There are times when I enjoy doing something by myself. Just me. No one else. Working out is one of them. This is my chance to get away from the office politics, bitching customers, obnoxious friends and just do something for me and relax. I don't work out to become a buff, muscle God, I do it to relax and stay fit. I admit, I could do more reps, add more weight but I enjoy being the way I am.

I'm approaching 50 pretty quick but look younger. I'm 6' 2", olive complexion with most of my sandy brown, wavy hair. It's starting to get lighter and I'm OK with that. I only dropped about 10 pounds in the couple of years that I have worked out consistently going from 215 to 205 lbs. But, I have great muscle tone. I don't have 6-pack abs and don't want them. You cannot pinch more than an inch of skin at my waist. I don't have huge guns. I like me just how I am. I don't shave my chest and stomach or legs since I am a big fan of my body hair. I do trim it but not to the point of making it invisible.

Usually when I work out, I wear earbuds block out anyone trying to talk to me. Like I said, this is my time to relax. A couple months ago, Tom came up to me wanting to talk and I didn't have my earbuds. I made the mistake of listening. He had stories about everything. And while he talked, he flexed and flexed and flexed. Then he would lift the front of his shirt exposing his perfect abs so he could wipe the sweat off his face. I noticed, but that stuff doesn't impress me. Ever since that night, he thinks we are best buds and talks to me every break he takes.

I'm also a creature of habit. I like schedules so I work out the same time every day. Tom either migrated to my schedule or I'm just unlucky. He is usually there when I get there but we finish about the same time. That's when it started to get weird.

The locker room has 3 changing rooms. All of them are small, but it's better than changing in one large area. Each room has lockers on the walls to the left and right. Straight ahead from the entrance is a mirror over a counter with a hair dryer and lotions if you want them. I started switching from my normal room because Tom was always there. Where ever I moved, Tom was right there. If I didn't move, Tom was right there. I couldn't get away from him. And here's the worst part.

At first, he would strip down naked, hang his towel over his shoulder and stand there and talk. His dick was right at eye level when I sat on the bench. I enjoyed checking out his body-he had a great bod! He stood about 5' 10", completely free of any body hair, washboard abs, bulging pecs, huge arms and legs. His dick was a little on the small side but it was hard to tell since it was soft. It was about 2 to 2 ½ inches long and circumcised. He had a pair of balls that were drawn tight to the base of his cock. After I wouldn't get naked in front of him, he would wonder off to the showers and leave me alone. After a few weeks, he started standing right there until I did get undressed-even if someone else came into the room. I thought he just wanted to see what I had since I had fooled around with a guy or two from the gym and word does get around that I had quite a bit to offer. So I stripped down that evening so he could check me out. My dick is about 6 inches soft with a set of large balls hanging down past my dick. Once he saw it, he didn't leave. He stood there and began his flexing. Then he put his foot on the bench I was sitting on pretending to stretch some more. His junk wasn't right in my face but it was awkward and uncomfortable. So I made my way to the showers then quickly left the gym. I just couldn't figure this guy out.

A few weeks after that on a Thursday, I had the worst day of my working career. I'm talking bitchy coworkers, a meeting with my boss that didn't go well, system issues, customer complaints...I could go on and on. So, I went to the gym to relax. I was there a little earlier than normal but only by about 20 minutes. I really wasn't in the mood for anyone this evening. And of course Tom was there being his chatty patty self. I'd had enough and went to the locker room before I finished my routine. I just didn't care and didn't want to put up with him. Tom didn't follow me like a lost puppy. I was safe! I finally escaped him! I stripped down and was about to take a shower when Tom walked in and of course, his locker was just down from me. Still in a bad mood, I thought I would do to him what he had been doing to me all this time.

He sat down on the bench and began to take off his shoes. I threw my towel around my shoulders and walked right up to him. I stood closer to him than he ever stood to me. I didn't give a shit. I wanted to show him how it feels to have someone's dick right in your face. "Take that, Tom" I thought to myself! He didn't flinch. So, I grabbed a hand full of my freshly shaved balls and rubbed them ever so slightly right in front of him. It still didn't affect him. So, I dropped my balls and pulled on my dick a time or two while I rubbed the palm of my hand across my fuzzy pecs. Damn, he still didn't seem bothered. So, I thought I'll just get a little closer and lifted my foot onto his bench and did the Captain Morgan maneuver right at him. He stopped talking for just a moment and stared at my dick. I admit, since it had played with my balls and pulled on my dick a couple of times, I was starting to get a chubby. My dick doesn't get that much longer when it's hard but it was starting to point towards him. And Tom was looking right at it. Then my dick jumped probably because my heart was beating about 500 beats per minute. Tom still hadn't said another word as he gazed at my dick.

Tom broke the stare and moved his eyes up to mine. I had an expression on my face that said-"What? How does it feel to have someone's dick in your face and what you going to do about it?" Then I couldn't believe what happened next. Tom opened his mouth and swallowed my dick in one motion. He took everything I offered all the way to my pubes. I was shocked beyond all belief. Don't get me wrong, I loved getting my dick sucked especially by a beefed up muscle guy, but not right out in the open especially in a public place. Plus, I didn't want everyone at the gym to know I was gay. I pushed his head off my dick and growled, "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I...I thought you were offering it to me." He replied.

"Not here. I don't want to get caught. Let's go to the showers." I ordered. That was the only place I could think of where we would have some privacy.

Tom ripped off every stitch of clothing in record time. He threw everything into his locker, grabbed his towel and was right behind me.

The showers are private showers. There's one curtain to block off a drying area from the locker room and another curtain between the shower and drying area. Every curtain was open so no one was in there. I went to the last shower-the furthest away from everyone. Tom followed.

"Get in there." I ordered him. He dropped his towel in the drying area, went into the shower and got on his knees. Damn, he really wanted to suck my dick! I pulled the outer curtain closed and entered the shower pulling that curtain closed also. To help drown out the noise, I turned the shower on but pointed it against the wall. As I turned towards Tom, he started sucking my cock. As my cock grew to its full 8 inches, he had trouble getting all of it down his throat and began to gag. I love it when guys gag trying to suck my cock. It makes my dick even harder.

Drool was flowing from his mouth down onto my cock. He started stroking it with one hand while trying to take it all. I slapped his hand away and whispered to him, "You are going to have to do it with your mouth. I don't want a hand job." Thank God we were doing this in the shower because his spit was flowing like crazy. He did get a handful and use it to lube up his own dick which he was jerking furiously.

I'm not sure if my dick was too thick for him or he just an experienced cocksucker, but he really wasn't doing anything for me. I knew I was hitting the back of his mouth but it wasn't going down his throat. My dick is straight and with the angle he was sucking it, it should have gone down his throat. I decided to take things up a notch.

"Stand up." I whispered to him.

Tom pulled off my cock which was dripping in spit. He also had it running down his chin and all over his abs. He stood up and leaned his head back and to the side like he was going to kiss me.

"Turn around and spread your feet." I ordered.

"What are you going to do?" He asked.

"I'm going to fuck you." I replied stroking my slippery cock. "Now shut up and turn around."

"Don't force it in me and go easy. I'm not used to taking big cocks like yours. If I say 'stop', you have to stop."

"Shut the fuck up and turn around. You don't get to give orders."

Tom looked scared like he didn't know what he'd gotten himself into but did as he was told. I took some of the spit from my dick and rubbed in into his asshole. Damn he was tight. I spit into my hand and added just a little more. Then I planted my feet by his and aimed my cock at his pink hole. As my head touched it, he inhaled and slowly began to exhale while lowering his head to the tiled shower wall. My dick didn't want to go in. I held it at the base and pushed a little harder. His asshole was stronger than my dick.

"Push your asshole out or I'm going to force it in you. And you know that's gonna hurt worse."

I gave him a second or two to comply. Then he did it. I could see his asshole release its firm, closed grip and begin to protrude outwards. I thought this was my chance to get in. I put my head against his asshole again and pushed. Tom quit pushing out and clamped down preventing me from entering.

"I told you what to do and now you are going to suffer."

I gripped the base firmly and pushed like a motherfucker causing his asshole to fly open and I went balls deep. Tom yelped but I couldn't help it. I reached around his and put my hand over his mouth. By the time he tried relax enough, I couldn't stop. My spit soaked cock proved it was stronger than his asshole. He whimpered and arched his back trying to accept my cock. I did give him a moment or two to get used to the girth of my cock. The whole time he was motionless and whimpering like a little bitch.

I leaned in towards his ear and whispered, "I told you it was going to hurt if you didn't push out. Next time you will do what I say."

I could feel his asshole twitch against my cock as it rested deep inside him. He was getting used to it. Now the fucking could begin. I slowly pulled out feeling his inner sphincter close against my head as it passed by. I didn't pull all the way out-just far enough to see the crown of my head escape the confines of his asshole. Then I pushed it all the way back in as rough as I could. He legs went weak and he whimpered again as he fell against the tile wall. I had not been rough with anyone in a long time and forgot how pleasurable it was causing someone else pain. Even though it hurt, Tom seemed to enjoy it so I gave him some more.

I'd given him enough time to get used to my thick, 8 inches so I began the fuck of his life. I started slamming his firm ass as quickly as I could and as deep as I could. His back wasn't arched enough for me to get good penetration so I pushed his head down towards the bottom of the shower. He obeyed and lowered himself and even spread his legs further apart in the process. He seemed a bit comfortable so I began swatting his ass cheeks with just backs of my fingers. Almost instantly, bright red stripes appeared as his asshole clenched my dick. I slowed my rapid fire fucking down but still swatted his ass. I changed from fingers to palms. His ass was almost completely red. I stared at one certain spot on his right cheek and thought it was turning purple. I wanted to play rough but I didn't want to scar his beautiful ass either.

His asshole was quivering with delight as I fucked him. Tom needed something else to show him who was in charge. I grabbed the base of my cock and pulled completely out of his ass. Yep-his whole was still quivering alright. It was trying to close but couldn't. I took aim and rammed my cock in him. I hadn't noticed it before, but I swear I bottomed out. My cockhead felt like it was hitting a brick wall. I pulled out and tried it again. As I hit the brick wall, Tom threw his head back at me and moaned. Whatever I hit gave him as much pleasure as it did me. I grabbed his short dark hair and pulled his head closer to me causing him to arch his back further giving me an even better angle as his asshole. I pulled completely out again and rammed it home while pulling on his hair. He seemed to enjoy being used and abused. I let go of his hair, leaned in towards him, reached around and tweaked his nipple. It must have been connected directly to his asshole because he clamped down on my cock to the point I thought he was going to break it off. Tom began moaning which was coming from deep in his throat. So deep, that I couldn't tell if he was crying or in ecstasy.

I pulled out as best I could while leaning over him, tweaked his nipple harder and rammed my cock in him. His asshole was tighter than when we first began. Tom's legs almost gave out and he slammed into the wall again. "Stand up and take it like a man, bitch." Tom repositioned himself and prepared for another slam which I gave him. This time he didn't move. "That's a good boy. And you're a quick learner, too." His nipple rose to the occasion almost begging to be pinched and pulled. This wasn't the first time someone played with it. Even though it had been a rough day at work and I wasn't really in the mood, I could feel things beginning to stir in my balls and I didn't want it to end so soon.

I pulled out of his ass and held my dick by the base. "Turn around and suck on it. Your ass is getting dry and needs some more lube." In a flash, Tom was back on his knees slobbering all over my cock which was now covered with the juices from his ass. He seemed to be able to take more of it. He attempted to deep throat it but couldn't get those last 2 or 3 inches to go down. It wasn't because he wasn't trying-he was giving it everything he had. I knew he was giving it everything he had because tears were streaming down his face. Tom was trying to please me and give me what I wanted. In no time at all, his spit was flowing and my dick was lubed up and ready for some more action.

"That's it. Get it ready to fuck you again." Tom was looking up at me with hungry eyes while he sucked my cock. I could almost sense he was trying to please his master and was looking for a sign of approval. "Get on your back. Lay on the floor and lift your legs up." Tom slowly let my cock slip from his mouth and laid as he was told. He spat into his hand and began rubbing his asshole getting it ready for me. Then he pulled his knees back until they touched the floor near his shoulders causing his ass to lift up just a little. I knelt at his ass and positioned my cock as his awaiting hole. He tried lowering his ass to get my cock in but it didn't work. "I say when you get fucked-understand?" I didn't speak but nodded his head. I eased up until the head of my cock penetrated his asshole. He let out a gasp in anticipation of more. I didn't give him any. I wanted him to beg for it. "Look at your cunt-it really wants my cock, doesn't it?"

"Oh, please fuck me. I need you to fuck me." Tom pleaded. I took my open hand and slapped him across his cheek. "Don't speak to me faggot. I will do whatever I want to you, when I want and how I want. Understand?" Tom shook his head yes. "Good boy. Now get ready to be fucked like you've never been fucked before."

I attempted to scoot closer to Tom so I could slowly slide the rest of my cock into his waiting hole but as I scooted up, the floor was slipperier than I thought and I ended up bumping into him and burying my cock in him on accident. Tom let out a grunt sound. His asshole easily expanded to accept my cock. From this view, I could see the pink puckered rim dripping in spit circling my cock. As I slid my cock out, Tom's ass protruded with it. It probably stuck out about an inch and a half to two inches while his puckered asshole held onto my cock.. This ass had been used before. No way could it act like this and be a virgin. I was enjoying fucking Tom in this position while holding his ankles at my shoulder level. Tom just squirmed in delight on the floor. He was stroking his cock and every few strokes would move from just the shaft to wrapping his fist around his head and circle it a few times before returning to his shaft. He had that look on his face. That look that says he could blow his load at any moment.

I let go of his ankles and let them rest on my shoulders. I leaned over him pushing his legs towards his body and pulling his ass up. This position reminds me of a sewing machine where the needle just plunges in, moves around a little, pulls back out and then repeats the process as quickly as possible. I was really enjoying this until I realized we were creating a lot of noise with wet skin slapping against each other and his back making fart sounds on the wet floor. So I changed and didn't go all the way in his ass, but I was still going as fast as I could just like a sewing machine. Plunge in, wiggle, pull out. Repeat. The whole time Tom was staring into my eyes, pleading quietly for more.

I was staring him directly in the eyes when I decided to give his nipples a work out. I balanced on one hand and used the other to tweak, pinch and pull his right nipple. It perked up to a full salute in no time at all. Tom would close his eyes when I got a little too rough but he didn't dare tell me to ease up or stop. He knew I was the one in charge. I shifted so I could switch arms to get to his other nipple. It was rock hard and waiting for me to play with it. I pinched, twisted, pulled, flicked, mashed, and everything else I could think of to do while Tom loved it. I especially liked it when I did get too rough and he tried to adjust to it by clamping down on his asshole. That just made my dick swell even more. I moved in to suck on it but had to twist into an awkward position because of Tom's jerking. He would not release his grip on his own dick. I was still slamming his ass with my cock when I began to suck that over-worked nipple. He flinched which caused my dick to nearly miss his hole. It did go in, but at a weird angle that was bound to be painful. I was sucking harder than normal on his nipple and his asshole was clamping down and I was nearly missing his hole altogether when Tom started blowing his load. His asshole was massaging my cock in ways I haven't felt in a long time. I didn't let up on anything. He was stroking and shooting while I was sucking and fucking. Then that ole familiar feeling hit me-here comes my load.

"I'm going to bust a nut inside your ass."

Tom didn't say "OK", "Pull out" or anything. He just closed his eyes. So I started firing away inside his ass. I love how sensitive my dick gets and the way Tom's asshole was squeezing it almost made my head explode. I quit sucking on his nipple as my body was beginning to cramp. I straightened my body back to where it had been and braced myself with both hands on the tile floor. His asshole felt like it was lined with satin and his asshole kept playing with my cock head as I filled his asshole with my cum. Just as I was about to come back to earth from outer space, Tom grabbed my nipples and pinched the hell out of them. I like them played with but however he pinched them was like nothing I had felt. Ever. It caught me off guard and forced me into shooting a second load in his ass. This wasn't as big or powerful like the first one, but I gladly deposited a couple more blasts of cum into his love tunnel. When I did return to Earth, I watched as Tom opened his eyes and smiled at me with contentment. I pulled my cock from his hole and a river of cum followed. His asshole was still gaping open allowing the river to continually flow onto the floor and towards the drain. I looked down and saw 3 long streams of thick, white cum on my stomach and chest hair. Tom shot his load on me and it was still there in long, solid ropes.

I rested myself on my heals while still looking at his cum. "Get up here and clean this shit up." Tom sat up and starting lapping up every drop of cum. Once the larger piles were gone he switched to sucking the hairs into his mouth cleansing my torso of his manly deposits. "While you are at it, clean up my dick, too." I could see remnants of cum around the head of my dick. At least I thought it was cum. It could have been spit for all I knew. In a flash, Tom swallowed my cock. He seemed delighted with the taste of my cum and his ass and couldn't get enough. Once my cock had softened, I pulled it from his eager mouth and told him "Enough". He looked very disappointed.

I stood up and turned the shower head towards me. Tom was still kneeling in front of me with his head looking down. "What are you waiting for?"

"You didn't tell me I could get up, sir." He replied. Damn, he really was taking this master thing seriously.

"Play time is over. Get up and get in your own shower before we get caught." Tom stood up and smiled at me. "Can I stay here and help you wash your body?"

"I...I guess so, but if someone turns on another shower, you'd better be quiet." Tom squirted a couple of pumps body wash from the dispenser mounted on the wall and began soaping up my chest. I raised my arms, put my hands behind my head and leaned against the wall to get out of the spray of the showerhead. Tom started rubbing the body wash in the center of my chest. As soon as it foamed up, he moved outwards to my armpits and arms. His touch felt like a gentle massage and was relaxing. He moved back to my chest and then down to my stomach only pausing for a moment to play with my belly button. I don't have washboard abs but there isn't any flab there either. I started to chuckle and flinch as he swirled his finger inside my belly button. Tom got the hint I was ticklish and moved down to my crotch. He lathered up my soft cock and balls and tried to reach between my ass cheeks to my asshole. With my legs the way they were, he could do anything but rub across it. Even though I had just shot two loads, my cock liked the attention and began to get chubby. I knew that was all I had in me-it wouldn't get fully hard again that soon.

He reached over the dispenser and pumped some more body wash into his hands and knelt between my legs to wash them. When he finished he looked up at me and asked, "Do you want me to do your back?"

I didn't say anything to him and I turned around to face the wall. I heard the dispenser click twice and felt his strong hands touch my back. He wasn't really washing it. I would call it a soap massage. He worked my neck, shoulders and all over my back. He went from top to bottom then bottom to top. Up my spine, down my spine. Then he removed his hands from my skin. It was a couple seconds later, he cupped my hairy ass. I heard a gentle sigh from his mouth. He knelt down and rubbed both hands in circles around both cheeks at the same time. Just as I thought he was through, his hands dipped into my crack and he brushed his fingers against my asshole. I arched my back just a little so my ass stuck out farther. His big circles got much smaller and his fingers were circling just my asshole. It had been a very long time since anyone devoted that much attention to my asshole. I thought my dick wouldn't get hard, but maybe I was wrong. Fuck, that felt great. I knew it was coming but I wasn't ready for it. He slid one finger ever so gently into my ass. As he did it, his free hand grabbed hold of my balls and gripped them firmly. The soap didn't burn, but the whole thing caught me off guard. There was a time in my life when I preferred to only bottom, but that was years ago. Now that happens about 20% of the time.

"I didn't tell you to play with my ass, did I?" Tom quickly pulled the little bit if finger out of my ass.

"No sir. I was...I thought that..." Tom stuttered and stammered.

"Stand up and help me rinse off."

Tom stood up and moved to the back of the shower spray. I stepped under the spray and Tom's hands began rubbing me from my shoulders to my feet ensuring every drop of soap was washed away. He paid extra close attention to my balls and butt crack. After I was rinsed clean, I told Tom to finish his shower while I dried off. Just as I was about to leave, Tom turned the shower off and stepped into the drying area.

"I'm going to get dressed. See you later." I told him Just as I opened my locker, Tom appeared still dripping wet. He was not going to let me get far from him.

"Hey, I was thinking maybe we could go get some dinner or a drink." Tom asked.

"Drinks sound good. I had a shit day at work." I responded.

"Or, we could pick up a six-pack and drink it at your place. Then if anything comes up, I could help you take care of it."

I thought to myself, "Yea. I could get this guy tipsy and really get rough with him."

"Just throw your shorts and shirt on. No need to bother putting clothes on that will just come off in a few minutes." I had already put on my slacks from work and was pulling on my shirt. My pants slipped down but got caught on my butt exposing my bushy pubes and just a hint of cock. Tom was staring right at my crotch. Before he could get his shorts on, his dick was fully hard and pointing straight out.

"Well, maybe you better put on your jockstrap so you can hide that." I said nodding at his boner.

"It's OK. I'll just point it up and no one will see it." Tom said as he pulled on his shirt and quickly slipped on his sneakers without socks.

His shirt just met the top of his shorts covering the head of his dick which was poking out. Once he picked up his gym bag and threw it over his shoulder, his shirt pulled up and was twisted exposing his cock. I didn't say anything. I just let him believe his boner was concealed.

I buttoned a few buttons on my dress shirt, tucked the tail into my slacks and slipped on my loafers without socks. My dick wasn't hard but was chubby. The outline was very noticeable snaking down my right leg. I tried to move it by playing pocket pool but that just made it chubbier. I grabbed my bag and closed my locker.

"Ready?" I asked.

"I'll follow you." Tom said.

Little did he know I was planning on getting him drunk, tying him to my bed and abuse every hole he had. As a matter of fact, I may have to call in sick tomorrow and ravage his whole even more.



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