The Greyhound bus out of New York droned on through the silent countryside. Huge wheels below hummed on asphalt still warm from the afternoon sun, although the sky had gone dark hours ago. The air conditioning was running, barely, the air blowing from the vent over my seat damp and stale. They had cancelled the 10:15 from Port Authority, so this run was packed, almost no seats left. I put my backpack on the seat next to me, hoping no one would make me move it, and I might have a couple seats to myself.

I tried to sleep, hoping this dreary trip would go by faster, and I would wake in the clear Florida dawn. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware - the states whizzed past my darkened window - Towns full of people I would never know, bodies laying in chilled bedrooms, insulated from the sweltering summer night.

I met Tommy at the White Party last summer on Fire Island. He turned out to be a real fuck... in fact, he fucked more than just my ass, he stole money and slept with my best friend. Twelve crappy New York winter months I endured his drama, but it was finally time to cut my losses and head back to Miami where I belonged.

The window seemed almost opaque; the occasional glow of a roadside truck stop or McDonalds the only thing penetrating the blackness for the last hundred miles or so. I always have trouble sleeping in a moving vehicle, and tonight was no exception, despite the fact that I hadn't slept in over eighteen hours.

We pulled into a small station off 95 somewhere outside of Dover. The old brick building used to have a snack stand, long shuttered, but the signs advertising cold drinks and hot dogs haunted the storefront and teased my appetite. The man leaped on board, slinging my knapsack into the overhead compartment.

'Howdy, bud, hope you don't mind. Glad there's a fuckin' seat left, thanks for savin' it fer me!' he chuckled, as he plopped down into the seat next to me.

I smiled weakly, resigned to my loss of privacy, but happy at least it wasn't some woman with a screaming baby, or a wide load that would squeeze me against the wall. He probably snores, I thought to myself.

He smelled. Not bad, but distinctly - a little musty, like hay. It reminded me of my weekend job cutting lawns as a kid. I glanced over at the man, who was rummaging through his pockets for something. He was a big handsome guy, probably around thirty, maybe thirty-five. Sandy blonde hair, very long, not at all styled, more a sun-bleached mop of gold that ran about a foot down his flannel-shirted back. His thick features were accented by heavy Elvis sideburns and a goatee - had he been asleep like Rip Van Winkle for the last twenty years? Somehow though, it suited him.

'Want half?' He said, jolting me out of my musing. The man was tearing a wide slab of beef jerky in half, studying the pieces, deciding which he wanted to keep for himself.

'I heard your belly rumblin' just now! You hungry? Man, I sure am! Been traveling for a day now, just made this connection or I'd be stuck at that fuckin' bus stop for another five hours!'

I pretended not to want it, but actually it looked as good as a big hunk of sirloin, I was so hungry! I took it with little protest.

'Thanks! I'm Jimmy. Going to Miami?' I stammered, staring at the huge man as I chewed on the end of the salty strip of meat.

The bus interior was only dimly lit by the tiny coach lights along the aisle. I gazed in amazement at his large chest heaving under the mostly open flannel shirt, and saw his golden chest hairs curling across his throat and swirling down towards his belly. If the rest of his body was as hairy as his chest, he must me astounding! I'm very much into furry men, never met a man with too much hair. I was intrigued -

'Naw, I'm getting' off in Winter Garden, I'm joinin' up with the circus there. Been workin' the tents for five years now! Frankie's my name. Had to go up north for my ole man's funeral. The bastard finally kicked the bucket, and spent every cent on himself before he went, goddamn him!' he growled conspiratorially, leaning into my ear so the lady with the pink sweater in the seat across the aisle couldn't hear.

We chatted for a couple hours. He told me about life in the Circus, traveling across the eastern seaboard all summer, setting up the rigging and canvas for the tents at three in the morning. A different town every week, always the same backbreaking work, even with the help of the elephants to raise the five hundred pound poles into place. I told him how boring and predictable my life had become, and how I hoped Miami would get me out of my funk!

Eventually, we settled into silence, and sure enough, he did snore - sleeping deeply in the seat next to me, his thick muscular leg resting warmly on mine. Pressed tightly together like this, his hard shoulder leaning into me, I could feel every breath, every sonorous rumble, as we sped through the night together. Sleep never came to me.

Unconsciously, He had thrown his sturdy arm across my chest in the night, and hugged me as if I were a teddy bear. I was delirious with joy when he reached for me in the darkness. I listened through the night to his soft masculine growls and snorts, but I wondered what he would say and do as he woke in that position in the cool light of dawn!

He awoke as the morning light streaked bloody red across the eastern sky. His head, crowned in its cascade of flaxen hair, was resting heavily on my shoulder.

'Whaa?' He mumbled, lifting his handsome head and looking fully into my face. He was tousled, sexy, his breath stale but sweet. 'Fuck, sorry, man! I'm probably crushin' ya!' He said, lifting his head and yawning.

The lady in pink looked over at us disapprovingly. She didn't like the f-word, I guess.

'Man, I slept pretty good, huh? I was really out!' he drawled, a big soft, dopey smile on his face.

'Yes, You snore. But it was nice, I didn't mind.' I said, taking a chance.

'Yeah, I do, sorry. Hope I didn't keep ya up, Jimmy!' he mumbled sleepily.

'Nope, you didn't keep me up, I can never sleep on a bus, I tried, but it just doesn't happen! I've been up almost twenty-four hours now!' I explained.

Frankie sat up and stretched, like a lion about to hunt. His back arched, and big biceps popped under his shirt. I ached to touch the coarse golden threads of hair covering his tanned forearms. 'Gotta take a piss. Save my seat for me, okay?' he said jokingly. As if I would let anyone sit there but him! I watched him lumber back to the john, his broad hands grabbing the overhead rail, his tight, hot ass filling out the thin faded denim of his 501's. I shuddered just looking at him.

When he returned, I excused myself and went back to use the head, too. As I came out, the bus was pulling into Winter Garden Station. I sat back down, but Frankie stood before me in the aisle, his big package straining at the buttons on his jeans.

'Jimmy, I have to get off the bus here. You got a decision to make. Go on to Miami and take the safe route, or get off this stinkin' bus with me and I'll show you the time of your fuckin' life!' Frankie crooned in his deep, resonant voice. He stood there, his crotch fully in my face. Magnificent, hairy, and overwhelmingly masculine, I grabbed my duffle and followed him to the door, stepping into the brilliant Florida sunshine. The pink lady back in her seat snorted in disgust.

Frankie grabbed his bag from the luggage bin under the bus, and took my knapsack in his other hand. I followed him across the dusty road and under the exit ramp, following a razor-wire fence and through a chain link gate. The winter home for the circus was a grimy affair - faded canvas tents pitched roughly in a circle surrounded by campers and trailers of all sizes. There were some cinder block buildings along the fence that looked like administration or offices, and beyond them a double row of stables that opened into a sawdust alley running to the woods beyond. Frankie whistled and hummed as we walked brusquely into the camp. Hoots and hollers greeted him as if he were a returning hero, like Alexander, back from the orient!

'Frankie, you scumbag! What the hell took so long? I missed your sorry ass, man!' A large, oily man said, as we stopped in front of an electric blue trailer. He had a dark olive complexion, swarthy, maybe Italian or Greek. His black hair glistened in the sun, falling in damp rings on his sweaty forehead. He had one large scruffy black eyebrow that reached from temple to temple. His chest was huge, with just a patch of bristly hair between his nipples. His belly was his outstanding feature: enormous, round, hard as a boulder. His thick legs bowed out slightly, as if from the incredible weight of his girth, giving him the stance of a bulldog.

'Anthony, you fuckin' pig, I missed you too, buddy!' Frankie shot back, slapping the big man on the shoulder. Anthony pulled a small flask bottle out of his hip pocket, and offered it to Frankie. He took a deep swig of the brown liquid and held it out to me.

'Tony, this is my new buddy, Jimmy. He followed me home like a puppy, what you think of that?!' Frankie said, as Anthony walked to me and shook my hand. He held on a bit longer than he should, pulling me into him. I smelled the liquor and perspiration on his skin. His hand was hard and calloused, the fingers as thick as sausages. The thin fabric of Anthony's dingy yellow undershirt could barely contain his enormous cannonball pecs and hard belly. Sweat marks formed under his massive chest and down his back. I longed to rip the stained cloth from his body and see the smooth, glistening Buddha revealed. As it turned out, I didn't have to wait long.

'Tony here is the strongman in the sideshow, when he ain't helpin' with the tents!' Frankie joked. 'He's as strong as the freakin' elephants; the fucker can raise a pole in thirty seconds, single-handed!'

'Let's get inside where it's cool!' Anthony said, as he led me up metal stairs. 'Maybe we can show ya how to raise some big fuckin' poles, Jimmy!'

I heard the rails creak as Anthony followed me in, his enormous weight straining the thin metal risers as we clambered into the chilled darkness - Frankie, grinning like the cat that caught the canary, came in and closed the door after us.

The trailer was surprisingly large. It had built-ins all over, and really looked very cozy. It was decorated in typical guy fashion, lots of wood and plaids. The room size air conditioner hummed quietly in the window over the king size bed, almost wall to wall at one end of the compartment. The two men joked around for a couple minutes as I sat in the corner, terrified but excited. Anthony pulled off the damp tank top and threw himself down on the brown coverlet, his enormous belly rising like a mountain of muscle from the bed.

'Git comfortable, Jimmy! Tony won't hurt ya, well, maybe much, anyhow!' Frankie chuckled, as he pulled himself onto the bed next to Anthony. 'C'mon up here, with us!'

I couldn't resist. It was incredible; a chance of a lifetime, possibly the hairiest man in Florida, and the fucking circus strong man! A fantasy that I thought would never become real. Yet, here I was! I stripped off my tee shirt and slipped between the two behemoths. Frankie immediately started kissing me, his bristly goatee rubbing against my soft lips. I'm very oral, and kissing is a must if you want to get me hard. He explored my mouth with his tongue, his breath warm and sweet from the whiskey. I unbuttoned his flannel shirt and pulled it from his shoulders. I gasped as I realized just how hairy the man was! His chest hair, dense and wavy, swept across his shoulders and continued uninterrupted down his back, as thick and luxurious as his front. I slipped my hands into his jeans, happily exploring the hard hairy ass I discovered there.

'Oh Jimmy baby. Fucking hot! It's okay if Anthony joins us? If it's not, tell me, and I'll throw the fucker out right now!' Frankie said, a joking lilt to his voice. He knew I wasn't going to let Anthony go anywhere! I felt huge meaty arms suddenly wrap around my waist as my body lifted off the bed, Anthony roughly pulling my pants off me. I snuggled into Frankie's chest as the bulldog's thick cock pressed insistently into the warm crack between my buttocks.

'Lemme get some grease, baby, or ole Anthony'll rip your shit apart!' Frankie said, leaping up and opening a drawer in the nightstand. He tossed a tube of lube, a little brown bottle and a handful of condoms on the bed next to Anthony.

Anthony drained the flask and tossed it to the floor. Grabbing my ankles, he pulled me by the legs and positioned my ass at the edge of the bed. He bent me in half, putting my feet up on his powerful chest. I felt the cool, slippery wetness as he massaged some gel into my asshole. I looked Anthony in the eye as he tore open the condom with his teeth and rolled it snugly over his manhood and pushed the head into my ass. He grinned at me, a bead of sweat dropping off his forehead into my face. He saw the fear in my eyes, and hesitated long enough to let me adjust to the assault.

'Hurts, huh? Want poppers? Might make the next ten inches go in a little easier!' Anthony said. Meanwhile, Frankie had positioned himself above me with my head nestled between his hairy thighs. His incredible uncut cock dangled in front of my face as he put the little brown bottle up to my nose. I breathed in the noxious vapors, and my head began to swim. A delicious warmth enveloped me, as I opened my mouth wide to let Frankie slowly bury his meat in my throat. His cock was thick, but not that long, and I took him greedily. The salty tang of sweat and pre-cum filled my mouth. Anthony pressed further into me from the other end, slowly but without stopping until the full length of his massive donkey-dick was inside me. I'm sure my eyes were rolling back in my head, because Anthony started laughing.

'Holy shit, Frankie! The boy is a real cock-hound! Where the hell did you find this lil' pup?' Anthony grunted, as he pumped his thick salami relentlessly in and out of my ass. I reached up and rubbed Anthony's big smooth chest, grabbing his nipples and twisting. He obviously loved the tit-play, because his thrusts accelerated, his pounding more energetic.

'Oh, yeah, that's it. Make your big fucking daddy cum in your pretty little ass!' he yelled, his hard dick penetrating deep into my gut. Anthony had a devilish technique. He liked pulling his fat cock entirely out of my aching asshole, and driving it back in, like a knife stab. I felt sick, a queasy feeling, like I was being punched from the inside.

'He's a sweet cherry, that's fer sure!' Frankie shouted, holding the amyl to my nose, letting me inhale from the bottle. After taking a deep huff himself, Frankie grabbed me roughly by the head, holding his large hands over my ears as he continued to fuck my face. His coarse golden hair mounded at the base of his dick, covering the inside of his legs and all across his belly. My nose was buried deeply in this fragrant mound, and I arched my neck in order to allow him to go deeper into my throat. My head was swimming, the poppers doing their magic on my brain.

I was actually the first to cum, I couldn't help it. Frankie only tugged at my dick a few times, and I blew a load across Anthony's chest. The guys thought it was hilarious, and they hammered me with renewed vigor. They were great together, and soon had a rhythm going as I rocked from cock to cock, impaled on both ends as they thrust themselves into me.

'I'm cumming, Jimmy. Take it, puppy, don't spit me out!' Frankie howled, his hips bucking, his thick cock swelling. I felt his balls tighten as he unloaded himself into my ravenous mouth. I gagged, but held him in me until his entire load of hot thick cum slid down my throat. He pulled out and collapsed with a shudder. He lifted my shoulders and pulled my face to his, exploring my mouth with his tongue. The taste of his semen spread across my face, and he licked at my lips hungrily.

Anthony wasn't in a hurry. He decided to take his time, and try a new position. I felt his dick withdrawing, like my ass was being turned inside out. I could hardly stand; my legs felt like rubber, my raw hole was on fire. He grabbed my hair and dragged me roughly to the bathroom door.

'Shit! This condom is pretty messed up, gonna need another!' He grinned, handing me the little foil packet. 'I hate wasting ‘em, this is my last one, and these extra big size is pricey!'

Trembling, I tore it open and rolled it fully down on his throbbing erection. Anthony spun me around, and I grabbed at the doorframe just as he jammed his dick up between my legs, the force of his ruthless thrust lifting me off my feet!

Frankie propped himself up on the bed and lit a cigarette. 'Yeah, Tony, He's fuckin' hangin' off your dick, man!' he hissed, 'You got him nailed good!'

Each jab of Anthony's monster cock was like a flaming poker shoved into my ass. I screamed out in agony as he heaved himself against me, his mighty body slamming me into the doorway, only his hefty arms wrapped around my waist kept me standing. Our bodies, slick with sweat and lube, smacked loudly as they slapped together. Finally, a mighty plunge and we fell to the floor, Goliath crushing me into the cold tiles. He held me there, his big hands wrapped around my neck, pushing my face into the porcelain.

'Take it, fucker, take my juice up your stinkin' shit hole!' he shouted. A last spasm, as Anthony rammed it home, and emptied his balls into my ass.

Anthony pulled his massive body off mine, and left me crumpled on the bathroom floor. He splashed his face at the sink, then picked me up like a broken doll and placed me on the bed next to Frankie, his cum still oozing from my gaping ass, making a dark wet spot on the brown coverlet. My jaw ached, the bitter tang of ejaculate a reminder of Frankie's furious face-fuck a few minutes ago. The two studs lay on the rumpled bed, laughing and congratulating each other. I finally fell asleep.


Jimmy Gordon

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