Johnny had been restless since going to bed.  His younger cousin Steve was staying overnight as he did quite often during the summer.  Being a junior, Johnny was always thinking of some form of sex.  Since he was a preteen Johnny had realized that he wanted to try sex with a man.  He didn’t know why, but the thought of a man naked with a large hard penis had always fascinated him.  

Often he masturbated to the fantasy of one of the truckers that drove along Route 50 in front of his house would stop and let him suck their cock.   Johnny would masturbate while staring out the window imagining the trucker pulling over because his rig had broken down.  Johnny would see him walking across the yard and up to the front door.  Once there, he would knock on the door, where Johnny would answer, completely nude and hard, his naked hairless body ready to serve a rugged, well-endowed man.  

Johnny imagined the trucker would be shocked and attempt to mumble out his reason for knocking.  Inviting the trucker in, he would ask, “Where’s your parents?”  Happy with the answer he would follow the young naked boy back to his bedroom.  There, Johnny would climb onto the bed and wait while the trucker quickly undressed.   Johnny imagined this man pulling off his clothes while staring at Johnny’s hard cock.  Johnny would gasp when the trucker’s 7-inch cock, jutting out, would flop as he released it from his boxers.  The trucker moved forward and knelt on the bed in front of Johnny.  

Reaching out Johnny slipped his young fingers around the first penis other than his own.  Johnny slid his hand up and down the hard cock squeezing the trucker’s pre-cum out the slit.  Seeing this Johnny leaned forward and licked the man’s cock head tasting his sweet pre-cum and pursing his lips against the tip of the man’s penis.  He continued to lick around the head taking more and more into his mouth.   By then Johnny would usually climax ending his fantasy thought.   

Johnny was so horny for a hard cock that he even started exposing himself to truckers and pickup trucks from the front porch of his house along Route 50.  Too scared to be too obvious, Johnny would lie naked on the warm concrete of the porch, stroking his young, hard cock while watching the cars go by.  A person with just the right view at the right time might see young Johnny touching himself while lying there; or exposing his young manhood while sitting on the steps with his legs spread.  Sometimes he would run naked from the porch to the corner of the house, thrilled by the feeling of being nude outside and possibly exposed, maybe even to a classmate driving by with their parents. 

Tonight as he lay in bed watching his cousin Steve get undressed for bed, Johnny fantasized about sucking Steve’s cock.  He could tell that Steve had a nice size cock by the bulge of his underwear.  As Steve climbed under the covers, Johnny decided he needed to at least try and suck Steve’s man size cock.  As they lay in bed, Johnny brought up the subject of sex.  They must have talked for 30 minutes about the different girls they liked and even talked about some of their fantasies with girls.  Getting up his nerve, Johnny asked Steve if he had ever had someone suck his cock.  Steve admitted that he had not, but really would love for it to happen.  

Without another moments thought, Johnny reached out and grabbed Steve’s hard cock encompassed in his underwear. Steve jerked from the initial touch, but then relaxed a little as Johnny started pumping and squeezing Steve’s cock.  After a minute of rubbing his cock on the outside, Johnny slid his hand under the waistband of Steve’s underwear and grasped his throbbing 6-inch naked cock.  Johnny immediately started manipulating Steve’s hard cock just as he had his own cock so many times.  Stroking up and down and rubbing the cock head with his thumb, Johnny took his cousin to a higher level.   Steve was now bucking his hips to the stroking of his older cousin.  

Suddenly, feeling the blankets thrown off him, Steve looked down to see Johnny kneeling by his side, his hand still stroking Steve’s hard cock while Johnny used his other hand to pull Steve’s underwear down.  Closing his eyes, Steve felt Johnny lean down and then wrap his lips around the head of his cock.   Feeling Johnny’s tongue darting around his cock head and slit drove Steve wild.  Steve opened his eyes when he felt his hips bang Johnny's head and the sight almost pushed him over the edge. But he wanted to get at least three or four good thrusts down that wonderful throat before he unloaded his thick supply of sweetness. So he slowly pulled back all the way to the head and slowly pushed back in again, all the time watching to see if Johnny showed any signs of distress. When he saw none, he knew that he would be over the edge on his fourth plunge so he decided to just go for it. 

Johnny also knew from that second push that it was going to be easy to let that cock slide in and out as fast as it wanted and he was ready.   With each stroke outward he kept his tongue along the underside of the cock and then quickly swirled it around the head before it started pressing forward again. With this all happening to his prick, Steve was hard as rock and his eyes were glazing over. His knees felt like jelly and his balls were on fire. He pulled out for the third time and quickly rammed it home again all the way to the root and when he started to back off for the fourth time his toes curled up and he felt liquid fire racing along the length of his cock.  He quickly pushed it back in that cavern of joy and there it was. Great thick globs of cum were firing out of the end his prick. 

Johnny was caught a little by surprise by the sudden push by his cousin. But then he felt the cock twitch and swell even more so as he pulled on Steve's hips. Johnny forced the throbbing cock into his throat and just as he did it let go with its first spurt of liquid treasure. This went right past his tongue and down his gullet. Johnny was a little surprised at how much actually came out. It felt like he had already swallowed a whole cup full and it was starting to spasm again. By this time Steve was out of control. All he knew was that he wanted to plunge his cock in and out as much as possible before the electricity that was running from his toes to his scalp stopped. So he pulled out for another plunge. When he did this, his second spasm shot his load full onto Johnny's tongue. Johnny had never imagined that the human body could make something that tasted this delicious. It was like ambrosia. It was hot, but it was so sweet that it made his head spin. He hoped that there was more. So to help it along he started sucking again. 

When Steve felt the renewed sucking it was all he could do not to yell out.  But instead he just piston his cock into those lips like a battering ram. When he shot his third load it just sort of trickled out of the head and the electricity in his back kind of ran out with it. But he gave one final thrust to be sure there was no more and then he just leaned over and rested his head on his cousin's stomach to catch his breath. But Johnny was so caught up in the act that he was still sucking that wondrous meat trying to get another few drops across his tongue. He must have sucked for another minute or two when he realized that his cousin was through and just as he was letting the now soft prick slide from his lips he caught one last drop from the head that he quickly licked away and rolled around his mouth. 

After that, while lying in bed, I told Steve of my fantasy to suck a trucker.  As I went into detail about what I fantasized he popped up and told me that I could live out my fantasy down at the truck stop not ½ mile from my house.  Though I had thought about this previously, now with Steve’s encouragement, I decided to do it.  

The next morning Steve and I jumped on our motorcycles and drove to the truck stop.  Parking in the rest stop across the highway, we ran across the highway that would soon supply me with my fantasy cock.  The truck stop had a gas station and separate restaurant.  I decided to hang around the gas station first, hoping I would get a trucker coming in for refueling and needing to take a leak.  Steve went to the restaurant to watch me out the window. I did not have to wait long.  Within 5 minutes the first truck came rolling down the highway, its brakes hissing as he slowed for the turn into the station.  My cock got hard just thinking about what may happen.  I wasn’t sure what I would do, but I had to try something.  

Hanging around the corner of the station near the men’s room, I waited until the trucker pulled up to the station, barked out his instructions to the attendant, and then jumped down from his rig.  It was then that I saw my trucker target.  He was headed my way.  I quickly backed up and stepped up to the men’s room door.  It was then that I realized the restroom was made for only one person.  Not sure what to do, I quickly stepped in to the men’s room and looked around.  There was a toilet and urinal along one wall and a sink across from them in the corner.  Almost out of time as the trucker would be there within 15 seconds, I quickly pulled down my pants and underwear. My hard cock popped out, dripping pre-cum like never before.  Pulling my t-shirt over my head, I stood there naked except for my jeans and underwear around my ankles.  

I heard a step up to the door and then someone pulling the door open.  The bright light of the morning sun filled the room and highlighted my naked body, exposed to anyone standing at the door.  The trucker stopped entering and stared at me for a good 10 seconds.  Soon a smile appeared and he continued into the restroom.  He didn’t lock the door, and the thought of someone else walking in only made me throb and cause my cock to bounce with excitement. The trucker looked to be in his 30’s or early 40’s, in good shape, and rugged looking handsome.  Walking over to the urinal, the trucker popped open his pants button and then pulled down his zipper.  He was angled so that I could see his every move.  Pulling open his pants I could see that he was wearing blue briefs and better yet, a swelling that traveled the length of his cock.  Instead of pulling his cock through the opening, he pushed the briefs down pulling them over his swelling cock.   

There, hanging in my view was the first man cock I had ever seen.  The trucker stopped and turned to look at me, reached down and stroked his cock a few times and then stepped up to the urinal.  He aimed his cock and let loose with a thick stream of piss.  All the time I stood there watching him, staring at his cock.  I was stroking my cock while I watched.  I slipped off my tennis shoes and stepped out of my pants and underwear. I took one step towards the man and dropped to my knees.  I looked at his cock.  It was about 6 inches long and not even hard.  He had large balls and a lot of black pubic hair surrounding his crotch.  The last drops of urine were dripping from the slit.  

Reaching over I took his penis in my hand.  It was hot and soft, filling my hand while still not hard.  Pulling him toward me with his penis, the trucker turned to face me as I leaned in to lick the head of his cock.  I could taste the remnants of his piss coming from the slit as my tongue darted around the swelling head. I sucked in his hardening cock, taking as much as I could as I enjoyed the feeling of his swelling cock in my mouth.  Pulling back to hold the head in my mouth, I could see that he had grown to 7-8 inches and still was not completely erect.  

Reaching out with my right hand I took his balls into my hand and with the left I pulled his pants down so that they dropped below his knees.  I sucked up and down on his cock, now fully erect and a good 8 inches long and thick at the base, tapering to a head that pursed out just right for my lips.    Wrapping my left hand around the base of his cock left about 4 hard inches sticking out.  I licked and sucked up and down that hard trucker cock, tugging at his balls as I sucked him off.  Moaning and groaning, the trucker took my head in his hands and started fucking my mouth, pumping faster as I sucked along the length.  Releasing his cock so he could pump his cock completely into my mouth, I grabbed his waist and pulled him in and out, fucking his sweet hard cock with my mouth.   

It was then that I heard the restroom door open.  Light flooded in but I kept on sucking, too excited to stop.  The door closed as someone stepped in.  The trucker only hesitated momentarily and then continued pumping.  Looking at who had entered, I was surprised to see my dad’s friend Don.  Don took in the sight and then stepped up in front of me.  Reaching over, I stroked his crotch through his pants as I kept sucking my trucker.  Don’s cock quickly swelled in his pants as I squeezed and stroked its length.  He opened his pants and pulled down his pants with both hands, leaving him in boxers with his cock head sticking through the crotch. I grabbed his cock and pulled him closer.  

Reaching over I slipped his boxers down over his hips as he pumped his crotch toward me.  His cock came into view, hard and long, at least 7 inches, but slender like Don.  I pulled him next to the trucker and then slipped him into my mouth.  Don moaned, “Oh Johnny!” as I licked down his length to his balls and then back up to wrap my lips around the head.  As I bopped on Don’s cock, the trucker slipped behind me and lifted my hips up until I was standing, but bent at the waist with my ass up and open.   I never stopped sucking Don as my trucker stepped up and pushed the slippery head of his cock up against my asshole.  I groaned as I felt him probe my asshole with the wet pre-cum and spit covered 8-inch cock.  

Holding my hips I felt him line up and then push forward.  I pushed back at the same time and felt his cock slide into my ass at least 2 inches.  My cherry ass hurt, but the excitement pushed me on and slowly I pushed back against my trucker lover.  As I got 4 inches into my ass Don and my trucker teamed up and both pushed in at the same time.   Don’s 7 inch cock slid down my throat as my trucker’s hard 8 inch cock slid completely into my ass until I felt both of them pubic hair deep into my young body.  They took control then and started fucking my young boy body with uncontrollable lust.  Don kept moaning my name as he slammed his cock in and out of my mouth.  This turned me on to know that I was sucking a family friend whom I had masturbated to in many fantasies.  

My trucker had me by the hips and was stroking me quickly and fully, pushing balls deep with each thrust.   They both man handled me just as I had dreamed.  I felt the trucker grab my hips and pull himself deep into my ass as the first burst of cum hit my bowels.  His cock swelled with each release of his man juice, grinding deeply as he launched each volley.  As Don watched the ass fucking scene before him he too let loose with a flood of hot cum.  The first shot hit me deep in the throat and I swallowed with all my might.  Don pulled back a bit as I wrapped my lips around his pulsing cock.  Shot after shot landed on my tongue and in the back of my mouth as I milked his sweet cock.  His hard cock slid in and out as I brought him back to reality.  Pulling back, his cock slid from my mouth.  

My trucker was still slowly pumping my ass, keeping his cock hard.  As Don stepped to the door I pulled off the hard dripping cock and slipped to my knees, taking the trucker into my mouth to clean off our love juices.  Don, with his pants at his ankles, slowly stroked his cock back to hardness.  As I sucked my trucker I felt hands grab my hips.


James Stone

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