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Below is a story taken from my book Final Sexploits of Rob Harris which can be found in Kindle format at You can do a search of Rob Bass to find these books as well.

You see there's a guy named Rob Harris who's body has been transformed into basically a sex crazed stuff muffin and that story can be found in Isla Paradiso, the first book of The Fraternity Series that deals with body transformation, gay secret societies and a dude trying to cope with it all. The Sexploits Series is an addition to provide more of the hot, wild sex that Rob is having but can't fit into the regular books.

Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass

Night in the Park

I was doing leadership training in a small town in the south where the corporation had me going to each of their plants for a workshop and this plant was in the middle of nowhere. The motel I was staying at was a classic motor inn where you parked your car right outside your front door with dated rooms and air conditioning having trouble dealing with the summer heat.

I was out of here the day after tomorrow and needed to got the hell out since I was horned up lacking sex in almost a week. That shouldn't sound so bad but my body had been transformed by a mystery dude awhile ago which did give me a rocking hard muscle body and a craving for man sex my hand and a couple of dildos weren't taking care of. So here I was hot, sweaty, horny and alone. Screw it, I threw on a pair of nylon shorts and some running shoes and left the room. I'm not a big fan of running since I never get in the 'zone' runners talk about, preferring weights or wild monkey sex to burn any excess energy I might have, but ya do what you got to do.

I hit the pavement for a good couple of miles deciding to cut through the big park behind the motel. I was walking to cool off at this point spotting a couple of guys around a picnic table near the public bathrooms. You could see okay in the moonlight, noticing they were smoking and drinking which I could care less about.

'Sorry to bother you guys, but is that bathroom open?'

'It can be, I've got the key.'

'Want a smoke?' a young slim guy held out a joint.

'Geezus Dave!'

'Just trying to be neighborly.'

They started to argue when I held up a hand. 'No problem guys, but I can't. That shit makes me horny as hell and I'm in bad shape already.'

They thought it was funny, when the big guy pulled out a bottle from behind his back. He looked like a linebacker, a big, good old boy beefy linebacker.

The guy with the key walked me over to the restroom, inserted the key wiggling it pretending to unlock a door already open.

'I'm Ray by the way,' moving aside to let me through.

It was dimly lit with a few bulbs burned out. Couple of stalls and a big open area with urinals on one side and sinks on the other. Ray propped his ass against the sink counter while I headed over to take a leak. Pulling down the front of my shorts to piss I knew the back would be coming down over my ass. It was a long piss and Ray walked over with his back against a wall.

'So what did you mean about being in bad shape already?'

'Just that I'm so fucking horny I need it bad.'

'Oh yeah, horny for what?'

I was done, with my dick getting hard, so I turned toward Ray. Taking a few steps closer I placed an arm next to his head. 'What do you think?' I was still out of my shorts and Ray grabbed my cock.

'Sweet. Top or bottom?'

'Anything goes,' leaning in for a kiss.

Ray moved away, 'Well I'm gay and willing to play, Dave is probably bi and has been moaning all night for some ass and as for Brick...'

'The big dude?'

Ray nodded, 'red blooded straight boy who can't get anybody to take his foot long dick so he's in pretty bad shape himself.' I grinned. Ray had moved his hands to my chest rubbing his thumbs over my extended nipples. I had big areolas surrounding big puffy nubs shaped like small bullets due to years of use and abuse. At my moan, the stud grinned diving down first licking then chewing one nub then the other one hand pinching the free tit and the other sliding a finger down my crack until it tapped the entrance of my chute.

It was a warm night and I had been running so I was coated in sweat which allowed Ray's finger to slide past my rosebud with a minimum of pressure.

Coming back up from working my nips with a finger still in my hole, 'Let the three of us fuck you and you can have my ass after they leave.'

I nodded amused, at this point I'd agree to anything.

Getting a quick kiss, Ray walked over unscrewing another bulb darkening the room even more then came back pulling my shorts off. He kneeled down for a few quick licks of my starving butt standing up to slide a lubed dick inside me. There was no grace or patience as he slid in until he bottomed out in my ass. He was a nice size and with a hand on my shoulder he pumped his meat in and out as the door opened up with his two buddies walking in. Quickening his pace to show what a stud he was you could hear the slaps of his body against my glutes.

'Damn Ray, Brick and I were saying there was no way this dude liked dicks.'

'Bring yours over and I'll show you what I like;' And the tatted guy named Dave walked over unzipping his fly pulling out a nice piece of meat.

Leaning down I pulled him closer taking his sausage down my throat getting a swift intake of breath as I gulped him down which is all it took for Ray as I felt a warm flood of fluid filling my butt.

'Do I get him next?' Dave asked pulling out of my mouth, 'I don't want to go after Brick; the dude won't want to take anyone else after he gets done with him.'

Ray slid out giving me a quick caress of my butt.

I stood straight and Brick walked over. Damn the dude was big. A hand went up to my chest with his thumbnail scraping across a nipple, 'Did you ask them about these Ray, damn I mean they're not natural.'

I laughed, 'No they're not big guy. I've had years of men abusing my tits to get them like this.' 'Damn.' The big guy was fascinated by my nipples reaching the other hand up to run fingers over the ends squeezing them tightly between his thumb and forefinger getting a gasp out of me. Continuing to play with them he moved closer and after a moments hesitation bent down to lick on my left tit.

'Hell Brick you going homo on us?' from Dave who was now behind me lining up to get inside. He jerked up a little dazed. 'I just know, we should make him feel good or something.'

'This is how you make him feel good,' and he did by sliding his rod up my chute. Closing my eyes at the sensation of my rosebud being opened a little wider as well as feeling his cock go deeper I felt big hands search my chest again pinching my nipples some more. Dave was building up to pound my channel and I reached up an arm to brace myself against a wall leaning a little more forward so his dick would have easier access as Brick unzipped his shorts pulling out a monster piece of meat.

'I don't know if you'll be able to take this.'

I smiled up at him, 'Dude I'll take it.'


Still smiling, 'Really.'

'Well if that's true, you guys can call me homo all you want, but I'm gong to make him feel better' as the big guy bent down then pushed my torso straighter to attack my chest again quickly graduating to sucking my entire aureole then baring his teeth to chew on them.

'Fuuuuuck, that feels good stud,' as I put a hand on the back of his head. I felt Dave's shaft pull completely out then ram back in once, then a second time then on the third he stay embedded to the hilt when I felt it swelling a bit more then firing shots of cream joining Rays jizz. After Dave pulled out I straightened back up with Brick continuing to work my bullets hard. Pulling his head off me, I looked him in the face, 'It's your turn stud,' getting a nod. There was a bench near a shower so I asked him to lay on it so I could sit on his dick getting used to his flagpole at my speed. The damn thing was huge and I needed to take it slowly.

Still dazed, Brick just nodded, then stripped down even though nobody asked him to revealing a big hard body. His stomach wasn't cut like mine, otherwise the boy had it all. Hovering over him Brick rubbed a hand over my own cut abdominals.

'Man I wish I could get these.'

'You've got plenty of other things going for you stud,' as I reached back to guide his baseball bat of a pole toward my opening. I applied pressure feeling my sphincter slowly open to take him. With two fucks so far I was fairly relaxed and well lubed with their cream, so after a little extra push he was in and a slid down his long shaft.

'Sonofabitch.' the stud below my was gasping in air as I continued down finally hitting rock bottom as his hands came up and not to my surprise latched on my tits again to squeeze and pull on them. He was in way deep and I waited a bit to let my body adjust to the monster inside.

I started to slide up and down riding his big meat with long strokes getting used to his size.

'Stud?' His eyes were shut and he was definitely in another zone. Running a hand through his hair, 'Dude?' getting his eyes to open and look up at me.

'I can take you now anyway you want. Any preference?'

'Really?' Brick didn't seem like the sharpest tack but he was good looking, had a cute smile and of course a four by four for a rod. I grinned, 'Really.'

We switched places on the bench, as the muscle boy got back in and started to hammer my hole. Unfortunately the stud was driving so hard he was pushing me down the damn wood until I was dangling off the end so we disengaged which isn't easy when it's a foot long embedded inside you. Standing up I placed my hands against the wall bending over as Brick stretched my hole again as he slid it down my canal. He was able to go deeper in this position and with my hands against the wall he quickly built up speed ramming his monster meat inside me. There was no finesse to his fucking, the dude was so lost that somebody was able to take him, he was going to ride it for all it was worth. I first felt then heard the stud let out a low growl which increased in volume until he rammed inside me one last time as his cannon began firing heavy loads of cream inside me. Bricks growls turned into helpless whimpering as he continued to fire away pulling me up and turning my head for a deep kiss.

'Geezus Brick, what the he'll you doing?' Was Dave's response to seeing his straight buddy swapping spit with another dude. The big lug started to yank his meat out without thinking when I grabbed his ass preventing his exit. Brick soon calmed down and I reached back saw that I could see his face.

'I was hoping you weren't a one cum wonder.' The stud looked at me for a second then laughed.

'As for you Dave, I'm just trying to show appreciation to a man who can take me.' slapping my ass and grabbing me for another kiss to prove his point. Brick pushed me back against the wall so he could continue doing what he came to do sliding his fat rod through my chute, taking a little more time then before yet still power fucking like the big horny stud he was sometimes pulling all the way out and shoving it back in until his hips were slamming my ass.

Shortly I felt a hand then a mouth enveloping my hard meat as my ass was continuing to be assaulted by the monster club. Looking down I say Dave sucking my pole and there was no way I was going to last long.

Moaning I could feel my juice wanting to escape as my ass started to clamp down, hearing a choked off 'sonofa' as he drove to the hilt as both of us began shooting the same time hearing Dave making choking sounds trying to handle the gallon of liquid pouring down his throat. The big dude sweating in the intense heat of the closed off room collapsed on my back as my cocksucker scrambled out from underneath me wiping his mouth although you could see ropes of cum on his chin as well as staining his t shirt. Brick slowly pulled out going over to get dressed when we saw a flash of lights then the door opening with a cop walking in the door. Lighting the room up with his big maglite, he took the scene in.

'Of course it's you boys here. Dave, Brick it's time for you boys to head home.' Brick, bless the guy started to object, getting a 'don't be any more stupid then you already are Brick.'

Unsure of what to do he looked my way and I gave him a nod telling him it was okay. Dropping his shoulders he followed Dave who had left as quickly as he was able.

'So Ray, what went on here as if I don't already know.' Ray stood there with his head down. The cop moved under a light and I could see he was a couple inches shorter then me displaying a hot husky build under his uniform. Cocky he moved up to me running a hand down my back, then my crack noticing my lubed and cum filled hole.

'Usually Ray's the bitch in this bathroom, but I can see where your hole would be popular among the boys,' giving me a hard slap.

'Strip down and eat his hole out Ray. The least you can do for him taking your place.' I stood with my hands to my side as hot cop ran his hands over my body catching them on my swollen tits giving one a squeeze. I couldn't help it letting out a moan since the park attendant was driving his tongue in my slightly open hole like a man starving for any cum he could lick out. The flashlight was turned off and set down so hot cop could use both hands to roughly twist my tits.

'Here's the deal.' I looked at the stud's blue eyes as he reached up to force my mouth open spitting into it then closing for a kiss. 'You can walk; I won't abuse my powers to force you to service me.'

'Just know if you don't walk I'm going to treat you like the whore bitch you are'

To reinforce what he was saying hot cop returned his hands to my chest roughly pinching and pulling on my sensitive nipples as he once again spit in my mouth as it was opening to let out another moan.

Hot cop gave me a light slap on my cheek satisfied that his toy for the evening wasn't going anywhere.

'Hands against the wall so our slut can get better access to your pig hole.'

I moved over assuming the position getting a few slaps on my glutes before pushing Ray's head into my already tortured ass. Not satisfied, he directed Ray to reach up and abuse my nubs as he continued to drive his long tongue down my chute. The only place more sensitive on my body than my nips was my rosebud and Ray was doing a number on both as I helplessly groaned in ecstasy.

I glanced over to see hot cop removing his clothes putting them on the bench giving lie to the stereotype of cops and their passion for donuts.

I was 6 feet and 200 pounds of hard body and while hot cop was a little shorter he probably had ten or fifteen pounds on me. Due to who I was and the workouts I did, my body fat was low single digits showing hard muscle tightly stretched underneath my skin where the stud stripping before me was a little meatier still showing a tight stomach if not trenched like me. Totally stripped a big thick cock was bouncing up and down like it was ready to play.

'Come over here slut,' and I straightened up moving away from Ray still on his knees. Hot cop was amused at how quickly I responded giving me another light slap and nipple twist. Naked except for his black boots he motioned for me to get on my back on the bench sliding down so my head was at the end as he snapped his fingers to Ray to crawl over and suck my dick.

As Ray began to sink on my dripping pole, the stud stood above me pointing his now hard rod down toward my face pushing it down my throat when I opened my mouth without thinking.

Hot cop was a leaker like I was so I started tasting juices almost immediately when the head of his shaft passed my lips. Leaning forward he grabbed my nipples again first flicking then brutally twisting and pinching them as he got off on my moans vibrating around his meat as he fucked my face. First Brick, then hot cop, my nips were like magnets for guys to use and abuse.

The stud would occasionally rest his hands on my chest still catching my nubs in a vicious pinch to leverage his body allowing him to roughly face fuck me with his hard tool letting out a 'take it bitch' or 'that's a good muscle slut' as he pounded away down my throat my saliva falling on my face when he pulled out.

Getting a particular hard twist on my chest, hot cops dick swelled as a shot slammed down my windpipe then another as he pulled his meat partially out to fill my mouth with streams of jizz still pumping out of his body, pulling completely out to drop the last couple of ropes on my face.

Kneeling down beside me, he grinned grabbing the back of my head to bring it up for a kiss.

'Has he cum yet? Getting a no from Ray, hot cop playfully slapped my hard rod a couple of times leaning down to attack his favorite part of me, my swollen nubs.

Normally, they do display as obviously used thick, meaty nubs surrounded by quarter size aereolas. Looking down they were throbbing and stretched out after taking a lot of abuse first from Brick then these two. At this point just rubbing his thumb over the swollen puffed out tips caused my body to jerk in reaction as shots of electricity went straight to my cock and ass getting a whimper from me.

Chuckling in amusement, the stud grabbed Ray's head bringing it up to my chest.

Perched on either side, I groaned out a 'no' as hot cop looked amused at my begging. Both heads went down and the nipple action continued. Licks which were making me spasm as the sand papery tongues scrapped across raw flesh, suction causing my back to arch in ecstasy and nips, then serious chewing as they worked me over getting louder growls and groans from my helpless mind.

I felt a hand reaching down first giving my thick cock a jerk, a finger running down over my perineum, crack then finding my hole slipping it in. I've been fucked by three guys already including Brick's monster as well as Ray's superb rimjob so I could take anything as I quickly got two fingers.

Lifting his head up, 'Ray I thought you said Brick fucked this hole.' Ray looked up giving a 'He did.'

Feeling the two fingers wiggling in my chute, 'This hole's too tight.'

Ray slid a hand down shoving one then two in my hole now giving my four digits filling me up, but even I could feel I was locking down on all of them.

'Fuck this is going to be sweet.' As he playfully dived down giving me a rough nip on my tit, then putting his face a couple of inches above mine.

'You're still going to get my special fuck tonight,' leaning down to first kiss then drop more spit in my mouth.

Hot cop had me first get on my hands and knees as he jammed his big pole up my ass getting a grunt from both of us. He quickly ramped up to jackhammering my hole making the loud noise of his hips slamming my glutes resound against the block walls of the dimly lit bathroom.

The burly stud continued to grunt as well as growling out obscenities as he fucked my craving butt pulling me up to force my head around for a heavy kiss and another spit.

'Now its time to get serious;' pulling out of me.

Fuck man.

As we stood up we both had sweat pouring down our bodies on this hot humid night. The dude pushed me against the wall grinding our rampant dicks together as he brutalized my nubs with his fingers locking lips, spitting in my open mouth then showing me an evil grin. Letting go I got a playful slap as he ordered Ray to get his nightstick as he grabbed the back of my neck leading me over to the counter where the sinks were. I was pushed on my back, my head up against the wall as hot cop jerked my legs up first putting my feet against his chest as he jammed his thick pole in for a couple of pumps.

Withdrawing, he grabbed the nightstick from Ray, 'I'll take it slow,' putting it against my rosebud twisting and turning as it popped in.

All of the guys were wider, but this is the first time I had something in my butt with absolutely zero give and I could feel it. Hot cop kept twisting and moving it around getting past my second opening going fairly deep. He saw a grimace of pain then pulled slightly back relieving the pressure.

'See how much is in there? Don't go any deeper.' talking to Ray who nodded.

'Good, now its time to do what I do best.'

Repositioning the club between his legs rubbing against his balls, hot cop had Ray grab the handle as he moved closer his thick rod touching my hole still filled with the thick piece of wood.

Pushing down and in pressure mounted as his head slowly spread my hole to accommodate the new addition. Once in he wasted no time driving his prod to the hilt.

'Fuuuuuck,' I growled out as I was filled to the max with these two poles.

The stud worked it slowly at first, building up speed as my helpless moans let him know I was loving every second of this new onslaught, as Ray began moving the stick in and out.

Both shoved in meant hot cop was banging the hell out of my prostate making me gasp in erotic pleasure. Reaching down to rub his thumb on my piss slit, he let out a deep throated chuckle feeling a rock hard dick leaking out enough cream you would think I was coming.

This earned two dripping fingers loaded with my juice pushed in my mouth as I licked them clean also earning slaps on my torso and of course nasty pinches and pulls on my hurting tits.

Pounding a good long while I heard a frenzied 'pull it out' with the nightstick being yanked out of my body as he fell down clamping teeth on one of my hurting nubs causing his tight stomach to rub my boner sending me in orbit. I heard a 'sonofabitch' as I shocked hot cop by my hole being able to close up and clamp down on his prime beef. I could feel my spurts soaking us as his hot loads starting firing in my hole his body almost spasming on top of me as we both grunted through our orgasms.

Hot cop lay on top gasping for breath as our two bodies adhered together between the sweat and my cum. Slowly he pulled out and off me giving me his hand helping me off the counter.

I got a sweet kiss, then another evil grin. 'How much of a pig are you?'

'You need to ask at this point?' Hot cop growled out a laugh, then pushed on my shoulders in the time honored queer signal.

On my knees, he played with his semi limp penis for a few seconds before a stream started first hesitantly then with more force aiming it at my body. The dude most have been drinking water all night since he soaked me from head to toesmaking sure a gallon or so made it down my throat.

Tapering off, he pulled me up for a big hug pulling our bodies tight getting my wet body rubbing against his showing I wasn't the only pig in the room bringing me in for another hot yet sweet kiss.

I pulled back looking him in the eye. Wiggling my eyebrows, 'I could use a piss right now myself.' Leaving it hang there.

Getting a shit eating grin, rough stud hot cop gave me one last smile as he got on his knees as I started watering him down first over his big chest and moving around.

Both of us completely soaked, we exchanged bear hugs and deep tongue filled kisses.

I looked around to see Ray bringing out a mop and bucket with hot cop slapping the side of his face telling him 'good boy'.

We both dressed and since all I had was socks, sneaks and a pair of skimpy shorts I was done long before hot cop who first used his t shirt to dry off then put his uniform on over his sweat, piss and cum covered body. Man, major pig.

Five minutes later I was walking toward my room when I saw a big body sitting in the chair next to my door.

'I wanted to make sure you were okay. I hear Deputy Thorne plays rough.'

I held out my arms so Brick could see I was okay, although I probably looked pretty used.

Standing close to me he took an obvious sniff, but didn't say anything. I knew I was ripe with it all.

'Can I, uh come in?' I looked at him.

'Only if you promise to empty another major load of your cream inside me.'

Brick's eyes flew open even though I knew that was exactly what he was hoping for.

I got a nod and we went in.

That night Brick dropped a hell of a lot more than one load in me and I actually took his virgin ass although we took our time. Once it was clear to him what happened in that room stayed in that room there was no one more homo than Brick trying everything he could.

The only part that wasn't good about his visit was that I didn't even nap before it was time for me to go to the plant to finish up the training. Brick did give me time to shower although I had his monster pole in me one the last time while we were getting clean.

That was the last time for me although not others. I heard the Deputy made it up the altar a couple months after meeting in the park.

As for Brick, I found him on the internet a couple years later, same name, body more pumped up doing both straight and gay porn. The difference was he was 'straight for pay' even supposedly having another gay pornstar for a boyfriend. I guess you can make it clear you're gay when you have a foot long available for anything on demand.


Rob Bass


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