Back in March the Andersen family moved in across the Cul-du-Sac from my parents house.

The Andersen's were so much your stereotypical Nordic family that you didn't have to read their letterbox to uncover their heritage! So, if you suddenly found yourself in serious need of the tall, athletic, blonde and blue-eyed, you need not look any further than just across our street. In fact I was all too soon in serious need of one particular Andersen myself!

Firstly, Mister Andersen wasn't so much handsome as he was perfectly gorgeous! All the neighborhood ladies would go weak at his good-morning wave, and then if he ever happened to smile at them they tended to instantly collapse. Early every weekday he would head-off (past all the ladies waiting at their letterboxes) to a big corner office in some headquarters building; but he had the type of job that, no matter how many times he explained it to you, you never quite knew what exactly it was he did for a living!

Then, if his job was a riddle, his wife was an enigma. National Biathlon Champion, Stanford educated Chemical Engineer and say-at-home mom; but then she was Canadian too - so that might just explain it. Anyway there is little call for skiing in southern Nevada these days; although a mother who's familiar with a rifle does come in handy more times than you would care to expect Still, what topped even all that was the physically painful attraction of a blissfully beautiful young guy who never seemed quite able to comprehend just how damn fine he actually was!

I really don't think there are the adjectives required to describe the utter stunningly wounderful magnificence of Tommy Andersen. If you had started with all that is sublime about the Scandinavian form, multiplied it ten-fold and then added a couple of Nordic gods you would still be a thousand points behind him!

Yet beyond his mind-numbing body Tommy was a confident but also never arrogant or dismissive kid; he was not going to be anything like the deferring type either. When all the other guys that would normally fit into his high school jock clique didn't so much ignore people like me as much as they never even realised we were there - Tommy did.

As he would often put it himself: he wasn't a Jock, 'what he was was Tommy Andersen.'

And so whenever he said something faceless like that all I ever wanted to do was knock him to the ground and rip the clothes from his fantastic body while yelling;

'YES, but what you really are is SO VERY FUCKING GORGEOUS!'

What I actually did was hide my erection under a large book while dreaming I could replace any one of the high school girls that were constantly draped about him.

Now, as Tommy came running back up our street, on yet another warm and dry desert afternoon, with his sweat soaked tank-top clinging to every chiseled curve of his large twitching muscles and as his two albino English Bull Terriers; Blackie and Kohl (good-god even his irony was unbearably sexy) trotting effortlessly and adoringly at his heels, I unloaded my daily dose of thick white spunk onto my bedroom's windowsill.

I caught a glimpse of myself as I passed the full-length mirror that hung on my closet door. As I folded my dick into my shorts and tugged up my high school's grey track pants I looked intently at my reflection and just knew that the thin, scrawny uncoordinated gay black kid staring back at me, his lanky frame standing against the reversed backdrop of obscure sci-fi movie posters, had no hope of ever realising his deepest desires. I sat back at my desk. The clock read four forty-two, every weekday I seemed to sit back down at four forty-two. I used my shirt-front to wipe away the sweat on my face and then, with some sadness, returned my attention to my advanced placement physics homework.


"What? You didn't think I couldn't see what you were doing at that window every afternoon did you?" There was more than a hint of anger as he spoke.

Blackie and Kohl had ran past me and through into the lounge the instant I had opened the front door. It was early on a Sunday morning and like every Sunday morning I was alone in the house; but for today with probably the very last thing I would be expecting - Tommy Andersen on my parent's doorstep!

"I Suppose you think I went out of my way and brought all those tank tops a size to small by accident too?," he smiled; no grinned, evaporating every hint of the anger he had had only a second ago!

"Hell I've enjoyed these weeks running past your place knowing you were up there jerking-off while watching me." Tommy sidestepped his way through the doorway and leapt past me; his superb athletic bulk moving with an unexpectedly graceful footballer's ease to now be standing in the hallway.

"It's upstairs and to the right isn't it?"

"What is?" I replied honestly dumbfounded.

"Your bedroom - silly. Shit, I've waited long enough for you to get your act together and ask me for an ass-fuck. Now I'm more than fuckin' ready myself to get your cute little black butt into bed."

My God, he reached out and touched my arm; he held my hand!

"Hell, to tell the truth, I don't mind you fucking me right here against this wall, but what with you holding that door open lord knows who'll see us!" Tommy chuckled.

I closed the door, my heart pounding as a strong broad hand instantly caressed the back of my long neck, gripped me, pulled me toward wanting soft pink lips. He licked me, kissed me and with powerfully muscled arms held my lean dark frame against his tight sculpted body. All at once I could hear my pulse pounding at my temples, my cock was pressing against my jeans as it uncontrollably expanded against it's confined covering. Tommy's wet lips found a spot just behind my ear I never knew I had and then..., then...; all was becoming darkness. My vision, the sight of his heaving blonde beauty narrowed and then faded, the whispers he spoke became echoes and then nothing. The racing heart inside me had failed to keep pace - I had fainted.


"Good, your back," Tommy's rich voice filled my bedroom. "I didn't know what to do with you. I've never had a dude go down on me before - at least not like that!" He said with a confident laugh.

I had groggily raised myself onto my elbows before I noticed that I was topless and my fly was open exposing the soft bulge in my red briefs.

"I hope you don't mind, but I had a sneaky peek at your package. Hell, I know I've noticed it at school and that, but up close - shit boy I'm really goin' to feel that huge black thing splitting my pretty little white-boy ass open!"

Still a bit drowsy I refocused in the direction of the strong voice. Tommy stood at the bottom of my bed wearing only his open collared shirt and a pair of briefs that did little to hide the impressive breadth of the cock I had admired so many-times from my distant corner of the locker room, or the fact that he had very recently shaved! Tommy leapt into the air.

He landed beside me almost bouncing both of us off the mattress.

"Shit, your gaydar must be way off station man," Tommy said while drawing with his fingers across my almost featureless bare chest. "I've been all-but shouting 'fuck me!' at you for weeks now."

"It hasn't had too much pract..., well any practice really." I mumbled, hearing the embarrasment rise in my voice.

Tommy paused and then loudly exhaled. Silently, raidiantly, his deep sapphire blue eyes looked me over. His slow gaze tracing every shallow curve of me. He sighed, he ran his fingers through his shaggy blonde hair; he was grinning again. That same magic smile!

Then he mumbled something that sounded like '...oh-boy; a stunning sweet little cherry.'

"Hey," he spoke-up and so casually, as if dudes fucking other dudes was a topic as benign as discussing the weather! "I have this thing 'bout other guy's grutts and when I found these things in your closet I simply couldn't resist wearing them."

Tommy filled my old faded 'Star Wars briefs to perfection! At their full stretch his extremely trim waist was just small enough to fit them.

"I haven't seen these in years," I lied lifting his open shirt off his mountainous rippled abs. "How far did you dig into my closet?"

"Hell, I had a good ol' look 'round. I never knew you were such a brain-box," Tommy reached into my open jeans and took a firm hold on my bulge, "still I've always preferred a certain other head as a turn-on."

As I began rapidly filling Tommy's grasp I felt his tongue part my lips, explore my open mouth, begin to taste me.

"Though for a smart kid you could have done better than hiding your porn stash at the bottom of your bottom draw," he kissed me again - deeper, "Hell it's the first place I looked." His kisses descended over my brown skin, pausing at each tender inflated nipple before again heading south. "It's a good thing for me that you like the look of us white dudes," he looked-up at me and smiled; oh! Just how did he and his father smile like that?

In reflex I arched my back as soon as Tommy's lips first touched my tented underwear, his warm saliva soaking through the thin red cloth to bath my hardened tool. I felt as if nothing could feel better than this, that is until Tommy eased the waistband of my briefs open and freed my erection.

He licked along it's full ten inch length from it's base to it's tip and back again.

I watched him as my granite-hard dick, it's engorged pale head exposed as he rolled back my dark foreskin, disappeared past his wet lips and then deep into his throat! Tommy buried his face into the thick black matt of my scraggy pubic hair and before he withdrew I felt his outstretched tongue press hard against the top of my tightened sacks.

Great thick strings of glistening spit now connected that image of his father's broad magical smile with the tip of my dick, we both watched as the slight pulses of clear fluid opened and closed my twitching glans.

"Come-on, up you get," Tommy said standing beside me, "it's time to get naked!"

As I stepped from my jeans Tommy slipped from his shirt; unbuttoning his folded cuffs as it hung off his enormous round shoulders. Almost naked he then took hold of the 'Empire' quilt.

With one fluid-like movement of his powerful chest and arms he stripped my bed to the bottom sheet, throwing the linen and pillows to the floor before peeling himself from my boyhood underwear and again leaping onto my bed.

Lying naked side-by-side he gave me a rather too clinical lecture on lubrication and the sphincter muscle that I was almost too aroused to hear, then got on his hands and knees and I ghasped in a moment of almost total disbelief! I reached out and touched his ass, I gently caressed the roundness of the dimpled skin hanging between his parted powerfully muscled thighs. I almost passed out again from the excitement and anticipation!

His firm silky cheeks parted to reveal a pink, puckered hole. I touched the hole with a well lubricated index finger, played with it, circled it, slowly gathering the courage to gently push forward and insert my slicked digit. He grunted at me in appreciation as I worked the finger in and out slowly - then faster. The tight ring was incredible. I couldn't imagine what that grip would feel like all along my thick brown cock. I got a second finger in and he began moaning eagerly. I paused holding my first three digits inside him.

"You see, that's the great thing about starting so young," he said somewhat eagerly as he watched me in the mirror. "I must have had well over a hundred or so cocks or dildos of all different thicknesses in there and I'm still almost at tight as a virgin." Again he smiled, turning to look over his back at me. "As you," he chuckled as he turned back and let his head droop.

It was now the time and so I coated my bare cock too. Taking it in my unsteady hand and rubbing it's full tip up against his slickened hole I was in that glorious and all too fleeting moment of passion, nervousness, shock, excitement and utter terror that is the very moment of a virginity about to be lost. After a little fumbling, I penetrated him, ghasped and drove my long cock in deep and far too quickly. It was all I could do to force myself to hold on to his thin hips and pound his tight ass. It was the most incredible feeling. His gripping pink ass ring stretching as it slid up and down my veined dark cock was like nothing I'd ever felt in years of daily, sometimes hourly, masturbating. The warmth of the flesh gripping tightly along my full length began to radiate through my entire skinny frame. I fucked the hell out of him! Driving myself into a frenzy with no technique other than wild uncontrolable lust. I think Tommy might have screamed, I exploded!

Far too soon my cum started pouring into his ass... but I kept right-on fucking! My cock staying achingly hard as my tingling nuts pulsed a great load into the warm depths... and I still kept going. At that point there was no power in the universe that could have pulled my big fat dick out of it's very first ass. Tommy shoved his butt back at me and grunted repeatedly. At first I was afraid I'd been shoving too hard, but any rational thought had become impossible and long ago been replaced by a pure sexual aggression I never knew I had had hidden under my naturally timid nature. I screwed his constrictive throbbing rectum for all I was worth. Then, now draped across his back, I could feel the spasms building in his entire body, the familiar shake, the pause, the staggered ghasps in the moments before he came too. I leaned to one side to watch as Tommy's untouched jumping cock shot his cum in long white streaks past his out-stretched hands and out over the distant carpet!

Those rolling spasms in Tommy's bulky body were quickly tipping me over the edge again; but, my balls were pretty much drained at that point and anyway I wanted to see it happen too!

With my long dark wet dick held against him only small dribbles of my clear seminal fluid escaped and bathed that still twitching deeply reddened bud held open and exposed between those perfectly round pale cheeks; but still, that second cuming was undoubtedly the biggest damned orgasm of my life too. It seemed to go on and on, until I thought the unending joint sensations of utter pleasure and numbing pain weaving their way around my body would end up killing me. It was incredible and I was beginning to feel dizzy too.

"Fuck man!" I felt an outstretched hand slapping hard against my thigh, "Fucking breathe, Christ!"

I gasped, really a reflex to being touched, inhaled far too much of my boyhood bedroom's now stale and salty-wet air and collapsed across Tommy's sweat spotted trim triangular back. He fell down under me and rolled our joint bodies off the bed and onto my discarded bedding.

I couldn't move!

Steam rose from every pore of our damp nakedness but I felt suddenly and strangely cold. Somehow Tommy's tight embrace managed to prevent me throwing-up. Yet as I quivered, my slim and slender naked brown body shaking without control against this great mass of white skinned muscle holding me, gently stroking me, easing me down from my very own biochemical high - I had had no other experience like it to judge this from. Of course Tommy did even if his curious mixed expressions of happiness, worry, pride and concern reveled that he had never been the cause of quite this level of intensity before. Still, even as his expert caresses were slowly drowning my fires, I made myself sure that he was never going to be able to end my passion for him quite so easily.

"Are you Okay?" Tommy asked somewhat sweetly while stroking my short sweat-soaked hair.

"Fucking perfect," I whispered back while looking up into that unbearably handsome face.

By-the-gods - again - there's that Andersen smile!

March 2009.

For those impressively numerous of you who, over the months, have made the obvious connection and then decided to get in touch I add the following postscript.

Writing this, my first and of course autobiographical, short story gave me the idea of trying to look-up 'Tommy' and while my career took me into public obscurity above the fleet his choice of fucking dudes in front of a camera for a living made it somewhat easier for me to find him.

Around the same time 'Tommy', who had unknowingly been signed-up to my site for about a year, had been enjoying some of my latter writing when he started reading an old story that sounded somewhat familiar.

I'm very pleased to report that even after some twenty plus years he is still outstandingly gorgeous and an even better fuck than I remembered - just imagine that!

February 2011.


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