Before I go to bed I usually shave my head and take a shower. I stand naked in front of the bathroom mirror and over the sink I wet my head with warm water. I can see the that I get a hard-on which increases when I start applying the shaving cream on my head and face. I use both hands and continue to cover my chest and then my dick and balls as well.

With one creamy hand I start masturbating and with the other I take the razor and start shaving my head against the grain. The cream in my masturbating hand is soon mixing with the pre-cum but I'm careful not to cum while I'm still shaving my head and face. That pleasure I want to spare for later.

When head and face are shaved I clean my creamy pre-cum hand by massaging my shaved head with it and then I go under the shower with my penis in both hands. Im standing under the flowing warm water and masturbate my penis until all shaving cream and pre-cum is washed off. But I still make sure not to get my orgasm now.

I turn the shower off and dry my head and body. Now I'm standing in front of the mirror again and see my clean shaved head. I take the bottle with aftershave and put some of it into my hands. But I don't put it on my head and face but on my penis. At first it does burn a bit but then my penis grows really big. Now I masturbate my dick with both hands and this is the time I want my orgasm.

I cum and catch my sperm with my hands and that then is the aftershave for my shaved head and face. After that I go to bed and fall asleep touching the wet skin of my head.



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