I’d separated from my wife and was desperately dying to suck cock. Well I worked up enough nerve one day to hook up with a guy I’d met online. When I went to his apartment I was nervous. I cautiously knocked and Frank opened the door. He was Swedish looking and didn't strike me as attractive at first but I thought to myself it was now or never. 

Frank was big, over 6-feet with short blonde hair, early thirties and a fairly muscular body. He asked, “Do you want to sit down and watch some porn?”

He seemed nervous but my nervousness had gone out the door once I was inside his apartment. I told him, “Sure, put on the porn.” Once the porn was playing we sat down next to each other on his black leather couch. After a couple of minutes Frank asked, “Do you like the porn we’re watching?” 

It was a gay flick. “Yes,” I said, “I like it,” but I really wasn’t watching it. I was too busy looking at the bulge in his pants. 

I a few minutes I asked him, "Why don't you take off your pants?" 

With just a short hesitation Frank kicked of his Nikes and then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Raising his hips off the couch, he slipped his pants off. Then he was sitting there in just a black t-shirt and his boxers. 

We watched the porn for about 10 seconds before I reached down and grabbed his cock through his boxers. And I wasn’t disappointed, it felt big. Anxiously I started stroking it. All of a sudden we went at it.  

I thought I would give Frank head and then be out of there but as soon as I started stroking him Frank leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Our lips parted and we started tonguing each other. It was so fucking hot my cock felt like a steel rod. 

I broke the kiss and grabbed the hem of Frank’s tight fitting black t-shirt and lifted it up over his head exposing his smooth tan torso. I fought the urge to touch his bare chest. Instead I slid off the couch down to my knees in front of him.
My face was level with his crotch and I stared at the prominent bulge in his boxers as my trembling fingers hooked my fingers in the waist band of his boxers and started to pull them down as he raised his ass up off the couch pushing his exposed cock toward me enticingly.
Before I could lose my nerve I quickly took him in my mouth and started sucking him. I soon had him moaning, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes,” but then he asked me to stop because he wanted to go to the bed. Jumping up we practically ran to his bedroom.
Frank was already naked so I undressed as quickly as I could. 

Crawling on the bed, we got into a sixty-nine and I inhaled his cock. I deep throated him, enjoying the smooth, hard, spongy feeling of his hot wet cock in my mouth. As he moved his hips, Frank’s balls bounced off my forehead. While he was kneeling over my face, I sucked his balls and licked his asshole.
In about 10 minute Frank moaned, "O-oh! Ohmigod! O-o-o-h-h-h-h, SHIT,” and then he was cumming in my mouth. As he filled my mouth some leaked out. After I swallowed I made sure that I dragged my tongue over his cock and leg to lick every last drop of cum that he’d spewed out. 

I let Frank suck me for about 5 minutes before I blew the largest load I can remember. He took it all in but I guess he didn't want to swallow because he jumped up and rushed to the bathroom. Through the open door I saw him spit it out and it looked like a pint of cum came out of his mouth. I was a little bummed because he should have fed me my cum if he didn’t want it.  

Anyway Frank said, “You gave me one of the best blowjobs that I’ve ever had,” and I was pretty proud of myself because he appeared to be gay and much more experienced than me. 

To this day Frank was the best cock that I’ve ever had. Maybe the blowjob hadn’t been as good as he’d led me to believe, because I tried to get in touch with him again but to no avail, he’d cancelled his hotmail address.

The end…



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