Hi I'm Sean and I'm 5' 11". I have shaggy blond hair and blue eyes. I have a 9" dick and it is thick. I have a muscle toned body that I'm sort of proud of.

Well I was having a great night. My girlfriend had finally turned eighteen and my girlfriend and me were finally fucking. I was moving her breast around in my hands. They were large and I loved sucking on them. I was I was fucking her tight pussy and she was moaning like a bitch in heat. I was getting close to cumming. I'm cumming! I screamed as I filled her pussy with my thick cream. Unfortunately it wasn't to last. She broke up with me the next day saying that I wasn't good enough. I was really upset.

So that night I went to this club that allows eighteen year olds along as they wear a band saying that they can't buy booze. So I walked into the club hoping that I could find someone that would buy me a beer or ten. I sat at the nearest table and after a few minutes this blond came over to the table. She slid into the seat next to me and asked why I was all alone. Her name was Mary.

I told her that my girlfriend had just broken up with me.

I'm sorry she said to me. She moved closer and her breast that were like the size of melons crept up my arms.

I blushed and asked her if she would care to not press against me. I could at the same time feel my pants getting closer to my dick.

Oh that's nice. She exclaimed and placed her hand on my now rigid dick. She moved her hand up and down and I had to restrain a moan. Want to come back to my place. She wondered.

Yes please!

We got to her place and began making out. I pressed her against her bedroom door and began to feel her breast. I kissed down her neck and she was beginning to moan. I pressed my waist against hers and she could feel my bulge. Oh-oh yeah! She was saying. I unbuttoned her top and it fell to the floor. I ripped her bra off and began to bite and suck on her tits as we fell on to the bed. I pushed her skirt and panties off and she slipped my shirt off. We rolled over with her on top. She moved to my pants and began unzipping them with her teeth. After that she pulled them and my boxers that had wet marks on them off.

My dick sprang up like a flag pole. She began to suck on it. But she started to gag once she reached halfway. I rolled us over again and began to eat out her pussy. While playing with her clit. Oh fuck me! She started to beg. I moved and placed my dick head against her pussy. I pushed in and she yelled Yes!

I was fucking her for a few minutes when I heard what's this surprise? From behind me. I quickly pulled out of Mary. Who are you? I asked sort of timidly.

I'm her husband.

Husband? I wondered.

Yes husband. Now don't stop on my account.

What? Why? Isn't this your wife?

Yes but I was getting so turned on by the show.

But I can't. That's wrong.

Yes you can. Mary said while pulling me against her. she felt so good I couldn't stop myself. I started to thrust into her again. It wasn't long before I felt a hand on my ass.

I don't swing that way. I said.

That's a shame. Then I felt something large pressed against my backside. The husband Lucas had his bulge in his boxers pressed against me. For some reason I felt that was really hot. Lucas pulled away from me and removed his boxers. A huge dick flopped out.

How big is that fuck stick?

Only about 11".

That's huge. Lucas moved up next to his wife's face. Mary reached over and began to suck on his dick. I found this to be so erotic. I started to wonder what a dick would taste like. Then Lucas got up on the bed and pointed that monster in my face. Want to suck it?


My cock do you want to suck it?

No. I don't swing that way.

Yeah but your fucking my wife so you'll suck my dick. He grabbed my hair and shoved his dick into my mouth. I didn't know why but his dick tasted really good. I began to moan as I sucked it loving the taste of this man's precum. Told you would like it. I was getting real close to cumming. I started to thrust faster and faster into Mary's pussy. Then I came almost buckling from the force of ejaculating. I pulled my mouth off of Lucas's dick. Mary pulled off of my dick and stood up. I'm going to go clean up she said.

That left me and Lucas there in the bedroom. Now what? I asked.

Well I haven't got to fuck yet.

Go after your wife.

Nope I got the next best thing.

What's that.


Lucas pounced on me. He threw me to the bed. First sucking on his finger he then started to finger my ass. He was hitting a spot in there that felt so good. Oh-oh yeah. I was screaming. I was moaning. My dick started to get hard again. Lucas placed another finger inside my hole. Fuck me I screamed. I cant take it anymore.

Lucas moved his dick into position. He was slowly pushing it in. it was feeling so good. I grabbed him to me and flipped him on to the bed. I began to ride his dick like a cowboy. Lucas was grunting shoving his dick up my ass. It was feeling so good. I'm going to cum! Lucas yelled.

Cum in me. I begged of him.

He gave one final shove and blew his load inside me. My load flew from my dick hitting his open mouth. I leaned down and we shared my cum. I pulled off him and lay on the bed next to him. I realized in that moment that I was going to get fucked again...



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