I hurried through the alleys of the city, avoiding eye contact with anyone that looked my way. The robe I was wrapped in was heavy on my slight body, only my hazel eyes exposed to the thin, dry air around me. My destination was the southern gate of the city, it was my only chance of getting out. The city stables were also located not far from the southern gate, and there was a horse with my name on it. i could here the neighing of the horses already as I neared the stables. It was mid day and the guards and stable boys would be on a meal break at this time. I snuck into the stables and wandered to the area where the King's horses were kept. There she was, staring at me as i neared her, her coat whiter than the purest cream. I put my hand out to her and she nuzzled into it.

"Ready to get out of here?" I whispered in her ear as I walked past her to fetch her saddle and bridle. once she was dressed and ready to go, I mounted her and we headed out. I was barely out of the stable when I heard someone call out. I looked back to where the shouting was coming from and saw three stable boys running towards me.

"It's time to go girl, time to go right now," I murmured under my breath and heeling the palomino beneath me, we sped off toward the gate. As we approached I looked up to the guard tower and signalled with a loud, sharp whistle. The large wooden doors started to creak open. I heard the men calling from behind me, for the doors to be closed, but they continued to open. And there it was, the oasis, a small green smudge on the horizon, 10 miles of hot desert sand to get through. We raced past the gates into the vast space of the dunes outside the city walls. The city gates closed behind me and all the noise of the chase disappeared. I knew I wouldn't be alone for long, so we galloped off into the heat. The scarf that was wrapped around my head and shoulders blew off as we rode, the stream of air, cool against my tanned, sun-baked skin. We reached the oasis in no time. I threw myself off the horse and let her roam around the greenery. I untied the leather straps of my sandals and kicked them off, the sand burning the soles of my feet. I relished the heat and let it absorb into me, it would make the cool water of the oasis even more splendid. I unknotted the strings of my robe around my waist and let the gold silk cloth drop from my shoulders. The oasis belonged to the royal family and there was no-one around to see me walk naked into the crystal clear water. I could hear my body sigh in relief as I waded into the water. I dived in as soon asIi was waist deep and swam to the rocky edge of the pool, where there was a small waterfall. Tall, old palm trees enclosed the oasis and very now and then ripe, juicy, delectably sweet dates would fall from them into the water. I reached out and grabbed one. I bit into it and savoured the sugary goodness. when my body had tired from doing laps, I relaxed on the grassy bank, under the shade of the palms. The slightest breeze playing across my skin. I fell asleep.

I awoke to the sounds of horse hooves on the ground around me. I was lying on my tummy and I looked up to see who it was that found me. To no surprise it was the royal guards. I stood up, and they averted their eyes from my naked body. One of them spoke.

"Prince Amaan, Your father has called for your immediate return to the Palace," said the guard.

"I'll go back when I'm ready, he keeps me locked up in that place all day," I shot back.

"He said to tell you that your brothers have returned from the Western Wars, they were victorious in battle, helping the King of the North secure the Western Lands. The ships they were on docked not even an hour ago."

I slipped the robe back on immediately on hearing that my two elder brothers had returned from war, safe and sound. I had not seen them in 5 years, since they had crossed the Emerald Sea to help our allies in the North take claim on the slave driven Western Lands. The King in the North and his four sons now had dominion of the North and West while my father, The King of the South, had empire over the south and the east. I once again mounted my horse and we hurried back, the desert dust kicked up in our wake.

At the Palace gates I was met by an entourage of royal helpers. They quickly escorted me to my chambers to get ready for the grand welcome back parade that was to be held, in honour of the soldiers, just before sunset.

As a young boy I had always aspired to be like my brothers, strong leaders and sand warriors, skilled in battle and leadership of men, but I had never developed quite like they did. My temperament was of a different nature. Sensitive, introverted, I liked to spend my time alone with the horses, swimming at the oasis or on the balcony of the royal library covered in literature. I was more of an academic than a soldier. Between classes I would sometimes sneak into the villages with a handful of guards and take books to the underprivileged kids, and teach them to read and write. It shocked me that some soldiers were illiterate, although it was mandatory for all the royal guards to be knowledgeable in literature and arithmetic, as well as the art of war. Even my body was not suited to the ways of soldiering. I was toned and tight, but petite and slim, Even my sisters were taller than I was. It made complete sense, for anyone who saw me, to believe that I was the youngest of the King's children.

As soon as I was behind the closed doors of my chamber I was lathered in palm oil. One of my helping hands came over and explained what the oil was for. Apparently my mother had ordered that all of the hair on my body, save my head, be shaved. A young man entered the room and removed instruments from a leather pouch that he had tied around his waist. he asked me to stand in the middle of the room with my legs spread and my arms up on either side of me. he pulled out blades of various sizes and laid them side by side on the dressing table. He started with the hair under my arms and worked his way down, dragging the blades across my oiled skin. I closed my eyes and caught my breath as I felt his hands nearing my private parts. The blade moved expertly and smoothly over my pubic bone and down into my groin and between my legs. In no time every secret corner of my body was hairless, except for the mop of auburn locks on my head, that fell over my eyes, and licked the back of my neck. I was made to soak in a bath of rosewater before being dried, perfumed and clothed in a knee length, white silk shirt. A golden sash was tied loosely around my waist and and leather sandals put on my feet, the leather straps twined around my calves. A large solid gold choker was placed around my neck, and gold chains attached to the bottom end of the choker fell lightly onto my shoulders and breast. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. My browned skin glowed in the orange light streaming in from my bedroom balcony. There was a knock on my door and my parents entered the room, equally adorned as I was. The help left us alone. My parents smiled at me and motioned for me to sit down with them at the table, strewn with books, in the middle of the room.

"What's wrong?" I said. My parents were never in my room at the same time, in fact they never ever came to my room. i was always called for if they ever needed me.

"Nothing, but we have something to tell you. You're brother's are back from The Northern Wars and they have brought a guest with them."

"Who is it?"

"Prince Colton, son of the King of the North and Commander of the Northern Forces."

"So he'll be staying with us for a while. I'm sure he'll be quite comfortable here."

"Son, that's not why we have come to speak to you. It has come to our attention that Prince Colton takes a liking to those of the same...sex," said my father rather awkwardly.

"We've discussed this with your brothers and in order to secure our alliance with the North, you will be promised to Prince Colton tonight at the Grand Welcome Ball."

"What if I don't want to be given to someone else, what if I don't like him, what if he's awful, what if he hates me?" I asked frantically, my head starting to spin.

"Amaan, when I was promised to your father, I was 16 years old, and scared just like you are now. Believe us when we say that it wasn't easy in the beginning but we learned to like each other and eventually love each other," said my mother.

It wasn't quite enough to convince me but I couldn't refuse my parents' wishes. It was as much a political manoeuvre as a concern for the security of my future. To have me promised to a prince, something that I never imagined would ever happen, as most princes enjoyed the company of princess, was a huge step for both of my families and meant that I would have future as someone's partner. Someone who was of the same social standing as myself. Which meant a lot to my parents I'm sure.

My parents left the room to let me take in what they had just told me, not giving me much time though, as a few minutes later the sound of trumpets erupted from the streets. My entourage of helpers remerged and hustled me out of my chambers into the large open marble hallways that connected the various chambers and halls of the palace, and which formed numerous courtyards that held giant sculptures, romantic fountains and lush gardens that housed the rarest and most beautiful birds that existed in all of the lands. I climbed the steps to the viewing balcony where all major interactions took place with the public. Just 5 years ago, we had stood on the balcony and my father had announced the deployment of soldiers to aid the Northern forces. And now that they had returned victorious, we returned victors to the balcony. I looked over the masses of people below us, and the air vibrated with excitement and merriment. Families celebrated the return of fathers, brothers and sons from war. The happiness was tangible and i held on to it, pushing the thought of my inevitable marriage out of my mind for a few minutes. The thoughts rushed back suddenly as the crowd parted and the parade began. The royal band marched in from, playing the most magnificent and uplifting music, a melodious march. Then I saw him, Ilan, my eldest brother, riding at the head of the parade, proud and confident, exactly the way I had remembered him. I looked over at his wife who stood not even ten steps to my left. She beamed with love and admiration. My heart melted at the thought of their reunion after being apart for 5 years. Ilan, waved at the crowd and they cheered in return. He stopped in front of the balcony and lowered his head in respectful greeting to our father and mother. They nodded in acknowledgement. There were tears on my mothers face.

Samar came next, his hair longer and his face older than I remembered, he was only twenty years old when he left. He had no doubt returned a man.

Close on his heels, was another man, not one of my cousins or army generals, but a man I had never seen before. His hair was the colour of red clay, deep and rich, pulled back out his face. His face: large, angular jawline and and a perfectly straight, sharp edged nose. I couldn't quite see the colour of his eyes, but they reflected an inner seriousness, a stoicism, not quite prevalent in the people of the South. His skin glowed like the moon in the sunlight, his thin lips unsmiling. This was the Northern Prince I had been promised to. The thought sent a shiver through my back. While my brothers wore the silk shirts of our people, he wore a black leather bodice with white cotton undershirt, black leather trousers that clung close to what seemed to be very muscular thighs. Black knee length boots completed his outfit. He looked out of place amongst the loose-fitting silk and cotton robes of the people. My brothers and their guest dismounted their horses and began walking up the steps to the balcony. They greeted my parents first. The Northerner lowered his gaze and shook my fathers hand. My father hugged his sons and kissed them on the cheek.

"Amaan, is that you little brother?" said Ilan, as he and Samar rushed over to greet me. Ilan picked me up and swung me around like he did when I was a little kid. Clearly I hadn't grown up, physically, the way my brothers had.

"You have to meet someone," said Samar excitedly, "a great ally and personal friend of ours and the families. And a soldier like none other, except your second eldest brother of course!" They made way for the Northerner. His face was different up close, he looked older. He must have just entered his fourth decade, much like Ilan. His eyes were the lightest, translucent blue and reminded me of the oasis water I had waded into just a few hours ago. He held out his hand and I took it lightly. His grip was hard and soldierly.

"Prince Colton DeVere," he introduced himself.

"Prince Amaan Rahim," I replied similarly and averted my eyes from his almost immediately.

We turned away from each other as my father began speaking to the people of his empire. The city would be in full celebratory mode for at least a month to come. I also learnt that Prince Colton's family would be arriving on our shores within the week, and only our immediate family knew why. A royal wedding was on the horizon.


As soon as I stepped into my guest chamber and had shut the door behind me, I stripped all of the leather I was wearing until I was left in just my cotton undershirt, sitting on the edge of a large canopy bed. Night was approaching, but the promise of cooler temperatures seemed to evaporate in the heat. As a Northerner, I was accustomed to rain, and if it was raining, then the ground would be blanketed in snow. There was a bath prepared for me and I took a long soak, the water providing much needed relief. When night had finally come, and I had redressed in a brown leather ensemble, there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find crazy kid Samar.

"Come, on the party is about to begin!" he exclaimed and hurried me out of the room, down the large open hallways to the main ballroom of the palace. We burst through the doors and cheers came from tables packed with people dressed in the most exotic colours I had ever seen. It was a blur of reds, greens, blues and gold. The hall was filled with laughter and music and the smells of food and wine. Samar led me to the main families table and I was made to sit next to the King. Next to me sat Ilan and his wife and seven year old son. Samar sat next to his mother on the left side of the table. The young boy, Amaan, sat next to Samar at the end of the table. He was smiling at the dancers that threw themselves around in front of us. He was dressed all in black tonight, which complemented his dark eyes and hair. He caught me looking at him and he looked away immediately, his face tensing ever so slightly. I looked away too, not wanting to scare him. He was after all many years younger than I was, one and half decades to be exact. I sat in quite observance for most of the night, soaking in all of the vibrancy that the North lacked. But half way through the night my brain was begging for some Northern peace and quite. I needed to hear myself think again. Samar suddenly stood up and pulled his younger brother with him into the throng of dancing bodies. They danced with the rest of the royal cousins and Southern upper class. I smiled to myself, Samar knew exactly what he was doing, he had been similarly cunning in battle. Here he was now, flaunting his brother in from of me. The rhythmic movement of the boys hips, the narrow waist, the black silk sleeve that slipped off his shoulder revealing a fragile collar bone that would snap under my touch. I pulled myself out of the thought.

"What are you thinking about?" said Ilan, his son now sitting on his lap next to me.

"If I told you, you'd kill me," I said. Ilan smiled and leaned towards me.

"He's all yours, but he's still a Prince of the South. He's different from the rest of us, you'll soon find out. The people here adore him, they'll be sad to see him leave. All I ask is that you celebrate him, the way he deserves to be."

I lifted up my hands and looked at them. Ilan looked at them too.

"Do you trust these hands?" I asked him.

"They've killed many men," he replied curtly.

"And they defended yours in battle."

Ilan smiled, and took my hands in his.

"I cannot wait for our families to be joined as one!" he exclaimed and got up with his son to dance among his brothers.

I watched them for a few more minutes before standing up and taking leave for the evening. I could still here the celebrations as I stepped into my room. I collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.

When I awoke it was still dark outside. The music had died down and I could still here the odd conversations of people walking up and down the palace hallways below the balcony. I looked out across the courtyard. Movement caught my eye. It was the bedroom chamber of the boy and he had just walked in, this time without the entourage that usually followed him. He closed the door behind him and leaned his back against it for a few moments. I stepped back from the balcony and blew out the candles in my own room. In the darkness I sat in just my leather trousers, having removed my boots and shirt, and watched the boy from my balcony. He removed the gold he had been adorned with the entire day. The silks came off next. To my surprise he wore undergarments, although they seemed to be made from the sheerest white material I had ever seen. His back was turned to me and I could see the length of his spine and how it disappeared into the crease of his perky behind. Then he turned around and I stopped breathing for about a minute. He wasn't like anything I had ever seen. The men I had been with intimately were always soldiers, or the boys who helped put up the tents at base camps and helped make the food and fires for the soldiers. They too were not like the Prince Amaan. Tanned skin with large dark nipples, flat stomach but perfectly defined, hips jutting out from under the hem of the undergarment. I looked closely at his crotch, but the form of his boy cock wasn't clearly definable behind the fabric. He walked out onto the balcony and climbed up onto the balcony wall. He pulled his legs towards his chest and rested his head on his knees. I stood up and walked to the balcony wall. He looked up as I approached. We stared at each other for what seemed like ages, until he got up, walked back into his chamber and blew out his candles. Now he disappeared into the darkness, and I longed to see him in the light of day again.


Prince Colton and I hardly interacted until the day of our wedding. At meal times, we sat on opposite sides of the table, I disappeared into the gardens or the royal library at every opportunity and I made sure I was off to bed as early as possible. It wasn't that I didn't like the prince or enjoy his company, or even admire the way he looked; he intimidated me. He hardly ever smiled or laughed, and his nickname, The God of War, unnerved me. The fact that I had to share the bed of this stoic, dangerous man scared me, and I couldn't get myself to overcome the fear. What would he be like as a husband, it was hard to imagine. Romantic, loving, kind, hard, private, avoidant. Our relationship wasn't off to a great start despite the efforts of both of our families, his having arrived a week after the Welcoming Parade.

The days leading up to the wedding were busy. Most of the day was dedicated to choosing flowers and table settings and wedding clothes. My sisters insisted I take part in all of the decisions, although I would have gladly left everything in their capable hands. The wedding would be as big as any other royal wedding, in fact, being the last born entitled me to the largest of the weddings and you could feel it in the atmosphere. Within a week of the wedding, the city streets were lined with gold ribbon, impromptu live musical acts popped up around the street corners, and all of the traders sold their goods for less. I had seen this all before, but it had never been in my honour, it felt unreal and exhilarating. All eyes were on me, and there was the constant pressure to be the perfect prince, which was hard for a quiet, introverted person such as myself.

On the day of my wedding, I awoke to a heavy beating of the city gongs. I felt the reverberations in my bones. They would beat throughout the day up until I stood opposite my betrothed on the alter and accepted his partnership. I would have preferred the flute, or violins, but the gongs were tradition.

An hour after I had awoken and eaten breakfast, my entourage arrived. They waxed and plucked and washed and oiled various parts of my body. I was then made to soak in a bath of hot rosewater for about 30 minutes. By midday, the grooming was done and I donned a light robe. There was a knock at the door. It was my parents and I accompanied them to the Temple of Light for the wedding prayers. I sat on my knees in the carpeted white marble hall. I looked up at the glass dome above me and prayed for happiness in marriage.

After prayers, My parents took me to their chambers and we sat on the balcony and had a lunch of dates, dragon-fruit and cured meats. They spoke to me about my other siblings weddings, their wedding and marriage. The told me about the many ups and downs, about selflessness and compromise and of finding and celebrating the best parts of ones partner. It was an informative chat and I hung onto every word they said. I left their chambers feeling slightly less apprehensive, but the feeling didn't last for long.

Once I had been robed in long a long, thick, gold embroidered white silk robe and the family chocker, a family heirloom that each of my sisters wore on their wedding, had been clasped around my neck, my eldest sister paid me a visit.

"I have something for you," she said smiling.

"You do? what is it?" I said excitedly.

She handed me a small wooden box, ornately engraved. I opened it to find a clear cream like substance. I dipped my finger into it touched it to my other fingers. They glided smoothly over each other.

"What is it?" I asked perplexed, I had never used this type of cream before.

"It's a softening cream, for your wedding night silly," she said giggling, "Believe me, you're going to need it."

"But how do I, you know, use it?"

She whispered into my ear and I blushed at what she was telling me. The nervousness arose inside me again. Yes I had thought about the wedding night, I wasn't completely naive, but I hadn't thought about the practicalities. I was suddenly grateful for my sister's visit. After she left, I quickly went to the bathing room and applied a good amount of the cream to my back passage. I had fingered myself before using my own saliva, but the smoothness of the liquid was something else. I quickly rinsed my hands before I was guided by my siblings, who were waiting outside my chamber door to escort me to the Royal Hall. My sister winked at me knowingly and I smiled gently at her and nodded. The marble halls were lined with those who worked in the palace and rose petals were tossed over our heads. The gongs continued in the background. At the palace gates, carriages awaited to take us to the Royal Hall. The City streets were lined with people who called out to us. I waved and smiled at their well wishes. Warmth filled my heart. The carriages arrived at our destination and my parents entered the hall first, followed by my siblings and then myself. The doors of the hall were open wide and I could see the faces of the royal family, aunts, uncles and cousins, friends and members of the King's court peering at me as I walked down the aisle by myself. I knew exactly who the grooms party were. They were the ones dressed in black and gold, as opposed to the white and gold of my family. Prince Colton stood at the alter in black leather pants, a black velvet jacket and gold silk undershirt. A cloak of pitch black fur was draped over his shoulders and trailed onto the floor. He looked large and proud, his muscular frame accentuated by his clothes. He put out his hand and I took it as to climb the steps to the alter. I stood beside him, hand in hand. His was rough, but warm and strong. The priest said a few words and we repeated them. When we were done, we turned to each other. I looked up at my husband his eyes even bluer than I remembered. He came towards me and put his hands around my neck. My heart raced for a moment until I realised he was unclasping the choker from around my neck. Someone came to take it from him on a gold cushion. Similarly, someone in black came up the steps and offered a black velvet pillow. On it lay a different choker made from interlinked fine silver chains interspersed with black opals and crystals. He took it and fastened it around my neck. We turned to the people in the hall. I was his.


I walked into my bedroom first, and the door closed behind him. We stood there in silence for a while, me noticing the changes to my chamber, him unmoving, just the sound of his breathing emanating through the expanse. My heart was racing at the thought of what was to come next. Some part of me wished that he would put it off until we were back in his kingdom, or at least until we had had our first real conversation, but I sensed he was a man of tradition and honour and that morning would not come without consummation of his marriage.

I stepped closer to the bed and he followed me, before moving off to the side where he removed his fur cloak. I watched out of the corner of my eye as his clothing came off, piece by piece. I was too afraid and nervous to do the same. I watched him approach, completely naked. I had never seen someone that muscular, not even the royal guards. He brushed his dark red hair out of his face as he made his way to me, a large pink tool swinging like a pendulum between his thick thighs. He loomed behind me, inching ever closer until his body touched mine. He towered above me and I could feel his heavy breath on top of my head. My mouth was dry and I somehow couldn't move. I had never been with a man before, or even a boy of my own age. This was all completely new to me and I decided to let Prince Colton take the lead. Whether or not it was a wise decision I would soon find out. I felt his hands rest solidly on my shoulders. They grabbed the cloak I was wearing and he flung it to the side. He inserted his hands into the back of my collar and with one single pull he had torn the entire back of my robe. He reached around grabbed the front of the robe and pulled it clean off my body. He did the same thing to my undergarments until I stood in there in the heat of his shadow in nothing but a choker and sandals. He stepped forward and his skin touched mine. I could feel the hair of his chest and abdomen on my smooth back and the hardness of his manhood pressing just above my buttocks. He edged toward the bed, pushing me along as he did so. My knees hit the edge of the bed and I reluctantly bent forward. I had really relinquished all control at this point and the uncertainty and dread of what was to happen next brought tears to my eyes, which the Prince couldn't see from behind me. I made sure to not sob out loudly, fearing that it may cause a distancing between us in our future relations. My chest hit the rose petal covered bed, which was also at eye level. I felt his large, rough hands on my back, feeling me, becoming acquainted with my ribcage, then my waist and lastly my hips. He pushed down on my lower back so that my ass lifted into the air. His hands were on my cheeks now, spreading them. I felt the air caress my hole, then his fingers, wet with saliva. He tapped my hole with the tips of his fingers which sent a shiver down my spine. he caressed it in a circular motion working closer and closer to its epicentre. When he had reached it, I held my breath. His fingers pushed into me and I winced and moaned softly, not wanting to dissuade him from continuing. I doubt he would stop had I even dared ask him to. Two fingers were inserted and spread, stretching my sphincters. An intense burning sensation took hold of my entire body and I lifted myself from the bed, only to be pushed down again my a strong arm.

he stretched me like that for a while, the burn dissipating ever so slightly with each inserted finger. I breathed a sigh of relief when he removed his hand from my ass. But it wasn't long-lived as I felt something bigger, and rounder than a finger begin pushing at my passage. He used his knees to push my knees onto the edge of the bed so that i was positioned in a manner of a split, my thighs flat on the edge of the bed, but my legs still bent at the knees. He lowered himself to accommodate his height and pushed forward and upwards. I screamed out loudly as the head of his cock popped into my ass. I grabbed handfuls of the sheets and squeezed tightly. He pushed further, not giving me much time to relax. In my heart I wanted it to be over, I wanted to run away from him and this place and never return. Tears streamed down my face now. I really had lost all control and I was scared out of my mind. He stopped when he was all the way inside me. I was skewered. I felt part of him, as though I could never ever pull myself off him again, stuck in this position forever. Stretched and full of thick, pink, hard cock. He pulled out slightly, the lubrication my sister had given me only making the minimal amount of difference. I had clearly underestimated the size of his cock and the relative amount of lubricant that would be needed. He pushed in again and I moaned into the bed. This time he lowered his entire body over mine, his chest pinning down my shoulder, hand arms sweeping mine above my head, his hands tight around my wrists. He fucked me like this for what seemed like ages. I lost track of all sense of time and place. Everything was darkness around me and the only aromas were that of his sweat and skin and musky perfume. I felt hot, as though my blood had begun to boil. I felt light-headed in the back and forth motion of his thrusts and I feared I might faint. I was on the precipice of losing consciousness when I heard a loud groan in the distance, I felt the large weight on top of me contract all around me, squeezing my entire body, and all air out of it. I was breathless, winded and yearning for air. It finally came when the weight collapsed onto the side of me. The air I usually found stifling came as a cool breeze to me now, replenishing my lungs with life. I pulled myself further onto the bed and rested my head on a pillow. There was a change in weight on the bed as the Prince lifted himself off and stood up. The last few moments I remember before slumber caught me was the cool sensation of the air against my wet, presumably dripping hole, the stickiness of my own cock against my groin and his pale figure leaning against a pillar on the balcony, luminescent in the candle lit chamber, watching me as my eyes closed.


Dane du Toit

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