerged dangling his bright orange speedo.

'See.' he said. 'Easy. The world didn't come to an end.' and he just

smiled at me, looking directly into my eyes.

I felt the pressure again of his allure. I felt his disarming sexual power

and I knew I was being led down a new path. I liked it. I couldn't deny

that I did, but those first steps were difficult ones for me. He wasn't a

girl, but he was like me. A lot like me. He had found a way into my head

and it was all new and exciting.

For some dumb reason I had to say, 'Ok. don't look.' as I pulled my suit

down and off of my legs. The warm water instantly caressing my sex as I

treaded water over that deep pool of blue. I felt free, amazing, and

vulnerable. He was tactful and didn't make any sarcastic remarks or

attempts to sneak a look, but only said, 'There you go.' as he tossed his

suit out of the pool and onto the cement by our towels and swam away from

me toward the shallow end.

I did the same and tossed that little bit of protection out of the pool and

onto the ground next to his. I just started enjoying the freedom of

swimming naked. You know what I mean. Your cock flops around happily and

buoyantly as it realizes it has escaped its cruel confinement. It's like a

penis remembers being a creature that began in water. It feels so good -

so open. We just swam around and talked about anything and everything

else. From moment to moment, the barriers erected by society, our

experience, and our fears kept falling away from between us. It was all

perfectly fine and safe.

At one point, as we were talking about school, he swam over close to me. I

could feel the tension between us building. I could vaguely see his naked

ass and sex diffracted below him in the water - just in front of me. I

could feel my own sex reacting to his presence. As long as he was near, I

couldn't ignore it. It was like a magnetic effect radiating down into my

cock. Nothing I could do would derail the arousal. No amount of thinking

about basketball would prevent it. We were talking about PE, or classes or

something else, but it was all irrelevant. I was getting hard and it would

not stop.

My cock became straining, tight and erect. I could feel my balls tighten

under it and the weight of it all changing in the warm buoyancy. Every

stroke of my legs under the water only teased me further. I might as well

have been jacking off at that moment. He might as well have been doing it

to me.

I don't know if he saw it. I didn't see him look down at me, but then I

didn't need to stare down to see his nakedness, either. I suspect that he

did, because he chose that moment to change the balance of power. He swam

over to the step ladder, pulled himself quickly up out of the water, with

his naked, wet bubble butt shockingly displayed for me, laughed out loud

and grabbed both of our swim suits off the ground. I didn't even have time

to react. I was still in the pool treading water as he ran away, grabbing

the towels and keys from the off of the loungers and sprinting toward the

house. He was long gone by the time I yelled, 'Hey!'

I jumped out of the water naked and dripping as I saw him disappear into

the distant kitchen in a flurry of skin and stolen cloth. I cursed him as

I stood there soaking wet and bare. I looked around hopelessly for a towel

that would obviously not be found. 'Son of a bitch.' I muttered.

I headed back over to the little building where we had changed and put my

hand on the knob of the wooden door. It was locked. I peered into the

closest window to see the now darkened room. There was the bathroom door

in which my clothes hung out of reach, and Brian's jeans and undies on the

floor next to the closet, that was no doubt filled with freshly laundered

towels. 'Son of a bitch.' I muttered again.

I leaned over and gave my hair a good shake, like a puppy after a difficult

bath. Looking around the pool area again, I saw absolutely nothing to hide

myself with - unless it was to be an entire metal lounge chair. I just

started walking across the cold grass toward the lights of the kitchen.

The blood from my recent boner was gone, It had fled into my face where it

was warming my need for vengeance. Nevertheless, I could feel my dick and

balls like they were half of my weight as the light from the kitchen

increasingly lit up my exposed body. I reached for the sliding glass door,

ready to curse again, but found it unlocked. Thank God for small favors, I

thought, as I slid it open, and stepped inside.

I looked down at my feet to see if I was dripping on the clean floor. I

seemed to be pretty dry, after my short excursion through the yard and so

didn't hesitate to search for cover. Being a kitchen, all I could find was

a small dish towel hanging from a hook by the sink. I wandered down the

hall with the tiny square of cloth barely covering my genitals toward where

I thought Brian had originally led me, all the while looking cautiously

around for signs of prying eyes or polaroid cameras. My bare feet slapped

against the cold tile floor of the hallway as I walked gingerly back out

into the foyer by the stairs. I found no relief in discovering my shoes

were still waiting there for me. A lot of good they would do.

'I'm going to kill him.' I said under my breath as I began to climb the

stairs. To my horror, a voice from behind seemed to answer me. It was


'Ah, there he is, now. I had a feeling we'd see you.' and there was a

little giggle.

I spun around in a flash and had to squint my eyes from the bright overhead

light of the foyer to see from where the voice was coming. Back in the

sitting room, which was situated off of the opposite wall from the stairs,

huddled close together in a deep leather chair, were Karen and her apparent


My mouth hung open but nothing escaped, my legs pulled together

instinctively as the tiny square of cloth did it's best to hide my sins.

'Uh.' was all I could say.

'Isn't he just adorable?' Karen asked the male next to her. 'Brian ran by

only a few minutes ago. He went up the stairs there. I'm assuming it was

your towel he was carrying.' she said and laughed again.

I moved up a few steps and began ascending backward. My left hand was

holding the cloth over my dick and my right clung to the banister.

'Brian's been hoping to see you here for a long time, I think.' she said


My slow progress up the stairs in reverse was prolonging the embarrassment,

so midway through my journey I turned and made a run for it. I rocketed up

the stairs, skipping two at time with loud pounding thumps on the hardwood

steps as I fled the first floor toward where I hoped I would find Brian's

bedroom. I heard her boyfriend laugh with her as I disappeared from their

view. She shouted one last command, 'Remember, you boys be good, now.'

I stopped and threw open the french doors to the playroom, but there was no

one in there. The juke box still bubbling away in the corner. My bag of

salvation that I had carried in from my car earlier was still on the couch

nearby. I grabbed it roughly and dropped the dish cloth, not even stopping

to put on the boxer briefs I had stashed inside. At the moment, I had my

mind bent on revenge.

I closed the doors to the play room, gave a passing glance behind me for

signs that Karen and company hadn't followed my naked ass up the stairs,

and continued down the hall. At the end of it, there was an intersection

heading left and right. Looking down one way, I saw a single open door and

a light pouring out of it into the dimly lit hall. Quietly I crept toward

it, hoping beyond hope that this would be my refuge. I peaked around the

corner into the room and my jaw dropped open.

It was Brian's bedroom alright, and he was in it. His bed was straight

back against the opposite wall from the door, and he was sitting on it,

leaning back against the headboard, completely naked with his rock hard

erection in his hand. He was just sitting there on the bed, jacking off

with the door wide open! I looked around the room in disbelief, half

expecting to see Karen or his parents or an NBC news crew. He just smiled

at me and said, 'close the door.' I, of course, obliged, and locked it

behind me.

I don't know what I had expected to do, but this was another classic Brian

disarmament moment. 'I should kick your ass.' was all the eloquence I

could muster as I continued to stare in disbelief at the incredible sight,

but the threat was half-hearted I had never seen another guy hard before.

I had definitely never seen another boy jacking off. I hadn't really even

talked much about it beyond the obvious jokes with friends. I didn't look

away or even feel like I needed to. He was all there for me to see - hard

as a rock, hair still damp as mine own must have been, and dick firmly in

his right hand. I just gaped at him.

'Sorry, man. I was so fucking horny down there. I saw your boner and it

just sent me over the top.'

I stammered about something as I got my bearings and dropped the overnight

bag. With the door closed and locked, I suddenly felt safe. The series of

events, like cascading chaos, had stripped me of many inhibitions that

night. For some reason, beyond my normal straight boy demeanor, it was all

ok. He was infuriating. I wanted to wrestle him. Infuriatingly hot.

He let go of himself for a moment, grabbed a free pillow and bunched it up

against the headboard like the one he was leaning on. Then he patted the

bed next to him. 'C'mon man. Let's jerk off. I know you need to as bad

as I do.' and he gave me a knowing glance.

At that young age, in that ridiculous circumstance, with that hot naked guy

in front of me, no amount of straight heterosexual indoctrination prevented

my natural response. My dick swelled quickly. There was no resisting it.

There was no denying he was right. I stood there confused, but desperately

horny as my cock became hard and tight at his behest. He patted the bed

again. 'It's ok. I jack off like three times a day.' he said. 'Everybody

does. Everybody. C'mere.'

I wandered lightheaded over to the far side of the bed. The covers weren't

pulled down, he was sitting on top of the bedspread. There were no sheets

to hide under as my own stone hard penis betrayed my youthful desire. I

sat down next to him, only a foot away, threw my legs up onto the bed, and

leaned back just as he was. Approvingly, he said, 'There you go.' He was

still leading me, like a director would lead an actor through a difficult



I said nothing but simply grabbed my straining cock. I was an expert at

this activity as all guys are, I'm sure, by that age. It strikes me even

now how alike we seemed. Even our cocks where similar. Mine was about 6.5

inches, straight, and cut - and so was his. Our bodies both lithe and

healthy and smooth. The only discerning difference between us may have

been that he was a true blonde. Up and down he had light colored hair -

perhaps even sun bleached.

I wasn't thinking about touching him. I didn't expect him to touch me, but

I couldn't deny my arousal. I grabbed my cock tightly with my right hand

and spread my legs a bit over the cool bedspread. As I like to do, I slid

my left hand down along the side and underneath to cup my balls as I

stroked. It felt so amazing and liberating and honest to be jerking off

with another guy like that. Unashamedly horny and exposed. I loved the

feeling. I loved looking at his body, his cock out and proud like mine,

the muscles of his smooth stomach responding to his touch. He was looking

right at my naked sex and it was all perfectly alright. In my mind at that

moment, no line had been crossed that made me gay. He had a life I envied

and I still confused my attraction to him as only envy, but the freedom

with which he expressed his sexuality just made me harder and more

desperate. I was in his world.

He was completely at ease as we sat there and jerked ourselves. He just

continued to talk as if nothing were going on, but it was about

masturbating now.

'I jack off at least three times a day lately.' he said in a matter of fact

tone. 'Morning, after school and night. Sometimes around dinner time


His nonchalance was just part of the disarmament. Something about the

spell he wove kept me there.naked, hard, and wanting. I didn't know what

to say. I opened my mouth to continue his apparently casual conversation,

but my predicament left me speechless. I just continued stroking myself

slowly. My penis felt so hard that it was straining the skin at the head,

almost painfully. I had butterflies in my stomach from the intoxication.

'What about you?' he probed.

'Uh, yeah me too.' I sputtered. 'I can't go even a day without it. I've

tried. I can't stop' I said. And it was true. I was fully addicted to

jacking off, like most guys I assume. My church counselors had tried to

teach us boys to resist that urge as an evil temptation. As a result, we

all felt guilty all the time for doing it, but playing with girls and

jerking off had taught the lot of us an honest truth. It was a part of

being male and young.

'Why try to stop?' he asked, and again, I envied him. It was like not

knowing who landscaped his yard. Why worry? Why be guilty? Why indeed.

As we continued to talk and even laugh, I began to feel my body respond.

The orgasm was building all over me - even down to my naked toes. I could

feel the familiar sensation coming. Suddenly, something about it threw up

a mental barrier. I didn't want to cum in front of another guy. Even

after all that had happened that night, I still associated that feeling

with my straight identity. I stopped cold and let go of my dick like it

was hot to the touch. I didn't want to reach the point of no return there

so close to him.with him watching.

'What's the matter?' he asked.

'I was getting close.' I said truthfully.

'Oh, yeah. Don't want to cum too soon. I agree.' He actually slipped his

hand down from directly under the head of his penis to the base of the

shaft and slowed his own stroking. His other hand moved from down beside

his balls to up onto his stomach where he massaged his own muscles with a

circular motion. 'I like it better if I can stretch it out, too.' he


'Yeah.' was all I could say. Despite my continued hard erection betraying

my desire, there were a few moments where the silence felt awkward, like

the sexual tension would pass, like he was losing me.

'In the showers in gym class,' he said, 'I always wondered how big other

guy's cocks would get when they were hard.' He pushed his own cock over

until it was pointing toward our feet and then let it snap back and slap

his stomach. He laughed. 'I remember someone telling me you can't tell

how big it will be by how long it is when it's soft.'

'I even wondered how big yours would be.' he said, and I saw his head turn

to look at my face instead of my middle.

I bit my lip and said, 'Now you know.' somewhat nervously.

'Yeah. It's a good one you've got there. I'm glad you're not a lot bigger

than me.' he said and laughed some more. As he always had a gift for

doing, Brian made me feel better and I giggled with him.

'I still have high hopes of this thing reaching 8 inches.' I said as I

waggled my own stiff cock back and forth with my thumb and forefinger.

Then he surprised me with another massive ice breaker. 'Mind if I touch

it?' he asked calmly.


'It's just that I've always.' and he paused. 'Listen, man, it's just you

and me here. We're friends. No one ever hears about this from me. k? I


I looked over at him. He had an honest expression on his face - a quite

serious one, and he had turned over onto his side facing me with one hand

in the air and his fingers spread apart, as if to show me he carried no

hidden weapons.

Like always, I wanted to continue to be cool in his eyes. I liked being

his friend. His smile did that to me. The day's events had brought me

this far. It was indeed a web of seduction, but how could I deny I wanted

him to touch me - my own body betrayed me with every breath I took. I

said, 'Um. Yeah. Ok.but I don't want to.you know.'

'Don't worry.' he said. 'It's just me.' Whatever that meant.

He scootched over a bit closer to me, still leaning on his right arm and

slowly extending his left down toward my cock. I nervously retracted my

own arms back to my sides, not quite sure what to do with them. I rested

my one hand on my chest for safe keeping, thinking perhaps I would need it

on a moment's notice..

He moved his left hand under my cock which was pointing resolutely up over

my head, and touched my light tuft of pubic hair with his palm. I didn't

have a lot, but he pressed down into it and eased his fingers forward until

the tips contacted the base of my shaft. I felt a shock run through me and

I breathed in unexpectedly. He continued until his thumb rested at the

base and his other fingers flowed around the other side with his index

finger circumnavigating it entirely and his pinky and third finger resting

on my thickened scrotum. He tightened his fingers slowly until they

grasped the base firmly. It was not the tender, tentative touch I had felt

from girl friends in the past. This was the firm grip of another boy who

knew what a hard cock wanted when it was hungry. He held onto me like

that. Squeezing me. It was the most powerful sexual feeling I had ever

had. He had me with his strength and control. I wanted him to hold on,

then. More of my reticence disappearing.

He loosened his grip slightly and slid up the shaft letting the taught warm

skin move under this fingers, then tightened again just under the head. I

pursed my lips together as I felt him take his thumb very gently and run it

across the sensitive tip. He only did that once as my stomach muscles

flinched involuntarily. Very very slowly he pulled downward until his hand

was at the base again and the skin of my cock was stretched all the way up

to the head. He just held it, watching my captive penis straining in his


With his thumb and index finger still securely around the shaft, I felt

three warm fingertips engulf my tight suspended scrotum. He had me at his

whim, but he didn't stroke it, yet. He only held me there, very lightly

kneading the flesh with the muscles of his hand. I felt the overwhelming

urge to thrust into it and I tightened my thighs and butt against the

bedspread to push upward. He only pushed back. I looked at his face

wondering what he was thinking and I saw a calm and curious expression -

like he was studying me.

'You have to stroke it.' I said impatiently, and I saw him laugh.

'Oh, do I?' he said, to which I almost responded with a 'yes, please', but

instead said nothing.

It wasn't just my cock that was tight and straining, but my whole body. I

don't even think I breathed out again until he slowly and surely stroked

back upward to the head - the skin of the shaft moving with him. It was

the most wonderful feeling I could imagine. I was surprised at myself - at

my response to his deliberate control. Was I supposed to feel like this

when another guy touched me? Why did I feel like such a willing captive?

Why was this so good?

I looked over at him in wonderment. This wasn't wrong at all to him, I

thought. He was like an explorer. Suddenly, his slender young, swimmer's

physique filled my vision. His blonde hair lightly brushing my left

shoulder; a strong left arm stretched across my waist holding me bound; his

continuous line of smooth tanned skin running unbroken from his collar bone

to his toes; and his own cock sprung hard and pointing at me above his

tight young stomach.

I thrust up into his hand causing one full stroke, but instead of

continuing the rhythm by jacking it, he let go entirely for a moment and

threw his left leg all the way over me until he was sitting astride my legs

and looking straight down at my cock. I had to put my legs together as he

sat across them. Rather than being shocked, I only wanted him to grab it

again as soon as possible. I leaned back and rested against the pillow. I

gazed up at him and loved his weight on me. He moved forward up my thighs

until his own cock and balls rested just above my own. It was an amazing

sight to see both hard shafts together like that. He took both of his

hands, wrapped them around our dicks and held us both there like one

massive cock jutted from between us, and started to stroke.

I felt his hardened shaft press against my own, squeezed together tightly

as his mass of fingers entangled us with a practiced motion. He looked so

amazing like that. I had to touch him back.

I let myself lay completely back flat onto the bed and extended my hands

forward along my side until they found his bent knees. I slid my hands up

the smooth skin of his thighs and then to the side of his hips which sat

just above my own. I wanted to reach all the way around and touch his firm

butt, but I couldn't quite reach. I held my hands there at his waist as

his legs opened in a V shape over me. He jacked us faster and faster until

precum began dripping down between us, under his fingers, and over the

shafts. He took some from the head of my cock and spread it down me where

my cock contacted his own, squeezed his fingers around us again, and



I felt it building again. The orgasm rising from my spine, from my legs,

from my stomach. An orgasm out of my control for the first time in my

life. I recognized my favorite intimate sensation growing fast from inside

me. I felt his weight on me again, but now I could feel how it would not

let me move or escape. I wanted it, I needed it, but I shouldn't. I

shouldn't cum in front of another boy, I thought. He shouldn't see me cum.

I should be controlling this moment like I do with myself - with girls. I

began bucking a little under him, but he didn't stop.

'um..I think I'm going to.' was all I said as I looked up at him.

'yeah, Alex, let's shoot together.' he said breathlessly, his own orgasm no

doubt building in his balls. His stroking rhythm not flagging.

'I, I can't. You've got to..stop. I'm going to cum!' I said, like the

statement would make sense to him.

'I know.' he answered. 'Cum for me.' he said as our eyes met. I don't know

what he saw in my eyes, but it must have been a little fear, a little

desperation from the straight boy he was dominating. To his credit, with

an expression I still remember vividly, he smiled tenderly at me and slowed

his stroking. We were both breathing rapidly, our genitals entwined like

one organ, and he released his grip. I found that I was sitting up

involuntarily, almost doing a stomach crunch under him and relaxed again

onto the pillow.

He took both of his hands, still a little slippery from the precum, and ran

them down over my stomach. He lightly massaged me from my hip bones up

over my belly and up to my ribs. Drawing circles with his finger tips over

my skin.

'Too fast, huh?' he asked rhetorically through labored breathing, to which

I agreed by simply closing my eyes for a moment.

'Alex.listen to me.' he said in a reserved tone. 'You know I like you,

right?' Despite his obvious throbbing boner suspended over my stomach as

he leaned forward, the question did not seem absurd. He had my attention.

I listened to him.

'It's not a game with me.' he said. 'I like girls too.' and he paused to

let it settle in.

'I'm just not afraid of liking you as well.' he said. 'I've wanted you for

a long time... Does that make sense?'

I could only look up at him. I was still hard, desperate and wanting, but

the moment was powerful. I was conflicted, but couldn't deny what had

happened to me that night. It had all been wonderful. Perfect.

'It's just you and me here. No one ever has to know.' he promised. 'Look

at us!' he said as he looked down at our straining cocks then back up at my


I couldn't help but smile at him. He was so cute. He was so right. I

wanted him. I wanted to cum and let him see it happen.

He looked deeply into my eyes as he leaned forward over me, and I will

never forget when he began sliding back toward my feet very very slowly,

still looking up into my eyes for signs of objection. He was going down on

me slowly, but he wasn't going to just take me this time. He watched me

for approval as his head got nearer and nearer my crotch.

I bit my lip, closed my eyes, and parted my legs a bit for him as his

weight lifted off of my calves.

I kept my eyes closed and held my breath as I felt his soft warm lips kiss

the tip of my wanting cock. The tenderness sent a shiver through my entire

body and I felt warm wet softness sliding around the head of my penis. He

was licking me like an ice cream cone.and I loved it. I moaned out loud.

Yes, I wanted him. I wanted him to do whatever he would. I breathed

deeply to let it happen.

But just as Brian had such a gift for, he surprised me with one last

comment. 'Alex.you do me next, ok?'

I opened my eyes to meet his own gazing up at me with an encouraging and

serious expression.

I simply nodded my head and pursed my lips again. I watched amazed as he

kept his gaze focused on mine as he opened his mouth wide to accommodate

me. I saw his head turn down, tufts of soft blonde hair spilling onto me

and felt my cock engulfed in his mouth. I moaned again, louder. His mouth

slid down about halfway over my length and his hands were at my hips. He

arched his back a bit and took me in deeper, closing his lips and tongue

around the shaft as he drew it back out. He sucked hard. His head moved

up and down over the shaft quickly a few times and I was lost in him as my

eyes closed again.

His hands pushed down on the bed under me and grabbed my ass. In a quick

strong motion, he squeezed with his fingers under me and my mouth fell open

in shock as my cheeks parted slightly just as I felt my cock sink all the

way to back of his throat. He sucked and bobbed his head down over my cock

quickly a number of times as his hands continued to kneed my ass. My

arousal rose quickly to a fever pitch as I tensed under him. I began

thrusting up into his mouth involuntarily with the little freedom of

movement I had. He sucked harder on me. The tip of my cock wildly

sensitive inside his warm mouth. My shoulders tensed back. I sunk my head

into the pillow. My stomach muscles tightened.

He pulled his hands out from under my tensed bottom and brought them around

to grasp my cock as he pulled his lips off of me in one last long kiss.and

I exploded. I heard myself cry out in ecstasy. I'll never forget the

tapping sound of my cum splatting on the headboard over my right shoulder

and his loud amused response. 'Holy shit!'

I felt several powerful bursts from my balls and a warm stream of cum

landing across my collar bone and up to my neck. Another jet splashed on

my stomach as I writhed under him. He giggled as he watched my orgasm take

me over. I could hear he was genuinely shocked by it, as was I. I

collapsed into the bed, spent and gasping.

'Alex! oh my god. That was amazing.' he said as I opened my eyes. He

wasn't looking at my face. He was looking at my stomach. He reached down

and touched the milkiness with two fingers. His head was cocked to one

side as he squished the liquid around between his thumb and forefinger. I

could only smile and breath heavily. I closed my eyes again and relaxed.

'Oh no you don't!' he said resolutely, and surprisingly I felt him grab my

shoulders firmly with his hands and turn me forcibly onto my side to face

him. 'Your turn!' and he flopped onto his back on the bed. He even

grabbed my right hand and dropped it on his stomach.

I remember thinking how interesting it was that he said, 'YOUR' turn

instead of 'MY' turn, because despite the post-orgasmic refractory period

every guy goes through, I indeed wanted to touch him all over. I wanted to

feel his cock then. It was like selfish revenge and lust and desire all

mixed together. I grabbed his cock firmly as he had grabbed mine. It was

soft skin and a hard core simultaneously. Familiar and yet not. I loved

the feel of him. I loved seeing him still erect because of me - straining

and needing to cum just as I had. I felt total sexual empathy like I had

never felt with a sexual partner before. He was just like me. He felt

like me. It was intense and beautiful.

I didn't play around with him or tease with foreplay as much as he had

done. We were much deeper into our intimacy than that, but I was still

slow and deliberate as I stroked him. I switched to grip his shaft with my

left hand and slid my right hand between his legs to cup his balls. They

felt tight and cool in my warm hand. Now, I had HIM. I knew to be gentle

with them as I continued jacking him firmly with my left. He spread his

legs wide for me, moaned deeply, and tried to thrust quickly into my fist.

'Alex' he said breathlessly, '.with your mouth.like I did.'

I heard it as more than a request. It was a command of fair play and I

could not deny him as I was even then feeling my own cum still on my chest

dripping across me and onto the bedspread. I took a deep breath and moved

my head tentatively closer to his crotch. I remember his scent. I

remember still smelling the chlorine from the pool on his skin, mixed in

with his musk and even my own. His cock was so hard and straight. His cut

shaft proud and wanting. I licked my lips and eased closer to it. I

stopped only inches from it and parted my lips a bit to extend my tongue.

I touched the side of the head of his cock with my tongue first and licked

all the way around it, as I had felt him do. I did that again and again

until I felt his hand gently on the back of my head. He was encouraging me

to go further.

I swallowed once nervously and parted my lips again. I was going to open

my mouth and take him inside me, but I was suddenly taken aback by how big

around an erect penis looked up close like that. My jaw was open wide

enough to eat a sandwich and yet he was much bigger than that. I realized

I would have to open my mouth almost as wide as it would go to let him in.

So, instead of taking the cock into my mouth I simply gave the side of the

shaft an open mouth kiss, laying my tongue on it and sucking it from the


The feel of his fingers sinking into my tousled hair reminded me again of

what he had just done for me, how deeply he had taken me in, and I moved my

mouth to the tip of his cock again and kissed it. I opened my mouth for a

moment and closed it again self consciously. It seemed so difficult a step

to take, and yet I wanted to do this for him.to do this TO him. I opened

my mouth one more time but only licked around the tip, teasing him some

more while my left hand wrapped around the base of his shaft to hold him


Then, I felt Brian's other hand on my head, he made a fist and grabbed my

hair with his fingers and pulled hard on the tiny ones at the back of my

neck with a jerk, so that my head was pulled an inch or so up away from his

cock for a moment. When I scowled out an audible yelp, my mouth jutted

open in pain and he thrust his cock into it. I'll never forget the feeling

of his penis forcibly parting my lips and sliding the head just between my

teeth. I instantly opened my mouth wide to let him in and was shocked to

find myself impaled on his throbbing hardness. I got the message as he

released my hair but kept his hands on my head. I slid my hands to his

waist and centered myself between his spread legs.

It was so huge in my mouth. I licked it all over, sucking and pressing it

hard with my lips. I slid my head down onto him a couple of inches and

back up again to give the tip a smacking kiss. I did that again and again,

faster and faster, my tongue darting over him, my lips caressing his

length. Sucking and bobbing my head. I started to slide my hands under

his bottom just as he had done to me, and when he raised up to accommodate

me, his cock thrust deeply into my mouth and I gagged on it. Despite

almost choking, I liked feeling it deep into the back of my mouth, and so I

swallowed once, licked my lips, and did it again.this time deliberately.

He moaned out loud. It felt great to hear him pleasured that way. I

looked up at him out of the top of my eyes, with my mouth still wide open

engulfing his cock, expecting to see him with his head back and eyes closed

as mine would have been, but his eyes were open. He was looking at me.

holding me there with his hands. He was so hot looking as he smiled.

I looked down again at his smooth stomach muscle and saw them tighten. He

began to thrust into my mouth, while keeping my head from rising with his

hands. I just held still and let him push in and out of my mouth rapidly,

careful not to let my teeth scrape against him.

Then all at once he let go of my head and I looked up at him with my lips

just wrapped around the head.

He only had time to say, 'I'm.I'm..' and he threw his head back. I pulled

my lips off of his cock just as he burst. His warm cum hit my face with a

shocking force. I leaned his shaft upward and had a close-up view of a

stream of cum jetting out of his penis far up onto his chest. His whole

body spasmed and he gripped the bedspread hard on both sides in his tensed

fingers as he emptied himself again and again.

I was as stunned by his orgasm as he had been by mine. I smiled widely

despite myself and wiped his cum from my left cheek to spread it on his


I flopped over onto the pillow next to him and we both laid there staring

at the ceiling. Cum was literally everywhere. I had been dripping down

onto him and onto the bed the entire time, and now, he was covered with it

up to his neck.

We sat in silence for a few moments listening to his breathes labored and


He rolled off of the bed and walked across the room. I sat up on one elbow

and absolutely delighted in watching his perfect naked ass moving across

the room to disappear into the dark of his private bathroom. The light

never came on, but a few seconds later he emerged with two towels, one of

which he threw over onto my chest. He stood there next to me and wiped

himself all over with the towel as I did the same. Then he said, 'Get up

for a second.' and as I did so, he tossed his towel back behind him onto

the tiled floor of the bathroom. I walked in and dropped my own towel on

top of his. I turned on the tap and waited for it to get warm. I washed

my face all over with soap and water, drying myself thoroughly on another

towel hanging by the shower doors.

When I came back out of the bathroom, the whole bedspread had been pulled

off of the bed and lay in a pile on the floor. Brian was under the sheets

and blankets laying on his side facing me. He threw the sheets down and

patted on the bed for me to join him.

He asked me if I wanted to peak out of the window first, and see if Karen

and her boyfriend were skinny dipping in the pool, but I told him that I

had plenty to look at right there in the room, and hopped in to sleep naked

with him in that perfect warm bed.






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