me and jamie are well known for having one night stands with many different girls, it was common practise to pick up a couple of girls every friday night. we used to call it the shag and run game.

every friday would be the same, me and jamie would talk on the phone earlyer in the day betting how many girls eacch one would snog. but this night out would be different, jamie had just got married to his girlfriend katie, they had been seeing eachother for months but that didnt bother jamie on the weekend, his motto was to fuck as many girls as he could and hope that everything was fine between him and katie afterwards. obviously she never found out!. ever since jamie had got married it was like something had clicked in his head, he didnt want to be with another girl. 'i only have eyes for my wife' anyway, i respected his decision to be faithful to his wife.

5.30 had finally arrived, i rushed home from work, got showered and dressed in the selected clothes for the big night out. i took a quick look in the mirror as i left the house, i thought i looked hot in my tight jeans, waxed hair, and designer t-shirt.

i finally arrived at the club at the agreed up on time to meet jamie, 8 o'clock. as i sat there waiting for him i checked out the local talent...

'Alright mate!'

jamie had arrived !

we had a couple of drinks, i was annoyed at how commited jamie was to his wife. i tried to draw his attention to different girls but he wasnt having it.

'i told you, i love my wife, im not interested in other girls'

i was getting fed up of jamies attitude. after a minute or two, two lads came and sat with us. they introduced themselves, carl and jason. they explained how they wernt getting any action with the 'Slappers' in the club that night.

we had a couple of beers over light conversation when jason told us of a nearby club, they said it was a themed club and that we might like it. i wasnt sure, i would have rather stayed where we were and i knew jamie wasnt interested in picking up any girls so i was suprised at his reaction.

'sure, its dump in here, lets try it!'

my first impression of the new club was, i liked it. good atmosphere and people seemed friendly.

after a minute or so it hit me...

as i looked around i was shocked at the realisation of men kissing all around me, at one stage i saw a guy on his knees giving head to a tall black man. my first reaction was to get the hell out of there.

'jamie, were in a fucking gay bar!'

'Yeah, i know mate, chill out, you dont have to fuck any guys'

he laughed and continued his conversation with a lad he had met at the bar. i did wonder where the other lads that had introduced us to the bar had gone, they were nowhere to be seen.

as i stood in the middle of the dance floor a tall guy pushed in to me, he was tall, had short black hair, quiet muscley and a light tan. at one point i got lost just staring in to his eyes, after a couple of seconds i quickly shook my head and aplolgised. he smiled and asked me if i wanted to go and get a drink from the bar. i agreed.

we sat down in a kind of cubicle, just big enough for maybe 4 people it was very hidden from the rest of the bar. we must have spoke for 10 minutes, he told me of how he had just spilt up with his boyfriend and how he had unusual fantasies. he didnt go in to much detail. as i was listening to him, i noticed his head getting closer to mine. just as quick as it had started, me and harry were locked in to a deep kiss. his hands rapped around my back, my hands rubbing his neck. as we endulged i quickly realised that, i was in a gay bar, in my local area, kissing a bloke i had known for 5 or less minutes. i gave my apologies and stoop up to find jamie so i could get the hell out of the club. he grasped my hand and told me to look at jamie. the music seemed to go silent, i froze and just stared at jamie, he was locked in an intence kiss with another bloke, the man had his hand down jamies jeans and was massarging his crotch. 'looks like your friend is in no rush to go anywhere'

i couldnt believe what i was whitnessing, my straight friend of over 10 years, the one who had vowed to never look at another girl, the one who had vowed to be loyal to his new wife till aslong as they both lived, locked in a gay kiss with someone he had only met 10 minutes ago. words failed me.

then i herd a voice, it was the bloke i had just been kissing.

'so you wanna come to the bar downstairs, to get a drink?'

i just nodded.

as we arrived downstairs, all i saw was a room of men performing sex acts on other men, from blow jobs to hand jobs. this was a whole new world to me, i had never thought that this goes on, especcialy not in a small town like where i live!

harry pushed me against a wall and demanded that i pull my jeans down, i hesetantly did. this revealed my erect cock to the room. i felt embarrised but this seemed to please harry, anyway knowone laughed or taunted me as nearly everyone in the room was endulged in some form of sexual activity.

harry then demanded that i take off my boxers and throw them next to me, i did so, he then demanded that i remove my shoes and socks, i did so, for some reason i wanted to please him. so there i was, from my waiste down was completly naked, i was exposed to the whole room, any one that wanted to take a look at what i had to offer was completly free to. harry took hold of my erect cock and told me to relax and enjoy this.

he rubbed my cock fast then slow, stopping at all the right point to stop me from cumming, he knew everything to do , it was like he was in my head, he knew how to get me off better that i knew how to get myself off. now was the time, i had to cum, i couldnt take it anymore, my load had to shoot out across the packed room. at the point of climax he stopped, i almost weaped, WHY HAS HE STOPPED!!, i was so dissapointed,

'you think your getting this that easily?!'

he let out a laugh and told me to follow him.

he walked back up the stairs, i was half naked, i couldnt just follow him, i hastily threw my jeans on, and chased after him. he led me outside of the club.

'take me home, i have something to show you'

this was so exciting, i was walking down the high street, jeans half open, ripped shirt, and completly bare feet, where have my £300 trainers gone?

i quickly forgot about my trainers when we arrived at my car, he told me to strip naked, give my clothes and jewellery to him, so i did, i stood in the middle of a busy car park getting completely naked handing over every item of jewelery and piece of clothing i had. as we drove out of the carpark harry opened the window and threw out my watch, boxers and rings.

'what the hell are you doing?'

harry replied,

'your not going to need them anymore, you dont have to impress anyone with your fancy jewellery anymore, you belong to me, remember?'

i nodded my head and carried on driving. i had no idea of where we were going, harry gave directions and very quickly we were in a part of town that i had never been or even heard of.

get out were here.

'wait, im not getting out of the car completly naked!'

as he walked in to the flat he told me to impravise. i took off my seat belt and grabbed my road map, it wasnt big enough to cover my whole cock but it had to do for now. i ran from my car across the street through the door to find harry in the main living room watching two guys fucking the hell out of some man. i quickly realised that that wasnt just any man, that was jamie! .

he was getting fucked in the ass by a muscular black dude, whilst giving head to another black man. again i was speechless, my best mate, the new husband getting gangbanged by two men!

neither of the men stopped or even eknowledged that me and harry were standing waching them. harry gave me a slap to my ass as he walked back out in to the hall he told me to follow him upstairs. as i followed him, i couldnt help but think that me and jamie had been tricked in to having one huge gang bange with a bunch of men, that we were just laughins stock.

me and harry reached the bedroom. he told me to take my t-shirt off and to get on to the bed. i followed his orders and he rewarded me by grasping my already erect cock.

as he pumped away, i noticed that all through my experience harry had remained completly clothed, even now we were alone and he was still completly dressed. it was if there was nothing in this for him, he was the person giving me all the pleasure. but then i remembered how he had humiliated me by making me get naked infront of all those men in the club and walk down the high street almost naked aswell. it had taken me a while but i had suddenly realised that i was just being used, like a sex object, but it felt good, realy good! harry had been getting something out of this, the thrill of owning a good looking straight man. then at that moment harry removed his shirt revealing a muscular, smooth chest, he then removed his jeans, revealing waxed legs, also muscular, then finally his socks. his feet were perfect, smooth and fresh smelling which i found unusual. finally, he was naked and i was hit by the realisation that i was going to endulge in gay sex with someone i had met less that an hour ago. this was something i would never have EVER dreamed of, but yet it was happening. as we were both naked, harry demanded that i wrap my lips around his hard cock, his hard smooth, very long cock now stood tall, much taller that mine could ever reach, it was like a giant mountain of pleasure. i hesitated, but this was just met with a

'come on baby, i have worked so hard to get u hear, havent i?'

so, that was it, i stuffed his huge cock in to my mouth.

after a while of a constant back and forward motion of sucking on his cock he kissed me on the forhead and told me to stop, ofcourse i did what he said. he stroked my head and lay my hot sweaty cheek on his chest. i sucked on his nipple, which was met by a sigh

'good boy'

forplay over, it was time for the real thing, harry put on a condom and told me to lie on my front. i then felt cold lube around my ass hole. i remeber thinking, this is going to hurt. as i felt harrys cock enter my ass i clenched my toes, every muscle in my body went tense.

harry pounded my virgin ass for a good half hour, it felt strange but for some reason it felt good. harry then came on my back, he told me to rub his cum in to my skin like moisturiser, i remember rubbing his cum all over my face, legs and chest.

harry then whispered now its your turn, he grasped my cock, and jacked me faster that i could ever do. i came faster that a steeam train. cum erupted all over my stomach, the bed was completly soaked in cum and lube.

we both fell asleep in eachothers arms both covered in eachothers cum.

the next morning i woke up sticky and covered in lube , i could hear harry chatting in the kitchen, as i made my way down the stairs in to the kitchen i saw the two men that were fucking jamie. every one greeted me with a smile, like nothing had happened. we all sat down at the table. jamie seamed in a good mood. after about 2 minutes of light conversation the other men went outside for a cigarette leaving me and jamie alone.

'jamie, are you ok?'

'last night was amazing, but i need to phone katie (jamies wife)'

just as he said that,the men entered the kitchen, they told us that we were both amzing last night.

'we thought you were both really good last night, are you two seeing anyone?'

i responded with a simple, 'no'.

jamie seemed guilty.

'i have just got married'

he told the men. they seamed to uenderstand how guilty jamie felt.

'you can call your wife if you want'

one of the men passed his phone to jamie.

jamie grabbed the guys phone and dialed katies number, we all listened as he told her he loved her and that he had slept at my house as he was too drunk to drive home. she seamed to buy it!

me and jamie sat and watched the men as then conferred.

eventually the three men who had blew our gay cherry all stood in a line fasing me and jamie.

'we just wanted to let you know, as we were your masters last night, we will continue to be'

me and jamie looked at eachother in shock.

the three men looked at me and said, you will not have sex or even touch yourself without our permission, clear?

i nodded.

the men then looked at jamie and said...

'you wont touch your wife in a sexual manner with out our permission, clear'

jamie shook his head and said he couldnt do that.

the second man stepped forward and said to jamie...

'we have your wifes number in my phone, you will do what i say or i might accidently press call and have a little chat with your wife and tell her of how you had sex with 2 men that you picked up at a gay bar, two weeks after your wedding'

jamie quickly stepped back and gave out a slight moan, 'yes, were clear'

'good' said one of the men.

when me and jamie had gathered what little clothes we had left, we went to leave the house. we gave a snog to each of the guys and thanked them for an amazing night.

harry asked to come over to my house where he had a shower and freshened up. whilst he was in the shower my phone rang...i answered the phone and it was harry. he told me to get naked and wait for jamie on my bed, i was then told that i could have sex with him.

ofcourse i did what harry said. still sticky from harrys sperm, i got completly naked and lay on the bed. a little while later jamie entered my bedroom. he had had the exact same phone call from harry.

we kissed and started to have sex, i lay on my back as jamie put his thighs at either side of my head and jacked off over my face, as the cum dribbled from his cock i caught it in my mouth. and that was it. the first and only time me and jamie had sex.

to this very day, 1 year on jamie is still terrified that harrys friend will call his wife. jamie recieves regular texts from his master telling him that he is allowed to show affection to his wife. i cant work out wether jamie is more dedicated to his wife or his master. as far as i know, jamies wife katie has no idea of her husbands gay three sum...




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