I made sure that I was the only one with him in the pastor's office when I followed him. There was really no reason to check because, well, everyone else had already went out to go eat at Hometown Buffet. I had to stay and 'suffer' the consequences of treating a fellow youth like an animal like he was. Luckily, he didn't tell them about the part of me fucking him and stuff, just the part of me beating him up. Damn snitch. I'm gonna get Daniel back one day. But for now, I was up for a cupful of Irving. You could call it stalking, but I call it opportunity.

I closed the door behind me and locked it. I wanted him to hear me come in, so I rather slammed the door. Irving's head peeked from underneath the desk as he looked at me confused.

'Ramon? What are you still doing here? I thought you were going with Kirk and everybody else?'

'What are you going underneath the pastor's desk?'

He hesitated, stuttering and looking as if he was trying to figure out what to say. I smiled.

'You don't have to explain. I know what you're doing here.'

'What? What do you know?'

'You're gonna hide underneath the pastor's desk and wait for him to come so that you could give him a blow job. I know all your tricks.'

He got up and looked as if he was going to try to explain himself, but I walked up to him and covered my hand over his mouth.

'Don't say anything. Allow me to take control.'

I grabbed the bottom of his wifebeater to pull it up a little to touch his washboard abs as I removed my hand to touch his lips with my fingers and move my hand down to his waist. I slipped my whole hand into his basketball shorts to dig for my treasure as he looked at me, wondering about what I was intending to do even though it was so obvious that I wanted to feel him in me and I wanted to feel myself inside of him. I just smiled as he moaned.

I turned him around and bent him over on the desk. I began to rub on him as if I was fucking him. I slipped one hand around into his shorts and began to feel on him while I touched his chest and nipples with the other. He had nothing on underneath! He bent over a little more and began to grind himself into me, almost pushing me into him without us being unclothed.

I took off his shirt and began to really dig into his shorts, stroking him harder and harder. Every time I heard him moan, I got excited even more, which made me push myself into him harder and deeper. I felt that his shorts were slipping down, little by little; so then, I took off my shirt so that I could feel his soft and wet skin against my chest. I slapped the side of his ass and felt it jiggle as I continued to dry hump him. He just smiled and moaned, pulling down his shorts and bending over farther.

I pulled down my pants and began to fuck him at the same speed that I dry humped him: steady, but firm. He pushed himself back into me, shaking a little as he did so, moaning the whole time. I grabbed his ass and squeezed it hard as I began to speed up. He grunted as I sped up, laying his upper body on the desk and bent over farther for easier access. I reached underneath him and began to feel on his balls, making him moan even more.

I then turned him around and began to fuck him once I lifted his legs above his head and stuck myself into him. He started to touch himself as I fucked him looked at me as he did so. I touched his lips with the tips of my fingers. He slipped my fingers into his mouth and sucked it like he was sucking a dick. I smiled as he licked my finger with the tip of his tongue.

I fucked him harder and harder, getting flashbacks of the whole ordeal with Daniel and I. I felt myself about to come, but I didn't want to come with us positioned like that. I threw him back into the same position we started with, except this time he was grinding himself into me, doing the same things he did to me when he was in his shorts. I started to grind myself into him more, feeling his insides on my penis more than before. He moaned and grabbed his own ass just to squeeze it and spread his cheeks even more.

He managed to stick his finger in his ass hole as I fucked him. I smiled as he did, realizing that he was such a fag. I began to speed up as I felt myself about to come. I closed my eyes and imagined Irving stripping and giving me a lap dance. The only thing that got me really excited was the sight of his huge ass. I opened my eyes and looked down at his ass as it jiggled and wobble as I banged the hell out of him.

I then closed my eyes again, but this time, I was imagining him feeling on his own ass as he bent over on the pastor's desk. I imagined him wearing a jockstrap as he dug his fingers into his ass as he squeezed his ass cheeks and he moaned as if he were being fucked. I then opened my eyes and positioned my whole pelvis area on his ass and pushed myself deeper into him, with my back curved inward and my waist rubbing close and deep in his ass.

I smiled and then got serious because I knew that I was going to come soon. He pushed his ass up into me farther as I sped up even more. He moaned really loud as he touched himself, which told me that he was about to come, too. I was going really fast now that I felt myself about to come. There was a strong tingly sensation that filled my body as I felt myself come into him, strong and really intense. At the same time, Irving came all over the pastor's desk.

I moaned really loud and sighed as I pulled myself out of him. The whole area was full of sperm and sweat. But, not once did I ever kiss him. That's funny.



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