Having Stefan close to me as I fell asleep was ever so wonderful. Having been away from each other for several weeks, he returned from his trip abroad and called me as soon as he arrived. While not lovers, so to say, he and I share a friendship closer than anyone I know. To have him close not only comforted me, but excited me as well. His body warmed mine as the cold winter winds chilled the night. With my arms holding him tight as I laid on my side up against his back, I could feel the muscles that gave the form and definition to his handsome body. Although built bigger than me, he was lean and firm. Standing at over six feet tall, and with piercing blue eyes, he often seemed to loom large over others. Yet he was tender and smooth and would hardly harm another.

Although several years younger than I, being only in his early twenties, Stefan was wise beyond his years. And so our friendship developed over many weeks and evolved into a deeply passionate affair. I always looked forward to these nights where we share a bottle of wine, intense conversation, and always closing the evening with passionate love making and deep rest.

Tonight, however, was different. Stefan and I did find ourselves going to sleep together, as he quietly laid down on the bed. His demeanor led me to believe that we would simply sleep together. And I was fine with that, just so long as I could hold him close to me and let the night pass us by.

Roughly an hour had passed when I was slowly awakened by his body moving up against mine. Holding him from behind, my cock became hardened by the pressure of his ass rubbing against me. With Stefan dressed in loose boxer shorts and a t-shirt, and I in my briefs and t-shirt, our bodies did not physically touch skin to skin, but the sheer pressure of his body against mine aroused me. Wanting to see whether he was awake and enjoying this moment as well, I slowly moved my left hand down his chest, along his abs, and under the top of his boxers. At first my hand felt his soft and curly pubic hair and quickly grazed his hardened cock. It was clear he was enjoying this moment, yet he did not respond. He moved some more, again allowing his ass to press against my cock.

I couldn't help but to wrap my hand around his hardened cock. His cock was hard, yet with soft, smooth skin. I began to stroke his cock, feeling his foreskin slide back and forth over his cockhead. He started to softly moan. As I stroked him, I gently kissed his neck, moving his long hair aside. He again softly moaned, yet made no motion with his hands or even attempted to slightly turn to me. He simply allowed me to feel his raging hard-on.

Not wanting him to climax too fast, I moved my hand away from his cock and up under his t-shirt to his nipples. I played with each of his nipples, allowing my figures to feel each one and to gently pinch each one between my fingers. As I played with him, I began to thrust my cock harder against his ass. Wanting to release my cock, I moved my hand from his chest and pulled down my briefs. I wanted more, and so I even more boldly pulled his boxers down so as to feel the soft ass of his against my cock. He made no protest; rather, he pressed himself against me. Now I knew he was awake, despite each of us saying nothing to each other.

I again began to stroke his hard, thick cock. Our bodies moved together with each stroke. I wanted more, and so I leaned back, turned him on his back and went down to his cock. His foreskin was beautiful over his cockhead. I went further down and began to lick his legs, just going up to his balls. As I did, he began to stroke his cock, enjoying me getting closer and closer to him. I moved his hand from his cock and wrapped my lips around his cockhead, which now extended out from the reach of his foreskin. I sucked him more and more, and his hands ran through my hair, slowly pushing my head.

Stefan pulled me up and began to kiss me. He turned me over on to my back. My cock was firm and hard, and he stroked me harder and harder. Then sitting upon my cock, he started to grind up against me. His balls pressed against me and his cock pointed to me. I masturbated him and he moved faster and faster. Sensing I was hard as could be, he lifted up and sat again on my cock, leading it inside of his ass. My cockhead slowly entered him, the warmth incredible. He slowly lowered his body allowing me to penetrate him deeper and deeper. Moaning, he allowed me to fully enter him. Stefan began to move his body and up and down, allowing me to slide into his ass. As he did, I stroked his hard cock harder and faster with each and every time I moved in his body. Unable to control myself any longer, I came inside of him. He groaned with delight and I felt his cock shoot out his cum which streamed across my chest and abs.

Resting for a few moments, Stefan leaned forward and lifted his ass off my cock. Then lowering his body, he laid upon me, our cocks still hard against each other and drenched with cum. We laid like that for some time, kissing each other until we slowly fell asleep, our bodies close to each other.

Feedback about this story would be welcomed, as I am new to writing erotica.



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