His eyes were hurting and his head was pounded before he moved. As he slowly woke up Martin realized his night out may have been fun at the time, but he was going to regret it now. The sun was shining in and he was sure he was going to die. It had been years since he was hung over and now he remembered why. Half an hour later he was showered and half dressed, time for a huge glass of water and some aspirin. Standing at the sink running the water he thought about what happened the day before, the weeks before, shit, the year before.

Turning 30 is not one of those monumental birthdays, but Sheryl insisted that they do something big for Martin. The weeks leading up to the day she would tease him, telling him it was going to knock his socks off, be unbelievable and something he will never forget. Martin was not sure if he should be letting the suspense get to him, but it was.

The morning of the big day Sheryl woke him with a kiss on the forehead and said she had things to do so he was going to need to leave the house until five that afternoon. Martin got dressed and took off, a day to himself meant he could go see that movie that Sheryl refused to see because it was too violent. He could hit the buffet that she thought was disgusting and he could spend as much time as he wanted at REI. This alone was a birthday gift.

At five that afternoon Martin walked up to the door of the house and wasn't sure if he should knock or walk in. Butterflies in his stomach he opened the door and thought he was ready for anything. Silence greeted him. He took a step in and stopped. Where was the furniture? The pictures weren't on the walls. The rugs were missing. As he walked thru the house there were a few pieces of furniture left but not much else. Taped to the door of the refrigerator was a note.


I am leaving you. You are a deceitful little shit and I hate you.

My lawyer will contact you on Monday.

Happy Birthday.


They had been married for five years and Martin thought things were great. Apparently Sheryl felt differently. Deceitful? Not once had he cheated or done anything to be considered less than a great husband. What the fuck? He called his buddy Arron. It was a short conversation.

"Listen Martin. I know Sheryl left you and I expected you to call but the truth is we aren't friends. I am Sheryl's friend and hung out with you because she asked. Honestly, I don't trust you, never did. Don't call again."

Martin was stunned. Getting into the car he went to the grocery store, picked up some liquor, mix and ice and returned to the house. As he had his cocktails he thought about his marriage and what Arron had said. One thing that struck him was that all his friends he knew thru Sheryl. Shit, everything in his life was thru Sheryl. Except the house. That was in his name. Thankfully he had something. A few drinks into the depressing evening he decided to go out and find a sports bar to get drunk at.

He remembered going to the bar and the next memory was waking up with his head pounding. Now he was standing naked at the kitchen sink was the water ran. Filling up the glass he went to the kitchen table, that Sheryl never liked. Sitting down he saw something. A Polaroid. He picked it up and turned it over. Dropping into the chair he spilled the cold water over himself. He jumped from the icy cold hitting his groin. What the fuck?

Looking at the photo his eyes started to fill with water. He dragged his arm across his face to remove the tears. Looking at the photo he wondered how he had gotten himself into this mess. Underneath the picture of his smiling face with a hard cock at his lips was a phone number.

Mixing a drink he debated if he should call the number. He tried to figure out how he ended up with a cock at his mouth. Nothing. Staring at the photo as he consumed the drink he was filled with mixed emotions. His eyes were happy, obviously drunk. He was smiling, his tongue sticking out part way as if he was going to lick the head of the cock he was holding in his hand, the wedding band visible. His short brown hair was messed up and he was shirtless. Yet he looked happy. Damn.

Dialing the number his heart pounded as the phone rang. Two rings and a deep male voice answered, "morning Martin, surprised you called so early. You still at home?"

Martin nodded.

"Guessing the silence means yes. Hang tight, I will stop by shortly."

The called ended. Who was it? They are stopping by? How do they know where he lived? Who was it?

Martin mixed another drink, put on a pair of sweat pants and a tee and sat at the table waiting. After twenty minutes there was a knock at the door. Martin jumped. Taking a deep breath he stood up, he was terrified at the prospect of who was at the door. Slowly he turned the handle and opened it. The guy looked like a former jock, football player. He was good looking, about forty and smiled.

They sat at the kitchen table for a good hour. Martin had a couple drinks as he listened to Dan talk about the night before. Apparently they had met at the sports bar and were talking for a while when Martin began to cry, got up and left. Dan followed and asked what was up and Martin told him his wife had left him and he wanted to go home.

Dan offered a ride and when they arrived Martin asked if Dan could hang out for a while. Inside they sat at the kitchen table and Martin told the entire short story of Sheryl leaving him, plus a few other things. At one point as Dan was mixing another round of drinks Martin walked up to him and asked for a hug. Dan felt sorry for the drunk, dumped and beat down man and gave Martin the hug.

Martin held on for some time and eventually kissed Dan's neck. And kissed his way to Dan's ear lobe. He nibbled on it for a moment and pulled away. Eyes locked with Dan the two men looked at each other before Martin leaned in for a kiss. Dan knew Martin was drunk and wasn't sure Martin knew what he was doing so he pulled away.


"Shhhh Dan. Yep I am drunk. But I want to kiss you."

Dan stepped back. "Martin, you have had a lot to drink and some terrible news. You feel lonely and sad and abandoned. I get it. But you don't want to add this to it."

"Dan. I like guys. I have since high school but I was too scared. Married Sheryl because she wanted it. I loved her, but not like a man loves his wife. More like how a man loves his best female friend. I guess she figured it out before I did."

Dan wasn't sure what to think. Was this guy that drunk or had he just come out?

"You like guys don't you Dan?" Martin had caught Dan making a couple comments about guys while they were at the bar. Nothing overt but they were things Martin would think to himself when he looked at guys.

"Well, yes." Dan realized Martin had understood his comments from earlier.

"Can I suck your cock?"

His ethical side debated the request. This guy was drunk. His wife had dumped him. He was drunk. But he was cute and sexy and...

Martin began to take off his t-shirt and reached for Dan's belt. Opening the jeans gave Martin a rush. He was going to suck a cock. Dan didn't resist.

Pushing the jeans down so he could lower Dan's boxers Martin looked at Dan. "Thank you." He said with a huge smile. Martin got onto his knees and took Dan's soft fleshy cock out. Holding it in his hand his heart raced as he leaned in.

As Dan told Martin about the evening Martin's memory improved. He remembered the excitement, the thrill of sucking his first cock. He remembered standing up and sliding his jeans down asking Dan to join him in bed. He remembered pulling out the Polaroid and asking Dan to take a picture of his cock at Martin's lips. He remembered it all.

"That's what happened Martin." Dan said as he finished telling the events of the night prior.

"Dan. Thanks. I mean it. Thanks for last night, for having sex with me. For coming over today. For being so nice about it."

"Don't thank me Martin. Coming out is never easy. What are you going to do now?"

"Get something to eat. Jerk off maybe. Unless you want to get naked with me? Would you have sex with me again Dan? I mean. Am I what guys like?"

Dan laughed. "Oh Martin. Some guys are going to be so hot for you they will beg to get naked with you. Others, well, you aren't their type. It's no different than with men and women."

"So you aren't interested in get naked."

"I didn't say that."

Only tipsy, Martin had sex with a man for the second time in his life. He did not remember how much pain was involved when a man slide his cock into his ass. Dan said once he was use to it the pain would be less. He learned that fucking a man turned him on much more than fucking Sheryl ever did.

After they finished Dan dressed and thanked Martin. Said he would call. Martin wondered if it was a line. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror Martin smiled. He thought he looked happy. He felt happy. Time for a shower.

Thankfully Sheryl hadn't taken all the food. She had left the stuff Martin loved, frozen pizzas, peanut butter, grocery store bread and 2% milk. She was into those fire baked gourmet pizzas, bakery bread, soymilk, that sort of thing. He ate and wondered what to do on a Saturday night, as a free man.

He felt horny. Grabbing his laptop he went on line and searched gay hook up sites.



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