Greg my roomie is a good-looking guy, athletic. Good at track and cross-country, which I'm into and good at. Greg just has the edge on me; I have not yet beaten him in a race. He is 19 years old, 130lbs 5'10" tall. Slim athletic body with a natural muscular tone.

I liked Greg from the moment I first met him; it was one of those times when you instantly like someone. So far I have been right. I'm Harry 19 years old 125lbs 5'8" tall slim athletic body.

Away from home for the first time, 2 guys with hormones bursting in our bodies, pick of girls to bring back to our room and fuck. It is paradise. Greg soon started to bring back girls to our room. The first time I walked in on him fucking a girl on his bed my eyes nearly popped out and I started to get an erection. It was an awesome sight to see Greg's ass cheeks tense and relax as he thrust his cock deep into her. I was about to turn and leave when he turned his head and said "you don't need to go we've finished here." Greg has an insatiable sexual appetite. He didn't care if I was in the room when he fucked, I didn't care either I enjoyed the live show. Just a few strokes of my hard cock when I watched him fucking and I shot my load.

One day I was laying on my bed reading a book and taking discreet looks at Greg and his girl fucking. His girl suddenly looked over at me and said, "why don't you take your clothes off and join us?" I could tell by the smile on Greg's face that that was what he wanted me to do as well. I stripped off and joined them. It was an erotic feeling to be sliding my hard cock into her on Greg's sperm juice. Now and then I would feel Greg's smooth body and hairy legs rub up against me. I know I was getting sexual stimulation from fucking the girl and sucking her tits. What sexually stimulated me the most was Greg being naked next to me.

Greg stretched her legs apart and went down on her sucking and licking our mixed sperm juice out of her vagina and swallowing it. Having seen him do that, I did the same. An awesome feeling knowing I was eating Greg's sperm juices. From then on any girls we had we mostly shared.

I got back to my room one day and Greg was on the bed fucking yet another girl. Thinking a threesome was coming up I needed to use the bathroom first, "I need to use the bathroom, either of you want to go first?" I asked. Greg had finished fucking and stood up. I was surprised to see he had a condom on his hard cock. "You can do me a favor," he said as he peeled the condom of his cock. "Get rid of this for me." He whispered into my ear as he handed it to me. "You want to taste me? At first I didn't understand then when I saw the stretched condom was full of his cum I realised he was giving me his sperm to eat.

As soon as I was in the bathroom I locked the door behind me. I didn't have a lot of time but I wanted to savoir the moment. I put the open end to my mouth, and squeezed the warm sperm juices into my mouth. I swirled the juice around my mouth. There was so much of it. I could taste the thick creamy sperm on the taste buds of my tongue. The taste was delicious. I even ran my tongue around my gums and teeth trying to get more of a flavor. I had a mouthful of his delicious sperm and there was loads still left in the condom.

I would love to have time to soak my hard cock inside the condom, unfortunately I did not have time. I gulped the remainder of his sperm down as quickly as I could until the condom was near empty. Then I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into the condom and licked out what I could. My stomach was full and my throat was lined with his delicious thick creamy sperm. It was a dreamy euphoric moment only broken when Greg knocked on the door and asked if I would be long. "We have to cleanup." He said. I hurriedly flushed the condom away. When I opened the door Greg stood there naked looking down at his semihard cock. When he looked up he asked, "did I taste good?" "Delicious" I replied.

The next day when I got back to my room Greg was all alone. No girl, for him, it was unusual. I decided to have an early night so I stripped off (I sleep naked) and got under the bed covers. I was just dozing off when Greg lifted my bed covers and got into bed along side me. "I feel horny," he said. He lay facing me. He wrapped his arms and legs around me, hugging me tight. I wrapped my arms around him. Fuck I was trembling and had a massive hard on in no time. We lay like that for a while. Then he ran his hands down between our naked bodies. I felt his hand on my hard cock. "I'm gonna jerk you," he said as he slowly squeezed and stroked my cock. He used his other hand to fondle my balls. Feelings of ecstasy ran through my body.

Lying there both naked and him jerking me off, it was not long before I was about to cum. I told him that I was going to cum, unless he wanted me to squirt all over him he should move out the way. He didn't move. The whole of my body shuddered as I squirted one, two, three and four times squirting uncontrollably.

He directed my cock slit so it splattered over his cock, balls and stomach. Some got matted in his pubic hairs. "Fuck, their powerful jets of cum juice," he said. His hands were milking out the last drops. He was stroking and squeezing my cock to my delight.

Then he lay on his back with his legs spread apart. Cum juice splattered all over his thighs, cock, stomach, balls and matted in his pubic hairs. "Now clean me up," he said. I licked the globules of my cum juice off him making his legs tremble. My tongue crossing the line between his testicles and ass briefly made him shiver. His semi hard cock was now hard. "You sucked cock?" He asked. "Yeah I have," I said. "Good, you want a fresh delivery?" He asked. "Hell yeah," I said looking up at him. "Then suck my cock. I sucked deep taking as much of his hard cock as I could down my throat, while he thrust with his hips. He told me to position myself so that I straddled his face, then he could suck my cock and balls (we were in 69 position)

His hands were stroking my butt. His finger slid along the crack of my ass circling around my anus. He spit on his fingertips. I felt his finger prod at my tight hole. He penetrated my anus with the index finger of his right hand first, then two and finally three fingers. He had his fingers deep in my hole right up to the knuckles. He was finger fucking me like he does his girls. My cock was throbbing with joy. "Ooohh-God, that feels good," I cried out. I felt his left hand grip the shaft of my cock and squeeze it slowly. Then his hot wet mouth engulfed my cock, sending ripples of delight through my body. He moved his lips up and down the shaft of my cock, taking my cock as deep down his throat as he could. Now and then he used his left hand to pull on my balls.

I was moving my lips up and down rapidly on his hard cock when all of a sudden his body convulsed. His cock burst in my mouth, squirting strong jets of cum juice, making me gag. I pulled away to swallow. His cock squirted strong jets of pearly white cum into my face. I opened my mouth as wide as I could so I could take more of his cum juice down my throat. I could not hold back any longer, I shot my load into his mouth. I could hear him slurping as he swallowed as much as he could. He pulled his fingers out of my hole. He placed his hands on my butt as he sucked hard on my cock making sure he got the last drops of juice out of me. When he released me I rolled off him and lay aside of him.

After about 10 minutes I could see his cock was getting hard. He rolled over and positioned himself over me on all fours looked down at me. He said with I smile on his face. "You been fucked?" "Yeah" I said. "I thought maybe you had," he said. "You want me to fuck you?" " Ohooo..Yessss." I said, It came out as a long moan.

He lifted one of my ankles to his shoulders, causing my ass to raise up so he could see my man pussy. He spat on the end of his cock and leaned in to me. I felt the hard point of his cock press against my hole. His cock bent at his first attempt to penetrate me as it met resistance from my tight anus. He lifted my other leg up and rested my ankles on his shoulder. "I've never fucked a guy before," he said as he fumbled with his fingers. Finally he was in a position where he could press the head of his cock firmly against my hole. With several thrusts he penetrated me with the head of his cock, making me scream out. I screamed out more as he painfully thrust to get deeper inside me.

He covered my mouth tightly with his hand. "Cut the noise I don't want any of the guys to hear you screaming". I pulled away from his hand on my mouth and told him he was being too rough. " You're so fucking tight," I heard him say. "Be gentler with me until I get used to your cock inside me. When you have worked my hole some, you can be as rough as you like with me and I will enjoy it. Let me help you," I said. I moved my hands to his hips, then wrapped them around his waist until I held his taut ass cheeks in my hands. From this position I was able to guide his motions and control his movements a bit more. His hard cock slowly slid all the way into me. He was being gentler. I was moaning softly to his rhythm.

He began pumping himself into me. I caught myself moaning with each deep stroke of his cock. He balanced his hands on the pillows behind my head and pushed himself in and out. He grunted and moaned with each thrust. I felt him become more insistent on the down thrusts, pushing deeper. My legs were up against his shoulders. I now and then closed my eyes absorbing the intense feeling of his hard cock sliding up and down inside me. My hands gripped the base of the headboard as he pressed ever deeper. His long, steel hard shaft slid effortlessly inside my gut.

I lay there concentrating on the feeling of his hard shaft gliding through the muscled rings of my sphincter. There was a strong smell of sweat and cum in the air. With a loud grunt he pushed hard into me. His pubic bone was pressed hard between my cheeks and lifted my lower back more off the bed. His body convulsed. I felt the swell of his cock around the ring of my anus. I could feel strong squirts of juice being injected into me as his body jerked and pulsed. He pulled back almost pulling all the way out before slamming his cock back to its ultimate depths and squirting more cum into me. His juices enabled him to pull all the way out and thrust deep back into me with ease.

The vigorous fucking gave way to a slow thrusting motion as he breathed heavily and eventually rested on me. I could feel his whole weight on me as he relaxed. Eventually his cock popped out of me. He rolled off me and lay next to me on the bed. He had that satisfied look in his eyes as he attempted to control his breathing. "So that's what it feels like to fuck a guy it's fucking awesome, I'm gonna be fucking you some more" he said. He did and we still shared girls.



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