Ultraman lay in his bed in a cold sweat. It had been a week since his disastrous failure to stop the heist at the New Statesville Museum. Not only did this failure make him question his ability as a superhero, but the rape and humiliation that followed shook him to his very core. The hero had always considered himself to be straight, but the pleasure he felt being worked over by two villains awoke a craving in him that he could not quench.

At first, Ultraman wanted to find The Nerd and Chameleon and make them pay for what they did to him. He spent two days searching for any clue on the whereabouts of these villains. His thirst revenge started to fade when he began to long for sexual release. It was a small longing at first that the hero could easily ignore, but after a day it grew to the point where he would have uncontrollable erections and think of nothing but sex.

Normally he would have taken care of this with some dedicated 'me time' and be done with it, but the first time he tried to masterbate, Ultraman ran into problems. No matter how much he jerked his massive cock, the hero could not make himself ejactulate. He had spent hours playing with himself and even went as far to finger himself to recreate the pleasure he felt in the museum. Nothing worked and his lust began to take control of every aspect of his life.

The last two days, Ultraman called in sick from work and even stopped patrolling the streets at night. His cock was in a constant state of arousal that could not be quenched. He considered going to see a doctor, but his embarrassment of having to admit his problem kept him from seeking medical attention.

He had no idea how but either The Nerd or the Chameleon must have had something to do with his unquenchable lust. There was a point during the heist that he had trouble remembering. Ultraman remembered taking down The Puzzler and Boulder, but the next thing he remembered was being dragged to the vault by The Nerd's hand in his blond locks. Remembering those events of being helpless at the hands of a skinny nerd who commanded, molested, and raped him made Ultaman's heart race. He should be revolted by being used sexually by another man, but there was no denying that the pleasure of that experience was like nothing he had ever felt. The hero knew he had to figure out what had been done to him to make him enjoy being raped by his enemies, but his raging erection prevented him from being able to think clearly. He had to figure out how to get release so he fight this new longing that had taken hold of him.

Ultraman jerked his eyes open as his cell phone rang. It was the phone that the Police Commissioner had given him to contact the hero. He forced himself to get out of his bed and rushed over to the phone. He considered not answering since he was in no condition to fight crime with his erection, but he realized that if he wasn't able to stop whatever crime that was taking place, then no one would be able to. Ultraman had a responsibility to help protect this city.

Answering the phone, Ultraman tried to sound like his old self. "How can I help you, Commissioner?"

"Did anyone ever tell you how sexy you sound on the phone?" The shrill voice of The Nerd said on the other end.

Ultraman nearly dropped the phone in shock. How did he get access to this line? Did he kidnap the Commissioner? "How did you find this line?" He demanded.

"It was easy for a man of my intelligence, Ultraslave!" The Nerd said laughing.

"I'm NOT your slave!"

"That remains to be seen, little hero! If you want your chance to take me down, meet me at the museum tonight at midnight."

The line went dead and Ultraman stared at the phone for several minutes. His cock seemed to leap in excitement of the chance to be near The Nerd again. The hero shuddered as he tried to fight that lust that had taken over his life. He needed more time to figure out how The Nerd defeated him and left him in this state. Fondling himself without even realizing it, Ultraman stared off into space. He knew that if he faced The Nerd again that the events that happened the other night could be repeated. The hero shuddered with fear and delight at the thought of being worked over by the skinny villain.

As the hours past, the only thing on Ultraman's mind was trying to get off. If he could only cum, then maybe he could get his life back and come up with a plan to take down The Nerd. His efforts were about effective as his previous attempts and his cock began to feel sore from jerking it too much.

Finally as the sun had set, Ultraman was faced with making a choice. Still sporting a huge erection, the hero was frightened to go back to the museum. Going back meant that he could be at The Nerd's mercy once again and he might not get away this time. However if the Commissioner was kidnapped, then Ultraman might be the only one who can save him. Taking a deep breath, he got out of his bed and vowed that he would not be defeated this time.

The hero jumped out of his window and into the air flying full speed to get to the museum. Concentrating on his mission, Ultraman's erection finally started to go down. It gave him hope that he would succeed and defeat The Nerd.

Landing on the steps that led up to the Museum's entrance, Ultraman took the steps two and three at a time; his confidence building and he started to feel like his old self again. Power coursed through his body as he entered the place that had taken his pride and cherry only a week ago.

The museum was completely dark and there was not a sound in the entire building. Ultraman looked around cautiously for any signs of a trap. He knew not to underestimate his new nemesis.

As he walked into the main exhibit, the hero felt a little nervous and apprehensive of battling The Nerd. He was grateful that his cock stayed flaccid and under control as he used his powers to see in the dark.

Ultraman found a note sitting on the display case of ancient Greek pottery. Carefully picking it up, the hero opened and read the note.


You will come to the vault! Listen and obey!


The hero growled as he crumpled the note. He was slave to no one! He thought furiously. Silently vowing to teach The Nerd a lesson he would never forget, Ultraman strode purposely towards the vault. The vault door was wide open and light from inside spilled out pushing back the darkness that coated the rest of the museum. Ultraman went inside and found The Nerd sitting on a chair waiting for him.

Looking around, the hero saw that it was only the villain inside the vault. "Where is the Commissioner?" He demanded with his hand on his waist.

The Nerd giggled in his shrill voice. "I never said I had him, UltraSlave!" The villain took out a device and pushed a button. The door to the vault slammed shut locking both hero and villain inside.

"Do you think that you have me trapped?" Ultraman said smugly. "I know you're new to this, but you should have done your research on my powers."

The giggling transformed into laughter as the villain almost fell out of his chair. "You heroes are all the same! Just dumb jocks thinking with only your muscles and not your brains. You were a fool to face me again, UltraSlave! I would have thought you smart enough to run away with your cape between your legs."

The hero growled and rushed over to where his nemesis sat. Picking him up by his buttoned down shirt, Ultraman lifted him easily in the air. "I will teach you to mock me!" He shouted angrily. As he raised his fist to strike some sense into the villain, he began to feel a weakness overtake him. Confused on why he was feeling so weak, he stared at the arm holding The Nerd in the air as it began to shake from the effort to hold him. Stumbling back, the hero dropped the villain and dropped to his knees. All his powers deserted him as Ultraman barely had enough strength to keep on his feet.

The Nerd laughed as he got to his feet and circled the weakened hero. "Exactly what lesson were you going to teach me, UltraSlave?" He asked mocking the muscled man. "It seems that you are the one who needs to be taught a lesson!" The villain kicked Ultraman in the head sending the hero sliding across the floor and slamming into the door to the vault.

Ultraman stared at the skinny villain in shock. What had happened to his powers? He thought wildly. He clawed at the door trying to summon enough strength to break through but all he did was hurt himself trying to escape.

"Not so tough now, are we little boy?" The Nerd mocked. "You should have thought past your muscles and used that useless brain of yours before coming to face me."

The hero groaned as he realized that he was truly trapped with no where to run. He was a fool to rush in here without a plan. To make matters worse, his cock sprang to life and began to harden in his tights. The lust he felt all week returned with a vengeance and there was no hiding his arousal from his nemesis.

The Nerd took back his chair and sat watching with glee as Ultraman moaned from the pleasure of his massive erection. Taking out his device, he pressed a button and the door to the vault swung open. "I give you this one last chance, UltraSlave!" He said looking at the frightened hero into his light blue eyes. "Run away and never bother me again. You will ignore all my activities and let me have a free reign of crime. If you run, I will never bother you as long as you leave me to my business. Or you can submit to me and I will give you what you wanted all week."

Ultraman stared in horror at the skinny nerd who managed to steal his powers and send him into a fit of arousal and pleasure so intense that it was hard to think straight. His cock throbbed trapped between his abdominals and the tights. A wet spot had formed where the head of his cock leaked precum like a leaky faucet. Deep inside, he knew he had to fight this. He was a hero that fought against everything that villains like The Nerd wanted to achieve. He could run and live to fight another day. He would never give his word to let criminals like him loose on the city. Until he could figure out what this villain did to him to take away his powers so easily and keep in a constant state of arousal, Ultraman would be helpless to fight against his evil.

The hero lightly touched his bulging erection as he looked longingly at the exit. The sexual frustration that he felt all week hit him so hard that all he could think about was getting his release. He weakly climbed to his feet and had every intent to run away, however the pleasure he felt from being aroused combined with the pent up sexual energy that had been building all week kept him from moving. The hero remembered the intense pleasure and sexual satisfaction he felt when The Nerd had his way with him the last time. Nothing he ever felt before that come close to comparing to the bliss of being fucked by this skinny nerd.

To his surprise, the hero turned and faced his new nemesis. Frozen by the conflicting emotions Ultraman felt, he stood not even covering the bulge in his tights. Still fighting to try to escape, he took that fateful step towards The Nerd. Hanging his head in shame over his weakness and desire for release, he whispered. "I submit to you, Master."

The Nerd smirked at the hero as if he knew exactly what would happen. "Strip!" he commanded in his shrill voice as he watched sitting in his chair.

Ultraman knew that he could not resist. His desire was too great and at this point he had given up trying to fight. He was truly the slave of this skinny nerd and that thought made him feel even more aroused. Stripped of his powers, he was just a pretty boy in tights that wanted to be dominated.

The hero pulled of his blue cape and dropped it on the floor. He then struggled to keep his balance as he pulled off his blue knee high boots and stood barefoot feeling the cold metal of the vault floor. His white leather belt was pulled out of the loopholes of his trunks and was added to the pile. Feeling like a piece of meat while his nemesis watched him strip, Ultraman pulled his red tunic with white stars out of his tights and pulled it over his head exposing his hair muscled chest. Ultraman was a bit breathless as he stood before his new master wearing only his trunks and tights that barely covered his erection. In fact the head of his cock poked out as if to confirm that it now only responded to the call of The Nerd. Sighing the hero pulled down his trunks and tights at the same time leaving the hero completely naked. His costume now littering on the floor, Ultraman stood completely naked feeling even more vulnerable and helpless than before.

The Nerd motioned for him to come and like a good dog his erection acting like a wagging tail, the hero slowly obeyed apprehensive and excited of what was in store for him. The villain took out a black leather collar and handed it to the hero. "Put this on, UltraSlave!" He ordered.

Ultraman held the collar in his hands afraid of taking this next step. The thought of being collared made his cock even harder and a string of precum escaped from the head of his cock and slowly moved towards the floor. Closing his eyes and sighing, the hero obeyed his master and fastened the collar around his thick neck. Now he truly felt like a sex slave and the humiliation stabbed his soul like a knife.

The villain smiled and motioned for him to get down on his knees. His blond hair was ruffled and petted as Ultraman submitted body and soul to his new master. "Doesn't it feel good to listen to your master, UltraSlave?"

The hero blushed as his full lips whispered the words, "Yes." Every order that he followed was rewarded with a pulse of pleasure. The weakness he felt from his loss of powers combined with the pleasure he felt from being aroused and combined to a deadly combination that made it impossible to resist.

"I order you to pleasure me with a blow job, UltraSlave." The Nerd commanded as he let his own 5 inch hard cock from his trousers.

Ultraman looked at the cock both with revulsion and desire. He remembered being forced to give Chameleon head that night in this very room where he was rapped. Although it gave him pleasure being face fucked like that, he did very little but open his mouth. This time he was expected to give a blow job on his own accord and his inexperience made him apprehensive of diving right in. The hero wanted to get his own release and if he did not pleasure his master satisfactory then he could be denied the orgasm that he so desperately desired.

Closing his eyes, Ultraman brought his face to his master's cock and nuzzled it with his lips. The musky smell of the villains crotch sent his senses reeling as he felt his hair being petted by The Nerd. He ran his lips softly up and down the length of his master's cock before kissing the head like he would a beautiful woman. As he flicked his tongue out, Ultraman could taste the saltiness of precum that was leaking from the cock he serviced. He tried to lap up every drop of precum with his tongue as the hero reached up and started to run his fingers lightly over The Nerd's low hanging ballsack.

Ultraman opened his mouth and softly took in his master's cock in his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down gagging a little bit as he aimed to please his master. The hero learned quickly that he needed to breath through his nose and he was soon able to deep throat the entire cock. He heard the moans of his master and his pleasure increased knowing he was pleasuring his master correctly. All thoughts of escaped and fighting his master fled as all he could focus on was pleasuring his master in order to get his own release.

Down on his knees and sucking another man's cock, Ultraman knew that he had sunk to a new low. He knew that he should have been appalled at being treated like some kind of sex toy, but the humiliation sent a thrill through his body that he never felt before. This new desire would change the hero forever as fantasies that he never knew existed filled his mind and soul. Feeling his master's hand on his head, he allowed his head to be moved up and down at the speed that The Nerd desired. The taste of precum increased as his master's cock pistoned in and out of his throat. It wasn't long before The Nerd cried out in passion and his cock erupted in his mouth. Hot cum shot to the back of his throat as his head was held down to receive the full blast of the villain's seed. Several blast of cum was shot into his mouth as Ultraman took it all like a good boy. He felt the dribble of cum escaping his mouth and running down his lips as the hero felt himself go to a new low. The first night in the museum, he had been raped and had no control of his fate. This time Ultraman willing choose to serve his master and this blow job had been done willingly.

The hero felt his master's cock start to soften in his mouth as it was slowly withdrawn. He clamped his lips down to squeeze every last drop of cum that he could to make the taste last as long as possible. The Nerd lifted up his chin and smiled at the site of the mighty Ultraman's lips covered in his cum. "You did well," He said stroking the hero's cheek. Ultraman felt the warm glow of pleasure as his master complimented his skills. He licked his lips slowly savoring every moment that he could taste cum on his tastebuds. The hero smiled back at his master and blushed at the sight of his smile.

The Nerd stuffed his cock back into his pants and stood to his feet. "Thanks for the good time, UltraSlave!" He said with a wide grin. "We'll have to do it again sometime!"

Ultraman moaned as he clamped onto his master's leg. "Please!" He begged. "You promised you would let me cum!" He looked up imploringly to his master as tears began to fill his blue eyes. He could not bear another night with no release. His cock throbbed as he pawed at The Nerd, "Please let me cum, master!" He cried as the first tear ran down his cheek.

The Nerd pushed Ultraman away and crotched down to where the hero lay on the floor crying. "I will let you cum on one condition. You must give me your word as a hero that you will come back here tomorrow night and do whatever I ask."

Ultraman nodded violently. "I'll do anything, but just let me cum!" He cried.

"Not until you give me your word as a hero!" The villain snapped.

Ultraman's heart sank as he realized what his master was asking. Giving his heroic word was the greatest promise that he could give. Once given, he would be bound to follow the agreement to the letter. His need for release was too great for him to resist. With tears running down his face, Ultraman sealed his doom. "I give my word as a hero that I will return tomorrow night and do whatever you ask of me."

The Nerd threw his head back and laughed as Ultraman hung his head in shame. The villain pushed the hero on his back and looked down at the huge erection that now consumed his slave's desires. He flicked his captive's cock and said, "Now cum!"

Ultraman gave out a strangled cry as his cock began to shoot cum like a rocket. The Nerd laughed as he walked out of the vault. The hero lay on the ground screaming with the pleasure of the most fantastic orgasm that he ever felt. Cum flew from his cock hitting the wall behind him, his face and chest, and the floor around him. The release of pressure that had been building for a week blinding him to his surroundings as Ultraman spasmed from being overloaded with pleasure. After several minutes, his orgasm started to fade replaced by the pure bliss of afterglow. Still laying naked on the steel floor of the vault, the hero passed out covered in his own cum and a smile on his face.


Todd Fleming

[email protected]


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