No one will ever know       

I had an experience a couple years ago that’s been weighting on my mind. I’ve finally decided that I want to talk about it. 

My work for the EPA often took me out for several days away from home and on this particular time I was headed out for what I thought to be a two day trip.  When I got to the area I got a motel room and then headed out to the work site. I worked a long day pulling soil samples around some old oil wells and got back to the motel well after dark.  

I was just about to turn off the light and go to bed when the phone rang. It was a guy named Brandon calling to say that he was from the oil company and that he was coming out in the morning to see how the job was going.  

I said, “That’s fine with me,” although normally these company men just slow me down with questions and nitpicking about the job.  But I thought if the guy would pitch in and help we might get done faster and I get home sooner.

Brandon showed up at my room about seven am having driven for two-hours.  This was already half an hour past my starting time so I was a little irked from the very start.  But as it turned out Brandon seemed to be a friendly guy so I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.  

We grabbed a quick breakfast at a near-by café and headed for the job site. 

Brandon jumped right in helping me dig and bag the samples, which made me feel even better about having him along.  

As we worked, we talked about a lot of things and found that we had a lot of things in common.  We were both married, my wife Barbara was a cherubic blonde and his wife Linda a sevelt brunette. We had common interests and we were about the same age, mid-thirties. 

He told me that he enjoyed coming out to the field like this because he didn't get to do it very often.  He liked the outdoors and he told me a lot of interesting history about the area that we were working in.

About mid-afternoon we looked off to the west and saw some dark looking clouds rolling up on the horizon.  Brandon mentioned that we better hurry or we might get caught in a rainstorm.  We doubled our efforts and bagged up the last sample just as the first raindrops started to fall.  

As I headed the pickup back toward town the rain really started to come down. It was what we called a Blur Northener.  The dark clouds and heavy rain made it seem like night in the afternoon. 

The road was normally hard packed clay but now it was turning into a slimey, sloppy mess.  I did pretty well for a while until the pickup suddenly got a mind of it's own and started sliding all over the road and veered toward the shallow bar ditch.  I gunned it to get back up on the road but all I did was spin and slide.  

It was miles to town and there wasn't a farm or ranch house within sight. We both got out in the rain and started gathering sticks and branches to put under the wheels to gain some traction.  We worked for several hours and finally got the truck back up on the road and headed to town.

We were both soaking wet through and through, muddy and cold as we pulled into town.  

Brandon said, “I don't want to drive home this late on a night like this. I think I’ll get a room.”

But when we got to the motel and he went to the lobby to register he found that all the rooms were taken by hunters.  It was the fall antelope hunting season and the town's only motel was packed.  

When he came back out, Brandon said, “I guess I’ll probably just drive on home tonight.”

But I told him, “There’s two beds in my room. You shouldn't take off this late in the storm.”

He reluctantly agreed.

Neither of us had fresh clothes so we decided to grab a burger and fries at a Mickey Ds drive through and just hit the sack since both of us were exhausted from digging out the pickup.  

On our way back to the motel Brandon spotted a drive through liquor store and directed me to pull through. He ordered a fifth of Jack Daniel Old Number 7 and grinned and said, "This should warm us up."

Back at the motel we both called our wives and then quickly gulped down the burgers, fries and malts and then.  I headed for the shower.  

We were both cold and wanted to get out of our soaking clothes.  

When I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and was going to jump right into bed.  

Brandon was standing outside the door in his wet skivies.  He stuck one of those plastic motel glass half full of Tennessee whiskey in my hand and proceeded to drink his in two big gulps.  

I could see that he was cold because he was shivering.  I laughed and swallowed mine.  

This reminded me of my college days when we used to do crazy things on a whim.  

Brandon poured me another shot of Jack and then headed for the shower.  

I had no clothes to put on but suddenly I didn't want to go to bed.  So I grabbed a blanket off the bed and wrapped up in it while I sipped my whiskey and waited for Brandon to finish showering.

He soon emerged from the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Seeing me, he followed my lead and grabbed a blanket off the other bed and wrapped it around himself.

We sat there sipping Jack and talking for quite a while until we both started to loose the chill from the cold, wet day.  

Talk turned of our wives and then women in general.  We talked about some of the wild women we’d known in college and then, as often happens when men are drinking, to some of our sexual exploits.  I was beginning to feel the booze now and I was also starting to warm up.  I was lying on my side and propped up on my elbow.  The blanket was pushed down off my upper body and covered me only from the waist down.  

Brandon lay in a similar manner on the other bed.  As we talked I noticed that he kept glancing down at my groin area and I suddenly realized that I had my hand under the blanket rubbing my dick.  I was embarrassed and tried to brush it off with a joke.

"I guess I'll have to go in the bathroom later and take care of that," I said.  "Too bad Momma's not here to take care of it for me," meaning my wife,

Brandon must have seen my embarrassment and said, "That's ok.  I've caught myself rubbing mine several times too.  All this sex talk is making both of us horny," he said.  

Then he laughed and said, "It would be kind of silly for us to take turns going into the bathroom to jack off."

The thought of that made me laugh too and for some reason I felt more at ease. 

Brandon freshened our glasses and we lay there talking some more, he on his bed and me on mine.  The room felt quite warm and we both had our blankets pushed off our legs and our upper bodies.  I caught myself rubbing my dick again but this time I didn't take my hand away.

The conversation changed when Brandon said, “You look like you lift weights.”

I said, “No I didn't.” Then I added, “I’m fortunate enough to have a decent body without having to work at it too much.” I told him, “You have a nice body too,” and seemed pleased.  

He said, “I lift weights when I have time. But my job and home life keeps me from doing it as much as I’d like.”

I noticed that now Brandon had his hand under his blanket, sliding it up and down his cock.  His blanket kept sliding back and I could see one of his balls resting on his leg.

I now had a huge erection and I wanted to stroke it in the worst way.  I pressed my palm down on my dick and and cupped my balls.  I instinctively thrust my pelvis forward against my hand.  Brandon was watching me and I saw his arm tense up as he work his dick under the blanket.

Just then Brandon reached over and pinched the edge of my blanket and pulled it gently off me.  "Go ahead," he said almost in a whisper.  Then he flipped his own blanket off his body and suddenly we were both laying there naked in front of each other.  

I rolled onto my back with my dick sticking straight up at the celing.  I felt a little self-conscience so I drew my knees up slightly.  I wrapped my hand around my dick and sqeezed hard.  Then I looked at Brandon and said, "I don't know why I'm doing this. I've never done anything like this before."

I drew my knees up higher and was thinking about dashing off to the bathroom when Brandon sat up on his bed.

"It's okay man," he said. “I've never done this before either, except for jacking off with some other kids a few times back in grade school.  But nobody's ever going to know. I'm going to lay here and jack off and then go to sleep.  You can stop or jack off or what ever you want.  I don't care. But whatever, I'll never say anything to anybody."

Then Brandon reached over and touched me on the arm.  I just about jumped out of my skin.  I started to tingle all over and I got a lump in the back of my throat.  My cock, which had started to wilt, practically jumped up like a spring was attached.  

Brandon had a calm, almost pleading look on his face.  "Nobody's ever going to know," he said again.

I thought about it for a split second and then gave in to my needs.  I straightened out my legs and drew my arms up over my head.  I lay there completely exposed to Brandon.  I shut my eyes and could feel the cool air moving gently over naked body.  I guess that was my way of saying, "I give up."

Then I felt a nudge on my arm again and I opened my eyes to see Brandon climbing onto my bed. I slid over to make room for him.  We lay there silently on our backs slowly stroking ourselves.  We did this for several minutes before Brandon raised up on his elbow and said, "Would you mind if I touched you?"

I didn't mind at all.  In fact I was trying to work up the courage to ask him the same question.  It was then that I felt his fingers wrap around my cock.  Brandon's hand felt warm and slightly rough, not like the women's that I had felt before. 

As he slowly stroked me, I just lay back enjoying the feeling that he was giving me.  

Soon I got the urge to feel Brandon's cock in my hand, but I also wanted to see it too.

With Brandon still holding on to my cock I sat up and turned toward his body.  Reachng down, I cupped his balls.  Then I moved my hand up and wrapped my fingers around his shaft.  I slowly started pulling rhythmically on his cock.  A slight, “uuuuuuum,” came from Brandon's mouth and I felt good that I was giving him pleasure.

Brandon sat up and turned toward me.  We both sat there stroking each others cocks, not saying a word.  We were just looking.  Suddenly I got the feeling that Brandon was going to kiss me.  For some reason I didn't him want to do that and I think he seemed to sense it.  It seems funny that I loved him sitting there holding my cock but I didn't want him to kiss me.  

Instead he took his hand off my cock and pushed me back on the bed, coming down on top of me.  I could feel his hard cock moving against my leg.  His lips started brushing gently around on my chest.  His hand started sqeezing my pec and then his mouth locked my other nipple.  I almost cummed right then.  I had no idea that could feel so good.  Nobody had ever done that to me before not even my wife Barbara.  

I put my hands behind his head and held him against my chest and started shoving my cock against his belly.  He sucked both my nipples until they were hard like pencil erasers and then he started moving his face slowly down my body, swirling his tongue from one side of my rib cage to the other.

Brandon had been straddling and humping my right leg, but now he slid to the side and dropped down between my legs, still working on my belly with his tongue the whole time.  Then he stopped his tongue work and lay his head down on my belly.  

He drew his body up slightly to take the pressure off my cock.  I think he knew that I was getting too worked up and he was slowing things down a little.  

After a while he slid down a little more so that his head was directly over my cock and balls.  

Then he started brushing his lips lightly over the head of my cock which was now so hard that it almost hurt.  

Suddenly his warm, moist mouth engulfed me.  

It was ecstasy.  

I reached my arms over my head and arched my back, humping my crotch into his face.  

Then I relaxed and watch his blonde head bobbing up and down at the base of my belly.  

The only blowjobs that I’d ever gotten before were from women but this one somehow felt different. I could feel the hard sucking from Brandon's mouth and his tongue felt rough as it slid up and down on my shaft.  The combination of the warm wetness and his rough tongue was getting me too excited and I didn't want to cum yet so I sat up and slid out from under Brandon.  

I tugged his arm signaling him to roll onto his back and I spun my body a hundred and eighty degrees and rose up on my hands and knees.  This put me in a position where my face was suspended directly above Brandon's.  I crawled forward, putting my face over his chest and this inturn put my chest over his head.  

I looked up and saw Brandon's hard cock arching toward me.  I was very similar to mine, well shaped, and not really large but not small either, a little over six-inches. It stood out and arched up toward Brandon's belly and toward me.

I turned my attention back to Brandon's chest, determined to use some of his treatment back on him.  I leaned down and started flicking my tongue, swirling it back and forth across his pecs before locking on one of his nipples.  His pea size nipple got very hard and erect real fast. 

I could tell I was having the same effect on him that he’d had on me.  I heard a low, “uuuuuuuuugh,” and then I felt his hands start to slide up and down my chest and belly.  

As I worked on his nipples he slid his hands from my breast to my cock...up and down...up and down.  Then his hand went between my legs and cupped my dangling balls.  He lightly massaged my balls for a few seconds and then slid his hand farther behind me to the crack of my ass.  His fingers lightly rubbed around the rim of my ass hole.  Caught up in the excitement, I pushed my face farther along his belly and raised up slightly.  I’d never seen another man's cock this close before so I spent a few seconds looking at it. Then I felt Brandon's insistant finger pressing into my asshole so I dropped down and took his cock into my mouth.  

I felt Brandon tense up and I heard his gasp.  His hand stopped working my butt momentarily as I started sucking his cock. 

I was intrigued by this thing in my mouth and I started exploring with my tongue.  I ran my tongue around the ridge of his head and down along his veined shaft.  Then I slipped my lips down his shaft until the head bumped the back of my throat and my lower lip was against his hairy belly and my upper lip was pressed against his balls.  His cock was actually going down my throat and I wondered if I pressed my fingers against my Adams apple if he would be able to feel it.

As I sucked his cock I felt his hand come out from between my legs.  Then I felt both hands wrap around my waist as he drew himself up against me.  I once again felt a warm wetness engulf my cock.  I lowered my body closer to the bed so that Brandon's back was once again resting on the bed and I started moving my hips and fucking his mouth. He moaned, “Uuuuuuum,” as I pumped up and down on his cock.

I started to feel a quivering at the base of my belly and I knew that I couldn't keep going much longer.  Just then I felt Brandon pushing me up with his hand and I rolled off him. He surprised me by grabbing my cock with his hand and started jacking me hard and fast. 

I grabbed him and did the same.  

Suddenly I heard him suck in a deep breath and hold it.  I could feel myself starting to quake from my entire pelvis area.  Then I felt like my nuts exploded.  I felt like a gallon of cum shot out of me.  Just then I felt something very warm and wet hit me in the chest and look to see Brandon's cock spewing cum all over my chest and belly. 

Our orgasm went on for what seemed an eternity.  Finally I felt him release my cock and then I heard him gasp for air.  I could feel my heart racing a hundred miles an hour. We each rolled onto our backs, lying there next to each other.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up Brandon was in his own bed.  It was still dark and not time to get up yet.  I lay there very still wondering about what I’d done.  I wondered what I would say to Brandon the next morning.  I drifted off to sleep again but when I woke Brandon was gone.  He’d left quietly without waking me.  What was he thinking?  

When I got up I found a note on the desk.  All It said was "Don't worry, no one will ever know."

Since then I’ve felt terribly guilty about that night.  I've never said a word about it to anyone.  But as time goes on I think about it more and more.  Sometimes I think that I would like to taste those forbidden fruits again.  Maybe even go a step further, or maybe not.  I don't know.  I find myself fantasizing about playing with another man's cock yet the thought of kissing a man on the lips really turns me off.  I’m so confused.

The end…



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