Eric and Paul were best

friends so attending nursing school together brought a lot of excitement and

anticipation. Eric had just ended his two year marriage and Paul finally moved out of his

parent's house. So there were many things to look forward too. Eric spent a

lot of time working out and going to the beach and kind of living it up a little.

Paul was more the conservative type, he loved reading and staying at home just chilling

out with friends. Both of them enjoyed having sex with women and being attracted to

guys was never discussed, not even hinted at.

School started and the

class was divided into study groups of four students for each group. Eric and Paul were

put into a group with people they had never met before. A couple of smiling friendly

type guys, although one looked like a little boy. The 'boy's' name was Dan and

he seemed a little stuck up. He did not talk much, and always seemed to have a little

smirk on his face, you know the kind you could just slap off. The other guy's name

was Anthony, he was older with long dark hair and what others thought 'as a Hard


The group decided that they

would study twice a week at Anthony's apartment since he lived right in the area.

Eric and Paul knew the place well so it was no problem. The day came for the first study

group and Eric and Paul confessed to each other over the phone that they fantasized about

Anthony. The funny thing is that they both kind of blurted it out at the same

time. Paul also confessed that he found Dan attractive, this shocked Eric but he

quickly changed the subject and after some small talk they hung up the phone. After Eric

hung up the phone he felt a little warm between his legs and realized he was hard. Just

the thought of Paul being attracted to a boy turned him on. Knowing that they

would all soon be together was really exciting. He reached down and began playing

with his soft young penis, all the while thinking of Paul eating Dan's penis. Just then

the phone rang, and it was Anthony calling to remind him of the study group that night.

Eric's penis became hotter and harder just thinking about what was going to possibly


Eric and Paul arrived at

Anthony's house a little early and were surprised to see Dan already there stretched out

on the couch. He was drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette, just kind of

devilishly relaxing. They were offered and accepted a drink . Both quickly

relaxed on some chairs close to the couch, excitement filled the air and the sweet smell

of hormones raging was present. Anthony sat down next to Dan and was staring

right at his balls and smiling. All of the sudden Dan just stripped off his shirt and

started playing with his balls, his hand reached down and grabbed Anthony's cock and

started to stroke it.

Eric and Paul just looked

at each other and blushed. Paul got up from his chair and started feasting on Dan's

big firm balls. Paul stripped his clothes off and started fingering his sweet ass and

stroking his penis. Eric could not take it anymore, and he got up went over to Paul and

started kissing his ass and grabbing his balls. Paul moaned and held his tight penis for

Eric to eat, Eric finally got what he fantasized about, Paul's sweet penis, and very sweet

it was. Dan started to suck Anthony's huge cock and when the boys saw that,

they both joined in on the meaty feast. All three boys began sucking and licking Anthony's

monster cock and big balls, at the same time they were all fingering each other. Anthony

shot his load onto their faces and the boys licked the cum off of each other. Dan sucked

on Eric's penis and Paul mounted Anthony's swollen rod. They all came again and again. The

sex lasted late into the night and cum was all over the apartment. After the sexual

romping they all decided to have study group four times a week.




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